Thursday, August 24, 2017


Dare I even suggest it?
But... I think I am on the mend.

I did not cough and vomit much at all last night!
I still slept in the lounge, so I didn't disturb Stew... maybe tonight I can finally get back into my bed!

Because I am feeling just that little bit better, I am going to get a couple of jobs done around the house.  Our kitchen floor is in a diabolical state!  Totally ikk.  So that is top of my list.

After that I will be working on my Fat Bottomed Girls banner for my front window.
There's a FBG group coming past my home tomorrow... I want it done by then!

So, no big plans...  but some for a change.

And that is all I have for now.  


Wednesday, August 23, 2017


But.... I have stirred some shit this week!

On Sunday night I got a phone call from one of the senior, long time members of the Cambridge Patchwork Group, 'S'.

That would be the group that I am considering leaving, as I don't enjoy being there at all.

Anyway... the reason for the phone call was that 'S' wanted me to send out a group email ... to... GET THIS... ask the members to think about, and bring their ideas to group on Monday morning, about how we can attract and KEEP new members!

And also, 'S' wanted to suggest the group offered classes and short courses to members, and new members, to make the group more attractive to everyone.

MY RADAR WENT UP.... and ummm... here was the PERFECT opportunity for me to use my own personal experience to point out how it feels to be a new person to the group!

So I did just that, in a nice way of course, but not leaving out how I felt in any way.
I said it was awful walking into that hall and literally being ignored by everyone, getting a perfunctory 'Hello' from some ladies, and being totally ignored by others!

I pointed out that I am sure any new ladies who have joined lately, and NOT come back have left for the same reason I was contemplating leaving.  The group offered me NOTHING, certainly not friendship!

I did say I thought offering classes was an excellent idea and might help bring new members in, and retain them.

Well... my email was read by all... and I got a few personal replies back.  All were supportive, some were saying they had felt the exact same way and so on.

I couldn't go to the Monday meeting, being sick and all.  So I don't know what went on, but I've been told my email caused quite a stir.

I got a report back from the 'pseudo' boss lady on Monday night.
In it she thanked me for bringing how I felt as a new member to their attention, and what they were going to be doing to try and rectify how new ladies felt.

For a start:

- They are appointing 5 mediators, people who new and existing members can talk to with any problems or issues.

- They are instigating a 'Buddy' system. 

- They are going to re-arrange the table settings so everyone is together and there are not clicky groups of existing friends who always sit together, excluding everyone else.

- They will be offering one big class a term, learning a new technique or a quilt, and some smaller demonstrations during the term too.

- They are considering going on Fabric trips... which is right up my alley!

So how is that!  Talk about a massively POSITIVE outcome.  I couldn't be happier, not just for myself, but for any and all new members.

OH and they sent me a 'Get Well' Card yesterday too!   That might have been a bit cheesy, particularly when they had all signed it!  I feel a bit guilty that I've stirrred them all up.

Now, what is today?
I'm losing track of time/days... what I'm supposed to be doing.
Oh hold on... I'm sick.  NOT doing anything!

This is such a weird feeling, actually staying home and taking it easy!  I must be really sick.
My new fashion accessory is a bowl and towel.  Such a good look.  

Particularly outside the school classroom!

Yeah just kidding.  I only take the towel to school.

ha ha ha!

On a more serious note... at around 12.20 am I started coughing and vomiting, and COULD NOT STOP for over 20 minutes.
AND I was getting sharp pains in my chest and weirdly, at the sides of my chest,  up by my armpits!  It was so scary I almost panicked.
I found some asthma medication I had from a couple of years ago, so took a couple of puffs of that... it seemed to help a little.
I'm going to the Doctor today though.
I don't want that to happen again!


After dropping the kids at school, I went down to the Dr's, with the view that I'd make an appointment for later in the day.
Nope, they saw me right there and then!
I had an ECG taken... which showed my heart was just fine.
The pains were caused by muscle spasms from all the vomiting, which is what I thought they would be from.
My blood pressure is up ... but not too bad.
The Dr has given me anti-nausea medication, to help with the vomiting... so that's great!
I might be able to eat something and have it stay down now.

I've still got a long way to go before the coughing subsides knowing my luck, but it's not like I'm not used to that.  I just hope I FEEL better soon so I can get back to my walking group.

I'm now going to try having something to eat, then have a nap.  Last night I got NO SLEEP at all.  I feel very woozy.

