Tuesday, August 04, 2015


All going well... once the builder has been today we will know what has to be done to rectify the issues found by the builder's report.

I hope it's not too much.

Stew's sister is popping today too.  Her home goes to Auction on Friday, I hope she has more luck than we have had.

I almost wish we had opted for an Auction now, at least it might have been over by now?

One good thing happened... I have not been able to do any more of my patchwork blocks for my blue/green quilt because I ran out of the 'main' fabric.   
I ordered 2 meters of it from The Ribbon Rose MONTHS ago, but they 'forgot' to order it... so I've been waiting for the next shipment to arrive from overseas.
And waiting... and waiting.

So, I got sick of waiting and two weeks ago I ordered some online from EBay, and it arrived yesterday afternoon.   NOW I can do some more sewing, which will keep me occupied.

Though, I think I will bring my sewing machine upstairs and sew up here, it's just too damn cold down in the garage!

I'm looking forward to doing something enjoyable again, instead of cleaning/painting/tidying up constantly!


10.48 am: My sister in law isn't visiting now ... she's too stressed out over her upcoming auction.  I know the feeling sorta.  Instead she is coming for sunday dinner.  Hopefully Steve, Bex and the boys can come too so Khady can meet Archer.

I went down to the mall to get dog food.  I went to Animates and the dogs pellets were $41... until I got to checkout and they said I had three $10 reward vouchers to use!  So, the dog food cost me $11 instead.  SCORE!

Then I went to the supermarket and got a few groceries.... it killed some time.  Still just over an hour till the builder is due here.

Monday, August 03, 2015


Stew heads back to Hamilton today, so it's just me and the kids for the next couple of days.

I've not got anything planned ... the housework is totally up to date, and so... it could be a boring kinda day.

I'm thinking of sitting down and planning a work out routine, now that all the exercise equipment is easy to reach in the garage.
Maybe I shall even enjoy getting back into it?
Ya never know eh?

I have to do SOMETHING until this bloody house sells!  Can't just sit and wait for what could be months away.  

I'm going to try and stay positive, and work on myself and my fitness/health.  At least I have control over that.


Tallulah  was a nightmare last night. She kept running  in and out the dog door every few minutes... growling at SOMETHING so in the  end I locked her in her traveling case all night long. That worked! I might be doing that from now on.

Some issues have come to light via the Builder's Report on our home.  I've got a builder coming asap to talk me through them so we can get them fixed.  This could slow our house sale down CONSIDERABLY.  So stressful and not good at all.

Hopefully they are quick fixes and we can get this bloody house sold.  

I'm so depressed right now, I just feel like this could drag on like our Palmerston North house sale did.  That house took months and months to sell.

1.36 pm:  feeling slightly lighter in my mood
Got the builder coming at midday tomorrow... being pro-active really helps me feel like we are sorting it out.

Plan A: Steve is lined up to do necessary repairs if he can, otherwise we have a Plan B too.

I have sorted out Tallulah's bed :

ABOVE:  the dog crate is much roomier for her.  She was an angel in the travelling case last night, once she was in it she shut up and went to sleep.  

I am letting her play in the crate today so it's not a new place for her tonight.  She is a good wee dog really, just hyper vigilant to noise.  
Which isn't a BAD thing if you get a burglar in the dead of the night!  But usually it's just some harmless noise she goes ape shit at.

I thought Stew was staying over in Hamilton tonight, but he's not.  So, yaa, I won't be on my own after all.  

FUCK these fingernails are taking some getting used to!   I keep making typing mistakes cos they are longer than my own... which are always SHORT and manky.
I love having nice nails though, so I'm keeping them.
I'm sure I will get used to them eventually eh?

End of Day:  Well... a quiet afternoon.  Stew got home fairly late, but OK.  Dinner was a lovely chicken stir fry with lemon sauce.
Heading off to bed shortly, Stew's already there as he has to drive back to Hamilton in the morning.  Poor bugger.
nite nite

Sunday, August 02, 2015


Well... this is our new 'normal' Sunday.

Get up and do all the housework, get the house all tidy and 'dressed' for Open Home at 2 pm.

At least it's getting easier and faster to get it done now.

The laundry looks so good without the dryer in there!
So much roomier.  And the walls have come up good after painting them.
It was good to get the floor cleaned under the washing machine too... I still can't believe how freakin' ikkky it was under there!

