Monday, November 22, 2010


ABOVE:  the friends we had dinner with last night have just got two new kittens.  Aren't they cute?  (for   I am not a cat person, but these two are quite cute.  The boy, he's the black and white one is named Ringo.  The girl.... multi coloured in the front, is named Star.  Hard case names if ya ask me!  lol

So, it's boring old Monday.  I get to vacum and wash floors today.  Gawd I can hardly wait.  What else?  Hmmmmm.... maybe get back to making bags?   I have listed my 'available' bags on my side bar if anyone is interested?  Otherwise I shall be taking them to market... IF I ever get enough stock made that is!

OH and before I forget:  I have been taking these:
ABOVE:  Slim Pomegranate pills... I take one before each meal.  It suppressed the appetite, increases metabolism and I am finding them really good!  My niece in Australia sent them to me.... they are 100% natural and do not have any nasty side effects like sending you to the loo every 5 minutes.   I have not been taking them long... so can't report much downward progress yet... but they certainly are making a difference to my appetite!

Anything that helps AND does not taste foul  is worth a go!


The housework is almost all done.... while waiting for the floors to dry I made more cards.

NOW I have to stop and go up to the school for a meeting with the 'Behaviour Team' to discuss WHAT AND HOW they think they are going to turn Brylee's behaviour around.  Pfffffft.  I have no confidence in this at all.  She is what she is.  A stroppy little madam who will not change until she matures and realises that she will have NO friends if she continues to be a little bitch to people!

But I will go and listen to their ideas.  *sigh*...  wish me luck... cos all I really want to do is tell them they are all wasting their time (and mine).  Sounds harsh?  Well I have 'been there', 'done that' before.... and it did not work then either.

Such NICE people... with such NICE ideas and intentions.... AND I will try to take on board what they have 'suggested'.... and let them do what they want with Brylee at school... cos afterall, they are the 'experts'.    I can see their points. I can try to do things a bit differently here and see if it makes any difference.  But I am highly sceptical. 

It's now 3.10pm and I am finally having some lunch!  First food of the day.... those pills kinda make you forget to eat!  I will google them to see if they are potentially 'dangerous' or not, thanks.

SHIT!  Those pills... on the box it says take one before 'meal'.... so I assumed that was before EACH meal!  Then on the foil containing the pill it says  'One Day One Capsule'..whoops,  I've been taking two a day!   What a dick I am!

*sigh*.... cooking dinner now... Spag Bog.... YUM YUM YUM.

End of Day:  and I have spent the remaining part of today/evening doing cards... I'm on a roll people!   *smiles*   nite nite


  1. Ohhhh might look into that when I go to Aussie in Jan.

  2. I will be interested to hear how the pmmegranate pills work out. It is good they they have no side effects. I wonder how they supress your appetite.

  3. What cute kitties! Cleaning, so exciting :eyeroll:

  4. The bags look great on the side bar have you been cataloging(sp) your cards as you go? Do you still take your piddle pills too? gawd I'm fill of questions aren't I.

  5. Your bags are so cute..wished I could afford one:)
    These pills do have diuretics in them so please be careful if you are still taking your piddle pills.
    They are a shill and potentially dangerous.

  6. You're doing great. Glad to see your bags up for sale.

    Enjoy your housework !?!?!?!?

    The man is mowing our lawn. It's grown 4 inches in a day.

    Love ya.

  7. About your Slim Pomegranate pills... I'm usually quite sceptical of anything "100% natural". If it suppresses hunger, it surely must contain an ingredient which is at least unnatural. Do google the product! In Singapore, in the past, there were cases of women who took slim 10 and ended up badly. Take care Chris!

  8. Oh Gawd! Here it's still Sunday and there it's Monday! NO! Not a Monday! I'm not ready!

  9. Ooooh! Kitties! I am a huge cat person. I'm going to be the crazy old cat lady when I get old... :-)

    Don't worry about Brylee. I have one of those. I even went through the counselling. Turns out it was a family communication issue, but that doesn't help with she's throwing things around, calling me names and being a total little bitch.

