Friday, May 06, 2016


Anonymous9:32 PM
Christ Chris, you tell us one thing, get our sympathy, then tell us something else! You had this house up your sleeve all the time. You just wanted our sympathy. Well you got it. Satisfied? Be truthfull to your blog followers. Without us, you wouldnt have a blog and your life would be boring, like everyone elses. Grow a pair and be honest.
Jane Moore, Belfast.

ANON from yesterday (Jane, yeah right):  the house we signed up yesterday wasn't our '3rd choice' that we had 'up our sleeve'.  

As we missed out on the two homes we really wanted, but lost at auction, we had to reconsider our options.

We had to re-visit some homes we had previously discounted.  We realise that we will have to make some more compromises to get the house that is the best option, at this time, for us.

None of this was to 'get your sympathy'.

 It is just me sharing what happens in our life, including the ups and downs.  My blog is an online record of my/our life.  I did not set out to garner readers/opinions from the general public.  My blog has just grown an 'audience' all on it's own.

And contrary to your opinion, I would still have a blog, with readers, OR NONE.  

We don't need your sort of negativity thanks. Go and read someone else's blog.

Now, just to muddy the waters some more... there is a fair likelihood that the house we signed up yesterday will fail the builders inspection, due to it's method of construction and architectural aspects.  We were told this last night by our VERY QUALIFIED builder friend,  who is going to do the 'proper' building inspection on Saturday.

So, we may yet be back at square one, and if that happens we will roll with it, and look some more.  NO sympathy needed.  *smiles*


My truly DISGUSTING story from yesterday:

I am sitting in the car, about to leave Hamilton East after signing house purchase papers.

In front of me is a park.  It's very open to the shops/road/pedestrians etc.

A woman walks past my car and steps onto the grass in the park, about 6 meters in front of me.

Next thing I know, she stops, hauls her track pants and knickers down to her knees, bends over, tilts her posterior up and proceeds to have a piddle! 

Due to the manner in which she had her bum angled, I (and everyone around her), got a 100% view of EVERYTHING she had for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I was gobsmacked and horrified!  All I could think of was "Please don't have a poo too!"

Luckily she didn't, she just had this monstrous piddle, then hauls her pants up and carries on walking across the park!

And the kicker?

Guess where the nearest public toilets were?

200 meters ahead of her, in the park!

I never, ever want to see something like that again.  

ABOVE: Said woman walking away after her piddle!  You are SO lucky I didn't photograph her doing it!

TALLULAH:  is doing well.  Still scared to move much.  But she is eating a bit, though I have to hand feed her as she's not sure how to eat with the plastic Elizabethan Collar on.  Poor darling.

 ABOVE: When I put her in the bedroom, she stood just like that, and did not move a fraction for a good 5 minutes!  She was totally freaked out and bamboozled by the collar!  
That collar thingee is to stop her licking or pulling her stitches out.
She gets her stitches out in 10 days.

ABOVE: How sad yet adorable does she look!  Awwwww... 'Lulah you are gorgeous.

Well... today I have a lady coming to do a quote to move our furniture and effects to Hamilton.  
Other than that, it should be a quiet day.  
As I'm fairly tired, that is a good thing.


Well... the lady from NZ Vanlines came and has done her thing, we should get her quote on Monday.

Now... back to the correct spelling of SPEY/SPAY... when I picked Tallulah up last night the vet gave me an information sheet pertaining to Tallulah's post-op care.

ABOVE:  How our VET spelled the word.  Just like me.  Just sayin'.

My cough  has been horrible the last 24 hours.  Lots of throwing up.  Might go to the Dr again next week if it's still this bad.

I've done lots of housework this morning, and coughing.  Coughing is TIRING!  I'm gunna have a nap.  YEAH. 

Just got a phone call.  No nap for me.  Griffin's been hurt at school so I have to go pick him up and get him to the Doctor.  Hurt leg.  Not sure how bad. 

20 minutes later and I've brought him home with a pressure bandage on his shin. He got kicked playing soccer (an accident). The nurse put ice on his leg and the swelling has gone down a bit.  He can walk just fine, so  I'm not going to take him to the Dr.  Drama over.

Well ... another day ends.  We  have enjoyed a quiet Friday evening.  Off to bed shortly, hoping I don't start coughing again and end up sleeping on a lounge chair.  

Thursday, May 05, 2016


First up for today, I take Tallulah down to the Vet's for her spey operation.  No more puppies for her.  She did not cope well with her first litter, so it's the best thing to do for her.

Next:  I have a lady coming from a moving company to do a quote for our move to Hamilton.

Next:  I will be trolling the Real Estate sites for new listings.  And making a list to look at tomorrow or the weekend.

