Wednesday, October 07, 2015


And the countdown begins!
60 days or so from now, Tallulah will have puppies!
Which means early December.

Yep, we will have puppies over Christmas, and they will be ready for new homes at the end of January... perfect timing.

People can go on holiday over summer, then come home and get a new puppy!

Let's hope it works out like that.  

Until then, I have plenty to do.  Come up with names for the pups... hmmmm.... I was thinking of tree names of boys and flower names for girls.  But there's plenty of time to change my mind.  Any suggestions welcomed.

Today I'm grooming/bathing Tallulah.  She smells ikkkk.   Being in season and then having Mac visit ... yeah... ikkkk.  

Not sure what else we will get up to.  I might get the kids to take Coco for a nice big walk.  Obviously Tallulah is still in seclusion... she could get jumped by any boy dog if she's out in public and we can't have that!

We want our pups to all be from Mac.  They will be purebreed Shih Tzu pups. (no papers)

You will have to get used to talk about puppies soon!  60 days... not that long!

Right, I shall bugger off and get some washing done and hung out... I did some yesterday and whoops!  It's still in the washing machine, I forgot about it.  *sigh*  I'm sure I'm not the only person who does that though.


Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Well I did say I had something different for today didn't I?

So... here it is! ...

ABOVE:  a 'VLOG' instead of words.
It's ages since I did one... I hope it's ok.  


1.27 pm:  well it's been a glorious day so far.
We have been to the mall and picked up some groceries, then we popped in to see Bex and the boys.
Dante loves seeing us which is lovely... lol, I'm sure Bex and Archer like seeing us too. *smiles*

Home now, and we have fed our faces and put the groceries away. Time to sit back and relax for a while before I sort out dinner.

6.19 pm:  EXCITING!  Mac is due in the next hour or two.  I've put Tallulah in the 'dining room' so she is confined and can't run too far away.  Hee hee.  

Not that she will keep running... but if she's anything like Coco, she will be super frisky and jumpy and hyper... Mac will have to work for it.  *lol*

I've also taken all the chairs out from around the table so there's less places to constrict access.

See, I think of everything.  Waiting... waiting...

Stew isn't home yet...hopefully he gets home in time to say 'Hi' to Paula and her hubby.

8.51 pm .... and Mac and his owners arrived and Mac tried to get on with the business seconds after arriving!  Only he didn't even bother to say 'Hello' to Tallulah, he just jumped her.  She told him off several times before she decided to behave.

It took quite a while for him to connect, but once he did they were locked together for AGES and AGES.  A really good mating, so fingers crossed we get lots of lovely puppies in early December.

End of Day:  a nice day... things went to plan so I'm happy.
nite nite

Monday, October 05, 2015


Stew has been doing 2-3 days a week in Hamilton for the past 2 months.
Today marks the start of his 'full time' job down there.

He has to commute daily from now on.
I really hope we can sell and move down there in the near future, so he doesn't get run down with all the commuting.

For me... it's the start of the second week of the school holidays.  The kids have been fantastic really... I'm not feeling the urge to throttle them... YET.

This is a good thing.  

My big job today is to bath the dogs and get them trimmed up a bit.  Not a full groom, just around their eyes mainly.

Tallulah got a 'girly' clip last night too.  She's so amazing, she's the only dog I've had who just lies still and let's me trim 'down there' without flinching!

Mac comes to visit her tomorrow night, so she needed to be 'presentable'... ha ha ha!
She got a brazillian, her choice... I'm sure. *smiles*

I have already worked out when her puppies will be due, and they are not even conceived yet!  I'm that excited, it seems like forever since we had puppies.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, then bath those two girls.


Wow, I didn't realise that I'd not done any updates all day!  I've been lazy!
The dogs are still not bathed.  I've done NOTHING.  A bit of a down day for me.  Feeling pointless.  Can't explain it really.  just down.

I'm going to get a beef stew on then bath Coco.  I will leave Tallulah till after Mac has been.

End of Day:  well a shitty day really... for no reason either.  Just was.
I've got something different for tomorrow...
nite nite

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Every Sunday I hope it will be the last Open Home we have to go through.
*sigh*.... maybe today will be?

