Tuesday, October 17, 2017


So as I said yesterday, the pups are now in the garage in a pen.  I open it up when I want them to go outside for a run around:

 ABOVE: The Puppy pen opened up so they can come and go from outside.  It's going to be so easy to train them to go outside for bathroom!
They will learn how to go through the dog door by following Coco eventually.

Yesterday when I opened the back door, they stood at the edge and were so scared! There was a step down!  You would think it was a cliff with a sheer drop they way they acted!  So funny and cute.

They eventually fell out the door, then figured out how to climb in and out.

ABOVE:  The dog run.  It's just the perfect size for them... and there is plenty of shade for when it's really hot over summer.  I will probably get them a paddle pool to cool off in too.

I have patchwork class in Hamilton this morning, so after dropping the kids off at school, I will whip home and give the pups a run around outside before heading into Hamilton.

I will be home by lunchtime, so they will be fine for a couple of hours on their own... with Coco keeping them company, *smiles*.

I will be working on my current blue quilt in class... still got heaps to do on it!


ABOVE:  We have very clever little puppies!
Gawd I'm huffing and puffing today!  I had just finished washing the floor and running up and down the dog run with the puppies!

Right, I'm off to patchwork now... see ya later.

And whoops!   Got busy, forgot to update.
Patchwork was just neat... two new ladies, and at least 6 of the 'regulars'.
I didn't get as much done as I wanted... took a while to figure out the spacing for the sashings and so on.

But, I've a better idea now on how to do the next row at least.

I stopped in at Spotlight for yet more of the blue fabric, then came home.

Straight away outside with the puppies and Coco, cleaned up some poop and so on.  Sat in the sun and had beetroot and ham salad while watching the girls play.

Then it was time to get the kids from school.
Home now, and working on ... dinner.

In half an hour I will be outside with the pups again.

Falling asleep in me chair tonight.  So tired!  Puppies have added a whole new layer to me life.  I was sitting outside in the pitch black night, torch in hand, watching puppies play on the grass!  Then inside, and playtime in the family room till their bedtime.

It's like having two babies...thank god they sleep through the night!

Off to bed, another day tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2017


We let the puppies out on the back lawn after lunch yesterday.
It went so well!

They loved racing around like mad things, and Coco?
She was like a totally different dog!  So animated.
She played with the pups, she was just so happy!

And she was really careful around them too... even though she did bowl them over a couple of times.  On a whole, she was really gentle with them.

She hasn't gotten cross with them AT ALL either.  So happy about that.

ABOVE:  I sat on the swing with Keera, scared the thing would snap and I'd end up on the ground... but it didn't!  

I must move some seating into a shady area of the back yard... it's getting hot out there.

ABOVE:  1st time outside here... and they loved it.  They got exhausted rather fast though, and had a massive sleep aferwards.

Today all three kids go back to school... and the best thing?
Stew has today off... so it's just him, me and the dogs home till 3 pm.

I think we will be enjoying that very much.


I've re-arranged the two sewing rooms/Keera's room so it works better... I had too much in my 'main' sewing room and it got to the point where I couldn't even turn around without having to move my chair.

That wasn't the idea when I moved from the cramped front bedroom into TWO rooms!  So it's sorted better now.

Only about 3 more months then Keera will be with Steve and Bex, and I really will have two rooms of my own to do my sewing/crafts in.

I have come to the conclusion that when you have options within your home, it just means you can move shit more often!  OMG,  I move shit so much I even do my own head in!  lol

PUPPY SHIT... puppies just got moved to the garage!  

Works well... I let them out of their pen and they can go straight outside to the dog run.  Tried it this morning and it looks like they can't get out of the run either... but I'm not going to leave them out there on their own at this stage.  They are far too little.  And cute.  And stinky.

So... my car is outside AGAIN.  lol

What an awesome, lovely day!
Once the kids were at school Stew and I went into Hamilton and did  a little shopping.

OK.. clarifying that... I did some shopping.  Stew was the 'bag boy'.  lol

I got a few new tights for summer, which I desperately needed to do, most of my existing ones are too big, or worn through.

