Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Guess what?

I'm actually really enjoying all the HARSH de-cluttering I've been doing!
It's so good for the soul, getting rid of all the clutter that we take from one house to the next.

I really can't believe how much utter crap I've held onto over the years!

My next big job is to finish painting kitchen cupboards.  There's 5 doors to do... and it's another one of those jobs I've been putting off.  But, I really can't dilly dally any longer!  Photos will be taken in just 6 days, so I have 6 days to get them painted, dry and back on the cupboards.

I've also got a small load for the Hospice shop today, and I am also going to drop off a Sky Decoder in Mt Wellington.  I've discontinued getting Sky TV in the garage.  I am not in there sewing much now am I?  *smiles*

Stew will be home tonight... I've missed him.  At least he doesn't have to commute far, or for long hopefully.


My right arm is KILLING ME!  As if cleaning and scrubbing for almost 2 weeks wasn't enough, I've just sanded those kitchen cupboard doors and now I'm about to spray undercoat on them.
I can't believe how amazing Steve's orbital sander is though, what a machine!  I want one so bad.

It's 20 to 11 and the two teenagers are.... still in bed! I'm wondering just how long they can sleep in? 

And the answer to that is: 11.15 am.  Griffin's stomach most likely woke him up because the first thing he asked me was could he get some bacon out of the freezer?  That boy is food driven.

The undercoat is now on the cupboard doors.  Waiting for paint to dry... might do that run to the Hospice shop, go to Bunnings for more bits 'n' bobs I need, etc.  

Monday, July 06, 2015


Today is the start of a new position for Stew.
He is travelling down to Hamilton to start his new role.  As the company has scrapped the title of 'Center Manager' he will be the "Principal T******" of the Hamilton and Rotorua branches of the company he works for.

He will be staying in the company apartment tonight and coming home tomorrow night.  
Then continuing with his 'old' job Wednesday - Friday for the time being.

I think they are planning on doing this arrangement for at least the next month.  After that who knows?  He might end up in Hamilton Monday - Friday, commuting on and off until we sell our home and buy another one in Hamilton.

While he's away for the next couple of days I am sure I will get heaps done.  Not anything too big of course, just what I can manage on my own.  I only have the kitchen/family room and lounge left inside!  That should only take a couple of days now as I've already done quite a bit in them.

I must remember to get the kids to help, even though it's like pulling teeth!

Yaaa... the oven cleaner arrives after lunch!   I can't wait to see how clean they can make it look.  Last time I cleaned it I was pretty happy with it, but I'm bloody glad I don't have to do it again.

OK... I'll go for now... and come back later to tell ya what I've managed to get ticked off the list!


YES!  THE DUNGEON IS DONE.   What a job... not quite as bad as I expected with the kids 'help'.  I'm now off with a full, to the roof, load for Hospice!

I'm not very impressed with the oven cleaner guy.  He was expected at 1 pm.  Got a text at 2 pm saying they couldn't do it today after all... and could they reschedule?  I told them yes, and asked them to give me a day and time.
Just got another text saying he will 'get back to me' later.  Nice.

Wondering if I should try another company?

In the meantime, I've taken a huge load of rubbish to the dump.  Griffin had a ball throwing an old TV onto the concrete!  And the lovely lady at the weigh station only charged me for a 'boot full'... when my car was packed to the gunnels!  SCORE.

Trying to get enthusiastic about cleaning windows in the family room, kitchen and lounge right now.  Looking at them... maybe a bit later ...  *smiles*.

Well I didn't do those windows... I tidied up the garage... cos ya couldn't even walk through it, it was that cluttered up with stuff all over the place.
Now... you CAN swing a cat in there! Everything is boxed up, packed up and ready for the next trailer load to go down to Hamilton.

End of Day:  Stew's had a good day too... got to get acquainted with the staff.  He is now settled into the company apartment and no doubt fast asleep.  I'm heading off to bed shortly myself, I'm sure I shall sleep well... tired as per.
nite nite

Sunday, July 05, 2015


This could get boring for ya!