IN the meantime, there's all the prep to be done.
Luckily there's just the 'usual' to do now.

Plus... I have to pick up my girlfriend from the airport too.  It's going to be lovely to see her again, it's been about 10 months since I saw her last.

So... anyway, I better get a move on and get everything done, and get a loaf of bread ready to go too.  Hmmm... Herb?  Or Fruit?  Decisions, decisions.


3.29 pm:  and we won't be selling our house this week.  Only two groups through today's Open Home.  Neither interested.

Never mind.  The house is clean and tidy!

And we have fresh hot bread to eat.

My friend Chris D arrived safe and sound, and she brought up with her the two bedside lamps I'd bought some months ago.

I'm thrilled with them:

 ABOVE: how cute is that?

 ABOVE:  they are shorter than the lamps I had there previously, and of course they are nautically inspired.
♥Love♥ them.

ABOVE:  here's Chris D relaxing, playing on her tablet.  She's addicted to jigsaws like me... she's the Tart who got me hooked on them!

She flies out later this evening ... 12 hours on a plane to Los Angeles with a 2 hours stop over there. Then a 10 hour flight to Heathrow, with a 3.5 hours stop over there, then a 1 hour flight to Newcastle, then a 45 minute taxi drive to Hartlepool!  So all up... about 35 hours travelling and hanging around waiting for connections.  

She's gunna be exhausted when she gets there.
But, she's got 3 weeks there, so she will be fine.

She's going to be watching one rugby game while she's there, the All Blacks Vs Tonga.  Stew is jealous!

So... that's our day so far.  Stew has gone into work to pack up his desk. Tomorrow he starts in Hamilton full time.  

End of Day:  a lovely day because I got to see one of my very best friends.  I hope she has a fabulous time on holiday and has safe travels.
nite nite

Saturday, October 03, 2015


Soooo.... it's finally the weekend again.
This past week has gone really SLOW for a change!

Today we are going to Sylvia Park so Brylee and get a cover for her phone, and I have to get my prescriptions filled, forgot yesterday.

There is actually heaps of housework to get done today too.... we have another Open Home tomorrow.  
It's now been almost 3 months since we went on the market, and stuff around the house has to be done all over again... dusting, window sills, cupboard fronts wiped down, etc... like a mini spring clean all over again.  

The other thing I want to do this weekend is get stuff sorted for puppies.  I know they are not even 'on the way' yet, but there is just stuff I know I have to prepare.  I'm lucky, so lucky, that I didn't put the whelping pen into storage!  But I don't know if I have the locking pins for it here!  We may have to make new ones.
Also, there's woolen blankets to be found... I'm sure they are in storage so may have to pick up some more from the Hospice shop.

Mac is coming over on Tuesday night to do the 'deed'.  I hope Tallulah cooperates! Knowing how it goes, I'm sure it will happen after some serious flirting and teasing!  Can't wait!

Here's a few photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  we got a small cake, so we couldn't pig out on it!
Sadly, Bex missed out on any.  lol

I was taking photos of Dante, and he cracked a shit and said "NO PHOTOS!" and covered his face.  So I told him I was taking a photo of the clock on the wall behind him.

He seemed to believe me for a few seconds ...then he gave me this look:

 ABOVE:  Yeah.  He didn't believe me!  But he knows he can't win... his grandma is a paparazzi! 

 ABOVE:  Stew with 3 of his grandsons.  (Griffin may be our 'son'... but he's also our grandson at the end of the day)

ABOVE:  Dante adores his baby brother... it's so gorgeous to see. 

Right, I am off to get the day started...


2.55 pm:  and we have had a busy day so far.
After Stew had watched the All Blacks play against Georgia in the World Cup (and win), we went to Sylvia Park for lunch and a wander around.

Brylee got a cover for her phone, Griffin got a new PS Vita game and we got a couple more pieces of Britto.  It wasn't on my list, but as they were Anniversary pieces, and not necessarily available at a later date, we got them today.

We also met up with Bex and the boys for lunch.

