Thursday, April 24, 2014


HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY STEVE.  He's the child who was responsible for maiming me during childbirth.  He was 10 pound 12 ounces and he got STUCK.  
I finally got all that damage surgically 'fixed'  in 2008.  And it nearly killed me!  

I had a quick look back to that time on my blog, and it was scary how badly that all spiraled into a nightmare!  If you are interested in reading all about it:    edit:  sorry, wrong date!   Friday 27th of June, 2008 is the start of the operation saga.

RIGHT .... onwards!

Since grabbing me knitting needles, you poor buggers have been visually assaulted with me knitted blocks.

Sorry 'bout that.  

But, as this blog is about anything and everything I do in me life... you just have to put up with me, or leave!

But, I am aware I'm probably boring you to death!  

Today I will show you blocks 10 & 11.  Then hopefully later on I'll have some photos of other stuff.

Stew has suggested we go out and about, and see if we can find something to hold me knitting patterns upright while I'm actually knitting.  I've been using a cushion, but it sucks.

So... here's those two new blocks:

ABOVE:  this one is called Star Stitch.  It's a tricky bugger to do, but I'm pig headed and determined.  Which is just as well... cos this one:

... was a tricky one too.  It's called Smocking Stitch.  It looks like the smocking on the front of a baby's dress/shirt.  I love it.
But it's a shit to knit too.

Oh well... it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't a challenge eh?

So, I'm looking forward to getting out of the house today.  Yesterday I literally stayed inside all day, except to hang out washing.  
Need some fresh air. 

It's getting a bit cooler here now.  I am wearing socks!  And a long sleeved thin cardigan too.

And the freakin' hot flushes are settling down again too... thank god!  Maybe the weather is helping?

I swear, they really do drive me mental.  It's now been about 9-10 years for me.  So not fair.  Some women never get any!

I was talking to a woman at the Hospice Shop recently, and we got to talking about hot flushes, and I said I'd had them for about 10 years, and she said she'd had them for four.  

I said : "Four years, you poor thing".

And she said "No, I have only had four hot flushes ever!"

Pfffffft.  That sure made me NOT feel sorry for her.

Try almost 10 years, and up to 24 times a day (and that is a VERY conservative guess)!

I hope like hell I'm not grizzling about them in another 10 years!

Right, time to go make a start on the day...


COTTONREEL:  thanks for that, I will go have a look when I've got a minute spare.

PAULA & ENZ:  yep, I think we are going to Warehouse Stationary to look.

Well... we had a look around and saw several options.  Some cheap, some bloody expensive!
And got neither.
I am sure I can make something from stuff we have here at home.  edit:  Stew is making it for me... even if it takes hours and hours for him to get it done.  nah nah na na.  MEN!

ABOVE:  Bex has made a Banana Cake for Steve's birthday.  she is going to ice it with Chocolate icing.  YUM.

ABOVE:  Stew made me a pattern holder.  And it didn't take hours after all.  Thanks Darling.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Well I'm sadly lacking on anything riveting to blather on about right now, so I give you these:

 ABOVE:  He's kissing the fan (it's going).  Why?  I don't have any idea, except he was rather taken with it.  

And ewwww, look at all that dust on the darn thing!

 ABOVE:  A sweet moment in his madness...  You will see what I mean in the next photo!


I only got ONE knitting block done yesterday, but I was thrilled with it because: 

 ABOVE:  FINALLY!!!  A Chevron Pattern that works!  Now that I've found it, I won't lose it.
Someone thought I was making a Pattern Book or some such thing, and that gave me the idea...

ABOVE: to actually make one.  Thanks whoever it was.
Seeing as I have been trying out all sorts of knitting patterns, it seems a sensible thing to do.

Right, I might just go and get started on a few household jobs... and rope the kids into helping too.  I'm sure they won't mind....  And pigs can fly.  YEAHhhh... NAH.


I'm on the warpath.

A certain person in this house seems to think 'tidying the bedroom' means throw everything in the wardrobe or on top of his bed.  Ahh, no.

HE is now sulking, because after asking him numerous times over the past few days to tidy his room, and not seeing a tidy room, I've banned him from the XBox for the day.

BOYS ... well KIDS really.

Why do they think their throats have been cut when I ask them to do some jobs around the house???

Do they think the house keeps itself clean and tidy?