Today we are doing more of the same sort of stuff we did yesterday.

Cleaning, de-cluttering (the storage room under the house today), general repairs around the yard and house.  We have one week left till we get professional photos taken for the marketing campaign... it's gotta be all finished by next Monday.

I can't believe just how much we had to do!  I thought my home was reasonably clean, and nothing much needed fixing. HA HA!  I was wrong.

Tracy I can't thank you enough for recommending getting oven cleaners in!  I've got them coming tomorrow afternoon.  I shall not be using my oven again after that!

It's not a cheap indulgence, but for the sake of my back and hands, I'm just too happy to pay  someone to do it for me.

Now, some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Stew and Steve installing the new gate.  My gorgeous antique gate is coming with us.

 ABOVE:  A sleeping Archer, such a cutie.

ABOVE: An indignant Dante, who yelled at me because my camera was hurting his eyes!  5 minutes later, after I'd put the camera away he was insisting I take his picture!  Typical kid.

 ABOVE:  My brother-in-law Richard and son Vern, who is named after my brother Vern...

ABOVE:  Richard's wife Olla and daughter Dewi.

Richard was married to my sister Lorraine, and they have 3 adult kids.  Now he's married to Olla.  He's like a real brother really, he's been in my life since I was 14.  And Olla is like a true sister-in-law too.  Just one of me family.  Dewi and Vern are now 11 years old and are just the most gorgeous kids.  

It was just so lovely to see them again yesterday.  They fly home to Indonesia today.

Right, I better go, there's still plenty on my list!


LOL... I forgot an entire room, wasn't even on me list!
The 'dining room' or Archgola room.  So, it's now sparkling clean and tidy.   Getting heaps done today too... poor Stew.
He's outside hammering and so on.   

I'm about to go down to the dungeon (under house store room) and make a start on that. 

In an hour or so we will take a lunch break I think.

Time for lunch, and we are going to Sylvia Park.  I want to get a few things, and hopefully we can pop in and see the kids on our way home.

It will be nice to take a break from the housework!

Our lunch break was lovely.  We had lunch and did some shopping too.  Got another Britto figurine, a final 'Auckland one'.  Also got some more flowers for the house to make it pretty in my bedroom... *smiles*.

We visited Steve and Bex too.  The boys were asleepm but we did manage a quick cuddle with Dante when he woke up.

Home... dinner.... some relaxing TV, and not much else.   We are both really worn out.

End of Day:  another productive day, I can actually see an end to all this prep work... I think I should have the inside of the house all done by the end of the week!
There will be stuff in the garage waiting to go into storage, but that's all I hope.
nite nite

Saturday, July 04, 2015


Today Steve and Bex are coming over.
Steve is going to do odd jobs around the house and help Stew move the double Fridge/Freezer downstairs  .... AGAIN.
I bet they knew it wouldn't stay in the Archgola 'room' for long!

It's all for 'presentation' of course.  The Archgola room will look much bigger and nicer without the fridge/freezer in it.

Hopefully the guys will also tackle most of the 'outside' jobs too.

Sorting out the under house store room is one big job.  We have a single bed down there which is coming up into the spare bedroom.  It's not got a bed in it now, as I gave Dante the bed from that room.  He was used to sleeping in it and probably thought it was his anyway.  *smiles*

Waterblasting the concrete is another job lined up for the guys.

OH... they have to buy another gate too, I'm not leaving my gorgeous antique gate here!

While they do that, I shall be working on getting the laundry, family bathroom and Brylee's room finished.  Then I will have completed that entire end of the house, which will then just leave the living rooms and kitchen.

And they won't take anywhere near as long to get spic and span.  I hope.  (Oh gawd, just remembered the bloody oven! Ikkkk).