We will probably go and visit Steve, Bex and the boys while our Open Home is on, like last weekend.
Dante loves seeing us after all!  *smiles*

So, I shall wrap up for now and get my 'a' into 'g', and go get this house all spic 'n' span.


Done. Open home is on in 5 minutes. Stew, the kids and dogs have gone to Steve n Bex''s.  I'm parked down the road waiting until it's over.

2ND OFFER HAS FALLEN OVER.  They couldn't get the finance apparently.  It would have been an 'investment' property and they didn't have enough of a deposit.  I wish they had done their sums before taking it this far.

So, we are back to square one.  And I'm gutted, as is Stew.

End of Day: we had 5 groups through the house today.  So that's better than none.
Calling it a night.  I'm wrung out and upset.
nite nite

Saturday, August 01, 2015


Well... it's a new month.  And who knows what might happen this month? Maybe we will sell our house, maybe we won't.

I just hope I can get over this gut wrenching, stomach churning angst every time I think about it.

I have tried doing things to take my mind off it, but IT DOESN'T WORK.

It sucks.

We don't have any plans today, Stew did the lawns yesterday, so there isn't anything to do around here.
I don't want to go shopping, there's nothing I need.

Maybe Stew can come up with an idea?  There is no way I'm going down to Hamilton to look at any more houses until our house is SOLD.
I'm not going to set my heart on another house just to lose it.

We are bound to lose the one we fell in love with last weekend.  Gutted about that.

Anyone got any bright ideas for me?  What can I do to distract myself and Stew for the day?
Dumm dee doo...  and don't suggest any hanky panky!  I'm definitely NOT IN THE BLOODY MOOD.  *smiles*


Unfortunately for Stewie, I found a job for him to do today.
I've asked him to take the clothes dryer off the laundry wall and put it in the garage.
Two reasons.
1.  I can use it without making water run down the walls of the laundry, and putting fluff all over the walls too.
2. I can repair the wall where it's been fixed on it with big brackets.

My darling son Steve has found the PERFECT HOUSE  for me :

ABOVE:  He has quite an interesting sense of humor does our Steve.

The dryer is  off the wall.... it took some considerable effort on Stew and Griffin's part though.
They couldn't get it to disengage from the bracket, so Stew had to unscrew the bracket from the wall while Griffin stood underneath the dryer to take it's weight.   But, they did it in the end.

Now I have to clean the wall, fill the holes, wait for them to dry then paint the wall.

OH... and clean under where the washing machine was, cos we had to move it and OMG!  Disgusting mess under it.  GROSS.

3.30 pm:  Home from Sylvia Park, where we had a nice lunch and wander around.  Stew and I ended up buying a couple of little Britto figurines, a little Tinkerbell and a mid-size Mickey Mouse.  The 'mid-size' is a new size and we didn't have any, now we do.  *smiles*

On our way home we stopped in at Manukau and picked up the blanket I had in the Drycleaners, and then we went to Bunnings.   I bought my very own sander!  I loved using Steve's and vowed to get my own didn't I?

Hee hee.  Now I have one and can use it tonight on the laundry walls.

ABOVE:  For someone who needed NOTHING ... I did pretty well.  

End of Day: I've done pretty well to keep 'things' off my mind today.  There's been moments when I remember what's coming up on Monday, and the horrible possibility our next contract could fall over too... but I just have to keep my chin up and know there is NOTHING I can do about it.
Time to head off to bed, another late night.
nite nite

Friday, July 31, 2015


Stew has taken today off so he can take his car down to the mechanics for some brake work.
Can't have ya breaks fail eh?

After he gets home, I expect the builder to arrive to do his inspection of our home for the 2nd potential buyers.

Then we are going out somewhere nice for lunch.

NOT A FOODCOURT.  Maybe a nice restaurant somewhere.  We don't do that very often, so while the kids are at school... we will feast! lol

Feast... well not really of course!  Just enjoy a nice meal and each other's company.  

We had thought of going to a movie, but because the builder isn't arriving until late morning, we will run out of time before the kids get home from school.  Drat.

So, that's our plans for today... I'll be back later with an update of what we got up to.

