Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Look what we bought last night! ...

Our newest family member.  Yet to be named.  Little girl from Pukekohe, youngest of 4 in her litter.
I suspect she is going to get spoilt rotten from the 'humans' and Coco, and snobbed by Teddy!

Could be in for an interesting time in 10 days.

Now... back to today.  If I'm not coughing too much I shall go to Patchwork Class.  I've got a little project to finish, then I shall start work on my friend's Bird wall hanging.


Morning sickness AGAIN.  Wish I knew what was causing it, and I wish it would STOP!  I ain't pregnant for goodness sake, Bex is!

Sounds like Dante is still not 100%, kept his parents up a lot last night.  So glad we can't hear him from the garage!  

I keep looking at Teddy and Coco and thinking "Ha ha! You don't know what you're in for".
Little Miss H will be home soon!  
Pondering names.... it's so hard naming a puppy.

Sooooo.... I didn't go to Patchwork Class.  I was worried I would spread the cough to the others in the class, and something tells me I would not be thanked for that!
Bex has caught it now.

Not sure what I'm going to do now.  Don't feel like doing a bloody thing!

LAST DAY to go in the draw to win my little Lighthouse Wall Hanging.  Leave a comment today up until my bedtime (11 pm NZ Time) and you are in the draw.

I've not done a thing!  I had lunch then fell asleep.  Gawd I'll be so happy when I'm over all my various ails!  

Actually... I did do something!  I groomed both dogs' eyes, ears and tails ... the troublesome places that need in-between grooming.  They look OK.... not a 'professional' job, but good enough.  That did my back in though.  Grrrrr.  Stupid, stupid back.

ASHLEE:  I'm not asking for puppy name suggestions as we all have such different preferences ... I don't want to offend anyone!

I've got these on the list of possibles so far: 

Tallulah (Lu-lah for short)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I totally forgot to mention yesterday the results of my Dr's visit:

- I'm now on a different blood pressure pill, one that will make me piddle more, so my fluid retention might just get a bit better.

- I've got Gees Linctus for me cough, it's an old fashioned cough syrup, tastes ikkk... but worth it's weight in gold.

- My on going nausea is most likely caused by my getting off Amitriptyline totally, AND is probably why my hot flushes are worse than ever.  SO... I have had to go BACK ON THE BLOODY STUFF.  But only a tiny dosage, hopefully just enough to bring the hot flushes back under control and also help me sleep at night again.  Fingers crossed on that one, though I'm pissed that I have to be on it again.

But, at least this time it's NOT for depression.

*** don't forget, if you want a chance to win my Lighthouse wall hanging, leave me a comment today or tomorrow.  You have till 11 pm tomorrow night (NZ Time).

Finally for now...  I have something exciting to tell you!  But not right now.  IF IT EVENTUATES, I can tell you about 'it' late tonight ... like after 9.30 pm!  Super excited and so hopeful it works out.

Today?  I'm going to sew again... all going well.
No point setting it in concrete, cos ya just never know what could come along to stuff up ya plans eh?


Another morning of waking up feeling ill.  I have had a dry piece of toast even!  And that's not me, eating first thing in the morning.  
It seems to have helped though, so all good.

As it was raining something rotten at 8 am,  I took the kids to school... that's a rare event!
I've also done a couple of jobs down in Manurewa, so now I can relax and stay home for the day.

KAREN J:  Your little parcel is on it's way finally.  I kinda forgot it for a week or so.  Call it 'sick brain'.  *smiles*

DANTE:  seems to be much better today.  He's eaten a little toast too, and is very chatty... but then he was like that yesterday morning, then he crashed at midday.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again.

I want today to go FAST... I'm so excited about tonight!  Don't ya wish you knew why?  hee hee...

5.15 hours to go!!!   OOOOoooo the suspense is killing me.

ON other matters, I have just put 3 nice sized pieces of Pork Belly in the oven.  ... dinner is going to be delicious.

There is a certain dog in this house who does not like getting HIS feet wet to go poop outside.  He's been banished to outside for 30 minutes... little shit.

WELL.... here is the news:

 ABOVE:  Meet our new girl.  As yet unnamed, and still living with her birth family.  She will be coming home on Saturday 27th September.

