Thursday, July 28, 2016


So today... I have NOTHING ON!

I'm going to enjoy just pottering around the house... doing odd jobs.

My car's interior is an utter tip, so I think I'll give that a clean today.  It's rather nice to be doing normal things again, as opposed to unpacking/sorting/re-arranging and so on.

ABOVE:  The girls curled up on my blankie last night.  It only lasted a moment, then I shoo'ed them off.  It's not their blankie after all!

Poor Tallulah was shorn quite short, so she's feeling the cold.  Ain't they lucky they are inside dogs.

Ac...tually, I might go into Hamilton.  There's a couple of little things I'd like to get from Dave's Emporium... if I can find the shop!  It's moved from where it was 15 years ago.  Funny that.  And I might just look for a couple of new music CD's and DVD's.

Yeah... we all know how much I love shopping... so I shall shop first.  And clean later.  Excellent idea.


2.10 pm:  and I'm home from Hamilton.
I didn't get what I really wanted today, so will have another look on the weekend no doubt.

I ran into my Son-in-Law, Andrew, at the Base.
He's in the process of changing his job location, and also what he sells.

He used to be at Flight Centre, but now he's across the road, still with the same company ... but selling:

ABOVE:  Cruises.  I hope it goes well.

While there, I had lunch with him and Amanda.  She was coming in to have lunch with Andrew, so I just joined them.

ABOVE:  After lunch I had a quick nosey at the new office, then came home. 

Almost time to clean me car.  Oh yaaa.  *smiles*

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today I'm taking Tallulah into Hamilton for a groom.  While she's there I shall be getting the groceries.

Before then, I will try to get a semi-decent photo of my hair.

It's not easy!

I installed Youcam on my computer, in the hope I can get a good photo.  Otherwise I will have to use my camera and the timer feature.  I suck at taking 'selfies'.

Stew will be picking Tallulah up after her groom and bringing her home all going well.  I suppose that will depend on when she is ready, and when I've finished the grocery shopping.

So, that's my day's plan.
What's yours?


10.54 am:  Just had the electricians here doing their final checks, and issue the 'Code of Compliance' form.  All done and dusted now.

I've been fluffing around the house, getting a few odd jobs done before I go into Hamilton later with Tallulah.

OH... I got some hair photos :

 ABOVE: So it still looks quite blonde, but it's not 'Barbie Blonde' anymore, and there is actually HEAPS of the darker colour in there.  

So... what do we all think???

P.S.:  I DO have wrinkles!  When you use Youcam it takes a 'soft' photo, so it's more flattering!  Hence my use of Youcam!  *smiles*

If I used my Canon, it would be a totally different 'me' you see... wrinkles and all.

5.58 pm:  Well... Tallulah is shorn... cos she looked like a sheep when she went in!
I got the groceries while she was being groomed.
Then we came home and it took me about 45 minutes to get all the groceries away!

I was quite tired after that.  So, we are having a takeaway dinner from Noodle Canteen.  They  have really nice meals there.

Thanks for the lovely comments, they are much appreciated.  

You all DO REALISE I'm only semi-good FROM THE NECK UP eh?  lol

Right, enough of that.  Time to get off to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I thought I would show you the small, subtle changes Marty made to my family room:

 ABOVE:  'DINE' is now on the kitchen wall, and I moved a few other bits n bobs on the walls too.
The big glass jar really does look fab on that marble top unit!  Thanks Marty.

ABOVE:  The giraffe picture has been moved a few times now!

This afternoon I have my first hair appointment here in Cambridge.
And I'm aiming on making a big change.  Darker.  

Can't be looking like WHITE TRASH I suppose... as if!

But seriously, I do want to go a bit darker on top... the re-growth is doing my head in.  I've said it before... and I don't want to say it again... and again.

Before that though, I've got quite a bit of housework to get through.  The house needs a thorough vacum, and the window sills need washing.

As for the windows themselves!  OMG they are awful.  Whoever was paid to clean this house before we moved in should be SHOT.
They did an utter ratshit job.

I'm hoping to clean the windows in at least two rooms per day, till they are all done.

The outside of the windows will have to wait till the weekend.

So that's me for today... housework, then hair.


I went out to get some calico to make a new design wall in my sewing room.

ABOVE: I got the calico... and as they were having a sale on many fabrics, I couldn't resist getting these batiks!

After that I came home to warm up before my hair appointment.

I hope the salon is warm!


Worried now....

5.33 pm: Ever had a hairdresser ask YOU what she should do with your hair?

Like... how would I know?  She's the 'expert'!

Luckily, she decided to put a darker shade through the rest of my hair, after putting blonde foils through it!  And it came out EXACTLY how I wanted it to!

Can't tell you how relieved I am... it's now much darker, not too many blonde highlights.  It's still a bit damp, so I will get it dry and straighten it, and get a decent photo tomorrow morning to show you.