Oh, before I forget, here's a lovely collage of baby Archer from last night:

ABOVE:  Such a delightfully happy wee man.  We love him to bits and can't believe he's already 3 months old.  


11.45 am:  and the builder has been and left, so have the 3 Real Estate agents who turned up in support!
They know how stressed out I am and didn't know Stew would be here with me too.  It was nice of them to come though.

Now Stew and I are off to Newmarket, we are going to have Yum Cha for lunch, if we can get into the restaurant.  Sometimes it's full and you have to book, we are winging it today.

ABOVE: a cute wee video of Stew and the bubs last night. 

12.03 am:  ummm...forgot to update again!
Lunch was lovely, we went to Newmarket and indeed did have Yum Cha.  Though, the way I'm feeling, everything tastes like cardboard really.

After lunch we came home and spent a quiet afternoon doing bugger all.

My mind keeps wandering to the scenario:  The 2nd buyers back out on Monday and we are back at square one again.  I just can't stop doing it.  It makes me feel physically sick every time and my stomach churns non stop.  Not nice.

I wish I could stop thinking about it.

End of Day:  a so-so day, lots of stress.  Time to go to bed... and cos it's nice and late, I should get to sleep fairly easily.  One hopes.
nite nite

Thursday, July 30, 2015


After the 2nd 'back up' buyers popped in yesterday, I expected them to come back on Sunday when we have the next Open Home, for another look.

But no. They want to come back tonight, at dinnertime no less.

So, today I go through the motions of getting the house all 'viewing ready' again.  *sigh*

And tomorrow there is ANOTHER builder coming to do an inspection for them too.

Stress.  It never ends.

I'm not sure what I will do for the majority of the day... maybe get back to reading blogs... something I didn't get to yesterday, despite my best intentions.

I got carried away with cleaning fridges, getting the washing all done/folded and put away, and just general housework.  Ya know, it doesn't get done on it's own eh?

So that's me for today... nothing riveting.


11.20 am:  got a call from our Estate Agent, the buyers can't make it tonight afterall, so Yaaa!
I can stop stressing and so on all day.

Their builder is still coming tomorrow, so it's still all 'on'.  And of course, we still have that dreadful Monday long wait to go through.

I've been busy all morning changing linens, making beds all pretty.  Time to relax and just enjoy this gorgeous mild winter's day.

5.30 pm:  I had put a lovely pea and bacon soup on in the crockpot this morning, in anticipation of us having it after the viewing.
So, because that's not happening, I invited Steve and Bex over for dinner.
Bex and the boys arrived mid afternoon, and Bex taught me how to do nail stamping.

WHAT FUN.  I ordered some stamp plates off the internet, and some of them arrived this week.

ABOVE: As you can see... nautical inspired.  And I love them.

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely, and seeing the bubs was too.  I can't stop yawning, so tired tonight.
So, I'm off to bed.
nite nite

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I'm getting my life back to 'normal'... which means today is weigh in day at Weight Watchers.
I've been eating out of control lately, but I've also been much busier and more active, so I think it's balanced out a bit.

My scales say I've lost about a kilo?  I know that's not a lot since the last time I weighed in, but hey... it's not a gain!

I am nearly at the 10 kgs lost... which means I get to wear my new boots soon!  Maybe that will be next week.

After Weight Watchers I am coming home to read some blogs, then maybe do some sewing.

As I said, get back to normal.  Stop living one day to the next in anticipation... expectation... and living on the very edge of my nerves.

It's not healthy.  I'm kinda sick of it all already.

So, that's me for now.  I'll be back later with the amount LOST.  And I hope, never to be found again!


22 MARBLES.  That's how many go into the 'LOST' jar.  

I lost 2.2 kilos in the past 3 weeks, so I'm happy as hell.  I am only .600 grams away from 10 kgs lost  AND then I can wear my new boots!

Next week.... I will be in them.

After Weight Watchers I did a small grocery shop, enough to last a week or so.  I'm over buying meat day by day.  We could be here for ages yet, so back to normal shopping too.

I'm now going to put the groceries away and then sit down a read some blogs.

12.42 pm:  Well THAT was nerve racking!
I was in the garage cleaning the 2nd fridge when I heard someone knocking on my house wall... so I opened the door and found our buyers in my driveway.  
So, said hello, and invited them in for an impromptu look again.