So now we have to find a name for her!  

End of Day:  well, full of suspense and now we have seen her, we can't wait to get her home.  And it's going to be a long 10 days.
nite nite

Monday, September 15, 2014


Bex is off for her first midwife appointment this morning.  If Dante is better he will go with her, and if not, he can stay home with his Grandma, that would be me.

Me.  Still coughing and feeling like shit.  I'm making a Doctor's appointment first thing this morning, probably for tomorrow, when I have less on.

I want to get something more for the back ache, the cough and to help me sleep at night.  I no longer take Amitriptyline,  having successfully weaned myself off them, so am having heaps of trouble staying asleep at night, thanks to the bloody hot flushes hitting me on the hour.

So, fingers crossed the Dr can give me something.  Tomorrow.

Another possible side effect of going off the Amitriptyline?  My appetite has kinda gone.  And my capacity to eat huge meals?  GONE.  Wishful thinking?  Mind over matter?  Or those pills no longer affecting me?   Either way, it's a novel feeling!  Long may it last.

This morning will be devoted to housework and some sewing I hope.
If Dante ends up staying here with me when Bex goes to the midwife, I shall just enjoy some quality Dante and me time.  I hope he's well though, it was so quiet yesterday!  He spent most of the day sleeping, poor bubba.

This country goes to the Polls next weekend, to vote for whoever we want in power.  So over all the crap in the papers/tv about it all... all the major parties trying to dig up dirt on the others. Anyway, I read this on a friend's Facebook last night and it made me laugh:

The New Zealand Press...
A tough looking guy is at Auckland zoo with his kids when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage.
Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

The guy runs toward the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the guy brings her to her terrified parents who thank him endlessly.

Nicky Hager, also at the zoo visiting his family (the simians) has watched the whole event. Nicky Hager addresses the guy and says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.'

The guy replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt right.'
Nicky Hager says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page..So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliations do you have?'
The guy is embarrassed but replies, 'I'm an SAS grunt just returned from Afghanistan and a National party supporter'.
Nicky Hager notes all this down then leaves.
The following morning the guy buys the paper to see news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:
And that my friends, pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news

Funny eh?  Can't wait for the elections to be over.


GIVEAWAY:  Be in to win this little lighthouse wall hanging... enter your name (in a comment) by Wednesday 11pm (NZ time) to be in to win.

Change of day's plans.
I'm going to the Dr first thing this morning (9.45), and I'm not going to Hospice this afternoon.
I don't feel up to 4 hours on my feet in the shop, coughing and feeling miserable.

Dante is all recovered, so he's going to the midwife with Bex, and so am I.  Cos I got invited.  Cool.... today we will probaby get a due date.

GrandBaby No #13 is due on May 1st, 2015. All is well with mother and peanut.  

Dante:  sick as a dog.
Had a midday sleep, woke and threw up all over the floor.  High temperature and miserable.

Me:  Felt like throwing up at lunchtime something rotten, had a fruit bun and dozed for 2 hours.  I now feel much better, except for my back which is really sore.  Coughing has eased for now.

BEX:  needs sleep!  But coping well.

Griffin:  home from school, starving.  Making himself 2 huge toasted sandwiches for afternoon tea!

Brylee:  not home yet.  Fingers crossed she's been a good little teenager at school today.  *sigh*

***  I presume you who have left comments want to be in the draw to win the little wall hanging?  Ya didn't say (except Christine)

OK...  it's been a stressful afternoon/evening in a way.  Dante's temperature has gone up and down between 38.4 - 40.4 and he's still fluctuating madly.  Hopefully he improves overnight.
My cough is now making me throw up too.  Gawd I hate this sort of cough that seems to get me once a year!

End of Day:  hoping tomorrow sees better health for me and Dante, and Bex doesn't get morning sickness!
nite nite

Sunday, September 14, 2014


So... last night I thought I'd try my hand at free hand quilting, just a small 'block' to see how difficult it was.

It was difficult!  So much needle turning, up and down, turning around and so on.
I can't do 'free motion' quilting yet, so it was just slow and laborious.  BUT... I like it!