I also got this:

ABOVE:  a new handbag (back pack style).  My old one, on the left, was literally falling to pieces.  Timing was on our side again, 25% off!  So saved a good amount of money.

After shopping, we had a lovely lunch together, then came home.

I had just taken the puppies outside when a dear friend from Hamilton popped in to visit and see the puppies.

ABOVE:  Sue # 2!  She loves animals, and she loved our Coco and puppies.

We are going to be in Kinloc for most of next Sunday at the market/craft fair and Sue is going to puppy sit for us!  How awesome is that!
I don't have to worry about the babies at all now... it had been worrying me thinking of leaving them home alone for so long.  Now... problem solved.


It's the end of the day and we are finally winding down.  Another nice day tomorrow I hope.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Oh man, do I have heaps to show you!

 ABOVE:  'J', holding our two little girls.  She was so HAPPY to see two of the pups leave home!  She's totally over puppy poop!  lol
It is hard work in the last few weeks looking after them that's for sure.

 ABOVE: The very first thing to happen once we got the puppies to Bex and Steve's... BATH TIME!
Puppies fresh out of a whelping pen STINK!
And those two sure did.
So, into the bath they went.

 ABOVE:  having some food... Archer fell in love with them immediately.  Keera loved them too.
Dante was a bit more hesitant... he got a bit freaked out when they tried to chew his fingers.

 ABOVE:  Three enthralled children.

 ABOVE: We had fish 'n' chips for dinner.  Archer tried a wedge of lemon.  He declared "I don't like it".  Then ate it anyway!

 ABOVE:  As we expected, Keera cried and cried and SOBBED her heart out when it came time to leave.   She was so upset ... I felt really bad taking her!

Once we were on the road, to try and settle her down,  I started talking to her about the puppies, and how I would really need her to help me with the puppies when we got home.  And how it would be her job to feed them in the mornings... and that worked a treat!

She was much happier after that... then she fell asleep for almost the entire trip home.

The trip home was marred by one thing.  Poor Brylee got a migraine and was rather ill ... and she ended up being sick in the car.
Once home, a couple of panadol later, and she came right.

ABOVE:  Talk about PERFECT timing!  When we got the mail in last night, we had this letter from the council.

I have been approved to have all three dogs on our property.  I didn't think I would be turned down... I gave them everything they asked for, proved we were properly set up for 3 dogs and provided detailed photos of our property, the fencing, the dog run, the dog exercise area and even the dog doors!  lol

 ABOVE:  The girls.
They are pretty easy to tell apart. Marley has a full white 'collar' over her shoulders, Denim only has half a white collar.  Marley has a white patch on her forehead, Denim has only a few white hairs on her forehead.  Oh and Marley has a black patch on her tummy too.

Marley is more reserved, Denim is more exuberant. 

ABOVE:  You can easily see Marley's full white collar and Denim's half white collar in this photo.

ABOVE:  I saw these portable, collapsible dog bowls in a bookshop yesterday, so got some.  Perfect for having in the car.

 ABOVE:  I found some white Skechers at Sylvia Park... very plain, but super comfortable.

I was talking to my neighbour the other day, and she told me she had been in Huntly a few days ago, and had visited the local fabric shop there.  She said she was very impressed with the selection and had bought quite a bit of fabric.

So, of course I asked Stew to stop there on our way up to Auckland yesterday.

I was really surprised at their selection.  Lots of fabrics I had not seen before.

 ABOVE:  All of these are 1/2 metre pieces.
They had Fat Quarter and half metre pre-cuts, so I got these, a much better size than fat quarters.

 ABOVE:  TOP... A couple of 1 metre lengths, and two more half metre ones.

ABOVE: Then I spied this pretty panel.  I plan on turning it into a wall hanging for our bedroom.

ABOVE:  And look how happy Coco is with her new little sisters!

ABOVE:  Another one, this time of Coco going nuts!

So... how's that for a post, first thing in the morning too!

As for today... Stew has a College Reunion this afternoon.
I will be staying home and watching puppies!



