Friday, November 12, 2010


ABOVE:  I made 35 cards yesterday... now all I have to do before taking them to the shop is wrap them in cellophane.  I will do that as soon as the kids have gone to school.

I only needed to actually make an additional 7 to fill the order, but once I got started.... well... I kinda got carried away.  I am planning on making about 50 more over the next few days so that I have enough for the Whitianga order and a few spare.   I SHOULD have had a few spare before yesterday... but lesson learnt.  Don't sit back and think you have enough when ya don't!

I will go down to Manukau later on this morning to deliver the cards... might have a browse around the shops too.  Griffin's birthday is next week and I still havn't thought of what to get him.  Little shit only ever wants Playstation games. 


Well.. it's fairly obvious I've been busy today, I've not updated since first thing this morning!
I took the cards to the shop.. then came home and started sewing fabric onto card for the next 'batch'.
Ran into machine problems about 2 hours ago... I couldn't get my 'Card Sewing Machine: The Brother' to sew at all!   The bobbin kept jamming CONSTANTLY and it was driving me NUTS.

I pulled that bloody machine apart to no avail.  The bobbin just would not move at all.   2 hours later... I realised what the problem was.
I was trying to use a Husqvarna bobbin in a Brother machine.   HOW. BLOODY. STUPID. AM. I???

I can't believe I have wasted 2 whole hours on something so damn simple.   Grrrrrrrrr.

Kids are home now... start of another weekend.

End of Day:  and I've spent so much time sitting today my legs and feet are all blown up with fluid......... and they ache.  Ran out of me piddle pills too... silly me.  nite nite.


  1. Your cards look amazing. Most boys are the same I think. Josh is only interested with his WII games or ball sports. Anything else goes wasted so I stick to what he likes.

  2. u r a machine cards look awesome kiddo

  3. Those are some good looking cards! You'll do great selling them and your bags!

  4. I can't believe you made so many cards in one day....what a lot of work, but fun work.

  5. Playstation! Easy to buy for. I'm at the point where I tell my older kids what the "budget" is and then they pick something out lol.

  6. frustrating but I had to have a giggle. Sort of thing I would do.

  7. Hey Chris, I enlarged the photo and checked out the cards-- They're FABULOUS!
    Great job,

  8. Your cards are gorgeous! And by the way, I think you are brilliant for even knowing the difference between a Husqvarna bobbin and a Brother bobbin. I thought all bobbins were the same! Just goes to show how little I know!

  9. Isn't that annoying when you do something like that lol. The cards look great!

  10. Wow a huge card effort IF you should get the cards back from Lacy then you may have some more spare too.

  11. Wonderful work! Of course he wants playstation games, thats all they ever want. That never seems to change. Have a fun weekend.

  12. Probably one of the reasons I hate sewing....stupid bobbins.......but I LOVE YOUR CARDS.........especially the ones over on the right with the big ol' fannies!!!! LOVE!!!


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