So did Bex.  But the men?  All thought it was just so-so... until they actually LOOKED at it closer...

ABOVE:  Stitched white on white... I saw it on one of the Mariner's Star quilts... it was part of the quilting and I thought it was awesome and wanted to try and do it myself.

To see if I could.  Well... I can.  But it took about 3 hours to do just that one piece!

I've put binding on it, and now I just have to hand stitch the back and it will be done.

I'm going to make it into a mini-wall hanging... then think about what to do with it. 

Today:  just chill out I think.  I'm full of the cold and cough.  And feel ill still.  I'm thinking of ringing and making an appointment to see the Dr during the week about adjusting my medication.  I'm feeling sick as a dog and the hot flushes are manic again... all down to the blood pressure medication I think.

I'll probably do some more sewing at some point during the day... once I'm feeling a bit better.


I've decided what to do with the little lighthouse wall hanging.

IF you want a chance to 'win' it... from TOMORROW till Wednesday you can put your name in the 'draw'.  I will announce the winner on Thursday (NZ time).  You can enter only once, and no using multiple names BEX!

ABOVE:  our little man is sick again.  High temperatures, but nothing else... YET.

Stew is, as I type, out getting some pork belly from our local New World.  We 'ordered' some yesterday and just got a phone call to say they had some in.  Yaaa... pork belly for Tuesday's dinner.  Can't wait.

Stew, B & G and I are going out for lunch shortly.  It will be a late lunch as everyone had a late breakfast here.
I am starving, so hopefully I can make a semi-wise lunch choice!

We had lunch at Sylvia Park, which was teeming with people and noisy.  Lunch was a Kebab, which was a fairly healthy choice.  
We also got to see all the new Britto in the shop... and couldn't resist two of the little figurines:

ABOVE:  now we have 6 large figurines and 6 small ones, plus a few other random items in the collection.  

I'm sure Stew loves it as much as I do!

Right, I'm now going to have a go at stitching a lighthouse in blue thread...

and as Bex so kindly said in her comment, I had a nap instead.
My back is still giving me shit, and the cough, cough, splutter is no fun either.

I have a feeling I'm going to be keeping this damn annoying back ache AND cough for a while.

End of Day:  dinner tonight was pea and ham soup, slowly cooked in the crock pot (slow cooker) all day, accompanied by fresh dinner buns.
Everyone enjoyed it.
nite nite

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Because we now have SKY in the garage, we need to move things around a bit down there so I can actually SEE the TV while I'm sewing.

So, I've asked Stew to help me get the garage re-arranged.  The only things I don't want to move are our bed and my sewing area.

It might take a while.

Steve is at work all day today, and I have no idea what Bex is up to.  Probably just having a quiet day here at home.

Yesterday I said I might start a bright scrappy quilt.. scrap that.

I want to try doing a 'Mariner's Star'.  Not a big quilt, just a small one... maybe for on the top of a bed, or knee rug.  Not sure.
I've been looking at pictures on Pinterest and Google images and have found a couple that I really like.

There's heaps and heaps of them, but so many are hugely complicated and involve many colours.  I would like to make one that is not too colourful, and more 'true' to the nautical colours.

ABOVE:  something like these?  To make them you have to use a technique using Freezer Paper?  And I watched a couple of ladies yesterday doing it and was intrigued.  So want to try it.

Sometime this weekend we have to do the grocery shopping, and as you know I loathe it. So, I'll probably bitch about it at some point (besides now lol).


After moving everything around in the garage, we ended up putting most of it back in the same place!  At least I can now see the TV from the sewing area though.

Bex and Steve have moved their lounge suite out of Souther Traders (where Steve used to work) and put it in a friend's garage for the next year or so.

They are staying here now until baby No # 2 is here, then they will reassess where they go then.

I'm feeling quite shitty, I think I have a bit of a cold, with a dry, tickly cough with is very irritating and I just feel under the weather all over.

But, have to just carry on like everyone does.
I think Stew and I will get the grocery shopping done this afternoon, so tomorrow is a true day of rest.