Nope, after we saw the litter when they were all 2 weeks old I decided right there and then we were getting two.

And I even gave YOU guys a clue or two, but none of you seemed to pick up on them:


ABOVE:  The letters.  There's an 'M', 'A', 'N' and 'D'.
Then someone guessed Marley was the name (correctly) .... but what about the 'N' and 'D'?

CLUE TWO:  I told you there were TWO names!  And no one got it, or figured out that there were going to be two puppies!

So, I decided to just wait to tell you when we brought them home. 


I've been busy doing housework and mucking around in the sewing room so far this morning.

The puppies and Coco are happy as can be.  After lunch we will be putting them out on the back lawn.  It will only be their 2nd time on grass!

That should be interesting.

Playtime outside went very well.  I took a little video and more photos... but will put them on tomorrow as there is SO MUCH on here already today.

Stew is at his high school reunion, I have to pick him up later on tonight.
Brylee is at school for Drama practise.
Griffin is playing on his Playstation.
Keera is bugging the shit out of me... sticking to me like GLUE... and I'm finally sitting down for 5 minutes!

I've literally been on the go all day!

10.44 pm:  After feeding myself and the kids, I went into Hamilton to pick up my hubby from the school reunion.  By then though, he was at a mate's home... so of course once I got there I ended up staying for a yak... which was rather nice.

We eventually came home and saw the big kids off to bed... they have school in the morning.

Off to bed soon... 

Saturday, October 14, 2017


4 MONTHS OF WAITING.... and finally today, we get to bring our new little girl home.
MARLEY... we are picking her up at around 2 pm, then visiting Steve and Bex and the kids.

We will be having dinner at their place before heading home with the three kids and puppy.

Here's hoping Keera is happy enough to come home with us!  When I talked to her last, she said she didn't want to come home.

So, clearly she's had a wonderful time with Steve, Bex and the boys.  And that's GREAT.

That is exactly how we want her to feel, considering the fact that next year she is going to be part  of their little family forever.

I'm not going to linger here long, I've go to sort out what I need to take with us... a travel case for puppy, water, food, puppy piddle pads and so on.  

I will try and do a couple of little updates during the day.



ABOVE: We stopped in Huntly at the fabric shop there. And YES! That is Stew actually looking at FABRIC!!! He even found 2 or three we both liked. I ended up spending a considerable amount of money! 

Now on our way again.

9.51 PM:  And we have had an awesome day!
We went shopping in Huntly (of all places!), then Sylvia Park, then we met up with Bex and the three kids and had lunch.
After that we went over to the North Shore and picked up Marley.

Back to Steve and Bex's and this is all I am going to add to today's post.  More tomorrow.

The end!

Friday, October 13, 2017


Should be a nice day.

Stew has taken today and Monday off work, so he's having a long weekend.

Though, he does have to go into work first thing this morning unexpectedly.  But all going well he will be back fairly quickly.

Then, he's got his yearly diabetes/health check up at the Drs, before the rest of the day is ours.

We will probably end up at the mall in Hamilton.
Griffin needs a haircut, and I need to do a couple of jobs too.

If there's a good movie on in the afternoon, Stew and the kids will probably end up there.  I'm not bothered, unless it's something I am interested in.

ONE. MORE. SLEEP.  Then we go to Auckland and bring Keera home, and Marley too!
Keera has had a fantastic time with her family up in Auckland, I bet she cries when we put her in the car to come home!

I got the cold shoulder from her for hours last time we brought her back home, after her holiday with Steve and Bex!

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day...


*sniff*   I just talked to Keera. She doesn't want to come home!  Knew it would happen.  She wants to stay with her brothers and Aunty and Uncle.  *sniff* 

Well Miss Muppet, you have to come home!  You still live HERE.... till the end of the year at least!

Stew is at the Dr's, the kids are showering, getting ready to head off to Hamilton.  I've put me face on... AND EYEBROWS for the 2nd time EVER!

I got an eyebrow pencil and drew me brows on... cos my own are like thin lines, over plucked way back when I was a teenager.  They never grew again!  So, it looks weird to me, but the family says they look OK, so I will go with that.

