Friday, April 18, 2014


The start of a wet Easter... perfectly normal for this part of the world I must say.  The weather has been shocking in parts of our country, lots of storm damage.  Today is expected to be nasty too.  I hope if you are travelling you take extra care on the roads.

We are all home today. We shall just chill at home no doubt, no point going out.  All the shops are closed and the weather is ikky. 

Here is the finished block that took me ALL DAY yesterday to get right:

ABOVE:  it was a right shit to get done.  I don't think I will be doing that pattern again!

ABOVE:  He has a snotty nose.  So, he can blow and wipe his own nose... clever wee man.  He now has to learn that it's not the best idea to put the rag in his gob afterwards.  

ABOVE:  Stew scored the basket from yet another client at his work. It was full of chocolates I think, but they got eaten by his colleagues.  So Stew bought more chocolates for us. 

ABOVE:  Dinner for Dante.  Messy business.

We pick up Miss Muppet tonight.  Then we shall have fun watching the two toddlers play together.  It's so lovely to see them together.

Right, I better go and feed the dogs... and do something productive.


BLONDIE:  Ahhh sounds like a good plan, stay in ya pj's girl!  It's lovely up here right now... we are supposed to be having thunder and lightening... but none to see.

It's now lunch time and we have done NOTHING all morning.  Really is a lazy day here.
I'm doing a bit of knitting, then later on I'm going to do some sewing I think.

What are YOU doing on this Easter Friday? 

BLONDIE:  Ahh NO. I'm not knitting covers for tree limbs!

Stew is heading out shortly to pick up Miss Keera, AFTER he's dished up dinner!  Yes, I get heaps of night's off cooking now days.  I'm rather lucky. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Well... I said I would show you how good Coco looks after her groom... so here she is:


ABOVE:  she's looking a bit worried about that kid being so close...

 ABOVE:  she shouldn't have been though, all he wanted to do was cuddle and kiss her.  He loves the dogs.

We don't let him get that close to Teddy though, Teddy does not like him very much, and does not have as much tolerance as Coco.  While I don't know if Teddy WOULD bite Dante, I'm not taking the chance.

We keep a very close eye on Teddy and Dante when they are in the same room.  It's just common sense eh?

Now, I made two more blocks last night, and have done about half of the next one too.

Remember the first three I did the other day?  All exclusively using that multi-coloured wool?  I didn't like them, so I unpicked them and will add the wool to new blocks, like that one on the right above.  It's much nicer mixed up with other colours.

LYNDA:  Nope, I'm not making a felted floor rug either.

Dumm... dee... dooo.  The list of 'guesses' is getting rather long!  And NO ONE has guessed right yet either.  Even the family don't know what I'm making!

It's fun reading all the ideas.  

It's the last day of Term 1 for the kids ... they now have all up, including Easter, a 17 day break from school.  Stew is taking a few days off too, so we have him home for 10 days.  I will enjoy that.


SUE:  No, Teddy isn't 'dangerous', but he has shown he does not appreciate being around young children.  He growls if the toddlers pull his hair or hold him ... so we are, of course, super careful that Dante and Keera are not left alone with him. 

More often than not, when the toddlers are up/around, we confine the dogs to a separate part of the house.  

It is always better to be aware, and not put a child OR Teddy in a potentially risky situation.  It is not fair to put Teddy in a risky situation either.

I have been in a situation where a dog has menaced me, and attacked the woman walking with me... so I am VERY afraid of dogs too... just not my own of course.

I am sorry you have been attacked by a dog Sue, and can totally understand why you are afraid of dogs!

Overnight and today we are getting battered with heavy rain and wind, it's the tail end of Cyclone Ita, which caused so much damage in Queensland, Australia and the Soloman Islands in the past 10 days or so. 

It certainly is the worst weather we have had this year I think.

Doesn't look good for a nice Easter Weekend that's for sure.

Oh well, we might just have to stay inside and ... um... sew and knit!  lol

I'm getting really crabby.  I'm knitting a particular pattern and it's just NOT working out!

I've unpicked it twice already, and the third attempt still isn't right.  Grrrr.
So much wasted time.