It may look like I do NOTHING all day, but in reality, I never walk from one room to another without picking something up, straightening something up, or cleaning it.  It's a HABIT I had hoped to install in all my kids.

Waste of time.

I don't think there is one single kid I've raised who is tidy like me.

Maybe Mike is?  I wouldn't know because I haven't seen his 'living space' where he lives now.

Sometimes I despair at how untidy my kids are.

Yaaa, I now have 9 knitting patterns in my Pattern Book.
And now... I'm starting on another block.
Such fun.  No ... really it is!

I absolutely ♥love♥ sewing, and will never NOT sew, but I'm also loving knitting right now.  *smiles*

Watch out though, I'm good at up and trying something else too.

In my lifetime so far, I have done:

Knitting, Sewing, Patchwork,  Card Making, Pottery, Crochet, Painting, Lead Light Glass making, Woodturning, Embroidery, Felting, Rug Making & Chocolate Making.


I am sure there's a few more I'd like to add to that list eventually.

Have any of you done any craft type stuff that is totally different?   I'd like to know.

FROGGY:  You are lucky to only be picking up after ONE person. 

NUMBER 5:  Dream on sunshine.

KAREN: ummm ... none of those ideas tickle me fancy!  *smiles*

TRACY:  trouble with letting them have a pig sty for a room?  They can't find stuff.  Clothes don't get washed and they stink!  AND they then start making a mess in other areas of the house too.

I am trying to teach them that living in a clean and tidy home is better than living in chaos.  

Seems some lessons are never learnt.

End of Day:  Well ... got a bit of housework done, not much, but better than none.
Also got one more knitted block done, and a 2nd half done.
I've started trying to do really intricate ones.  I will show you the two latest tomorrow... cos I need something to post!
nite nite

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


End of Easter Break... and most working people are back to the grindstone.
Luckily for me, Stew is home all week.  

Brylee is spending the day with a girlfriend at Rainbow's End Amusement Park, it's her friend's Birthday.

Steve has gone back to work... so that leaves the rest of us at home.
I think Stew, Griffin and I are going to Sylvia Park at some point today.
I can't even remember why!

Now, how about I show you what knitting I got up to yesterday?
Yep, I will...

ABOVE:  With the first attempt at this Chevron Pattern, there was a large section in the middle that just did not look right... and I'd followed the blasted pattern to a 't', so wasn't impressed at all.

So I modified the pattern a bit, and the second attempt looks a bit better.  It's still not quite right, so I will be trying another modified version soon.

I really don't like it when a pattern doesn't look right, particularly when you trust the pattern given is correct!  Makes me kinda crabby.

I am starting to really giggle with all the guesses that have been coming through on WHAT I am knitting!

Right, I'm gunna go do 'stuff'... and have a nice day one hopes.


KELLY:  No, I'm not making Puppy Blankets or a Wall Hanging.
ENZ:  Nope, not a Tote Bag either.
ANON:  Ahhh, not cushions!

As for WHEN I will reveal my 'secret project'... well that won't be for a while as it's going to take quite a while to actually get it finished!
It's NOT small.

Here's a list of the guess's so far:

Felted Wall Hanging, Penis Warmer!, Dog Coat, Shawl, Footstool, Slippers, Socks/Bedsocks, Mug Rugs, Blanket, Book Cover, Dishcloths, Flannels, Pot Holder, Knee Rug, Felted Floor Rug, Swatch Book, Girls Pads!, Jumper, Cardigan, Covers For Trees(yarn bombing), Giant Stuffed Toy, Stuffed toys, Clowns, Teddys, Tote Bag, Cushions, Puppy Blankets.

As you can see, lots of ideas.  NONE right.  *smiles*   I might have to give a prize to the person who does guess it right!  

RIGHTY HO.  We have been out and about ... I got a new 'pencil case' from Smiggle to hold all my knitting what-have-you like pens, pins, crochet hooks and the like.  Also picked up a few more balls of wool in the sale bins.
So I've now got plenty to be going on with.

I am SURPRISED!  While I was out two of you guessed right!
BLONDIE AND CHRISTINE.... you both guessed a chair cover.  And that is what I am making.

A very bright, colourful cover for the old Wingback Chair I got from the Hospice Shop a while ago.

Michele:  I don't have a pattern, I'm just going to join blocks together and hopefully 'fit' it over the chair.

BLONDIE & CHRISTINE:  Addresses please, I shall send you both a little something in the post.

 ABOVE:  My new Smiggle case.   Pretty.