Had a good lunch, followed by an hour's nap.  Still feel like crap, but oh well...  shit happens.

Kids are home, the family room is a tip, Keera's happy though.
Stew is doing takeaways tonight, I'm just not up to cooking tonight.  I can hardly keep awake!

We had KFC for dinner, and so far I've kept mine down!  I even think I'm coughing less tonight.

We've had a quiet evening, no point trying to do much really.  I was going to do a little sewing, but nah, no energy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


At last night's Weight Watchers meeting, I won the 'Hamper' for the week.

We all take an item to add to the Hamper.  It can be fruit, vegetable, magazines, fresh produce like eggs and so on.

Then if we contribute to the hamper, we put our names in a jar and the 'winner' gets drawn at the end of the meeting.  

I got an amazing haul last night!

 ABOVE:  I might add, I had already put the one dozen home grown eggs in the fridge!  

ABOVE:  I forgot these photos from Sunday.  Keera really loves her Uncle and Aunty.... transitioning her to their care at the end of the year is going to be so easy!
She's already asking on an almost daily basis when is she going to live with her 'family'?

Today?  Not too sure.  But it will involve getting out of the house.  I want to get some new vege plants for the garden.  I'm thinking of putting in potatoes for this summer.
Lettuce?  Nah, they are a dime a dozen over summer.  I might do some tomatoes though, but NOT cherry tomatoes like last year.  It's a bit early for them yet though.

I spent the night in the lounge (again), finally getting to sleep just after 3 am.  So in all, I've had about 3 hours sleep.  This is NOT fun.  I'm over sleeping in a lounge chair!


Most frustratingly, I've not gone out after all.

After the school drop off, I came home and coughed, and coughed, and vomited, and coughed.... you get the drift... miserable.

I have managed to start a small, new project for the house... sort of.

It's a 'banner' to hang in the front window to cheer our Fat Bottomed Girls on when they are doing the section that passes our home.  Just something fun to do, and no stress involved.

I will show you when there's actually something to show, right now it's bits and bobs.

Wait for it.... Keera's teacher came out and spoke to me this afternoon. More when I get home.... on school run.

On the way home from school, I saw one of the Fat Bottomed Girls walking along the footpath, so I pulled over for a chat.  Ended up at her house being given cough remedy...that nearly killed me.  It's called 'Rocket Fuel'... OMG beyond STRONG.  Couldn't handle that shit.

But she did have some lovely lemon/honey drink from the supermarket, so I got that instead.

Now home... and on with my little story.

When I dropped Keera off at school this morning, just as she was about to enter the classroom she fell over on the concrete.  Luckily it was witnessed by others, cos I felt sure I would have got the blame otherwise.

Anyway, I was forced to enter the classroom to hand Keera over as she was crying.  The teacher took charge and I felt like I was 'dismissed'.

So, off I went home again. (I'm overly sensitive now of course)

We get to this afternoon.   I am sitting outside the classroom, all the other parents are INSIDE the classroom waiting for their little cherubs.

I don't feel welcome inside, and am not going to put myself in any situation likely to be construed as 'inappropriate' on school property.

Next thing I know, Keera and her teacher are at my side, Keera hugs and clings on to me... and her teacher sits on my other side.

I'm thinking... WHAT NOW???   She proceeds to tell me Keera has had her 5 week testing and she is being referred for further testing, as I have pointed out she is not picking up her words AT ALL.

All good.  Next thing I know, the teacher is starting to say how last week did not go as she had expected, and how sorry she was for how I was made to feel... and she hoped that we could re-establish a good working relationship for Keera's sake?  

Well.  I said yep, that's fine.  As long as we only discuss Keera and her schooling, as I was never going to be mortified like that again!

And with that I up and left.  I was about to damn well cry again if I had stayed a moment longer.

So, today was actually fairly positive.

I have been feeling like it was not worth continuing at that school for MY mental health.  Maybe it will get better now?

I have another 'thing' worth talking about... another controversy... but it can wait till tomorrow!  Let's just say... I am a bit of a shit stirrer... with a good motive though.

I tried going to 'bed' at around 10 pm.  You know .. actually in my bed, with blankets and a pillow... the whole shebang.
And all I did was cough, so pointless staying there and keeping Stew awake all night.
*sigh*, so it is back to the Lazy Boy armchair for me.