I will take a photo at some point... cos well... I just know ya all wanna see me brows!  lol

3.30 pm:  And we are home from a nice outing.  Both kids got a haircut, we met and had lunch with Kelly and Rena, got a new dog bed for the puppy (and Coco)... and now are home again.

ABOVE:  Griffin and Coco trying out the new soft bed.  I think it might just be a bit big!  But there will be plenty of room for them, no arguing over space.

Feeling a bit blah and tired now, so is Stew.  I've got another walk at 6.30 so I hope I perk up for that.

ABOVE: I perked up! The walk was really good... not hot.... steady drizzle too. Perfect for me.

That makes 4 walks this week for me... so I'm really happy with myself.

End of a lovely day.  Off to bed shortly.  Then tomorrow... off to Auckland.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


I have NOTHING on today!

But, I'm sure I will find something to do.

I've got some good news... my back feels almost 100% better.  My shoulder down to my elbow is feeling 50% better, it's stopped throbbing which is bloody awesome.  And my hand is also 100% better, so looking good for a total 'all better' soon.

 ABOVE:  Coco in her walking harness.  It's so much nicer than her collar for walking in.

ABOVE:  Freshly groomed and looking gorgeous.

She's such a lovely wee girl... who's in for a massive shock on Saturday!  PUPPY!
Hee hee... she's going to either love her or hate her... wonder which way it's going to go?

Right... moving on, I shall get some washing on before deciding what to do with the day.
Sewing might just be on the cards.


MIA obviously.
Got a massive headache around 10 am this morning, so took myself off to bed to try and sleep it off with the help of some pain killers.

Doesn't happen often now days, thank goodness!

Did help, woke up a couple of hours later and got the washing done.

Got dinner sorted out:  Mutton chops in the oven.

Then into the sewing room for a little while.

ABOVE:  This is the view from my sewing room.  Across the way is my neighbour's gorgeous garden.  They have planted trees to attract the native birds.

ABOVE: I got to watch this Tui for ages today.  The other day there were FIVE Tui in that tree! 
They can be very noisy birds... but lovely to see and watch while I'm sewing.

 ABOVE:  Talking of sewing... I have got some borders on, and am now working on the two-way border.
It's going to take some time to get it done.

 ABOVE:  I took a stroll in the garden, my blue tree is almost completely covered in blooms now.  Utterly gorgeous.

So... a very quiet day ... and a quiet night too.  Looking forward to Coronation Street, then bed.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I have a sort of full day today.

First up, I have a chick coming for morning tea, she's one of the first Fat Bottomed Girls to contact me when I joined the group.
AND she has lead MANY, MANY walks.
In fact, I reckon she has walked more than any other member!  Probably every section at least 2-4 times, if not more.

Whenever a walk needs more numbers, Gwen jumps on board to make up the numbers if she can.  She's amazing.   A really generous person with her time and friendship.

I'm really looking forward to spending some time with her, without having to walk and talk!  *smiles*  It might feel weird even!

ABOVE: Next up for the day, Coco (aka sheep) is off to the groomers after lunch.
While there, I will be booking her in for her next groom AND Marley.
It's hard getting an appointment off the cuff, so booking ahead seems like a good idea.

Hopefully the groomer is good with puppies, cos Marley will need a groom coming into summer.  She will be groomed in a couple of months all going well.

After that, home to sort out dinner.  AND then... another walk!  I am determined to keep my walking at a minimum of 3 a week.  I am probably going to start getting on our cross trainer too... to mix up my exercise routine.  I think my body has gotten used to all the walking, and is now plateauing.

So... let's see if that helps.

Since moving to Cambridge I have joined: 

- Weight Watchers, Cambridge and Hamilton
- Patchwork Groups, Cambridge and Hamilton 
- The Fat Bottomed Girls, walking group
- Fat Bottoms At The Flicks (movie night group) 

and last night... another group called Cambridge Connections!