ABOVE: Stew fixing the catch on the cabinet ... with 'help' from Dante.

End of Day:  a lovely day!  It was nice to go shopping with Stew in tow for a change.  I got some knitting done tonight.  No sewing though.  Well, there is always tomorrow.
nite nite

Monday, April 21, 2014


Do you remember back in February, when I picked up a cute little ironing board at the Hospice Shop?

ABOVE:  How it was when I bought it.  I decided to do something a little different with it...

ABOVE:  I added heaps of wadding, and covered it in polar fleece.  Now it's my new pin cushion.  Cute or what?

ABOVE:  These two were either really enjoying each other's company... or fighting.  They are actually having a cuddle/kiss in this photo.

 ABOVE:  I got this gorgeous big basket months and months ago.  Now it's my knitting basket.  I'm going to make a fabric liner for it... maybe today.  

ABOVE:  Bex's latest crochet creations.  Very, very cute.  

Who knows, I might even knit a few cuties like that at some point?

My biggest 'problem' is... there's not enough time in a day to do all the craft stuff I want to do.  And I keep starting new projects when I really SHOULD finish that freakin' big quilt of mine!

Today I think we are going to Sylvia Park.  Bex wants to check out Spotlight there for some glittery yellow wool I got the other day.  And I might just have a wee look too... NOT that I need any more wool right now!


CHRISTIANNA:  LOL!  No, she does not have a boyfriend!  Ummmmm.... do you guys live in Auckland?  I'm sure Lacy would jump at a blind date!  ha ha ha ha..........

ABOVE:  my boy Teddy.  This is his 'quizzicle' face.  Someone is in the kitchen, and he's wondering who?  He's a cute boy.

Ha!  My blog has turned into a DATING AGENCY!
♫ La ♪ la ♫ la ♪ la ♫♪...

Well... everyone here has been happily doing thier own thing today.  Steve, Bex and Dante went to Sylvia Park for lunch, then once home, Steve's been on XBox or their computer, and Bex has been crocheting.

She has just started a dog toy:

 ABOVE:  She is making Mr Peabody.  He's a character in a movie out right now, Mr Peabody and Sherman.  
I will show you when she's finished him.

Stew and the kids have been doing their own things too.  And me?  Knitting.  I'm doing another knitting pattern that is being a right arse.

I'll bore you tomorrow with a show and tell on it.

End of Day:  a good day.  Still not cold here!  None of us can get over how warm it still is!

Anyway... time to knock off for the night.
nite nite.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today I do believe I will photograph my knitting, type out the instructions for each pattern and print them out on my lovely new printer.

And NO, my secret project is not a 'glossary of knitting patterns'.

AND NO, I'm not making dog sweaters Christine.

I will also print out a few family pics for me Mum in Aussy.  I'm sure she will enjoy seeing updated photos of everyone here.

I will probably do some more knitting and/or sewing too.

There is a movie on Sky Box Office we want to watch ...

Any movie with Tom Hanks is a MUST WATCH in my book.  So... hopefully we can watch it today.

What else?  Hmmmm..... suppose some housework will have to be done at some point.
But not yet!

I have to sort Miss Muppet out, get her dressed and fed, and the dogs.

All going well... Lacy is going to come over in the afternoon to spend some time with all of us too.

We have been invited to a BBQ from our DEAR FRIENDS Jacqui and Marty... so I think we are ALL going to theirs later on this afternoon.  I wonder if Chocolate Easter Eggs can be called 'Dessert'?  *smiles*


BLONDIE:  We don't got to the 'movies' much either due to the cost.
But on Sky it only costs $8 or so, and that's for all of us to watch it.
If we went to the movie theatre, it would cost over $100 if we all went, and that would only cover the ticket price, never mind all the popcorn, drinks etc!

It has turned into a very wet Sunday, and so perfect to just chill out in front of the telly, or play cards.

Well... the 'mystery' of who dropped the flowers and Easter Eggs off at our house is solved:

It was Lacy.
I kinda knew it would be either her or another daughter.  
THANKS LACY.  We are all enjoying the chocolate overload.

PETA AND CHRISTINE:  NOPE!  lol,  this is rather fun.  I did say no one would guess... *smiles*.

Sadly, due to the utter crap weather, the BBQ has been postponed till next weekend.  All good, it's not like I am cooking tonight anyway.
ha ha!