Much as I love our new lounge furniture, I am over sleeping in it!

But, that's where I am for the time being.

I heard from the Puppies human mother tonight... the surviving 5 pups are all doing well.  The mummy dog is still learning how to move around them, so is sitting on them a bit.  Luckily, her owners are with her 24/7 for the first two weeks of the pups lives... so all should be OK.
I can so remember how dreadfully tiring is was watching over puppies in those first couple of weeks, it's like having a new born of your own to look after!  And to think I want to do that again!   I must be nuts.  Or love puppies.

Lets go with loving puppies.  *smiles*

Monday, August 21, 2017


This should be my last week of feeling sick as a dog.
I am totally over this shit...  I want to get back to my walking!

Luckily there's been no new walks added to the list ... so far.  I've got 5 walks to catch up on, so not insurmountable.

I'd 'normally' be going to the Cambridge Patchwork Group this morning, but obviously I can't.  There's too many ladies there who really don't need to catch this bug.
I'd feel dreadful if I passed it on.

So, another stay at home day  for me... expect for dropping and picking the kids up from school.

On that note, I'm outta here... need panadol asap!


Our new puppy is due in the next day or two... Cuba has been showing some signs of early labor, digging and panting... so getting EXCITED!   Her owner is nervous as hell...her first litter.  Precious.  I can still remember how I felt when Coco was having her first litter too.

I can say with 100% experience that sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG in a Lazy Boy Recliner chair is very comfortable!

I tried getting to sleep in bed last night... but it was impossible.  I kept coughing till I threw up, so at midnight I came into the family room and settled into a chair.
And I finally stopped coughing and fell asleep at around 2 am.
Didn't wake up till 6, so yaa!  4 hours sleep.

My eyes feel like they have sand in them... and look even worse.  Not a good look I must say.

But.. BUT.... I think I don't feel quite so bad today!  Sure, I spent a good half an hour this morning coughing up phlegm and dry retching, but now?  I feel a bit better!  The end might be near.  lol

Dare I say it looks like it might be a nice day out there too?   It has been raining, but the sky is blue and the birds are chirping.  

THE PUPPIES ARE BORN!  And there's 3 girls and 3 boys.  'J' was only expecting 4!  Clearly the x-ray didn't show up the other two.  They are off to the vet's in a little while as there is a retained placenta that needs removing, other than that... all is well with the pups.

edit:  they got it wrong.  There's 4 boys and 2 girls.  The Mother dog is doing well now and all puppies have been examined by the vet and are all healthy too.

I've been in bed all day!  Slept too, so hopefully I am finally on the mend too.
Time to pick up the kids, so I'm off outta here.

As I was feeling a bit better this evening, I took myself off to my Cambridge Weight Watchers meeting.
It was a nice meeting, we learnt how to make sugar free sweets... which was actually jelly with gelatine added, and poured into little moulds.
Very nice, and if you add some fruit even better I reckon.

Home to a very distressing phone call from the new Puppy mother.  The smallest puppy, who's a true runt, is passing away.  I could only offer her comfort in the knowledge that these things happen, and she has done nothing wrong.  It's very upsetting that 'J' is having to go through this with her first ever litter.

Nature can be tough.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Sorry peeps, but it can't be helped.

I'm sick, so bugger all is going on here!

If I rest up again today, I'm hoping I will be OK to go on a scheduled walk tomorrow morning.

I'm leading it, so I don't want to let anyone down by having to cancel it.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me to improve HEAPS today.

I have no idea if Stew has any plans for the day... there was some talk about him taking Brylee into Hamilton to buy pjs?
I won't be going that's for sure.

Now that my sewing room is set up again, I might get going on my Christmas Bags again.  I have SO MANY to make!
I am loving making them... no stress, so quick and easy.  


We got a phone call from Steve this morning.  They are coming down to visit us today.
Can't wait.  We  haven't seen them in a while.
And as the Hamilton lot never visit, it's nice that at least THEY do.
I find it strange that others don't visit... we are only 20 minutes away!

Oh well... their choice I suppose.

I shall be sitting in me chair just taking it easy.  I've been awake since 4.18 am today... coughing, tossing and turning, snotting and sniffing.  Just peachy really.

I have absolutely NO ENERGY.. even just moving about the house is an effort.

I've requested I be taken off Leading the three walks I've got scheduled this week, there is no way I can do them.