CRANKY:  Maybe next year, when I've learnt how to make one myself!  *smiles*

Freakin' ya.... grocery shopping is done for another fortnight... and we got some grog for me.  Tipple no less.  Yum.

End of Day:  and I didn't have any tipple!
I did a little sewing project.  I wanted to try something different, which I'm not sure anyone but me and Bex actually like!
I'll show you tomorrow.
nite nite

Friday, September 12, 2014


Before I head off to Patchwork Class this morning, I've got a bit to sort out in the sewing 'room'.

I've listed all my 'old' cottons on Trade Me (above), so I need to sort out all the new ones and get them in their colour coded containers.  I'm a bit anal about that... I like EVERYTHING to be sorted and organised ya see.

And I am hoping I actually notice a difference sewing with 'good' thread!

LYNDA: yes, that haul of threads did indeed cost a bomb!  AND NO, using the cheaper thread did not cause Lemony's problems at all.  I do/have been using 'good' threads as well as the cheaper ones for years.

Right, I better get myself sorted out ready for class.... though it doesn't take me long really.

I might even have time to do a few jobs around the house.  I've been rather slack on the housework front lately.


Class today was again lovely.  It was pissing down with rain coming and going, so that was a bit shitty.

Got there and met one lady I'd not met before, and I have to show you what she's working on:

ABOVE:  She's making a 'Scrappy Quilt', which is just a fancy way of saying you are using up heaps of your scraps.  She is using brights, so I just love it!

I am very tempted to start on of my own... maybe I can put the Dresden Plate Quilt aside for a little while???   Or work on two quilts at the same time?

THAT might be a nice idea, that way I won't get bored.

Good thinking.

I'm really tired this afternoon, I didn't sleep well at all last night and woke up fully at around 5am and slept hardly at all after that.

So, a nap might be in my immediate future...

Well... I did indeed go for an afternoon nap... but it didn't really happen.  My mind was swirling with various things that I want to get done, both in the sewing room and in the house in general.

A few things to iron out this weekend.

End of Day: well sorry I've been rather boring lately.  Life has pretty much settled into a routine now, and well.... I don't see why anyone bothers to read this! I feel guilty sometimes my life is not more interesting!
nite nite

Thursday, September 11, 2014


First up for today... I'm nipping down to Spotlight to get a few good quality threads.
I've been using (predominantly) cheap cotton thread from Spotlight, and the Ngaire (Tutor), yesterday said I really shouldn't be using it ... because it cheapens what I'm making, and it doesn't last as long as, say, polyester.

Also, it's not good for my sewing machine.  Well... that's good enough reason for me.  I can't be using crap cotton thread in McDreamy!

So, I shall invest in some good polyester!

Once I've done that, I shall come home and read a few of me favourite blogs, then do a bit more prep-work for tomorrow's Patchwork Class.
Get a couple more blocks ready for sewing I think.

I'm going great on the 'diet' front too.  There have been a few temptations this week, but almost every time I've felt like something sweet I've managed to not deviate from me path.
I DID have a couple of biscuits on Monday, but I was ever so good and stuck to what I had and didn't go in for more.  
So... I'm really happy with myself.

I hope everyone else in our little Weight Loss Support Group is doing well?   Don't forget to check in on our Facebook Group and tell us all how you are doing!
Sandra... you are the exception.. you can gain weight and grow a healthy, happy baby boy!  I'm so excited for you and your hubby.  Roll on December.

Talking of babies, Bex is doing well... no dreadful morning sickness, just a few queasy moments so far.

So all good here!


Well... I let me fingers do the walking, and rang around various places to find what brands of cottons they had.
JOY:  No one here has Rasant threads.
So, I went to Spotlight and got a few Gutermann threads, then I went to Fabricland in Pakakura and got some Mettler threads from there.
The Mettler threads are a bit cheaper, and they have a much larger variety so I shall probably stick with Mettler threads from now on.

ABOVE:  Dante checking out me new threads.  He's such a hard case.

Time for some lunch, then some blog reading I think.

The day is going as planned.  Read a few blogs and feel good about that.
It's so nice to do a bit of a catch up.