Right now I have to get dinner on and so on.  No time to fuss with me hair.

Nice evening... watched TV.  Bloody tired though, didn't sleep well at all last night. Hoping to get a decent night's sleep tonight.

Monday, July 25, 2016


This weekend all the last 'jobs' were done!  I think there are just 'normal' jobs for us to do from now on. 
It has taken 6 weeks, but it's ALL DONE.

 ABOVE:  The new attic ladder.  We have put up in the attic all the stuff from the hallways, and there is plenty of room for more up there, if we ever need it.

 ABOVE:  Archer checking out the dog door into the garage.  He didn't try to crawl through though.

ABOVE:  Steve making the last things.  Two gates for the house.  One for the lounge entrance...

ABOVE:  The gate into the lounge.  Now the dogs can't get in there and run across the top of the couch all the time.  The other gate is down the hallway, to stop dogs and small kids from getting into the bedrooms.
Tallulah can't eat my rug now either.  Bloody awesome.

 ABOVE:  The boys in my trolley.  Dante loved it, Archer wasn't too sure when it started moving.

 ABOVE:  Archer wanted it on...

ABOVE: So Bex put it on him.  He looked... adorable.

Now for today.

The kids are back at school... freakin' yaaaa!
I have to pick Brylee up at 11 am and take her to see the Orthopeadic Surgeon in Hamilton, so he can assess her shoulder.

She will probably need some physiotherapy... and hopefully nothing else.

While we are in Hamilton, I will take the time to get her some more girly items of clothes... she's a growing girl after all.  

So, that's today sorted. 


Drs appointment went well. No further treatment needed.

Now at shop watching Brylee try on bras. Fun fun fun.

Just got a phone call from a freight I sit here.... our Hobbit House is being delivered. 


Murphy's Law...

ABOVE:  The Hobbit House, in three boxes... dropped right in front of the garage.  So I can't get me car in.
I could have tried to move them... but nah... they are a bit heavy.

I had a nana nap when I got home from Hamilton.  I was feeling dreadful.
Upset stomach.  No idea why.

Many, many visits to the bathroom.  Ikkkk.  Not the best when you are out and about shopping.

But, I am feeling quite a bit better now, thank goodness.  

No Weight Watcher's tonight.  I am just not up for it.
I still have to get dinner sorted for us... and do something with the washing I washed this morning.

Most of it is going in the drier I'm afraid.  Ain't we expecting more rain?

A funny sorta day... feel like I got nothing done.  But then again, girly time with our Brylee was nice.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Well... today, finally, we might just get the attic ladder installed.

That's if our builder can drag his sorry butt outta bed!  He and Bex stayed out fairly late last night... though I don't blame them.

It was the first time they had gone out on a 'date' night in forever.

Stew and I know how that feels.  We still don't go out, just the two of us, hardly ever.

But, we are perfectly happy to stay at home.

While Steve is doing the attic ladder, I hope Stew will get the post in the ground for our pig weather vane to go on.

Once that is done, he can move the new big pot into it's place in the garden.   And assemble the other thing we bought yesterday.

Once it's done,  I will be able to show you what 'IT' is.  *smiles*

JACQUI:  I know you just LOVE  to see what I have bought lately... so, hang in there.  You will see soon.  lol

I am going down to Mitre 10 to get some wood to make a couple of gates for inside the house, to keep the dogs out of the lounge and bedrooms.  So, I will be busy too.

Bex can just look after the kids and behave! lol

I'm going to make scones with jam and cream for lunch... YUM!

So, that's the plan for today.

 ABOVE:  Granddad getting Archer off to bed last night. 

 ABOVE:  The fairy lights taken with no flash on the camera.  It shows them up better.  I really love how it looks.

ABOVE:  Steve bought this onesie for Bex, but he wears it!

ABOVE:  I think it suits him.  



First up, Bex's brother Chris came over to visit, he and his fiance Anna.

Lots of yakking and laughing.

ABOVE:  so thankful for such a large driveway!

 ABOVE:  The other thing we purchased yesterday.  A cute little wrought iron seat.  I will have to make a squab for it.

ABOVE:  like it Jacqui?

 ABOVE:  Finally getting the big pot out of the car...

 ABOVE:  Stew had put a big paver down in the garden to sit it on...

ABOVE:  in place.... it looks amazing!  Now that corner garden does not look empty.

 ABOVE:  Chris helping Steve with cutting the hole for the attic ladder.

We have all stopped for lunch... which is hot scones, jam and cream.

And after lunch, more jobs were done, finished, and we are so thankful, yet again, to Steve and Bex for all their help.

I cooked beef pie for dinner, which everyone loved.  Steve, Bex and the boys have now left for home.

We have settled down for a quiet evening.  It's been a busy weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2016



Steve is coming down today to install the attic ladder.
I can't wait to get everything out of the freakin' hallway.

Bex is coming down first with the boys, and Steve should be here mid-afternoon, after he finishes work.