 ABOVE:  Today we got the little Minnie, we already had Mickey.  These two are a different size from all the rest, kinda mid-sized.  They are both adorable.

 ABOVE:  A larger Pluto... he's one of the Anniversary pieces and I've only seen one other, so we grabbed him while we could.

ABOVE:  It won't be long before I have to investigate getting a larger display cabinet for all our Britto!  

Stew has done a few of the odd jobs around the house before tomorrow's Open Home.
I won't have as much time tomorrow as I am going out to the airport to pick up my girlfriend Chris D (SEE... I haven't forgotten Chris!).
She is en route to England on holiday... lucky Tart.

She will be spending a few hours with us until her connecting flight out.

End of Day: finished the day with a few more jobs before tomorrow's Open.  Watched some mindless TV, shit there's bugger all on a Saturday night!  You would think with all the channels we can get now days there would be something worth watching!  Pfffft.
nite nite

Friday, October 02, 2015


Our first 'bonus baby' turns 15 today!  I can hardly believe she is that old.
Time has literally flown by, before we know it she will be leaving home, all grown up and ready to take on the world.

We  have only got her one present to open this morning.  It's something she's wanted for quite a while now, and something I've always said 'NO' to.

But... she is getting old enough to be responsible with....  A MOBILE PHONE.  

We can't wait to see her face when she gets it.
I am expecting a scream and tears.  Seriously.


If I can I will get her reaction on video or a photo or two.   Later on today I will take her shopping so she can get a top up card and a phone cover or what have you.  I'm sure she will love that.

First up for today, after Bry opens her present, I will be going to the Drs to get my latest Diabetes results.  I'm not too sure how that will go.  I've been inconsistent with my diet and exercise these past 3 months.


11.21 am:  finally got the video loaded of Brylee opening her present...


ABOVE:  I think she was rather happy with her present, don't you?

AFTER that... we went to the Drs, where I found out my blood sugar levels have gone up by 5 points.  Not happy, but I know why.  So, I will get it back on track over the next 3 months and get a better reading next time.

We went down to the mall where Brylee got a top up card for her phone, and we bought a cake and came home. 

Now she's taking photos left, right and centre... and is texting key family members so she's got them on her contacts list.

If you are not text'd by her... means ya ain't gunna be added to her contacts.  Simple.

Well... Brylee has been on her phone SO MUCH today, texting and getting texts from family that it got a flat battery after half a day!
Rather funny.

It's bound to be less hectic tomorrow.

Steve, Bex and the boys came over after dinner, Steve helped set up Brylee's phone, ring tones etc, so she's all set up now.

End of Day: well it's been a lovely day!  Thanks for the lovely Birthday wishes for our girl!  Yes she is a gorgeous girl, thanks.  *smiles*
nite nite

Thursday, October 01, 2015


So after moaning about being a lonely sad sack... Lynda decided to pop in to visit me today.
Ain't that nice... I expect her late morning for a cuppa tea.

Fook... I better make sure I actually HAVE some TEA.  It's a leafy brew right?  In bags?
Shit it's forever since I made a cuppa tea!

Same with coffee in this house, we simply don't drink either of them.

OH hold on... Stewy drinks a herbal tea every now and then... AT WORK.  *smiles*

So anyway, I've got that to look forward to today.

Before she gets here I have some washing to do, some tidying in the garage, bla bla bla.

AND OMG it's friggin OCTOBER already!


12.41 pm:  and Lynda has been and gone.  It was lovely to have a good old gass bag!
She's off to the beach lucky tart.

Me?  I might just be getting on the net to join an internet site that allows me to watch Coronation Street, right up to now, live in the UK.  

We are at least 18 months behind here.  It will give me something to do for a while if I'm catching up on my favourite TV programme.

Brylee finally got up... at 12 midday!  WOW, teenagers eh?
Griffin got up only an hour before that, and fed himself bacon and eggs on toast.  I'm sure his belly woke him up.  *smiles*

Murphy's Law:  I've decided to breed Tallulah.
If I don't, knowing our luck we will still be here in 4 months, and I could have bred her anyway.
IF we do sell the house while she's pregnant or with pups, I will deal with it.
I need SOMETHING to do!  Looking after puppies will give me a welcome distraction.

