Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wish I could say we were doing something thrilling today.

But we are not.

I have to go to the Dr's and pick up me piddle pills, then swing by Payless Plastics to see if they have something I can display my cards on for when I do the Pokeno Market.

That is about it! 

Well.. at some point I will need to get back to the card making too... yesterday I got masses of them ready with the fabric sewn on... now all I have to do is add the 'finishing' touches, which actually takes quite a while for each card.   Oh well... at least I love doing it.

ABOVE:  Two cards I finished last night at 11pm.. I quite like them!  Simple, but cute.

HI!  We've had a busy morning.... went to Payless Plastics and got two Document Holders for displaying my cards at Market:

ABOVE: see?  Neat and on sale, 50% off.  SCORE!
After that we bought summer sandals for the kids.. what a nightmare that was.  Griffin has  HUGE feet and is as fussy as a girl... and Brylee has looooong narrow feet and it's almost impossible to find anything that fits her feet.  But we did eventually.

After having lunch at the mall we went and checked out an Open Home:

ABOVE:  We both love the house ... BUT.... and there is always a but.... it backs onto the Southern Motorway... so the traffic noise would always be there in ya face.  But I still love it.  Much thinking to be done.   And of course we don't even have OUR house on the market yet! 

MAGGIE: yes we currently live in a very quiet area.  But I still love that house, and as the previous owners have lived there happily for 40 years I reckon we could get used to the traffic hum?

End of Day:  It's been interesting. And maybe even momentous, as we are seriously thinking of listing our home for sale!   Scary thought.  nite nite. 


  1. your work is gorgeous Chris as always :) hope you all have a wonderful Saturday...

    Anne :)

  2. Gorgeous cards Chris! Love them!

  3. Are you going to be making Christmas cards as well? Could be a buisy time for you if you do!

  4. Not simple at all! But cute. :)

  5. your cards are beautiful adn there is NOTHING simple about them it takes skills and talken that i sure do not have to make such beauties!

  6. They're lovely Chris! Did you end up finding anything to display your cards?

  7. Love those cards....they are really cute. A touch of home :-) Payless Plastics...another thing I miss from home.

  8. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Pretty cards, hope you do well at the market with all your items! I would think you will do wonderful!!...debbie

  9. Buy it!!!!!!! That house is so you. Get it... get it... get it!! hehe

  10. Cool card holders and that house very cool A POOL a big POOL, the noise build a noise reduction fence that bounces it back like further down on the southern motorway (they aren't cheap though!

  11. I love the little Kiwi bird things....
    Gosh, I hope I got that right!
    Too Cute!

  12. Hi Chris, where do you currently live in NZ. The house you are thinking of buying is great, but are you used to complete quiet where you are now.


  13. Anonymous8:26 PM

    great cards chris u are doing well
    Love the house and like linda said its you there were even sea horses in the bathroom must be an omen lol have a great weekend


  14. Wow - that gorgeous pool is surely a drawcard?? I'd give anything to have a pool like that... sigh.!

  15. can c y u love the house Chris it is the bathroom staircase that kitchen it massive master bedroom office area

  16. ohhh the house looks awesome...and believe me after a while you wouldn't even notice the noise !

    Love the going to do chrissy cards for your stall..that would work...going to ask would you do a small order for me anyways?

  17. Your cards are looking great - as usual Chris :))

    As for the house ... the pool would sell it for me! Looks like a very spacious place. We live on the corner of a very busy road in Christchurch, and you kind of get use to the noise after a while - most of the time we don't notice these days - except for when emergency vehicles are shooting past with their sirens wailing. We even have buses stop outside every 10 minutes or so - don't notice them generally.

  18. I love your cards!! The house is beautiful would probably get use to the noise.

  19. I live on a street that is a major exit to a highway. I have gotten used to the noise. It now sounds like the ocean to me, coming in waves. We also have double pane windows and a really thick door which helps reduce the noise.

  20. Look at the pool ahhhhh so nice!! But I don't know if I could handle the traffic noise. We live in the country and I like the quiet!


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