Thursday, November 18, 2010


Our 'youngest' is 9 today.   Just think, in about 9 more years he might leave home.   *sigh*

I am looking forward to that.  Imagine having NO kids at home!  I find it hard to believe it will EVER happen. 

I'm feeling really, really crabby.  The hot flushes are getting really bad again.  I am making a Dr's appointment, hopefully for tomorrow.  I can't stand them... I'm now getting instant headaches when they hit too.  They make me so tired... and grumpy.

Taking Birthday Boy to his Speld lesson this morning.  Before that, I have quite a bit of housework to do.... I put it all 'on hold' while Chris D was visiting.... not that anything is screaming out to be done.  But I like to keep on top of it eh?  


Yaaa.. I have almost finished the second 'cut in half' quilt... I only have the hand stitching of the binding to do now and I will do that in the car while I wait for Griffin to finish his Speld lesson.

I've also done a pile of washing and various other household jobs.  I'm thinking "hell this feels like exercise"... so it is!  I've been up and down our stairs countless times already today... it all counts right?  lol

My plans to cook a Ginger Cake for Griffin's Birthday got shot down in flames... he wants one from the supermarket! Pfffft.   So this afternoon I've just been fluffing around the house, moving curtains, finding headboards... just the usual sort of stuff. 

Still doing that in fact... back to it...

ABOVE:  the two 'new' bedspreads, done.  I'm really happy with how they look.  *sigh*  I can only find one headboard.... I'm thinking we gave the other one to our daughter Kelly .... which means I will have to make another one.  Oh well.... keeps me busy eh?

End of Day:  and I've been a lazy tart again tonight and just blobbed out in the lounge!  I really need to get more cards made... so that will be my main job tomorrow.  nite nite.


  1. Aren't hot flushes terrible? I had no idea how bad they were. Mine are all but gone now - only been on the HRT for two weeks and all my symptoms (including the piddle thing) have gone. I'll still get that seen to though to find out what it was etc.

    Have you thought of going to the NZ Menopause clinic? They do the bio-identical HRT and monitor you better than your doctor has time to do. I'm considering going next year. I hate having to take pills !!

  2. menopause is rough on some of us. I use vivelle dot patches and they work wonders. They are pretty safe too. I hope you feel better soon. Seems like we always think the grass is greener somewhere else. I have had an empty house and a full one. I think I like it better full. Happy Birthday Griff!

  3. Gee 9 years it will fly past though I'm sure hot flushes in this weather EWWWWWW no thanks, ice loads of it empty bath add 1 person! apparently ice baths are good for shrinkage too?toning skin

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Happy Birthday to your Griffin!!!

    And I like you even when you are crabby.

  5. Hey Chris! Sending loads of great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Griffin! Those nine years will probably go faster than you think!

    And honey, I can so empathize with you...I've been having hot flashes since I was 33 (had a hysterectomy when I was 27) and I'm 53 now and STILL have them! I'm still on HRT and at this point think I'm never going to get off of it! Hope your Doc can find a solution for you soon!



  6. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Age the ripe old age of 62 I can say that I never was bothered by Hot Flashes. My sister on the other hand had a terrible time. Hope the doctor can help you. Happy Birthday to Griffin! Nine years old! wow! how time flies. I can also tell you, that once your children leave and the house is too quiet, no more games to go to, or funny stories to listen to, you will miss them so much....I speak from experience on this one...debbie


  8. I feel lucky in having no real menopause symptoms.

    Hppay birthday to your boy!!!

  9. yep it all counts!

    Happy Birthday Griffin!

    HATE HOT FLUSHES!!! love my hysterectomy... wish they had taken my ovaries too... :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Griffin! Hope you have a lovely day! xxx

  11. Happy birthday to your 9 year old. Those next nine years will fly by, even though there may be some days that seem like they last forever.

  12. Happy Birthday, Griffin!!!!

    Hot flashes! UGH! I don't have them anymore, but I remember them like it was yesterday. Night sweats were lots of fun too. :(

  13. Happy Birthday Griffin enjoy your day.

  14. Happy Birthday to Griffin.

  15. Yes, Happy Birthday to the "Birthday Boy"!!!!!!!!!!!! Did he get his nine licks -or- did you butter his nose ????? Awwwhhha , the joys of birthdays!

    I wanted to tell you how awed I was at the beds! I loved the quilt by itself-but my turning it into two beds-full - it is amazing! ( I can tell that you like BLUE!) lol I absolutely LOVE them - they are beautiful - and you are SOOOO talented!

    Yea - those hot flashes are the pitts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess that is one nice quality about getting OLDER - we outgrow them like we did our baby teeth! LOL

  16. Happy birthday to Griffin! I have at least 17 more years before our youngest moves out. Just our luck, he's the one with the most problems. As if his medical problems are not enough to deal with, now we have to put up with him walking on top of the table and piano. He's also breaking all the tree ornaments. Ugggh!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  17. The quilts look fantastic. Is that Griffin's room now? I know you said, but hey, I'm old...

  18. You always have the quilts on beds in bedrooms. I've never seen the same bed or bedroom twice, I don't think. You must live in a huge mansion with at least 50 bedrooms!

    Hope you feel better, and the doctor can help you out.

    I remember being nine. A decade was very close, which was a big one!

  19. Every great now and then, I get a hot flash....
    but hardly ever enough to worry about.
    Sorry you are going through it!

  20. What?! Kids leave home at 18? They're still babies! In Singapore kids live at home till they get married & if they don't, um...basically, they never leave. Happy Birthday Griffin. What a cool name.

  21. I`ve been suffering those same symptoms but DR insists its not the big M. Hope you get some resolution to it and are feeling better soon. Happy Birthday Griffin. Lots of work going on at your place.

  22. I'm a bit late but happy birthday Griffin. Hope he had a great day. Bedspreads looks fantastic Chris.

  23. Happy Late Birthday Griffin


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