Saturday, November 27, 2010


ABOVE:  my niece sent me a whole raft of 'funnies' last night.. this one tickled me fancy! 

I was worried last night that I would have to have the 'Birds and Bees' conversation with Brylee and Griffin.... as Coco is in Heat and it's VERY OBVIOUS.... but luckily I managed to side track them by saying it was because she had just been groomed.   They kinda believed me.  Hopefully.  They are just a wee bit young yet to understand "all that"!

Today:  well Kelly is babysitting while Stew and I go to his work Christmas Party.   It's a lunch with the 'theme' Mad Hatters Christmas Party, so we have to all wear a hat.  Yaaaaa... luckily I have one already... which is a bit funky.

So... not much else is going on right now.. off to wash the hair, bla bla bla.


OH we have had a wonderful lunch/afternoon!!!  The weather was spot on, the company was great, the setting was IDYLLIC... and the lunch itself was really nice too.
I have a wee video of the 'greeting' everyone got when they arrived at the 'venue'.... which was the home of Stew's boss, Dulcie.

ABOVE: The theme was 'The Mad Hatters Tea Party', and most people wore just a hat, some went the whole hog and dressed up fully.  It was a lovely afternoon. 

Now ... on our way home we stopped at the local block of shops to get LOTTO (from the Petrol Station) .. while we were there two car loads of young men pulled up... they were not there for PETROL.... one of them went over to the local liquor shop and grabbed two boxes of beer and ran for his car!   The owners of the liquor shop were running after him.... it was quite exciting... but scary too as there were at least 8 of these young men just standing there thinking they could get away with stealing the grog! 

No such luck, the owner of the liquor shop had a huge length of wood and he stood over them and threatened to hit them and their car with it!  Meantime the other guy from the liquor shop got the stolen beer out of the car... Stew took photos of them all and their car number plates while they just stood there and laughed.  What absolute arseholes!

After a tense few minutes where it seemed to be a stand off, they all left.... with NO BEER. 

So, that was our 'drama' of the day!   Hoping to have a nice, quiet late afternoon and evening!

I will post more photos tomorrow of the Christmas Party!

End of Day:  spent the evening making cards and making seahorses etc to go on cards!  OH and I watched a movie on the telly while doing it.  That is all... nite nite.


  1. LOL gotta love "the talk"! Is Teddy neutered?

  2. Luckily we didnt want puppies so our puppy was desexed last week :)

    Oooh photos of hat plz Chris .)

  3. Have a great day lunch out :-)

  4. Surprised that your kids bought that explanation...LOL Enjoy the party!

  5. So how much have you told the kids? I told mine bits and pieces from when they were very young and just added more detail as they got older. It made it very easy because they always knew. I didn't explain how the sperm got where it goes until they were a little older but they understood everything else.

  6. That cartoon was very funny!

  7. haha, very funny. hav a great weekend.

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    So how are you going to explain the discharge? Might be better to just tell them girl dogs come in heat and leave it at that...then you can put diapers on her until it's all over. Otherwise you will have a mess to clean up where ever she goes...debbie

  9. Have fun at the xmas party!! And enjoy your weekend with Rena

  10. Oh yes, the birds-and-the-bees. Guy was super-curious when I was pregnant with Corby and asked me 100,000 times "how is he going to get out???"

    After giving him the stork story and the cabbage patch story, I eventually told him the truth! That shut him up!

  11. My kids had the "talk" in school when they reached 11. It's conducted by a teacher with power point and a straight face. Lots of explosive giggling by the kids of course. After the talk, I find out how much they really know and try to answer any questions with a straight face. More explosive giggling. The talk is more focused on puberty, awareness but does not explain the "thing".

  12. Wow! You did have an exciting afternoon. I hope the Police are going to get involved and deal with the beer thieves. Good that Stu got the photos - might be helpful if the Police are involved and wish to prosecute them.

    Glad you had a lovely time at the work Christmas party.

  13. Oh my gosh two scary things birds n bees (shudders remembering back I was matter of fact and honest with Samuel)at 10 when they went on a year 6/7 camp!!! THOSE thugs what dicks I tell you people are too blardy BRAZEN for their own good eh!SUPER SUPER hot here today and the GREAT cycle race whoop whoop! NOT

  14. Ooh! That is a bit dramatic!


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