So, I will be talking to Mac's owner tonight to arrange a 'date'... probably Monday or Tuesday night next week.

Fresh from Bex:

ABOVE:  A smiling wee Archer.  Doesn't he just melt this Grandma's heart.  Thank god I will never have to fear them being taken away from me.

9.27 pm:  quietly been going nuts this afternoon/evening.  Trying to get SKYPE to work on my laptop/pc.  GRRRRrrrrr.  Finally worked it out with Steve's help from over the phone... and now I THINK it works!
We were able to Skype 'talk' and video with Steve, Bex and Dante after hours of frustration.

It seems to be working now, and I seem to know how to make it work, which is even better!

Hoping now to be able to do the same with other family and friends.

End of Day:  a fairly nice day.  Got bugger all exercise though, seem to have been on my computer all day!
nite nite

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Feel the need to use pictures.

I put my hands in the air... and say I DO CARE.
But... because there is obviously nothing I can do right now... I quit.  I just don't have the emotional strength right now for battle.

FAMILY should always come first, and that is what I have always tried to do.  But not to our detriment any more, that is why I quit ... for now. 

OH and a leopard MIGHT SAY they want to change their spots, but I know our leopard too well to believe it.  

Today?  Quiet contemplation?  Like HELL.
I might just take the kids to the movies... them, not me.  I don't think my stomach could stand or resist the smell of fresh popcorn, ice creams and lollies!

I shall walk around the mall on me pat malone I suppose.
Or I could go look at fabric?  Now that's an idea!


Well it looks like the kids will be at the movies at lunchtime ... so I can wander around Sylvia Park for a couple of hours on my own.  Nice.

I'm sure that will do my mood some good.

Sitting in a mall... surrounded by people, never felt so alone.

Mind is going around in circles. Only good thing on my mind?

I can't wait for the latest gullible sucker to get shat on. Time is on my side... and insider knowledge.

3.12 pm:  home again.  The kids loved the movie they saw, glad they had a nice time.
Loaded them up with lollies, ice creams and drinks so they were happy.

I'm happy to be home ... can put me feet up in comfort for a while.  Then it will be time to get dinner sorted for Stew and the kids.  He will be late home as he's in Hamilton.

Gives me time to get something out of the freezer!

Heard this song while out today, fell in love with it:

End of Day:  well a long afternoon spent doing bugger all!
Which I liked.  Stew got home from Hamilton safely, just in time for dinner.  I timed that right!
Steps for the last few days have been up around 7-8,000 so doing well there.  Shakes are going well too, I actually like them!
nite nite

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So last night's dinner and cake was a 'deliberate blimp' in my renewed diet.

It wasn't worth it.

The cake:

ABOVE: My very amateurish decorating effort!  It was a white chocolate mud cake.  The cake itself was so dense it was BLOODY AWFUL!  I won't be buying it again.
The icing was nice ... *smiles*  First sweet thing in days.

Won't be having any more though.  It's not worth the ikk feeling afterwards.

ABOVE: My roasted seeds.... I added about a dessertspoon of butter and some salt at the end.  They taste just as good as the ones I bought at the market, but cost 1/4 of the price.  I think I made as much as what I'd bought at the market too, so a good comparison.

I feel like I'm forgetting something today... but damned if I can remember what?  I hope it wasn't important.  *yikes*

Today I'm going to chill... the kids are perfectly happy just playing on the XBox or with the dogs... so they are easy care.
They kinda know better than to annoy me anyway!  I dish out 'consequences' pretty fast!

I'm not a nice mother.  I have very little tolerance now days.  Maybe one day when I no longer have to raise kids fill time, tolerance will come back?

All I know for sure is, I love them, but can't wait till they leave home!  It will be AMAZING to one day have NO KIDS living at home.

36 and a half years of non-stop child raising is more than the average woman has to do ... right?  And let's be real... B & G are still a few years off leaving home, so by the time they do it will probably be 40+ years!

Right... enough of that... I am going to get the housework done, then find something relaxing to do.  Maybe some sewing?