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Mad house!  We've been down to Bunnings and bought a new gate, window latches, fencing etc... and it's all go here today.
Steve and Bex and their boys are here helping too.

I've finished every room 'down the hallway' except Brylee's room.  That will be finished by bedtime.

Well we just had a lovely visit from my Brother-in-law Richard, his wife Olla and their twins, Dewi and Vern.  We only get to see them once every year or two as they live in Indonesia.
The twins are now 11 and such lovely, QUIET children!

Unlike our Dante, who spent a good hour showing off, running up and down the house and being a little ratbag.

Two hours later and it's time to cook dinner.  Teriyaki Chicken.  Steve and Bex are looking forward to that.  Bex hasn't had my Teriyaki Chicken before.

Dinner was wonderful, everyone loved the chicken.  Steve was in 7th heaven!

The guys watched the rugby after dinner, then Steve, Bex and their boys went home.

I finally got Brylee's room finished, which means all the bedrooms, the bathrooms and laundry are DONE.  Thank god.  That was a huge job.

End of Day:  I will be so happy to get into my bed tonight.  I'm bone tired AGAIN, and even my fingertips hurt tonight!
nite nite.

Friday, July 03, 2015


Today I'm popping out to Ardmore to visit the ladies at Patchwork class... and give one of the ladies all of my Husqvarna bobbins.   I didn't give them to the shop when I traded in Lemony for McDreamy, and one of the ladies at class has a Husqvarna.... so she can have them.

It will be nice to not spend the first few hours today cleaning!

When I get home I shall be sanding all the areas I put polyfilla in yesterday, and painting walls.  

I'm also expecting a visitor (Sharon) from Taupo I think.  

Today is Stew's last day working full time here in Auckland.
As of next week, he will be working Monday and Tuesday in Hamilton, and the remaining days in Auckland.  This will continue until 'they' can train someone to take over his job here.  Goodness knows how long that will take.

I just hope it doesn't mean he will be commuting from Hamilton once we move down there!

That would suck.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


I decided my new curtains needed tie backs, so went out with that in mind yesterday.
But instead of buying traditional tie backs, I decided to get two necklaces (cheap as) and use them like this:

ABOVE:  total cost.... $16.  Not bad!  I hung a pair of earrings off the necklaces too... cos it needed something blue eh?  *smiles*
Imagine the fun I could have changing the earrings every now and then!   I might just have to do this in my new home too.

Once we have a new home that is... gotta sell this one first.....

Well I've been out to Patchwork class and spent some time with the ladies, which was nice.
Then home to prepare more walls for painting.

OMG!   Someone has some major explaining to do!
And YEP... you are in BIG trouble.

ABOVE:  Who the hell does this to a wall???   I mean, in that red 'box' area someone lay on her bed and literally pushed a push pin into the wall DOZENS of times, over and over again... all over the freakin place!
I am LIVID....   As for the rest of the wall... masses of holes where posters have been pinned up, or STUCK up with blu tack, which pulled off the wallpaper too.

I'm beyond angry right now.  And I will NOT be the one sanding all that off ready for painting.
She can.    


ABOVE:  OMG, this shit actually works!  Amazing.

Tears and tantrums.... it would appear we have a FUCKING GHOST who lives in this house and pokes holes (dozens of holes) in the bedroom walls.  Yeah RIGHT.

As Griffin has been in that room too ... now that I remember.... it could have been either of them.
So... no one gets pocket money this week.  So there.

Dinner tonight is pork belly and veges.

I have finished painting walls in three of the bedrooms, the entire hallway and the stair walls and edges.  I'm once again exhausted.

Tomorrow it will be the laundry and family bathroom, and Brylee's bedroom.  I'm getting there!

The professional photographer comes on Monday the 13th.  I should have everything done by then.  NO... I will have everything done by then.

THANK YOU Sharon for visiting today and forcing to take a two hour break.  It was wonderful to see you again.  Next time, maybe it will be in Hamilton! 