They are coming for dinner and cake.  BEX... bring the cake would ya?  lol

I am NOT feeling so dejected today.  As many people have told me, if it was meant to be, we would have got the house we wanted yesterday.  Obviously it was not meant to be.  Our new home is out there, just waiting for us to find it.

We can stay in our present home for longer than the 'settlement' day, as the purchasers are not in any way ready to move yet!  So that is good.
I expect we will 'rent' our home from them.  That will be funny.

So, there ya go.  My day is full.  And I am going to be positive.  Being miserable is NOT FUN. Nope, not at all.  Sooooo... I won't be. 


Tallulah is safely at the vets... and I am ???

Had a little change of plans for today.  More on that later!

3.51 pm:  and I am home after taking an unexpected trip to.... HAMILTON.

Guess what I did there?

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yes we did indeed.  We decided not to piss around with renting/moving twice bla bla bla, so we bought our 3rd choice house.

We both love it.  Maybe not as much as the other two... but it is still lovely, and we are only too happy to call it 'HOME'.

When we lived in Hamilton 14 years ago, we used to go on little 'tiki tours' around nice neighbourhoods.  And this area was TOP of our list of 'we would love to live here'!

And now we will !  *smiles*

Once again, I shall not divulge any photos till middle of next week, once it is no longer on any websites... and it has gone UNCONDITIONAL on Monday or Tuesday.

Actually, I took some outside photos today of it... so will upload those and see if I can put any of them on here, without giving away the address.

The poor kids are having to walk home in drenching rain today.  Oh well... that won't kill them.  

Just picked up Tallulah. It was horrible!  She tried to bolt when the vet opened her pen, and the vet had to grab her... and it must have hurt cos she screamed holy blue murder!
I got a huge fright cos she cried so much and so loud!!!

But, she's all good.  She's now in the spare bedroom where it's peaceful and quiet.

Bex and the boys are here, and we are awaiting the arrival of the men before getting dinner.

And OMG do I have a story to tell you about something that happened today!!!  But... it will have to wait until tomorrow... there's plenty on here already.

 ABOVE:  Opening presents.  Grandma and Granddad gave him some winter clothes.

 ABOVE: Funnily enough, he liked the paper the best!

 ABOVE:  Bex made this cake for him.  Coincidentally, the birthday card we gave him was also a Cookie Monster!

ABOVE: Dante enjoyed blowing out the candle, his baby brother just wanted to swat/grab it.

ABOVE: It was a surprise to see a pink cake under all that blue!
It was a very tasty cake too... I've got another piece to enjoy tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Once the kids leave for school, I'm going to head off to Hamilton.

I will probably kill an hour or two wandering around a mall ... then head off to the Auction.

Stew and our Estate Agent are going to meet me there.

I will probably be a mess of nerves by then.




But we will keep looking...and hopefully find something SOON
.. or we could be living under a bridge by end of month!

6.45 pm:   and I'm home... and looking at more houses on the net.  Spreading the search out a bit... even looking at PLASTER houses now~!
Shaking me head.

My back is killing me for some reason, not even low down like 'normal'.  Probably from being tense all day?

OH well... another day tomorrow.  Can't go to Hamilton to look either.
Tallulah gets speyed (de-sexed) tomorrow, so I have to be here.

Friday I will be back  looking at houses I expect.

I was going to cook dinner, but now that I look at the time (6.47 pm) it might just be takeaways.  *sigh*

Scrap the takeaways idea.  I realised I had pork out, so I have a sweet 'n' sour pork stir fry cooking.. to be accompanied by home made garlic bread... cos it's comfort food.  And I feel like comfort food.  

P.S.:  it's official.  Throwing up Garlic Bread sucks BIG TIME.
Bloody cough from hell doing it's thing on me again.  IKKK.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Slept in!  I didn't sleep well. Bit of coughing still going on.

I will do a proper post once I get outta bed....

9.35 am:  right, I'm out of bed, tidied the house, and now I'm off to buy a birthday present for our youngest grandson, Archer.

He will be 1 on Thursday.  

My freakin' cough chooses the perfect time to act up... when I'm in bed, and when I wake up.

Oh and another thing making me cross... there is a small dog SOMEWHERE in our neighbourhood who barks NON STOP every morning.  It's been barking for about 3 hours already. 

I sure in hell won't miss that once we move.

At least I know it isn't our dogs.


Well I've been down the road to the mall and bought a present for the bub, and cards and paper... then I came home and did some housework.
And coughed.  And coughed some more till I threw up.  Nothing new there.

I will have to go out again soon as I've run out of Gees Linctus, which is the only cough syrup that seems to help.  

Well it's been a very quiet day.  My nerves are ramping up!  Tomorrow we either buy a house, or end up having to look for other options.
I'm off to bed fairly early tonight... so tomorrow gets here quicker!