I'm not sure if I can be arsed doing it again... maybe I will move onto a different one?

Yep, might just do that.

At least the weather has cleared up a bit after such stormy weather this morning!  OMG I just realised it's almost 2 pm!   I have literally spent the past 3 hours on one stuffed up pattern.

I just checked the instructions I copied down for that pattern last night.

LESSON LEARNT.  Don't try writing down complicated patterns at midnight.  You can get it wrong.
So wrong.

At least now I know why it wasn't working.  DOH.

I.  Might. Give. It. Another. Go.  Cos I'm pig headed.

CHRISTINE:  that picture has been there for MONTHS!  lol

DEE: Ah not a bad idea, but NO.  I'm not making a swatch book either.  Yes, I am doing all different patterns, cos I like the challenge.

BELLA:  Brylee's skirt is staying exactly as it is right now.  She doesn't DESERVE to have it raised right now.  

When she can keep her fists and her smart mouth to herself at school,  I might reconsider shortening it for her.

CRANKY:  trust YOU to think of that.  And... NOPE.  Wrong again.

I just ruined dinner.  I was making a Teriyaki Chicken to put over rice.  But when I taste tested it... OMG!  REVOLTING!  I don't know what went wrong.
Steve is trying to resurrect it.  If he does and it's edible, kudos goes to him for saving it.

If it doesn't work, we are having crumbed sausages and veges 'n' rice for dinner.

It's not very often that I kill the dinner I must say.  But kill it I did.

End of Day:  Well... Steve managed to save the dinner.  So, crumbed sausages for tomorrow night's dinner then. *smiles*
It's been a quiet evening here, just watching telly and knitting.
nite nite

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Coco is going for her groom today.  She's a full month late getting her groom due to her being 'in season' for the past three weeks.

She looks DREADFUL too.   I will get a photo of her before she goes to the groomers, you will see for yourself how overgrown her coat is.
Thanks to Lacy giving her a thorough brushing last week, she's not all covered in knots at least.

The following looks burnt, but it wasn't.  It was delicious.

 ABOVE:  last night's dinner.  "Bob the Builder's Hammer Pie!"   Or in proper kitchen speak, mince and potatoe top pie, encased in pastry.
I hadn't made a pie in ages, and OMGosh it was lovely.

ABOVE: the two 'blocks' of knitting I made last night.  Rather cute I must say.  And NO, I'm not knitting a quilt.

Right, I'm outta here.  This morning I'm going to do a bit of sewing.  Knitting is going to be relegated to the evening, so I can sit in the lounge and be around the family, instead of down in the garage.


Yaaa!  It looks like I've found some of those 'spin pins' on Trade Me. 

ABOVE:  as promised... Coco pre-grooming.  It's a wonder she can even see!  Poor girl.

For the first time EVER... I got to take Dante out without his Mum.  Bex had a Playcentre meeting to attend, and I had to take Coco to the groomers, so Dante came with me.
And we had lots of fun!
Dante loved the pet shop, kept saying WOW non-stop.  He was so cute.

Then we went to Spotlight for a little bit more wool...

ABOVE:  photos tell the story.  *smiles*.   I totally LOVED the 'just him and me' time.

PETA:  Nope, not pot holders, and not a knee rug.  *smiles*

I did say none of you would guess!

End of Day: I've got two new knitted blocks to show you tomorrow, and a finish of Bex's too.
nite nite

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I grabbed some wool yesterday.  And I knitted it all up into these pieces, which are not slippers/socks/mug rugs or for a blanket:

 ABOVE:  IGNORE THE FOOT... it's Slutty Pants' foot.  Every time I tried to take a photo she stuck her bloody foot on me knitting.  Such a tart.  Oh, Slutty Pants is Bex btw.

Today I am meeting up with Lacy and Keera at the mall, cos we do Tuesdays together now.
I hope to buy a new computer printer.  (Kelly... yours died weeks ago.) 

And I am going to pick up me 'treasure' from the Hospice Shop too.   I remember putting a few things aside last week and forgot them yesterday!   