End of Day:  I can't believe how much I got done today!  Just spent a good 2 hours in the kitchen, taking out stuff we don't need every day and boxing it up.  There is going to be so much LESS to pack when we actually do move!
Time to get off to bed, it's now 1.15 am... YIKES.
nite nite

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Going through all the stuff in our attic yesterday was .... interesting.  Probably 60% of it is going to either the Hospice shop or the dump.
The rest is staying here.
We found some things I'd thought lost... like this:

ABOVE: our telescope!  I'd been looking for it, on and off, for almost 7 years!  It was right at the back of our attic space, tucked behind a rafter.  Now that I have it, I'll probably never want to use it... lol.

I am storing most of my Mum's old photos, and it was lovely to find this one:

 ABOVE: This is my maternal Great Grandmother, who I was named after.  I can remember seeing this photo on and off during my childhood, so it was neat to see it again.
I hope one day my Mum comes and gets all her photos, cos there's a shit load of them!
Boxes full in fact, and I'm gunna have to lug them on to our next home and find a space for them.  Oh well... it's what ya do eh?

Lacy sent me some adorable photos of our Miss Muppet last night:

ABOVE:  Keera hasn't been very well lately, multiple ear infections and mild pneumonia... caused by living in a damp, cold house in Tauranga.
They are moving in about 2 weeks into a better home.  Thank goodness.  Can't have our Miss Muppet getting sick all the time.

Doesn't she look so happy on the swing?  Little Darling.

Right, I'm off to take another load to the Hospice Shop, then home to continue sorting out the garage, which looks like a bomb site.  AGAIN.  And I will pace myself, and take plenty of pit stops.


I just got to tick off ONE room, which is now entirely DONE.  The master bedroom.
Now it's on to Griffin's room.

I've deferred the garage until the kids are home to help me.  It's too big a job for me alone.

So, I took a full car load of stuff to the Hospice Shop... started carrying it inside and OH NO!
I spied this:

 ABOVE:  Of course I just had to buy it!  I console my conscience with the fact I've taken 1000% more TO HOSPICE in the past week than I've ever bought there.  I will keep telling myself that too.

After that I went to Bunnings and got more supplies for tidying up the house, poly filler, paint, sandpaper etc.

Then home, to the smell of this:

ABOVE:  I did a fresh loaf of bread for tonight's dinner, and to make sure the bread baker still worked fine.  

I plan on making a loaf just before every Open Home, so the house smells AMAZING  for when potential purchasers arrive.

I always do that.

End of Day:  well I've taken it easy this afternoon, all I did was fill small holes, defects on walls.  Mostly where we have had screws in walls holding kiddie/dog guards and gates.  Oh and a hole in Brylee's wall where a skateboard when smack into it.
Just little life blimps.
Time to head off to bed soon.  
nite nite

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


I've got the paint out.  It's wall painting time, and sheesh, just realised I need paint for Brylee's 'feature' wall... it's a deep plum colour.

I shall have to paint it in a similar colour, or I'll have to put on numerous coats to cover it.  That means a run down to Bunnings first thing.

I'm thrilled at how quickly I'm getting the inside of the house ready.  

At the end of the week the kids start school holidays (2 weeks off), which works out great.  They will come in handy to help me with cleaning, de-cluttering and so on.
I'm sure they will be less than amused having to do that during their school holidays, but I'm sure we will make it up to them somehow.  *smiles*

Right, enough yakkity yak, I am outta here.  Stuff to do!


YES I'm going to Weight Watchers this morning, where I expect to have a SMALL GAIN.
Yep, while I've been super busy and active, I've also been making dreadful food decisions.
Mostly cos I am just eating what's thrown at me, or what's quick and easy.
So... I have to work on that ... 

GAINED:  .300 grams.  Not too bad.  Will have to try and plan my meals better and not go for the easy option because I'm too tired.

Was not to unhappy about that gain though, cos overall it IS coming off.