LIKED THE MOVIE.  Can't say I LOVED IT.  Tom is amazing in anything he does, but this movie didn't have much depth in it's  storyline.  Still a good movie, just ... not as interesting to me.

We have had a lovely evening, Steve cooked a  pasta/sausage base dinner.  It was yummo.
Stew has taken Lacy and Keera home, and the rest of us are watching Masterchef on the telly.  It's down to the final 3 couples, so getting down to the wire.

End of Day:  a nice day, lots of family around, too much chocolate (sorry Anne).  Hopefully we will get a sleep in tomorrow.
nite nite

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well, while I'm not that keen to be on the road on a holiday weekend, we are heading down to Hamilton for the day.

Steve and Bex have a friend's birthday party to attend, so we are going to meet them down there for a family lunch.

Stew, Brylee, Griffin, Keera and I will then head out to the Cemetery to visit Stew's Mum and Dad's grave, and make sure their headstone is all tidy.

After that we might do some shopping, I certainly want to visit the Hamilton Spotlight shop.  Who knows, they might have some different wools/fabric?  Oh, and I hope we can visit the Patchwork shop at Gordonton too! 

Even if I 'just look'... I don't have to purchase every time I visit a fabric shop I suppose.
It's not like I don't have a fairly healthy 'stash' of fabric.

ABOVE:  A knitting pattern I tried last night.  It was a right shit to do, I kept making mistakes ... so it ended up being a 'small' block.

I'm hoping the next block I make is lovely, cos I've now done a couple that sucked.


HI!  We have had a really lovely day out in Hamilton.  Lunch at Chartwell Square, some shopping, spending time with the kids.
The roads were very busy, but not too many traffic jams to contend with.
I didn't take any photos as the weather was rather crappy.

Once home again, we had a surprise at our 'back door'...

ABOVE: SEE?  Somebody left these for us!  So... if it was YOU... 'Thank You!'.... and let me know it was YOU ok?
We didn't have many Easter Eggs, but now we have more. YUMMO.  And of course the flowers are lovely.

It just occurred to me!  The flowers and Easter Eggs might have been for BEX and STEVE!

Whoops!  Oh well... we are all in the same house.

I bought my printer today.  I waited until Steve could come with me, so I got the 'right' one.  He seems to think I can't buy anything 'electronic' without him checking it out first!

ABOVE:  It's not even out of the box yet.  No doubt it will be plugged in after dinner and given a test drive.
I am going to take photos of my knitted blocks and type out their instructions... then I will have them on hand for the next time I want to knit blocks... after I've done my secret project.

ABOVE:  My wool 'stash'!  I got about 8 balls of wool at Spotlight in Hamilton today.   It was all 40% off.  SCORE!

Now... time to have dinner, and relax for a while.

Dinner was Beef Spare Ribs cooked in a Sticky Rib Marinade, and we had potato wedges with them.  It was delicious. 

ANON:  No name?  Come on, I'd like to know who I'm thanking while I'm eating a chocolate egg!

I've plugged in me new printer and even printed a couple of photos.  It works SO FAST!  Literally in a couple of seconds the photo is printed.
So awesome.
Now I can send my Mum photos of the family.

End of Day:  well a really cool day.  Nice to leave Auckland for the day and do a little shopping too. 
nite nite

Friday, April 18, 2014


The start of a wet Easter... perfectly normal for this part of the world I must say.  The weather has been shocking in parts of our country, lots of storm damage.  Today is expected to be nasty too.  I hope if you are travelling you take extra care on the roads.

We are all home today. We shall just chill at home no doubt, no point going out.  All the shops are closed and the weather is ikky. 

Here is the finished block that took me ALL DAY yesterday to get right:

ABOVE:  it was a right shit to get done.  I don't think I will be doing that pattern again!

ABOVE:  He has a snotty nose.  So, he can blow and wipe his own nose... clever wee man.  He now has to learn that it's not the best idea to put the rag in his gob afterwards.  

ABOVE:  Stew scored the basket from yet another client at his work. It was full of chocolates I think, but they got eaten by his colleagues.  So Stew bought more chocolates for us. 

ABOVE:  Dinner for Dante.  Messy business.

We pick up Miss Muppet tonight.  Then we shall have fun watching the two toddlers play together.  It's so lovely to see them together.

Right, I better go and feed the dogs... and do something productive.


BLONDIE:  Ahhh sounds like a good plan, stay in ya pj's girl!  It's lovely up here right now... we are supposed to be having thunder and lightening... but none to see.