Before they arrive, we are popping out to get a few bits 'n' bobs.  

 ABOVE:  We finally have lights above the kitchen sink.  They sure make a difference when you are working there.
It's a bit hard to appreciate the difference when the 'before' photo was taken during the day.  But I'm sure you get the gist.

ABOVE:  Botton left, we now have power points in the entrance way.  I will show you later, WHY I wanted a power point there.
But not right now, we are off out and about soon.


12.41 pm:  So, Stew and I went out to Wairere Nursery at Gordonton to look for a big pot.

 ABOVE: They have a pretty good selection there, but quite pricey.

 ABOVE:  Stew liked these concrete pots, but only because they were cheap.  I thought they were ikk.

 ABOVE:  They also had lots of the very big Atlantis pots that I adore... but at $1,200, they stayed there!

We then had a look in Palmers at Rototuna, but they didn't have much of a selection to look at.

So Mr Google directed us to another place on the other side of Hamilton.

 ABOVE:  It was called 'More Than Pots', and it's a lovely shop!  We wandered around for a bit, not seeing many really big pots that we liked... then Stew spied the ONE AND ONLY big Atlantis Pot they had.

AND it was on sale.
SO we bought it.  Hundreds of dollars cheaper than the ones at Wairere Nursery!

ABOVE:  The rest of the shop.  Oh we bought another thing there to.  I will show you later.  It's been dismantled to fit in our car.

ABOVE:  One of the advantages of having a big vehicle like our Highlander.  So bloody handy.  *smiles*

Right, it's lunchtime and my stomach is churning... better eat something.

2.37 pm:  And lunch is done... and we are now just enjoying the kids.

 ABOVE:  Archer just loves taking 'selfies' on his mum's phone.  He pulls all sorts of faces!

ABOVE:  He is utterly adorable!  When he frowns at himself, we all crack up.

We had unexpected visitors this afternoon... Marty and Jacqui and their kids.  So it was neat to show Marty around our new home... and spend time with them.

Marty... decided to re-arrange some things in the family room!

 ABOVE:  First he exchanged the metal/wood trolley for the white marble top unit.  He took the huge blue glass jar off the table and put it on top of the white unit.  Then ...

 ABOVE:... then he put the coloured candles back on the table, took 'DINE' off the wall AND the Giraffe painting! 
He put the Giraffe painting on the wall over where I sit.

 ABOVE:  Then he moved a few other paintings around till he was happy with it all!
What a crack up.

 ABOVE: I think he had fun.  I've never had a friend come in and move stuff around before, it was OK though.  I sure didn't mind.

 ABOVE: Steve finally arrived, and after spending a few hours visiting, Marty and Jacqui and kids left for home.

Steve and Bex left to spend an evening out without their boys.
It was the first time we had babysat Archer, and we expected him to scream the house down when they left, but he didn't.
What a relief.

ABOVE:  Oh yes, this is why I really wanted a power point in the entrance way.  Fairly lights!

So pretty.

And that is all I have for today.  Time to wrap this up and enjoy the evening with the kids.
And Coronation Street.  Cos I love that programme.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Well... OK.... Just gimme some more power points!
Seriously, this house has one failing.... it's got bugger all power points!

So, at 8 am this morning there's some electricians coming to put more in.  And there's a few other things lined up for them too, like put lights above the kitchen sink.

Not that I spend much time there, but in the evenings it would be nice to actually see what you are doing there!  Right now, the lights are behind you, so you are working in shadow.

It's not very good.   

Also, Brylee's lights don't go in her bedroom, and the light switch in the garage is almost hanging off the wall.

So, after today, all of that should be done/fixed.

Hopefully that doesn't take all day, as we would like to go into Hamilton and return a couple of things that we bought recently that are faulty.

Oh and before that, Stew has a Doctors appointment.  I'm making sure he doesn't run out of medications like I did, he's going before that happens.

I bought something on Trademe last night ... something I thought the grandkids would like...

ABOVE:  I think the kids are going to LOVE playing in this, and I have the perfect place in the garden to put it.
Now I just have to get a few little things to put inside it... small table and chairs, tea set, pots and so on.  Maybe a bean bag?  It's going to be fun setting it up for them.

Right, I better get moving, the Electricians are due here soon.


2.25 pm: and we have been killing time while the electricians are here. They arrived at 8 am.... and they are still here. *sigh*.  Hopefully they will be finished soon so we can go out and do a few jobs.

3.50 pm:  Very frustrated now.  It looks like all we wanted to get done today in Hamilton will have to wait.
The electricians are STILL HERE.  One of them has had to leave to go to the KFC in Te Awamutu to fix something there, so more delay.

10.45 pm:  We finally got to head out of the house at about 4.45 pm!
Which was fine as we got to return the things that were faulty (solar lights and door guard).
We then had some dinner at Te Awa mall and came home.
We will go back tomorrow to do the other things we had planned for today.