Thanks for that tip Cranky, will check it out.

Seriously wondering how much longer I can do this.  I'm so tired I feel like crying, everything aches.  And the kids come home from school and I ask them to help and you'd think I'd chopped their bloody arms off, or worse, smashed the X Box.  *sigh*

I'm trying to pace myself, but I'm still struggling to get much done before I have to sit down for a rest.

What upsets me the most about all this is that the physical exhaustion is all my own fault.  If I wasn't so damn fat and out of shape I'd be coping so much better.

BLOG READING:   Seriously doubt I will get ANY done for weeks now.  Sorry if that upsets you, but I just don't have the time.  Thank you if you continue to read mine.

ABOVE:  One HUGE job kinda done.  The kids got everything down from the attic in the garage.  Now my job is to sort it all out!  Already done about a third ... and my car is full to the roof with stuff for the Hospice Shop!

HA HA! I forgot 'End of Day'.  That doesn't happen too often.
nite nite!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Since we have looked at a few houses in Hamilton, we have been inundated with phone calls from the Real Estate Agents, wanting feedback.  

That's OK.

What isn't OK is pushy agents trying to talk me into taking them on as my 'exclusive' agent... assuring me that they will show us EVERYTHING available in Hamilton, no matter who's listing it is.

I didn't know agents could do that.  But they can in Hamilton it would appear.

So, I have been made to feel awful, being fought over by agents trying to get our business.  One agent was MEGA pushy yesterday over the phone, literally harassing me and I ended up getting quite angry.

So once I got off the phone with HER... I rang the Real Estate Agent who we bought our last Hamilton home with, (she also sold that house when we went to Palmerston North), and gave her our business.

Hopefully now I won't get harassed any more.  And Lou is a lovely lady, and she knows me fairly well!  I know she will listen to our requirements and not dick us around by taking us to see anything that isn't suitable.

So, today?  Repeat of yesterday.  De-cluttering, cleaning, Hospice run, and so on.
Maybe even another visit over to see Bex and the boys too.


Ha ha!  I'm far too busy to really miss Steve, Bex, Dante and Archer!  
I shall be seeing them again today at some point, so still seeing heaps of them.

Well... another load has been dropped off to the Hospice Shop, and I've bought new shower caddies and plugs, a paint tray and roller, and then I went to visit Bex and the boys too.

Only they were on their way out to the mall, so I came home.  

I'm now going to stop and have lunch... and maybe not much else as I'm completely exhausted.  Maybe the rest of today will be a rest break.

This afternoon I started painting walls.  It's amazing how quickly you can make a scuffed, manky wall look awesome again!

Steve and Bex and babes called in tonight, it was lovely to see them.  

We also had the Real Estate Agents pop in with the contracts for us to sign.  We now just have to get the house totally ready for the market, which should be in about two weeks!  It really is all GO.

So exciting.  And tiring!  This afternoon I literally hit a wall, bone tired.

But, tomorrow is another day and I'm up for it.

End of Day: Can't wait till bedtime, it's so nice and warm in our bedroom!  I went down to the garage just before and couldn't believe how COLD it was down there!  I'm never sleeping in a bloody garage again!
nite nite

Monday, June 29, 2015


For the first time in over 2 and a half years, it's a Monday, and I'm going to be in my house... ON MY OWN!

Once Stew and the kids leave for work/school... it's just ME.  

I don't know if I shall be lonely... or relieved.  Something tells me I'm going to be too busy to be lonely.  *smiles*

I might take a quick trip over to Steve and Bex's at some point today though.  They left a few things that I can drop off to them.
And I will get to see Dante and Archer... I'm already missing them.

I was happy as last night, I got to arrange my family room the way I wanted it again.  

ABOVE:  look at that!  Spic and span.   And yes, that's the rug from hell... it won't get as much traffic there, so hopefully won't let rip with too much fluff.  Plus, it's gorgeous there... makes the room look lovely.