TRACY: Oh wouldn't that be amazing!  Can't afford it sadly.

OMG I had the WORST time ever this morning trying to brush out my wet hair.  Don't quite know why, but by the time I got it done I was OVER my long hair.

I've made an appointment for a haircut this afternoon.  I am getting it cut off.

NOT all of it, or short ... just a good few inches.
Summer is coming and having really long hair is just going to make it worse heat wise.

ABOVE:  BEFORE the cut.
We are leaving shortly for the mall...

Ha ha!  they didn't want to do it!  They are so used to me saying 'Don't cut too much off !', I think they were scared to do it.

But... in the end we compromised and I still have some taken off, just not QUITE as much as I planned.  

Its in much better condition now, all the scraggly ends are gone.

ABOVE: you can't tell in this photo, but I had quite a bit of shaping done around the front, so the shortest bit is just under my triple chins.  *smiles*

I might get Brylee to curl it for me, so I can see how it looks curled at this length.  I'm thinking it will look WAY shorter curled.

End of Day:  OMG fuming again.  Why do I let 'stuff' get me so riled up?  I wish I could switch off being a mother/grandmother for oh.... a year would be nice.  Fat chance.
Going to bed.
nite nite

Monday, September 28, 2015


Today, 30 years ago... Stew and I met.

We met at the Mercury Bay Rugby Clubrooms, where he was attending a Women's Netball evening.  He was their coach.

I went with a lady I'd met through Playcentre, and she introduced Stew to me that night.

It was the first night I had gone out since leaving my first husband, and I wasn't remotely interesting in meeting any guys at all.
I was sure I would be a solo mother of 4 kids forever.

Not so.  Stew and I hit it off immediately, even though the first words I ever said to him were:  "I'm a solo mother with 4 kids, don't get interested!"  

He got interested. 

The rest is history.  We are now 30 years on from that day, and I still love him as much now as I did then.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DARLING, I love you with all my heart.


I'm going out.
It's time for my quarterly blood test, to be followed up with a visit to the Diabetes nurse later on in the week for results.
I also need to talk to her about all the medications I'm on, that may not be necessary while I'm doing the Optifast.

It says on the Optifast info sheet that metformin, blood pressure and cholesterole lowering medications might not need to be taken while on it, and I'm taking all of those medications.  So, worth asking about I think.

It's finally getting warmer, so I got into summer clothes... went to find some summer footwear... and bugger!
They are all in storage in Hamilton!
I didn't expect to still be here in summer.

So I shall be shopping for some summer shoes while we are out too.

AND A CAKE.  An Anniversary cake.  And I might just have a piece too.  Not every day you celebrate 30 years of being with the man you love.

2.22 pm:  And we were out much longer than  anticipated.  It took me AGES to find just the right cake.  We even tracked down a dedicated 'cake shop'... only they had NO CAKES! Just things to put on top of cakes.  Derrr.

We ended up getting a cake from the Cheesecake Shop. 

Here's a few photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  Griffin and Brylee, they are getting BIG!  Brylee will be 15 on Friday!

ABOVE: Dante getting ready to leap onto his Daddy.

 ABOVE:  And over he goes.  It was such fun watching them play.  

ABOVE:  Young Archer with his 'deer in the headlights' look.

 ABOVE:  Hmmm....

ABOVE:  Bex and Archer outside watching the kids play with their remote control cars.

 ABOVE: Dante was VERY good at crashing Brylee's car! Luckily it has big bumpers at the front, or it would have been ruined.
They are all laughing at Brylee as she ran after her car, trying to stop it crashing into the curb!

OK... these are my new summer slip ons:

 ABOVE: Very comfy, but I already have skin rubbed off my left big toe!  Might take a while to get used to wearing them. Feet are ugly things eh?

ABOVE:  I bought some seeds to dry roast my own.  This lot cost about $6.  If it works, it will be a quarter of the cost of what I got at the market on Saturday.  Fingers crossed I don't burn them.

End of Day:  well we  had a lovely dinner, followed by cake.
I'm stuffed!  Don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry though.  Feel ikkk now.
nite nite