I also want to buy some more wool for my 'secret' project.  I'm not telling you what it is, cos it's gunna be a surprise.   No point guessing either, cos I really doubt anyone will get it right!  OH and there's the small consideration of if it works, and looks nice too.  Then  I will show you.  

Don't hold your breath either, cos it will take a while to make!

After spending a couple of hours with Lacy and Keera, we will pop back to my place to pick up some frozen dinners I've made for them, and then I'll take them home.
I'm not sure if Bex and Dante are spending the morning with us or not.  Time will tell I suppose.

ABOVE:  it didn't take this little man long to find the new mug rugs!  In the largest photo he is saying his new, favourite word... "WOW".  So cute, he goes around saying "WOW"  all the time.

It doesn't even matter if it's 'wow' worthy or not... he's gunna say it.  *smiles*

Saw this cool hair product on Pinterest last night, so will have a look for them when I'm out this morning... if I can't find any here... I may have to ask you, my cyber friends, if you have them in your country?

ABOVE: I totally want some!


I went to Spotlight with the intention of getting a couple more balls of wool.

ABOVE:  WHOOPS!  Wool... wool... 2 bags full!  I was rather chuffed with my wool purchase... and I told all and sundry as I left the shop too!  Wool, wool, 2 bags full!

It felt weird buying wool instead of fabric.  

PRETTY!  And now I can continue on with my kniting project.  Dumm dee doo...

End of Day:  Whoops again.  I've been busy today, took Lacy and bub home, came back, did some knitting, cooked a lovely dinner (photo tomorrow), did more knitting (photo tomorrow!) and now it's time for bed.
nite nite

Monday, April 14, 2014


I got those little mug rugs finished last night:

ABOVE:  I wonder how long they will stay there?  Dante is good at moving mug rugs and cushions around the place.

NOW:  I have a favour to ask of  my fellow Kiwi sewers.  I am making a 'map' of fabric shops in the North Island, so I know where to go if ever on a trip out of Auckland.

I do know of a few, but I bet there's plenty more I don't know about.

ABOVE:  I have put a map of the North Island on my sewing area wall... waiting for names and a string leading to each place pinned up.
I will put up all the Spotlight stores today.

Then I hope you girls will supply me with more names and places... please.

It's Monday, and a short week for the family.  It is Easter this weekend.
Stew is taking a few days off after Easter, so will have 10 days break all up.
That should be nice.

But, for now... housework before my shift at the Hospice Shop.


THANKS JUDITH.  You are the first reader to give me a name.  

I am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to MORE names of fabric shops people!

Slowly making my way through a few jobs this morning, before heading out.  I'd love to come home tonight to a massive list of fabric shops!  *hint* *hint.

I bought something at spotlight. ..

Guess what I am gunna do with it?

One down ....  any idea what I'm making???

As you can see, it was a bit quiet in the shop this afternoon.  I managed to get a bit of knitting done!
I have not knitted in ... shit... it must be something like 15 years!   Like riding a bike, one never forgets.

Thanks for all the fabric shop names and places.  I will get my map of places sorted out and up on the wall soon!  Yaaa.

I can smell the dinner Bex has cooking... minted lamb chops.  Yum yum... I hope she's giving me peas too... OMG I couldn't eat lamb chops without peas! lol

End of Day:  a nice day, got some knitting done!  No one has even come close to guessing what I'm doing.  I might at some point tell you.  lol
nite nite

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Last night I finally go back to some sewing.  I'm making half a dozen coasters for the lounge.

ABOVE:  these two are nearly finished.  Fiddly things, but cute.  And yes, the bottom one is upside down.  DOH.

Today?  Dunno.  Sewing no doubt.  I also might give felting a go, adding in some of Teddy's wool too.

Maybe Stew can think of something to do? Usually he just watches sport on the telly, unless there's some lawns needing mowing or weeding to do.  

I will come back later and report in... who knows, we might have found something more interesting to do?

I might even suggest we go for a walk down at the waterfront?  An ice cream on the beach might be nice if the weather is good.  I have no idea what our weather is supposed to be like today?

SHIT.  It's grocery day.  That just popped me balloon. 