And that's important when you are trying to sell your house.
ABOVE:  Poor Bex, standing in about the only part of their house that wasn't entirely covered in boxes, furniture and what nots!   I wonder how much they got done last night?

Right, time to get moving... I've got heaps to do.


Well... so far so good.  I've got a load in me car for the Hospice Shop, and I've got the bedroom and en suite sorted out...

 ABOVE:  I love how our bedroom looks now!

ABOVE:  The curtains on these windows were very mouldy, so I whipped out quickly yesterday afternoon and bought this set... for half price from Spotlight!  I saved $170.00 !!!

And how gorgeous do they look?  And they match the curtains above the bed.  I couldn't get a set to fit above the bed so had to stay with what was there.  They are ok though, not mouldy at all.

I've still got to get Stew's drawers up from the garage, but I'm leaving that job till Stew gets home, he can do it for me.

I shall be heading out soon to drop off stuff at Hospice, then visit Bex and the boys.

Stuff dropped off at Hospice - tick.
Supermarket run - tick.
Visit Bex and Boys - tick.

It was lovely to see the boys and Bex... Dante was showing off like he hadn't seen me in a week!  Cute kid.  It was good to have a quick break with them and a bite to eat.

Found our small tv amongst their stuff... so brought that home.  I shall use it in the garage when I'm sewing...  IF I ever find time to do any sewing!

My arms hurt.  And me back/legs/knees... you name it, it hurts.  I think I've spent about 2 hours 'relaxing' today, the rest of the time I've been busy tidying, cleaning, de-cluttering etc.
And I will do it all again tomorrow.

End of Day: time to actually RELAX and do very little.
nite nite

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Today Steve and Bex move out!

This will be their first 'home' together, and the first time Dante and Archer will be living with JUST their Mum and Dad.

We won't know ourselves here... but then again... we will be too busy to miss them I think.

We will be moving too before we know it ... and then life will be rather different for us all.

Hopefully Dante settles into his new home well and doesn't miss his extended family too much.  *sniff*

I know we will miss him dreadfully, and Archer of course.

Steve and Stew are about to head out and pick up a big truck, then go to Steve and Bex's storage unit and get all their stuff and take it to their house.
After that it will be back here to get everything of their's out of my house too.

I expect that will take most of the day.  AFTER that, they will  move Stew and I back into our bedroom!   OMG I am quite excited about that prospect.  

Funny thing is, we will probably only be back in our bedroom a matter of weeks before we move again.  WELL... I hope it's only a few weeks.

All depends on how long it takes to sell this house eh?

Right, I better go and do something... like pack a box or 10.


Well as you can imagine, it's a mad house here today.
Steve and Bex are on their 2nd run with the big truck, then they have to take the truck back.
Then we will do car/van runs with all the left over stuff, mostly smaller stuff.

I've managed to get Griffin's room almost 100% sorted and spic and span.
By the end of the day I should have our bedroom and the spare bedroom done as well.

That means all the vacuming, skirting boards, windows, wardrobes etc cleaned.

I've got  a list a mile long... and am really trying not to look at it too often, it's so daunting.

But at least I can plug away at it during the week.

OMG ... everyone is absolutely KNACKERED.
Steve and Bex have an enornous job sorting out their house... it looks like a bomb struck, there's virtually NO ROOM to move for boxes and furniture.

Bex is going to be a busy girl over the next couple of weeks making it all fit in their little 2 bedroom house.  But, they don't have to hurry at it.

Someone asked where Steve and Bex are living? Mt Wellington/Sylvia Park.  I won't be showing a photo of their home as I'm sure they don't want to advertise where exactly they live.  
Tonight... Stew and I are sleeping in our bedroom!  And I've done our wardrobe, Griffin's wardrobe and the spare bedroom wardrobe.  So many jobs getting done... so many to go!

End of Day:  a massive day.  Can't believe how much stuff the kids had to move!
nite nite