Steve, Bex and the boys duly arrived late morning, and we have had a lovely day with them.
Though I must admit to taking myself off to two hours this afternoon for a little nap as I as struggling to stay awake.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex trying out the new couch.  They are the first to sit in it!  They like our new lounge suite, having not seen it before.

 ABOVE: Stew cooked beef nachos for dinner, Dante insisted all his 'hot beans' were removed before he ate his dinner.
I didn't have dinner as we had pizza for lunch and I'm simply not hungry.
Plus nachos are very rich and I don't think that would be nice coming back up again!

 ABOVE:  Dante and Keera turned the dining table into a playroom.  Actually ... the entire family room AND the lounge turned into playground central!  Toys everywhere.
But it is lovely to see the kids so happy, and Keera actually getting to play with her cousins so happily.

Steve, Bex and the boys left around 8 pm, so hopefully they are safely home by now.
I've just had some chicken soup and a piece of bread, even though I don't feel like eating, hunger pangs kicked in and made me feel ill... so hopefully I've got that under control now.

Off to bed soon.  

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Today I'm going to watch Stew dismantle Brylee's bed and move it into her new room.

I hope Stew can remember how to take it apart and put it back together!  It's the queen bed with the hydraulic lifting base.

Stew came home with this for me last night:

ABOVE:  It is from our friend Karen Jones, who lives in Wellington.  I think I saw it on her facebook or something, and said it was gorgeous.
Next thing ya know... it's mine!  There's some border fabric that came with it too... so that will be a lovely project to start soon.

Thanks so much Karen... you ROCK.

It's 4.35 am and I'm now sitting up in the lounge.  I woke up at 4 am and that was it.  Coughing, snotting, headache from hell, so no point staying in bed.
I've watched a couple of episodes of The Midwives on You Tube, had some toast and now I'm going to try and sleep again.  
In me chair.  Cos I don't want to wake Stew up by going back to bed. 

He's a really light sleeper and is bound to wake if I go back.


ABOVE:  I might need to start throwing out old 'tights' soon... cos they are not TIGHT any more.  AWESOME.

Awww man do I feel guilty.   Stew thought he could take the headboard off the bed and just slide the base from one room to the other.

There is no room at all to do that, so the poor man is having to dismantle the entire bed.  All because I can't stand the heat!

But, once it's done it won't need to be moved again.  I PROMISE!

I'm feeling marginally better right now.  Panadol Rapid is rather wonderful!  It certainly dulls the headache.

I had some toast for breakfast at around 6 am, then at 7 am I threw the lot up in a bout of coughing!  BLOODY WONDERFUL.

I swear my stomach muscles have a rapid fire trigger when it comes to coughing nowdays.

But I'm not complaining, cos right now I feel much better than I did last night!

Late afternoon and all the rooms have finally been finished.  Brylee is in her new bedroom, which used to be Griffins (lol), and my main sewing room is now in what used to be the spare bedroom.

I hope I don't feel the urge to move stuff around again... I don't think Stew would appreciate it somehow.

He's just fallen asleep in his lounge chair.  Poor man, he's cooking dinner too today. 

Pork chops, roast veges, stir fry veges and so on.  As I'm bloody hungry, I can't wait.

Dare I wake him up?  NAH.... better let him have an hour to so first.

Haven't seen Griffin bar a few minutes today!  He is in his 'man cave' yakking to friends via his Playstation or something.  We never see him unless we drag him out kicking and screaming!  lol

Got the cough, cough, vomit shit going on now.  So annoying.  I'll probably really enjoy my dinner, till it comes up again!

Stew made a wonderful dinner, followed by a little cheesecake and ice cream.  I had some of both... and so far it's stayed down!

Watching Coronation Street now, then bed.

Friday, August 18, 2017


I'm in a massive funk.  
Yesterday really upset me and now I just feel like staying home and hiding.

Funny how it's blown my self esteem to smithereens.

But of course, I can't stay home.  I've got to take the kids to school.

School.  Yep.  I will be going into Keera's school, handing my letter to her teacher then getting out of there as fast as I can.

God help them if they ambush me again this afternoon!  

For a start, I am NEVER giving them the chance to have a go at me again.  I'm saying NOTHING to anyone.

Unless I want to, and even then I shall be watching my potty mouth!

So... after taking the kids to school, I shall be coming home.

I have heaps to do ... mostly housework.