It's now lunch time and we have done NOTHING all morning.  Really is a lazy day here.
I'm doing a bit of knitting, then later on I'm going to do some sewing I think.

What are YOU doing on this Easter Friday? 

BLONDIE:  Ahh NO. I'm not knitting covers for tree limbs!

Stew is heading out shortly to pick up Miss Keera, AFTER he's dished up dinner!  Yes, I get heaps of night's off cooking now days.  I'm rather lucky. 

End of Day:  well as I thought, it's been an amazingly lazy day.  AND I cannot lie.  I've eaten chocolate Easter Eggs.
But not HEAPS.  Just a few.
nite nite

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Well... I said I would show you how good Coco looks after her groom... so here she is:


ABOVE:  she's looking a bit worried about that kid being so close...

 ABOVE:  she shouldn't have been though, all he wanted to do was cuddle and kiss her.  He loves the dogs.

We don't let him get that close to Teddy though, Teddy does not like him very much, and does not have as much tolerance as Coco.  While I don't know if Teddy WOULD bite Dante, I'm not taking the chance.

We keep a very close eye on Teddy and Dante when they are in the same room.  It's just common sense eh?

Now, I made two more blocks last night, and have done about half of the next one too.

Remember the first three I did the other day?  All exclusively using that multi-coloured wool?  I didn't like them, so I unpicked them and will add the wool to new blocks, like that one on the right above.  It's much nicer mixed up with other colours.

LYNDA:  Nope, I'm not making a felted floor rug either.

Dumm... dee... dooo.  The list of 'guesses' is getting rather long!  And NO ONE has guessed right yet either.  Even the family don't know what I'm making!

It's fun reading all the ideas.  

It's the last day of Term 1 for the kids ... they now have all up, including Easter, a 17 day break from school.  Stew is taking a few days off too, so we have him home for 10 days.  I will enjoy that.


SUE:  No, Teddy isn't 'dangerous', but he has shown he does not appreciate being around young children.  He growls if the toddlers pull his hair or hold him ... so we are, of course, super careful that Dante and Keera are not left alone with him. 

More often than not, when the toddlers are up/around, we confine the dogs to a separate part of the house.  

It is always better to be aware, and not put a child OR Teddy in a potentially risky situation.  It is not fair to put Teddy in a risky situation either.

I have been in a situation where a dog has menaced me, and attacked the woman walking with me... so I am VERY afraid of dogs too... just not my own of course.

I am sorry you have been attacked by a dog Sue, and can totally understand why you are afraid of dogs!

Overnight and today we are getting battered with heavy rain and wind, it's the tail end of Cyclone Ita, which caused so much damage in Queensland, Australia and the Soloman Islands in the past 10 days or so. 

It certainly is the worst weather we have had this year I think.

Doesn't look good for a nice Easter Weekend that's for sure.

Oh well, we might just have to stay inside and ... um... sew and knit!  lol

I'm getting really crabby.  I'm knitting a particular pattern and it's just NOT working out!

I've unpicked it twice already, and the third attempt still isn't right.  Grrrr.
So much wasted time.

I'm not sure if I can be arsed doing it again... maybe I will move onto a different one?

Yep, might just do that.

At least the weather has cleared up a bit after such stormy weather this morning!  OMG I just realised it's almost 2 pm!   I have literally spent the past 3 hours on one stuffed up pattern.

I just checked the instructions I copied down for that pattern last night.

LESSON LEARNT.  Don't try writing down complicated patterns at midnight.  You can get it wrong.
So wrong.

At least now I know why it wasn't working.  DOH.

I.  Might. Give. It. Another. Go.  Cos I'm pig headed.

CHRISTINE:  that picture has been there for MONTHS!  lol

DEE: Ah not a bad idea, but NO.  I'm not making a swatch book either.  Yes, I am doing all different patterns, cos I like the challenge.

BELLA:  Brylee's skirt is staying exactly as it is right now.  She doesn't DESERVE to have it raised right now.  

When she can keep her fists and her smart mouth to herself at school,  I might reconsider shortening it for her.

CRANKY:  trust YOU to think of that.  And... NOPE.  Wrong again.

I just ruined dinner.  I was making a Teriyaki Chicken to put over rice.  But when I taste tested it... OMG!  REVOLTING!  I don't know what went wrong.
Steve is trying to resurrect it.  If he does and it's edible, kudos goes to him for saving it.