Dinner.  Well I can feel myself teetering ... maybe I will have some takeaways, but be careful how much I eat.  I've been EXCELLENT ALL DAY, so .... depending on what the family want, I will have some I think.

End of Day: another really good day done and dusted.  Dinner was nice, but not so wonderful that I want to do it again too soon.  
nite nite

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


All going well, today I am going to my patchwork class in Manukau.

I'll be using my awesome Sewing Machine Trolley for the first time.  Silly how exciting that is!

Today I'm going to be working on these:

ABOVE: Two blocks ready for stitching on my 'Pink Dresden Plate Quilt'.
I know there's green and brown in it too, but I'm still calling it the Pink one.

I got a small panel in the post on the weekend from J down Wellington way.  I'm turning it into a wall hanging for her.  

ABOVE:  The panel.  I'm taking it along to compare fabric colours with it... so I can think about how to do the border.  I'm not going to extend the size of the panel too much, I will probably just add a simple border then quilt and bind it, add the hanging dowel etc.  
J, it might take me a little while to get it finished because I am working on a couple of other projects at the same time.
*Christmas presents* for family.

All righty, time to go get me bag packed!


Oh and yaaa!  I don't feel sick this morning, so maybe I'm adjusting to the new medication fast!  Fingers crossed it continues to be OK.

I learnt something new again today!  I was watching 'B' writing WITH A PEN on the front of her quilt, and I asked her how was she going to get the ink off?  Was it a wash out one or what?
And she showed me her pen, and how to get it off.


ABOVE:  It's a  Pilot brand, and you can use the 'rubber' at the end of the pen to gently rub out the ink (not that good on fabric), or you just quickly iron over it... and BOOM!  It's gone!
I am gobsmacked.  And thrilled to bits to finally know what to use to draw free hand designs or patterns onto fabric, that can be removed so easily after stitching.

I am so very happy to finally be in a Patchwork Group where people share ideas and knowledge... and are really welcoming to new members in their group.  I'm staying there forever.

OH and... I told them I was determined to lose 15-20 kilos by Christmas, so they wouldn't let me have any cake for morning tea!  I thanked them... *smiles*

Well... a good afternoon and evening.  I did a wee bit more sewing, then made dinner for the family, Chicken Rissotto.
It was darn nice too.

Then after dinner I felt a bit bla with the back ache so did nothing else but watch TV.

End of Day:  I had a lovely morning at class, and a nice quiet afternoon and evening.
nite nite

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Sometime this morning I've got a Sky Technician coming around to install SKY in my garage.

So... when Stew is watching SPORT on a friday night, or during the weekend, I have the option of watching whatever I want in me sewing room!

How cool is that?  No more having to feel guilty if I want to watch Coronation Street.  No more huffing and puffing when HE wants to 'quickly' check the score when I'm engrossed in something else, no more having to watch DVD movies in the sewing room, I can actually watch the programmes I want to.

It's going to be bloody neat.

And all for $25 more a month.  SCORE.

So, I hope the person they send doesn't have too much trouble getting the cables down to the garage!  I am really looking forward to  'SPORT FREE' weekends for me.

I don't have any other plans as such for today.  Except take it easy.  My back was very sore last night after kinda overdoing it a bit yesterday.
Being in the shop, on me feet a lot sure didn't help.
But I did get treasure!  Gotta love treasure.

OOO I just remembered.  I can relax in the spa sometime today.  That should be good.

Bex and Dante will probably be at Playcentre today, so just me here this morning.  

I saw on the news last night Prince William and Kate are expecting their 2nd baby, so is Bex's midwife.  Sadly, Bex's midwife has moved to the USA for about 5 years... so Bex has to find a new one for their 2nd baby. 

I'm sure they will find a nice one.

Right, gunna go make me bed, can't have the Sky person see me bed unmade!


The Sky man arrived bang on 8.30 am!  And he's now busy putting in cable... ya I should be watching Sky while sewing by lunchtime.

I'm feeling rather sick this morning, and I've already had 4 hot flushes since getting out of bed.

BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION.  It can only be that.  Damn and blast it, that's why I stopped taking it a few months ago.  Now I HAVE to be on it cos of me very high blood pressure, and I suppose I will have to just put up with the side effects.