It's a gorgeous day, so we are going to do the shopping soon.  
I suppose shopping on a nice sunny day is better than on a pissing down, wet day eh?
Trying to find positives.


For MONTHS and months we have not been able to use our range hood, or the power point behind the fridge.

 ABOVE:  So, we have been running an extension cord from the fridge to a power point on the bench.  And of course, couldn't use the range hood at all.

We had NO idea why, except that obviously there was an electrical problem with both those points.  

Today Steve climbed up into the attic area, and started ripping the insulation off the back wall of the kitchen, in the hope of finding out why we had no power to those switches.

ABOVE:  in the process of pulling all the insulation off, he saw all the electrical cables running into just one area of the kitchen wall... and he recognised and realised that they must come out on the other side at one point, a switchboard type point.

So he climbed down, came back into the kitchen and went right to the area he knew all those cables came out.... and he found...

ABOVE.... exactly where our 'PROBLEM' was!!!  

OMG, there were three switches for the fridge's power point, the range hood and the oven.  The power point switch and the range hood switch had been turned OFF.   
Clearly they must have been knocked off by accident months ago... 

ABOVE:  both now GO.  Talk about feeling like idiots.  We had been worried about having to get an electrician in to 'fix' it as some stage, at no little cost by the way.  

NOW?  Sorted.  Thanks Steve... our handyman.  (I want a new kitchen.... ta )

The groceries are bought, and put away.  It didn't feel quite such a mission today, even though the supermarket was packed.  We even had an ice cream too.  

Time to relax for a little while before heading downstairs to sew for a while before dinner.  Shit, just realised the time!  Where has the day gone?

End of Day:  well I got a bit of sewing in, Steve cooked dinner (pork chops with veges, homemade apple sauce)... lovely.
nite nite

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Here are some photos of Teddy from yesterday, after his groom:

 ABOVE: My stunning boy.

ABOVE:  Teddy: "Hi Dad. How was your day?"

 ABOVE:  Hmmm, what have you had for dinner then?  Let me check... tastes nice.

 ABOVE:  Giggling, that tickled me TEddy!

ABOVE:  Just perfecting me nonchalant look.  I do it so well.

ABOVE:  Yes, I am gorgeous.  And tired.  It was a long day at the 'salon', looking this good takes time people!

Needless to say, I am thrilled with how good Teddy looks.  Coco will get her groom next week, by then surely, her season will be over!

I nearly forgot.  I asked the groomer to save Teddy's hair for me.

I want to incorporate it into some felting project.  I know it sounds a bit weird, but hey, where does wool come from?   An animal, and last time I looked, Teddy was an animal too. Teddy's coat is very fluffy and thick, so I don't see why I can't use it.

ABOVE:  I have a really good amount from his coat too!  I think I will have a go at felting tomorrow.  I can't wait.

Today we are heading off to Royal Oak to check out those plastic food covers.  I have a feeling I will be coming home with a couple....


Shopping happened:

ABOVE:  we found the shop we were looking for.  It is for sale (the shop) so I grabbed all the food covers I wanted today.

ABOVE:  I'm pretty sure I've got all I need now.  Steve?  Crouching down so he wasn't in the food cover photo.  What a dick.  I got those two cute fish hooks in that shop too.

 ABOVE: Bex grabbed a few things too.  Including that cute little hammer shaped cookie cutter.

ABOVE:  Found this shop there too, but while it LOOKS like it's got heaps in it, it doesn't.  Particularly patchwork type fabric.  It had bugger all.  Disappointing. 

Home and it's lunchtime.  Steve is making us bacon and egg sandwiches.  YUM.

Elizabeth Marley:  I am sorry you are grossed out at the thought of me using Teddy's hair.  It has been cleaned.  

End of Day:  well a lovely day, and ended with some sewing, so all good.
nite nite

Friday, April 11, 2014


When Lacy and Keera were over here the other day I let them play with torches, and the toddlers had so much fun.

 ABOVE:  Having fun with Aunty Lacy.  Keera kept putting her little torch in her gob.  Typical toddler thing to do.  Dante couldn't do that with the torch he was playing with!  lol

ABOVE:  Last night I finished a new fireplace cloth... it's matching all the new cushions etc in the lounge.  I really love how pretty they are.