Monday, May 02, 2016


This afternoon I've got the first of three companies coming around to do a quote for moving our furniture and effects to Hamilton.

That should be interesting. You should see our garage!  It's full of stuff from the house, with little 'tracks' so we can get to the freezer etc!

The kids go back to school today, they have about 3-4 weeks left there, then we will be taking them out of school until we are moved and settled in a new home.

NEW HOME.   This week on Wednesday we are going to the Auction for our Number 1 and 2 houses.  I have nightmares worrying we won't get either of them.

Cos if that happens we will have to do a really quick regroup, and try to find something else we like enough to buy.    Time is ticking away on us.  If we are not careful we will have to camp out in a motel till we get a house!  Really don't want to be doing that.

Archer was in fine form last night, he had an empty fizz bottle and he was using it to hit Griffin on the head...

 ABOVE: He loves it when I get out my camera!

 ABOVE:  Griffin is such a good sport!  Baby hit him heaps of times, and laughed and squealed in delight while doing it.

ABOVE:  Griffin seems to have a really lovely rapport with babies and littlies.  
We are going to miss seeing these bubs so often once we move... *sad*.

OK I'm off to get the washing on, and tidy the house.  Because we haven't had to do Open Homes any more, I've been a bit slack in the housekeeping department!  
And I can tell...  I can't stand a mess!


11 am came and went... and I'm sitting here waiting, waiting ... for the furniture removal company guy to arrive to do a quote.  No guy.
So I ring and leave a message.  Nothing.  I text and leave a message.  Nothing.

12.09 pm:  a call ... "Oh sorry, I'm over on the North Shore right now, how about I come over around 3 pm?"

I said "Yes" ... but followed it up with a "Did you forget or what?"

Yeah.  He forgot.  Something tells me he might not be getting the job.  Being punctual and professional is high on my  expected standards.

I've now rung 3 more moving company's to get quotes.  

Nice way to start my day... getting crabby!

5.01 pm:  shit where did the day go???
Seriously, I thought it was about 2 pm... then I remembered that the kids were home from school and ... well... look at the time!

The first moving company guy finally arrived, and he apologised profusely for not remembering his appointment this morning.  He was good though, and I should get his quote via email soon.  His 'guess-tament' sounded really good.

I've heard from our Real Estate Agent Lou in Hamilton, she is expecting us on Wednesday.  I'm sooooo full of nerves.  I feel sick.

I've never been to a house auction before.  If we get the house I am in love with, I am going to be so happy to show you all!

WEDNESDAY.  2 more sleeps.  Or should I say, 2 more nights tossing and turning!

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Well today is going to be productive.

We are going to get all the big pots and metal cogs etc, out of the gardens, and replace them with agaves from other parts of the gardens.

That will fill up all the gaps we will create in the gardens.  Luckily we have heaps of agaves that have baby plants growing off them.

We have a really big square plant pot that I am going to empty all the soil and plants out of, that way the movers can lift it a bit easier.  I had thought of leaving it here as it's so heavy, but then I changed my mind.  I love the pot!  So taking the soil out will make it possible to move.

So that will be our day.  I think Stew will try and mow all the lawns too, it's been a few weeks since they got done.

Can you believe it's now MAY?  OMG sometime this month we will be moving!!!  All going well that is.


2.04 pm: and we have been busy getting the gardens sorted out, taking all our pots and so on out... and putting plants in the gaps.

 ABOVE:  Before ....

 ABOVE:  After.   And I actually think it looks better 'after' !

ABOVE:  All the 'stuff' out of the gardens that we are taking, pots, metal bits 'n' bobs and so on.

Stew is now mowing the lawns ... once he's done that he can relax again.  

Is there something wrong with blogger today, or am I just too boring today?  NO COMMENTS!!!  Pffffffft.

LOL... yaaa... comments!  Now I feel much happier.  I'm a sad git.

We've had a lovely evening ... I cooked Spagetti Bolognese, it went down well with the family.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Morning!  Today we are off to Hamilton, primarily because we want to look at the house again, and our 2nd choice house too.

There's not much else planned for the day... we just want to get out and about really.

Hopefully we can pop in and see a few grandkids while we are there too.  

It feels weird... because Stew's been home for two days already, I keep thinking it's Monday.
But it's not.  

In 4 sleeps we will be back in Hamilton for the house Auction!  Nerves are frayed!

I can't believe it's the last day of April already.  Archer will be 1 year old on the 5th of May.  I think as you get older, the year goes faster.  
Who else finds that?

So anyway... that's it for now... catch ya later.


5.45 pm: on our way home.... stuck in motorway traffic.... will update more once we finally get home.

6.11 pm:  And home again.  It was a lovely day, still very warm out.
We went to Cambridge and looked at a favourite house again, then took a drive around several houses in Hamilton, checking them out.