Who wants to wake up every morning feeling sick?  Grrrrrr.  If I was pregnant I wouldn't mind... but we all know that is never gunna happen again!

What can I say about today so far?  I've felt ill for hours.  And done nothing at all.  Fell asleep.  Woke up.  Felt like shit and so just kept still watching some mindless TV.  

It's now time to sort out dinner and make some moves towards actually doing something with the day!

And the worst thing?   Diet Coke tastes revolting today. Like soapy water, with fizz.  Ikkkk.

First time ever, I'm cooking a vegetable quiche to go with dinner tonight.  Bet that thrills Stew muchly!  *evil smiles*  

KAREN:  The only comments that get through un-moderated are on posts up to 4 days old, after that they have to be moderated.  So all spam goes to the moderation folder or Spam.  I then go through them and delete them or publish if it's a genuine comment.
It's working great.

Oh and KAREN, let me know if you get the comment I put on your blog, it came back as a 'permanent failure' to deliver to you.

BIG FRIGHT just now.  Got a phone call from Dog Control.  Some one down the road had found our dogs roaming!!!
I'm like ... WHAT?  HOW?   

Then I remembered the Sky man had been here, and he used the side gates.
Anyway, after firstly going to the wrong road, I found them and brought them home.
Coco looks so guilty!  Teddy just follows her, he wouldn't run away on his own, he's a sookie la la.

All well that ends well ... though I will be double checking the gates from now on when someone else comes on our property!

Dinner is smelling rather nice I must say.

My vege quiche went down really well!  Even Griffin (who hates veges) ate the lot.  And Stew too, he's not too keen on most veges either.
So, success all round.

End of Day:  only starting to feel a bit better now, and it's after 10 pm.  I hope tomorrow is better, or I'm going to be pretty crabby.
nite nite

Monday, September 08, 2014


Something clicked in me head over the weekend, and I came to the realisation that I have been dicking around for YEARS, constantly 'wanting' to lose weight, but never sticking to anything for long.

Well... guess what?

I'm feeling really confident that I am, (AGAIN), in the right frame of mind to do something constructive about me body.

I don't want to stay on this bloody merry-go-round.  I want off.

I want  no! ... I AM going to get back to counting points, using all that I learnt years ago from Weight Watchers to help me lose at least 15 - 20 kilos by CHRISTMAS.  I can do it.  I am going to do it.

Then next year I will lose another 10 - 15 kilos to bring me back to something near my own personal goal.  

A goal that is achievable and maintainable for me.   I'm rearing to go.

KAREN JONES:  I have given it some thought already, and I will be loading my sewing machine into the bag, wheeling it out to me car and putting it in, then I will have everything else in another bag until I get to the class, where I will then load it into the sewing machine bag once I've lifted it out of the car.  Reversing that when I leave the class and come home.

So, I will not be lifting the bag with EVERYTHING in it, in and out of me car.  Clever thinking?  Yep.

Today?  I plan on doing some housework (which is exercise), then some sewing.

After lunch I shall be going to do my shift at the Hospice Shop.  

ABOVE: This is what I have planned for this piece of fabric.  I'm making it into a hanging for me garage internal door.  Men can have 'Man Caves'... so I can have a Woman Cave!  Yeah.
Right, time to go and start the day, so, until later....

Well its a lovely day at the shop. A lady just brought in a box a chocolates as a thank you. Awwww and I cant have any... cos I'm being good!

Yikes! I've managed to get heaps of stuff today. .... will show you when I get home.

HI!  Home after a busy afternoon, with good sales.  It sure makes the afternoon go faster like that.

I went a little nuts today:

 ABOVE: lots and lots of plastic ware for Bex and some lovely treasures for me.

ABOVE:  Dante in this little thing that is supposed to be for an infant to lie in during summer, to keep the insects off it.
I'm going to use it to keep flies off our picnics!

Dante lay in it for ages with his new plane...

Luckily I managed to steal it off him and fold it up. It's going to stay in me car until we use it in summer.

End of Day: well I'm really sore tonight.  My back is not happy with me at all.  Something tells me tomorrow is going to be a quiet day.
nite nite