They jumped at the chance... and they seemed to ask lots of questions, which I was happy to answer.  We exchanged phone numbers too.  

9.35 PM:  Well we had my Aunt and Uncle visit us after dinner tonight, which was lovely.

I made beef nachos for dinner, Stew was very happy when he got home and found that out.  I don't make it that often.

End of Day:  an interesting day... and a good day with the positive weight loss.
nite nite

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This morning I'm going to the mall to wander, immerse myself in company and hopefully, find something to buy.

Cos, it might help with my mood.  Cos I'm in a seriously foul mood.

Hopefully this morning our Estate Agent will make contact with our 2nd 'back up' buyers, and it will be 'all go' again.
I shall try very hard to NOT get excited all over again, that's for sure.  We won't know if it goes ahead until NEXT MONDAY, 5 friggin pm.

This time, I'm making sure it's not ME who gets the phone calls during the day from the Real Estate Agents/Solicitors.  I just can't take it again.

Stew can let me know the outcome, when it happens.  Next Monday, I'm going to make sure I'm super busy/occupied/distracted by SOMETHING amazing, so I'm not stressing out all day like I was yesterday.

So, that's the plan.  
Now, I'm going to get the housework done and go out and about.  I need to be home around lunchtime in case Bex and the boys drop in after Playcenter.  It's their last day at their current Playcenter and they are having a 'leaving' morning tea there.  I hope it is nice.


12.05 pm:  and I'm home again.
I went to Playcenter instead of waiting for Bex to visit on her way home, that way Dante wasn't asleep in the car when she got here.
It was lovely to see them, Archer was being held by another lady, and he was starting to cry, but when he saw me he smiled.  Awwww... that was just so lovely.

Dante did his usual "Grandma!  you here!"  He's so cute.

I stayed for about an hour then went down to the mall.

Where I took full advantage of the Winter Sales.
In K+K they were having a 'Buy 2 Sale Items, get a 3rd FREE'.  So, I did just that.

ABOVE: I got the blue jacket, Black Jacket and Black and Grey striped top from K+K, and the other three items from Emma Rose.

So... if I'd paid FULL PRICE for the 3 K+K items I would have paid $419.70.   I paid $133.91 !  How can you pass up a sale as good as that?

The three items from Emma Rose were all on sale too... But not as much as the stuff from K+K.

See the black/white/reddish colour coat?  It's funky, I quite like it.  Not a colour (reddish) I'd usually buy, but it just appealed.  And it's lovely on, warm and cosy.

I think I did pretty well!  And I feel a bit happy about having more nice clothes to wear, instead of rotating the 3 tops I already have for winter.

I'm going to Weight Watchers tomorrow morning.  I am going to have a loss.  Not a HUGE loss, but a loss.  THAT makes me happy too.  All the hard work in the house has paid off in ONE WAY at least.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Dante didn't want morning tea at Playcenter... UNTIL his Mummy was given two cupcakes.  Then... he ate all the chocolate icing off one, and half ate the other one!  Little shit.  But... a cute little shit.

Tracy the K+K sale lasts until tomorrow. 

After having lunch, I was still feeling bla, so went back to the mall and got these:

ABOVE:  A full set of Acrylic nails and gel polish.  Looks pretty, and should last a while.  It's been  LONG TIME since I got false nails. I went for a very natural shape and length, I don't like very long nails, I can't type with them.

And that sure would bugger up blogging! 

End of Day:  well Stew got home from Hamilton safe and sound tonight.  I had missed him, going through that long wait yesterday, on my own... was awful.  Hopefully next time we will be together.
nite nite

Monday, July 27, 2015


First up for the day, I've got an appointment at the Manukau Super Centre for my bi-annual mammogram.
Oh what fun, you can bet I'm looking forward to that!  NOT.
At least the machines they use now are not as horrible as 10 years ago, when they bloody hurt!
The last mammogram I had didn't hurt as such, it was just uncomfortable.

I'll be glad when it's over for sure.

And it will kill the morning for me.  Give me something else to think about.

Because as you all know by now, it's D Day.  Will our house sale go unconditional or not?
My stomach is churning just thinking about it... I really hate how I'm feeling right now.

I know there's no good reason for it to fall over, but you just NEVER KNOW, until the last minute.

And our 'last minute' is 5 pm tonight.  Though, we might find out sooner if it does fall through.  God I hope it doesn't.