If it doesn't work, we are having crumbed sausages and veges 'n' rice for dinner.

It's not very often that I kill the dinner I must say.  But kill it I did.

End of Day:  Well... Steve managed to save the dinner.  So, crumbed sausages for tomorrow night's dinner then. *smiles*
It's been a quiet evening here, just watching telly and knitting.
nite nite

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Coco is going for her groom today.  She's a full month late getting her groom due to her being 'in season' for the past three weeks.

She looks DREADFUL too.   I will get a photo of her before she goes to the groomers, you will see for yourself how overgrown her coat is.
Thanks to Lacy giving her a thorough brushing last week, she's not all covered in knots at least.

The following looks burnt, but it wasn't.  It was delicious.

 ABOVE:  last night's dinner.  "Bob the Builder's Hammer Pie!"   Or in proper kitchen speak, mince and potatoe top pie, encased in pastry.
I hadn't made a pie in ages, and OMGosh it was lovely.

ABOVE: the two 'blocks' of knitting I made last night.  Rather cute I must say.  And NO, I'm not knitting a quilt.

Right, I'm outta here.  This morning I'm going to do a bit of sewing.  Knitting is going to be relegated to the evening, so I can sit in the lounge and be around the family, instead of down in the garage.


Yaaa!  It looks like I've found some of those 'spin pins' on Trade Me. 

ABOVE:  as promised... Coco pre-grooming.  It's a wonder she can even see!  Poor girl.

For the first time EVER... I got to take Dante out without his Mum.  Bex had a Playcentre meeting to attend, and I had to take Coco to the groomers, so Dante came with me.
And we had lots of fun!
Dante loved the pet shop, kept saying WOW non-stop.  He was so cute.

Then we went to Spotlight for a little bit more wool...

ABOVE:  photos tell the story.  *smiles*.   I totally LOVED the 'just him and me' time.

PETA:  Nope, not pot holders, and not a knee rug.  *smiles*

I did say none of you would guess!

End of Day: I've got two new knitted blocks to show you tomorrow, and a finish of Bex's too.
nite nite

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I grabbed some wool yesterday.  And I knitted it all up into these pieces, which are not slippers/socks/mug rugs or for a blanket:

 ABOVE:  IGNORE THE FOOT... it's Slutty Pants' foot.  Every time I tried to take a photo she stuck her bloody foot on me knitting.  Such a tart.  Oh, Slutty Pants is Bex btw.

Today I am meeting up with Lacy and Keera at the mall, cos we do Tuesdays together now.
I hope to buy a new computer printer.  (Kelly... yours died weeks ago.) 

And I am going to pick up me 'treasure' from the Hospice Shop too.   I remember putting a few things aside last week and forgot them yesterday!   

I also want to buy some more wool for my 'secret' project.  I'm not telling you what it is, cos it's gunna be a surprise.   No point guessing either, cos I really doubt anyone will get it right!  OH and there's the small consideration of if it works, and looks nice too.  Then  I will show you.  

Don't hold your breath either, cos it will take a while to make!

After spending a couple of hours with Lacy and Keera, we will pop back to my place to pick up some frozen dinners I've made for them, and then I'll take them home.
I'm not sure if Bex and Dante are spending the morning with us or not.  Time will tell I suppose.

ABOVE:  it didn't take this little man long to find the new mug rugs!  In the largest photo he is saying his new, favourite word... "WOW".  So cute, he goes around saying "WOW"  all the time.

It doesn't even matter if it's 'wow' worthy or not... he's gunna say it.  *smiles*

Saw this cool hair product on Pinterest last night, so will have a look for them when I'm out this morning... if I can't find any here... I may have to ask you, my cyber friends, if you have them in your country?

ABOVE: I totally want some!


I went to Spotlight with the intention of getting a couple more balls of wool.

ABOVE:  WHOOPS!  Wool... wool... 2 bags full!  I was rather chuffed with my wool purchase... and I told all and sundry as I left the shop too!  Wool, wool, 2 bags full!

It felt weird buying wool instead of fabric.  

PRETTY!  And now I can continue on with my kniting project.  Dumm dee doo...

End of Day:  Whoops again.  I've been busy today, took Lacy and bub home, came back, did some knitting, cooked a lovely dinner (photo tomorrow), did more knitting (photo tomorrow!) and now it's time for bed.
nite nite