Wednesday, November 03, 2010


ABOVE:  OH Yaaaa... I don't need to weed this pot now ....

 ABOVE:  Guilty?  MUCH.   Little bugger.  I can't even remember what was in that pot now.  *sigh*

ABOVE: Yo!  Sparkling, here's ya bag!  LOL ... I hope you like it cos I do.

ABOVE:  I made this wee bag up last night from left-over bits (just got to do the top stitch around the top)... I LOVE IT! 

Today:  off to the Hospice Shop.... then home as the Door Doctor man is coming to put my new garage door on!  OOOO Exciting... a door that will actually go up and down properly.  

ONWARD.... the day awaits....

KATE:  perhaps we can go shopping for material for a wee bag ... send me a text if ya want.

OOOO I got a couple of real treasures from the HOspice Shop today... but as there is lots of photos on here today... I'll save it for tomorrow!

Hospice was steady today.... had a few moments where it was busy, but otherwise nice and steady flow.   Love being there.  Love the people who come through the door, getting to know lots of 'regulars' now.. which is lovely.

The Door Doctor's people are here now... so I'm going to go watch them install my new door!

FROGGY:  sure would like to give it a go!  Send me the dimensions.

 ABOVE:  the three nice blokes who came and took down the old door... and :

ABOVE:  The view of the new door inside the garage....
ABOVE:  and outside... now I just need to sand down the front door and stain it the same colour... maybe that is this weekend's job?

I think the new door looks lovely... it's solid cedar... flash as!  lol

End of Day: and I decided we were going to have dinner out tonight.... so once Stew got home we piled in the car ... drove to Remuera for kebabs and McDonalds for the kids and had dinner in Cornwall Park.  It was a bit nippy (cool) but nice.
Home in time to do kids homework and get them off to bed. 
nite nite.


  1. Those 2 bags are gorgeous just gorgeous I am jealous much!!!

  2. Ha ha you have a weeding dog a weeing dog and a wee dog!!! all in one!

  3. That wasn't the pot with the pretty NZ native tree in it was it??? Maybe you planted it and just weeds were in the pot. I hope. Because those are some cuute trees you had there.

  4. Looks like you've got a new gardner...unfortunately she can't tell a weed from a plant! ;o)

    Both of those bags are great, Chris. I'm sure "Sparkling" is going to love hers, and the other one is really cute, too! Great job, girl.



  5. how cute is your dog!

    love the bag - so cute. can't wait for mine, I'll get the cash to you ASAP!!!!

    thanks again

  6. Love these new bags, they look great.
    I don't know how you are going to find time to make enough items for a market stall with all these bags that you are making to order.

  7. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I think Coco is part ground hog! lol, what a little scamp she is!! Love the big bag and the little bag is oh so cute! Great job! ...debbie

  8. That bag is really cool! It looks like it could hold a lot of stuff.

  9. Hey, Sparkling's new bag is super cute, isn't it? Real schmiko.

    I got another one for you, if you want the challenge. I am going to use your brown bag as my work bag when it arrives. Now, I have to take my back up disk home each day, and currently it's sitting in a toiletries bag with a zipper and is getting all scratched. Would you like the job of making a quilted little bag with s button closure for it to go in? I'll send ya the dimensions if you want the challenge... :-)

  10. Fat Ladies material!!! Absolutely love it! :D

    Great job on the bag :-)

  11. I love it!! I'll be converting currency on Friday :)

    So excited!

    Dog's love to garden :)

  12. Wow, that door does look flash. I love the wooden doors and gates that seem to be springing up all over Adelaide now. Real classy.

    Dimensions, if you imagine a box, standing on it's side:

    14cm wide (front to back)
    17cm top to bottom
    5 cm across the top.

    About the size of a reasonable box of chocolates standing on their side! Hahaha! I'll email you a pic later for your help. Thanks for trying :-)

  13. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Oh your door is to DIE for!!!!!!!!!! Love it...

    Yes to shopping but am away this weekend to Rotorua to see ma & pa - comin back monday - woohoooo! Day off (stress leave ha ha!)

    Another shopping day is in order tho...


  14. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Did you finish the placemats before you went bag mad? Ha Ha! WOMBAT

  15. The door is so pretty! I wish Scott would have made the opening of our garage standard size so we could have put a nice door on it. The one he made is pretty dorky.

    The bag is fab! Both of them!


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