Then we had lunch at Chartwell Square, and popped in to visit Amanda, Kelly and the kids.

 ABOVE:  Miss Muppet was in a shitty mood, but oh well, she still had plenty of loves for her grandparents, as did Rena, Emily and Liam.

 ABOVE:  Totally forgotten what Kelly was laughing over.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Amanda is finally out of her moon boot, she just has a little limp now.  That is her dog 'Lady' btw.

ABOVE:  Home, and Tallulah is checking out the new nail polish I bought today.  
Both dogs went nuts when we got home, clearly they had missed us.  Hopefully we won't have to be going out of town again till we move.  And then the dogs will be coming with us of course.  *smiles*

It's dinner time, but stuffed if I know what we shall have.  I'm still full from lunch!  No one seems to be starving right now, so it can wait a while.

I'm gunna sign off for the day now and just enjoy a quiet evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is on... YEAH.

p.s. :  I'm sitting here, and Stew says to me... "What do you want for dinner?"

I reply "Chocolate Ice Cream"

And he said "NO"!!!

Like, ... how mean!  He is getting Pizza instead.  *sigh*

Friday, April 29, 2016


Well today we are going to go out and see a movie, not sure what yet.

It's just a day to relax and enjoy ourselves.  No stress today!

We should get our loan documents via email sometime today, which we will promptly sign and send off so the finances are 'in place' for next week's Auction.

ABOVE:  So... we are going to see this movie.  It's a kiwi movie, had very good reviews etc.  
Hope it's good.

Didn't have a good night's sleep, was coughing from 1 am till 3 am, then throwing up at 3 am too.  Ikkkk.  I thought my cough was getting better, but NO.  *sigh*

I hope I don't cough and drive the punters mad at the movies. 

3.00 pm:  and the movie was neat!  I did not expect it to be so good.  If you get the chance, go see it.  It's got some good, honest kiwi humour.  And excellent acting.  

We had planned to have lunch at the mall, but none of us was that hungry after movie lollies/drinks etc.

Stew got some buns and a cooked chook... so I might have some of that soon.

OK... we are all tired and ready for bed... so well... nite nite!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


I know you are all interested in our First Choice house, and want to see photos of it.

But I'm being a bit prudent in NOT divulging photos of it, as we don't want the address to be public.  Clearly if I publish photos, the address is easily found by just looking on the 'net.

So, hang in there!  I will show you all once we have secured it, and it's no longer being advertised, address and all.  Or... if we don't get it... same goes for our 2nd choice home.

Stew has taken today and tomorrow off work, to spend a couple of days with the kids before they go back to school.
I think today we will just hang around here, but tomorrow we will probably go to Hamilton for the day... and maybe by then we will have bank documents to sign?

I hope so.

So, that's all for now.  Catch ya later...


STEP ONE:  Sell house... DONE

STEP TWO:  Get finance... DONE

STEP THREE:  Buy house... next week.

We got our finance.  So, so relieved.  Now we are cash buyers.  Bring on next week!

Gawd it's been a trying time this house move!

So it's been a good evening... so much stress has gone.  But I know that in 6 sleeps we will be bidding on 'our' house and I will be getting more and more anxious as the days roll by till then.

I really can't wait till it's all over and we have a house to move to!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I am tucked up in bed.... come back later !😊

9.10 am:  And I'm up and at 'em.
The kids are still in bed though... might just leave them there.  It's nice and peaceful while they are asleep.  lol

Today I'm going to get Griffin to pack up his 'stuff' and tidy up his room.  He's a very typical teenage boy... messy.

Sometime this afternoon I have a man coming to give a quote on moving all our furniture and stuff to Hamilton.  That should be interesting.  I'm sure he thinks we only have an average 4 bedroom house contents!  

Little does he know we have MASSES of stuff. ha ha.

Thankfully I'm feeling much better today.  I won't be having any more luncheon that's for sure.  

Better go ... got stuff to do.


Well Brylee painted me toe nails, and I painted me finger nails.  Ummmm.... I sat and waited for  a 'good' phone call... that's not come yet.

I am so frustrated!  The bloody bank is soooooo taking it's time to approve our finances.
I can't believe it's taking this long.  NOW I see why people ask for 10 working days to get their loan approved by the bank. 

We were on the other side of this process 6 times while selling our house, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

But... the house we want to bid on goes to Auction next week and we have to get our finance approved before we can bid!!!

I feel sick with the suspense and worry that it might not come through in time.  I do have a No #2 house ... but I want my No#1 house!!!

Takeaways for dinner tonight.  I was just too crabby to cook!

Off to bed, feeling a bit better knowing that our first choice house is still available, and we are not going to lose it, unless we get outbid at the Auction... which won't take place till next week now.