And as I've not had a walk in a few days thanks to my sore throat and cold, I will be getting on the treadmill and exercycle for some exercise.

I'm not game to go on a scheduled walk as I still don't feel well.  At least at home I can stop if I don't feel well enough to carry on.

I'm not going into Hamilton today either, I will skip Weight Watchers this week.  I just don't feel like going anywhere right now.


So I dropped the big kids off at school, then drove to Keera's school.  Then sat in the car until the last possible minute, then took her to her classroom.  I walked in, handed her teacher my letter, said goodbye to Keera and left.

THEN I shook like a leaf!  I'm utter rubbish at confrontation... can't handle it at all.
Give me emails/letters any day!

I hardly slept at all last night, so stressed out over this.  And my cold feels 10 times worse today, it feels like it's gone onto my chest now.  I'm starting to cough, and it hurts.
Dammit.  I so don't want to get really sick.

I spent a couple of hours in bed with the electric blanket on... didn't really help AT ALL.
But it made me realise no matter what I do today, I'm going to feel like crap.

So I got in the car, drove to Hamilton and weighed in at Weight Watchers.  I got there early so I wasn't around the babies who come to the meeting with their mums.

I lost .600 grams.  EXACTLY what I needed to get to 10% lost since I started here in Cambridge.  It's taken way longer than I ever anticipated, but hey!  I am slowly getting there... one hundred grams at a time if necessary.

ABOVE: This is the new 10% key ring.  Kinda pretty.  I shall put it away with my other one.
And now work on the next 10%.
I can do it... slow and steady.

I've just had some chicken soup, not because it's the 'traditional' I'M SICK FOOD, but because it was exactly what I felt like.
It's now warming up me belly nicely.

2 hours till I pick up Keera.  Still DREADING it.  But maybe the storm has blown over?  I can only hope so.  My letter was my 'Right of Reply'.  I hope they see that for what it is and leave it now.

And NO, I couldn't reply to the Principal yesterday as I was ambushed, blindsided and in shock.

Thank goodness! No one came near me at school, and the teacher sent Keera out to me as soon as she saw me.  So no drama today.

Home now and just chilling out... my head is pounding... it just won't go away!  Brylee will be cooking tonight.

The family had lamb rissoles and spaghetti/baked beans, typical 'Silly Bugger' Friday night dinner.
I managed a rissole.

My head is still pounding so I doubt I will be out of bed for much longer.  No way I'm staying up late to watch Coronation Street tonight!

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I know it's easily 8-10 weeks away yet, but I am in 'getting prepared' mode for our new puppy.

Yesterday I spent some time sorting out where/how to set up a puppy area in the garage, as a safe place to put him/her at bedtime, and when we are out and about.

ABOVE: There's Keera trying it out.  It has to be set up in such a way that Coco can still get outside, and we can still get to the areas of the garage we use too.  I think I've got it sorted perfectly.
Puppy will have plenty of room in there.

Another few days and I should get a phone call from Cuba's owner to let me know the puppies are here ... fingers crossed all goes well for her.

Now, back to today.
I've got a walk scheduled for 9.15 this morning.  I'm not leading this one, so I can relax and just enjoy it.
NOT that I don't enjoy leading walks too, but there is a little bit of added pressure to make sure it goes smoothly for everyone.

I'm definitely not feeling 100% today, my throat is still sore, my head is still foggy and so on, but I will take a good dollop of medication before heading out.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain, that might not help the head cold and throat.

But, it's only an hour or so, and then I can come home and jump into a good hot shower.  

After my walk, I will probably muck around in my sewing room(s).  I am going to move things around AGAIN... I'm finding it far too hot in my sewing work room... so am going to swap rooms with Brylee.  She is on the 'cold' side of the house, which will suit me better.

I will do as much as I can today and tomorrow, and leave the major moving to the guys on the weekend.

ABOVE:  How bloody typical that I have to move the contents of THREE rooms just because I can't stand the heat!   Grrrrr... I blame menopause for my misery.  
I don't have to move things out of the sewing 'work room' wardrobe though, so one less job.

Ok, time to get moving.... gotta get the kids off to school in an hour or so, then head straight to my walk meeting place.


7.27 am and I've decided it would be silly of me to go walking when I feel so bad. So it's going to be another stay at home day for me.
Rather that than make myself sicker.

