Monday, November 15, 2010


Righty, here's some photos from yesterday:
ABOVE: Andrew relaxing after spending hours moving my furniture!

ABOVE:  they look comfy don't they?

ABOVE: this is Sky, he's 17 and is from China, he's spending a year going to school in Hamilton and he is boarding with Amanda and Andrew.  He's quite lovely.
ABOVE:  *sigh*... all my stuff BACK in the garage.  I can't believe how many times I've moved all this stuff around the house!  Nor can Stew.  lol
ABOVE:  Awww too cute... I blacked out her knickers!  ha ha ha. 

ABOVE:  the spare bedroom back as a 'bedroom'! 

ABOVE:  Amanda's tummy... she is 25 weeks today. 

AS FOR TODAY:   well doing some  much needed housework first thing, then later on this morning I'm going to the Airport to pick up my BFF Chris D.  She's coming to visit for 3 days.  Luckily now I have a room for her!

Now as for our moving:  Stew is going to talk with some Estate Agents who are affiliated with the company he works for... and see about getting an appraisal of our home before we decide to list it or not.  ONE STEP at a time, it's a big decison to make.

Chris D is safely here, we've spent the day yakking (as ya do) and that's about it.
Well except for 1 hour that I WASTED answering questions for a Survey...I was dumb and let her in the door.

Just got a meatloaf in the oven for dinner... yummmmmmm!

End of Day:  a lovely quiet day... doing nothing but yakking.  What a change for me... lol.  nite nite


  1. At least you will be already when you do put it on, and I am sure you will, as like you said when you want something you do it, get it lol..... and look at what you have done already to make it sellable. Oh and the other house looks fantastic, but being on a motorway hmmmm not sure if you will ever get used to the noise, especially the trucks etc.... good luck whatever decision you make :-)

  2. It's very exciting, isn't it? I hope everything goes well for the sale. If it's meant to be it will be.


  3. wish you were here ... you could rearrange my house and organise things :)
    Mj is 34 weeks and does not look that big :) i need to load some pics i took with my phone... and OLD camera if i can figure out how to load them the cords are MIA.

  4. well given the moving and rearranging PEOPLE who come to look will see the versatility of the house wont they! are you going to put up the pool so they can see that as well so its inviting?

  5. Wow, I saw the pic of the house with the pool! Wowza! Beautiful!

  6. That is a great big decision.....
    and hee hee - I think it's funny when people say "knickers!"

  7. Anonymous4:37 PM

    WOn't your stuff get wet if the garage door still leaks when it rains? You should make a blue cushion for the spare bed to match the picture on the wall! WOMBAT

  8. Meatloaf...sounds yummy. Must make us one.
    House sale & buying.....don't envy you but well worth it if/when it happens. It has never bothered us being so close to a main Highway LOL Miss it when we stay somewhere quiet. LOL
    Say Hi to Chris and I bet you two will be yakking until she leaves :)

  9. Love all the pictures!

    You've been busy!!!! :)

  10. The garage isn't going to leak on your stuff is it??

  11. I love the picture of Andre resting his hand on Amandas tummy that is just gorgeous.

  12. Amanda6:23 PM

    Did I have knickers showing? My bad :-)

  13. Aww, look at that sweet belly. 25 weeks already!
    Dinner sounds yummy!


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