ABOVE:  Dante really loves the buttons.  He wanted to count them, but once on the other side of the fireguard, he didn't really want to be in there. 

One of the dogs is getting groomed today.  I will have to see where Coco is in relation to being in 'heat'.  She's on Day 19,  and two days ago was still clearly in season.  So, if she's still showing signs of being in season, Teddy will be groomed today. 

While I'm out, I plan on looking in the cheap $1 $2 $3 shops to see if any have some of those plastic food covers.  I want some more if I can find them.

Once I get home I want to make a few little mug rugs for the lounge.  I should be able to churn out a few today.


Well.. I have scoured all the Asian shops in both Sylvia Park and Manukau to no avail.  Nobody has them.  So, fingers crossed Stew can find out where his client got it from.

It is now lunchtime, I've been out all morning.  Teddy is at the groomers, and will be brought home by Stew.   That's great, one less trip out today.

LUNCHTIME!  Off to find food and then watch Home and Away.  OMG they better not kill off Brax!!!

FROGGY:  Yep.  The one Stew brought home was a large rectangular one, Brand name ElianWare, made in Malaysia.

NATALIE:  thanks for that, I have already found several of those Asian shops that stock ElianWare here, but none of them have those food covers.

I might try contacting the Malaysian manufacturer, but I'm guessing they will laugh at me if I ask them to send me two food covers!

AWESOME NEWS.  Stew has found out where to get the food covers from.  In a little Home Decor Shop in Royal Oak.  We are going there tomorrow. I can't wait!  

I am not drawn towards the fold up ones or one's like umbrellas, I love the solid plastic one!  And apparently there are different shapes and colours available too.  *squeals*

End of Day:  and as so often happens, I didn't get to do any sewing.  Best laid plans and all that.  It's been a very lazy afternoon just catching up on some TV programmes and chilling out.
nite nite.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


So.  Last night Lacy had the dogs.  She was going to de-knot Teddy, he had a few matted areas around his collar area.
Certainly not as bad as Coco was.  But I thought, rather than make her travel over here, I'd take him to her last night.

I took Coco too, so they wouldn't cry all night.
But ... maybe they did anyway?  Away from home and all that?

 ABOVE:  Teddy and Coco in the pen last night at Lacy's.   Spoilt little buggers.  Blankets AND cushions!

ABOVE:  it's hard to let a day go by without a few photos of our wee man Dante, so here's some happy snaps.

ABOVE:  Steve baked Chocolate/Caramel slice last night.  It's one of my favourite sweets at the moment.  Yum!

ABOVE:  we had visitors in the house last night.  We were hoping for some 'action' but no... neither was interested in the other.  Maybe he didn't want his head bitten off!  I'm sure in the top photo he's checking her out.  *smiles*

 Most years in the lead up to Easter, Stew and his staff are given hot cross buns from one of their clients.  Last year they were presented in a lovely cane basket, which I got to keep... 'cos I rather love baskets eh.

ABOVE:  This year... they arrived in this awesome plastic thing.  It's going to be awesome to cover food on the bench.  Yaaa.  Now I want to find out where I can get a couple more.  They will come in so handy!

Now, today.
I'm going over to Lacy's this morning to pick up the dogs.  I hope like hell they have been good for her.  If not, they won't be allowed to visit again.


Well... the dogs were VERY WELL behaved at Lacy's overnight.  That's great.
When I arrived to pick them up they went ape shit... barking, whining, crying!  Awww they loves me.
So, home we came.
And I've managed to do a little sewing, and now I'm taking time out for lunch.

Feeling more bright minded today.  Even though nothing has changed.  Just have to try and get over shit I can't change I suppose.  Easier said than done.

I was just reading the news online (as I do several times a day) and came upon this, and just HAD to share:

AMAZING.  Almost made me cry.  I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to 'share' it... and now that it's on me blog... I CAN'T GET IT OFF!  WHOOPS.

End of Day:  a nice day, sewing always cheers me up.  And Steve's Chocolate Caramel Slice was darn nice too.  Gave me heartburn though.  Sad.
nite nite