    Good luck. Another ten years and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Besides, you can choose not to go bail her out later when she gets arrested! LOL! Chin up, pet. xxxx

  10. hey Chris, thanks for your comment re Nana x

    it is tough with kids and i do wonder sometimes if intervention such as teacher meetings are useful because as you say, there are lessons kids need to learn and as much as we want to protect them from not having friends or getting in to trouble, sometimes they do need to learn it themselves... mind you, i don't tolerate crap from my boys, they misbehave they lose their priveldges and have to do chores instead of play time! now i'm harsh!!!

    money is being exchanged today so hope to send to you tmw in a card and can't wait!!! thanks again for your patience!!!

  11. Hi Chris Kids they like to test the best of us, I am sure you doing the best for Brylee, girls amn they can be right little buggers. Hormones lol

  12. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Such cute little kitties and their names are cute! I hope your new weight loss pills work for you. I have to say I've not heard of them. Hopefully Brylee will turn herself around with their suggestions. It's hard growing up kids these days. They want to be so independant. Good luck...debbie

  13. By the way, I had a squizz at those pills online.

    It says take one pill per day. I believe you were taking one with each meal??? Check this out anyway. I wouldn't mind trying them myself...

  14. Chris, I looked these up for myself, I am not sure if they are safe

    Home» Health» Diet & Nutrition» Nutritional Supplements» Super Slim Pomegranate Side Effects

    Harmful Ingredients in Super Slim Pomegranate
    Cranberry Pomegranate Side Effects
    Side Effects of Pomegranates
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    Super Slim Pomegranate claims to reduce weight without diet or excercise.loss weight image by gajatz from"Super Slim Pomegranate" is a self-proclaimed fast remedy to unwanted fat. It is a weight loss pill that competes with diet pills such as Ali and Hydroxycut, and it can have various side effects.
    .Elevated Heart Rate
    Increased heart rate may be a result of the presence of Sibutramine, which can cause heart palpitations, seizures and high blood pressure. These risks are leading factors for heart attacks and strokes.
    Trouble Sleeping
    One of the common side effects of Super Slim Pomegranate is an inability to sleep. Since the pill's main function is to suppress appetite, not eating enough nutrients combined with a lack of sleep is hazardous to mental and physical health.
    Dry Mouth
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    Read more: Super Slim Pomegranate Side Effects |

  15. Some more info Chris, dangerous

  16. I'm not a cat fan either but these are cute an dI love their names.

    There's been a lot of talk about pomegranates being healthy around here. Let us know how they work for you-- cuz every little bit helps :-)

    Cheers, jj

  17. Can you get them pills in nz?

  18. I was looking at the box of tablets, and looking really hard, it looks like the first letters are P O R N O.

    Slim Pornogranate

  19. O My Chris,
    What a busy day! It would be nice if the P.Pills would give you energy too. I don't know how you keep up - you are like a freight train on the track - going and going and going. ( I wish I may- I wish I might - have the strength I need till night! ) Sorry, looks like my poetic side leaked out! LOL

    The kitties are SO cute! They certainly look like they are well cared for , with those pretty slick , shiny coats- the picture of good health.

    It was a wonderful idea for her to take the pair - that way they won't get lonely and they can keep each other intertained .

    Your purses are sooo pretty - such a great job! If you don't see them - they could become Christmas presents -even to yourself. :)

    I would agree with you about raising "girls" , whew!:(

    Seems to me that when it comes to "natural" products there is always somebody saying they are not safe and tested. But, even with "tested" products - they still cause Harm -look at all the law-suites around to confirm that.And you know , yourself - that nothing hardly ever AGREES for one hundred percent of the people-no matter what it is -we are all just Different. Seems like on tv over here -you hear these ads telling you how wonderful they are -AND - then when it comes to stating all the dangers about how they can kill you -that is when you see all the SMILEs and pretty music .

    I did get DH pomp. juice for his prostate cancer and it did help- but he hated it so much that he quit takeing it. But, I am seeing it in more and more stores over here lately.

  20. Shoot! I forgot to "thank - you" for helping kick my dumb machine around! :) I really needed that!

  21. Cute Kitties -
    *Kiss kiss*
    I Love Them!


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