From what I can tell, Cambridge Connections is a group that do card nights, pudding nights and so on.  A social group.  I am going to my first group meeting on the 24th, being held at someone's home, to play cards. I'm quite excited about it!  I was opted into this group by one of the Fat Bottomed Girls.  'Connections' is right!

I can't believe how 'social' my life has gotten lately!  Talk about becoming integrated into our new community, I'm doing it in spades!

So, so different from how it was in Auckland.

Now I just have to try and get Stew into a few things too.

Right, that's me for now.... 


12.45 PM:   and my girlfriend Gwen left half an hour ago, after a lovely visit.
She's just the nicest person!  We chatted for over two hours... well I yakked me head off and she got a word in now and then!  Still... I did get to know her better, which the neat.

I totally forgot to take a photo, so I've grabbed a few of her off our walk photos:

ABOVE:  Gwen... loves bright pink!  It's the first thing I noticed about her... she almost always has something bright pink on her.  Today?  All. In. Black.!  
Rather funny.  

So, now it's almost time to take Coco to the groomer.  While she's there I'm going to the Warehouse to get some new laundry baskets, I'm down to 1 that isn't broken.  I used to have heaps of them!

So cool... Coco is at the groomers, I got some new laundry baskets, lunch is done, dinner is planned ... it's a good day so far!
AND the groomer is going to give me a discount for more than one dog at our next groom!  How cool is that?   She's already $12 cheaper than Animates.  WIN WIN.

Puppy is booked in for  a 'mini' groom at the end of the month, that should be fun for 'E', the groomer!  *smiles*  edit:   realised puppy would not be fully vaccinated at the end of the month, so changed her appointment to mid-November. Can't be too careful!

Coco looks gorgeous, she's skuttled off to Griffin's room to sleep.  It's tiring and scary being groomed.  

7 pm:  Brylee, Coco and I went on another FBG walk.  Nice evening for it, quite cool.  We were lucky it didn't rain, as it had been on/off all day. Not that I mind getting wet! But some of the girls don't like it at all.

Winding down for the day... ready for bed.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WOW 60!

Today is a special day.

It's the day my only living sibling turns 60!


My turn next year!  OMG we are getting old!



Yep, finally after putting up with utterly 'shit' toilets (omg excuse the pun, but I had to do it!)... we are getting them ripped out and replaced.

I can't wait!  I don't know what time the plumbers are coming... so will be stuck at home till the job is done.

I'm told it won't take too long, which is great.  Ya never know when you're gunna need to go!

So, that's my day so far... catch up with ya later.


The Fat Bottomed Girls group have held a few auctions lately, to raise funds for our end of year function.
I won this:

ABOVE: Very pretty sarong/wrap.  It is very light and quite sheer, so I doubt I will be 'wearing' it over summer.  Not sure what I will be doing with it yet... but it's gorgeous!

The plumber isn't here yet.  Waiting... waiting....

Total waste of a morning just waiting.  He isn't coming now till this afternoon sometime. I know I should be thankful he's coming at all, it's that hard to get people to turn up now days, particularly tradesmen.

So, I just had a really lovely, long chat with my niece Rowena in Australia.  Made my day.  Well... that and getting new toilets will too of course.  *smiles*


First toilet is almost totally IN... and it fits PERFECTLY.  Such a relief.

Got heaps of linen and towels out on the clothes line.  And within half an hour... it poured down with rain.  So bloody typical!

 ABOVE:  So.  We were very lucky that the bathroom had been tiled right up to the outlet pipe..... so once the old toilets were lifted off the floor, the new ones could just go back in exactly the same place, leaving no repair work to be done!

ABOVE:  The lovely young plumber.  He was nice and talkative, and did a very good job.  He also left NO MESS at all.  His mother did good!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  OLD AND NEW.  The new ones are as white as the old, just took photos at different times, hence different lighting.  I like the look of the new ones better than the old too.

So, that's the one big inside job this house needed doing.... DONE.  Very happy.

Time for bed.... tired thanks to Stewy.  He's got a headcold... so has been snoring something rotten the past few nights.  Hence, I get very broken sleep... ONCE I actually get to sleep!
Try falling asleep next to a freight train!