Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yesterday afternoon when the kids got home from school they asked nay begged to help me with my card making.   So... being the ever so loving Mum I said they could punch out stars and dots for me.  (I do believe in Slave Labour!)

ABOVE: they sat there for 2 hours!  BUT sadly I had virtually NO STARS OR DOTS after they had finished as they spilt them on the mat and it was too hard to pick them up!  The dots were the 'miniscule' ones.  I probably got a few stars!
Griffin had no idea about not overlapping his punch,  so his stars ended up with bits missing or being 'half' stars.  lol

They tell me they are going to 'help' me again this afternoon.... oh yaaaaaaaa.  Can you hear the enthusiasm??  hee hee.

Today, well I'm off to the Hospice Shop for my stint behind the counter.  Hopfully I don't find anything cos I am broke!!!  Christmas is coming so soon and I have done NO Christmas shopping at all.   I wonder if everyone in my family wants a bag???  I can do that!

Home... and very proud of myself!  I did not buy anything for MYSELF at all!   I did, however, buy a wee baby bonnet for a newborn baby girl who was in the shop with her Mum this morning... she was 1 week old and was out in a cold wind with NOTHING ON HER HEAD!  So I bought a wee bonnet for her.  I hope the Mum realised that her baby really NEEDED a hat on her head.  *sigh*.. these young mum's just don't have a clue sometimes.

ANYWAY... off to have me lunch now...

SAD NEWS this afternoon.   There were 29 mine workers trapped in the Pike River Mine in Greymouth, New Zealand for 5 days after an explosion last friday.  There was a tiny hope that they were still alive and perhaps could be rescued ... BUT this afternoon a second, more deadly explosion has happened and there is now no hope of survivors. It is a dreadful day for all those families affected and the people who have tried so hard in the past 5 days to save them.  My heart goes out to them all.

End of Day:  spent the evening sewing fabric on cards... and punching dots!  Had a lovely dinner of pork chops and veges.... now.. nite nite.


  1. It's so great you volunteer at the Hospice Shop. I love that.

    As for your helpers.... at least they had fun :-)

    Cheers, jj

  2. lol about the craft hole punching at least they are keen, bet their hands feel it today.

  3. I'm all for Slave Labour.

    Years ago when I had ME I'd never have managed without it. I so appreciate that children are generally willing to help but you have to accept it's unlikely to be perfect. *smiles*

  4. I get such a chuckle out of every one of your posts. It's like you are thinking out loud as they day progresses. I love your life! Your bags and cards are wonderful and I wish you the best at market.

    We used to have a pomegranate tree in our backyard in California. I hated the taste, buy my neighbors loved them.

    Coco is a dahling!!!

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    hahaha...yes, give the kids a bag for Christmas!!!! totally laughing chris.

  6. Keeping them busy for 2 hours was well worth whatever stars and dots they did or didn't get made.
    Kudos to you for buying that baby a bonnet.

  7. It's so cute to see your kids helping you out. They'll get better over time. My girl does my price tagging for me - cut, punch, string. Both my kids, I discovered with delight are very good at making fabric button hair elastic!

  8. We have been following this story too, Chris. Very sad indeed.

  9. Tragic about the miners, I hope for the families sakes they can bring get the bodies out.

  10. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Devastating news about the coal miners. Sending love and thoughts to the affected families. We lost two Queenslanders. It is a dangerous occupation. I have had cousins work underground here in the central Queensland mines, but fortunately they had a lucky working life before they got out of the underground side of it. Pike River CEO Peter Whittall is a credit to the mine and New Zealand. Not many CEO's would get off their arse and out of their office to be there every step of the way of the tragedy.Thinking of you all. WOMBAT

  11. May the kids will do better today at their slave labor.

    I've been following the miners story, after the Chilean miners were rescued, it's double sad to hear the ones there aren't going to be.

  12. So nice to get a helping hand. I haven't done any Christmas shopping either. We did however put up the outside lights because the weather was mild. Goodness me so many mining accidents lately. It so sad.

  13. So very, very sad about the mine workers. We too had been hoping they would be rescued safely.
    Our thoughts are with their families and friends. Such a tragedy.

  14. That's horrible about the miners :( Such dangerous work!


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