So glad I stayed home.  Russell called in for morning tea, so I got to spend some time with him.  
He caught me moving furniture!  Nothing he's not see before, lol.

Once he left, I got back to moving a few things in the bedrooms.

It's now 1.45 pm and all that's left to move is Brylee's bed into her 'new' room, then I can put my sewing desk and two trestle tables into the new work room and it's done!  Well, apart from titivating.  There's always some of that to do!

I took one double door shelving unit out of the 2nd sewing room and put it in the garage, yaaa.  More storage in there now, and less clutter in the 2nd sewing room.

Keera has heaps of space too...  poor kid, this will be her 3rd 'bedroom' since she moved here!
It's just what her Grandma DOES.  Ask any of my kids.  I move shit ALL. THE. TIME.  

WOW.  Like just... wow.  I am an unfit parent/person by the sound of it.  My mouth got me in trouble.. I dared to refer to MYSELF as a 'bitch' at school yesterday... yep, it just slipped out... now there's obviously been a big conflab and I've been waylaid on my way into school today to be spoken to by the principal! 

Seems my language and behaviour???  has been noted and is not acceptable at THEIR  SCHOOL.

Seems Keera has been using 'innapropriate' language at school too. 

And get this, Keera's  feelings are being damaged by my language and behaviour too ... BY THEIR ACCOUNT.  Hmmmm... I wonder who 'talked' to our child and elicited all this 'information' ???  *sigh*

AND EXCUSE ME, but this child has not been in our care EXCLUSIVELY over the course of her life.  I/we are not the only people who have had an influence on her language and behaviour!  Just saying.

Yes I can and do use 'bad' words like, every five bloody minutes I'm sure!  But one thing I know for sure, Keera is loved, cared for and not ABUSED in any way/shape or form.

I am so tempted to never take her back there.

Seriously trying not to cry right now.  I'm totally offended and upset.

So, after talking this over with Stew and Steve, I have drafted a letter to give to Keera's teacher and Principal tomorrow.
It outlines how I felt about being blindsided and given no warning that I was about to be spoken to in such a manner.

That was wrong.  I am entitled to appropriate notice and the chance to have a support person with me in this sort of instance at the very least.

Stew is absolutely furious and would love a chance to bring up all the aspects that were totally wrong with how they went about 'talking' to me today, but he is waiting to see if there is a response to my letter first.

It would be in their best interests to let it lie now!

So, bring on tomorrow!  I'm nervous, but I am not going to let them think they can accuse me of being a bad parent/person and get away with it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well... after having a walk three days in a row, it's time for a rest.

And that is totally what I am going to do today.

What else can I yabber on about?

Not much!

'REST' will entail doing some housework and then some sewing.
I have totally finished 6 Christmas bags now, so will make a start on a few more today.  

I'm really enjoying making them.

The ladies at my Hamilton Patchwork group think the bags are lovely, and an excellent idea too.  Nice to get positive feedback from fellow sewers.  

Our new puppy is due to be born in about 6 more days!!!!!  I'm kinda excited, but not really looking forward to the 'puppy' phase to come!  Potty training... *sigh*

Right, I'm off to get the kids sorted and then to school, so I can come home and be a lazy tart.  *smiles*


I've woken up with the most horribly sore throat and a snotty nose.  Great.  I do believe I will be spending the morning (at least) in bed.  Hopefully I can get over it fast, there is no way I want to have a big halt to my walking schedule!

2.15 PM:  And my day has been blissfully lazy!  I told you I was feeling yuk, well some pain killers and a nap later and I'm feeling much better.

I can't believe how fast the day has gone, even while doing nothing!    In half an hour I am out to pick up kids from schools, then home to prepare dinner.

I'm just doing something easy with mince tonight, still not sure what though.

I spent a bit of time in the garage, working out where to put a puppy pen area, for when we get our puppy.  I think I've got it sussed out.

Also spent some time thinking about names.  As I don't know if I will be choosing a girl or boy puppy, I need to think of two names.

My mind really can't come up with much yet!
Forrest  and Tinker is it so far!  *sigh*
I suppose I will have to 'consult' with the family too.  

Right, enough mindless blitherings... I'm getting off the couch and moving.

The mince went back in the fridge and we had fish 'n' chips!  I just did not feel like cooking afterall.  All good, I didn't feel guilty at all.

The final of Master Chef is on tonight... 2.5 hours long!  Exciting!
Time to sign off.