We do have a back up offer on the table, but if we have to fall back on that, we have to go through the waiting process all over again.

My nerves and stomach might not last the distance!  And of course, we would no doubt lose the next 'favourite' house we have fallen in love with too.

So.  It's a BIG day.  Perhaps I can have a nana nap this afternoon... make the day go faster?


8.45 am:  Just got a phone call from the Super Clinic.  My appointment has been postponed till August 10th due to one of their machines breaking down and one radiographer being away sick.
So... the boobies are safe for another day!  lol

So... now I just have to sit around the house and wait... and wait...for a good phone call or a bad one.  OH JOY.

10.35 am:  Heard from the Real Estate Agent.  So far so good.  One new condition has been added.

There's 2 cracked tiles on the roof and the purchasers have asked that we get them replaced before settlement because:

1. He hates heights
2. He's terrified of heights
3. He simple DOES NOT DO HEIGHTS !

So funny.  And, as we have spare roof tiles here already, we certainly can replace the 2 cracked ones.

There is a small hitch with some wording on the Title too... which can no doubt be rectified, and should NOT hold up the sale going Unconditional... but as we all know, nothing is certain until 5 pm.

I'm feeling a little bit less nervous and sick.

Our sale fell through.  I'm beyond gutted.
Now we fall back on our back up offer and see what happens there.
That's all for now.  I'm just gutted and want to go cry.

WHY?  Because their LAWYER doesn't like plaster houses and talked them out of it.  FULL. STOP. END. OF. STORY.
Note: there is NOTHING wrong with our home, it is totally sound and the builder who did the inspection is shocked they used that as an excuse.

So.  They have lost out on my gorgeous home, and it will go to a family who really, really love it.

I'm still really upset, but will get over it.  It will happen... and if we lose the home in Hamilton, it wasn't meant to be either.  *sigh*

End of Day:  I'm going to bed tonight miserable.  But... it's another day tomorrow and I will try and make it better than today. Hell!  That won't be hard.
nite nite

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Ah, yep. 
I'm feeling a bit seedy after indulging in 'a few' wines over dinner last night.
I'm a one glass wonder when it comes to wine, and I had about 4 glasses of wine.

Not feeling the best right now.  Silly me.

We have another, and hopefully last, Open Home this afternoon.
So, it's back to getting the house all tidy and ready for that.

Not much else to blabber on about right now... must get the washing on, make beds bla bla bla.

Catch ya later.


10.20 am: It's getting easier and faster to get the house ready for Open Homes.  I didn't even make a start on tidying etc until after 9 and I'm already mostly done.
I'm also not letting myself get all hot and bothered ... and crabby.
Last weekend I was literally yelling at the kids to stay still and not mess anything up!  
Poor buggers.

While our Open Home is on we are going to visit Steve, Bex and the boys.  The dogs will come with us in their travelling crates.  

So, everything is all sorted in my befuzzled brain.  *smiles*

1.05 pm:  all ready to go.  Just waiting for the Real Estate guy to turn up then we can leave the house up to him.
We are looking forward to spending some time with the kids in Mt Wellington.

4.30 pm:  just got home from Steve and Bex's.  We had a really lovely visit with them.  Dante was ever so entertaining, and Archer?  That baby is a dream ... and so very happy.  His whole face lights up with smiles... though he doesn't like me with my glasses on!
So.. I take them off of course.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  See the evil smile on Bex's face?  She had just pinched Steve's chest... he probably had it coming.  ha ha.

ABOVE:  Griffin and Dante hanging out together.

We have not heard from the Estate Agent on how today's Open Home went yet.  I hope we had a decent amount of people through after my efforts to make the house perfectly presented, warm and cosy.  It's a dreary winter's day today, showers and cool.

ONE MORE SLEEP until we find out if our house sale becomes unconditional!  Then, and only then, can we make a move on our preferred home in Hamilton.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight.  We are having sausages, mashed spuds and salad... only I'm having PEAS and hot gravy... cos I love peas and gravy!   Me mouth is watering just thinking about it.  lol

End of Day:  heard from the Estate Agent, it was fairly slow at the Open Home today, only 4 groups through.
But it was a miserablel afternoon, so not to worry.
Off to bed soon, hope I can sleep!
nite nite