Thursday, August 25, 2016


I forgot a couple of photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  These flowers were in the Domain, and I would love to know what they are called.  They are so neat!

ABOVE:  Te Aroha Domain... behind it is a mountain range... but ya can't see it for the fog.  Yesterday there was fog everywhere.

It will probably be a foggy day today too.  Not that I care really, this is such a warm house!
I dreaded coming back to the Waikato due to it's shitty fogs, but I've not been very cold at all so far.

Now... Today.   Hmmmm.... I shall probably do the grocery shopping. I don't mind it so much now that I don't have to lug it up stairs anymore.  

And that is all I have for now.  Catch ya later.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016



What ya doing on this Hump Day?

I have a feeling I am going to be sewing today.

Because I worked on my Dresden Plate yesterday, today I am going to work on a UFO.

I've not decided which one yet...but you can be sure I will show you.  lol

Here's a mock up of how the new Dresden Plate block will look like:

ABOVE:  The photo was taken last night, so the colours of the blades are not the best.
What do you think?  Stew thinks it is lacking something... ???

I think I have to do a full block then have another look at it.  That half block isn't even stitched together yet.

So, that's me for the beginning of the day.
Off to get some washing on, then sew, sew, sew.


Slept on it... thought about it a lot... and tried this first thing this morning:

ABOVE:  This one has sparkly silver running through the fabric.

ABOVE:  What do you think now?  Or should I still try and find more contrasting colours for the fins?

If I went this way, I would have white sashings.

I am leaning towards the bottom one more than the top one.

And just for the hell of it... I'm now going to Te Aroha (under an hour away), to check out a fabric shop there!  


TINA:  Ahhhh mate, what pink?  There ain't no pink in it at all. *smiles*  edit:  seems the white looks pink to some people! I can assure you it's white though!

2.04 pm:  And I'm home from Te Aroha.  It was an easy drive, took me 45 minutes to get there.

I found the one and only fabric shop there, and bought 1 piece of fabric.  Sadly, they didn't have any to suit my Dresden Plate quilt.

ABOVE:  It's a very lovely, vibrant fabric! 

After that shop, I wandered the street.  Found a really awesome gift shop named ADDICTIONS.  I mentally spent a few thousand in there... but contained myself and only got 3 little things:

ABOVE:  A very sweet little bird melamine tray (cos... like.. I really need MORE melamine trays!), some cute flower earrings and a nautical tin box.  

After shopping modestly, I came home.  All is good here.   

OH!  Someone sent some lovely flowers, no idea who they are from, or even if they are meant for us!  They could be meant for the previous owners for all I know.

So, I rung the flower shop they came from, and hopefully when the florist gets back from lunch, I can find out who sent them.

The mystery of the flowers is solved.  As I suspected, Lacy bought them. 
I just asked the florist to describe the person who bought them! Lacy to a 'T'.  She owned up after I called her on it.  *smiles*

Silly girl shouldn't be spending money on flowers! 

ABOVE:  They are very pretty though.  Thank You Lacy.

So, did I get back to sewing?
No, no I did not!

Instead, I took everything out of the Britto Cabinet and anchored the cabinet to the wall.  It was a bit wobbly, and every time I looked at it I remembered it needed to be done.

So.  I did it.  And now everything is back in, and it's coming up to dinnertime.  We are having takeaways tonight.

After dinner I intend doing some sewing.

Well, we finally found an excellent fish 'n' chip place here in Cambridge.  The Queen Vic on Victoria Street.  Amazing hot dogs!  Lovely fresh fish and really lovely chips.

It's turned cooler tonight, so I'm snuggled under me blankie, waiting for The Midwives to start.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This morning I'm off to my 2nd patchwork class in Hamilton.
Looking forward to it heaps.

The ladies in this patchwork class go to lunch after the class, and they invited me last week, so I might just join them this week.  We can play ladies!  lol

While I'm out and about, I think Lacy is going to be in town too... sorting out stuff of her own.

I am going to return the 2nd dog muzzle after class.  I'm sure I can knock something up that will work to keep her from biting people and other dogs.  I hope.

So, that's all I have for now!  Catch ya later...


3.38 pm:  Class was nice this morning, I got quite a few blades sewn up.
No one was going to lunch today!  So I came home and prepared our dinner (Beef, bacon and tomato stew), then had some left overs for my lunch.

Now I'm happily watching Midsummer Murders on the TV!   Nice way to relax in the afternoon... though I should be doing something like housework!

Yeah.. NAH.

9.58 pm:  Well clearly it's been a very quiet afternoon!  Lacy has been out all day, and isn't home yet.
Hopefully she doesn't make any noise when she gets in... cos we are light sleepers.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Well... today I'm going to take some of the Dresden Plate blades I've cut out, and stitch their tops at class today.

I say 'class', but really it's just a hall where ladies meet and sew/yak and sometimes have demonstrations by other people.

I'm not sure I'm enjoying this 'class'.  But I will persever, if only because it's a way of intergrating myself into the community.

What else do I have on today?  NOTHING!
When I get home I will have lunch, then probably do some more cutting out of DP blades.  It's going to take days and days to cut out all I need!

I forgot to mention yesterday... the lady who served us in Acquisitions in the mall, and sold us the two new Britto Figurines, is an avid sewer like me.

She LOVED my Cute Bag (which I was using that day), so I gave her the link to find the pattern on my blog.  She was so thrilled!  It made my day.

Now I just need to make the best of this day... and try to enjoy the company at the class.  It's hard 'breaking' into a long standing, existing group though. 


2.14 pm:   And Hi!   Class today WAS much nicer than other days.  As you say, I just have to give it time.  I can't leave now anyway...

ABOVE:  I am now an 'official' member of the Cambridge Patchworkers.  *smiles*

After class I came home, picked up Tallulah and Lacy and we went into Hamilton to find the 'right' muzzle for Tallulah.

 ABOVE:  The poor girl... we will have to re-name her Hannibal!   The muzzle training has started as of today, so hopefully by the time next term's Dog Obedience training starts, she will be used to it. 

ABOVE:  Right now though, she has decided to pack a sad and go to sleep, with it on!  At least she's not fighting to get it off.

I've got WW's tonight, again, not expecting anything good.  Just NOT in the right groove.  But I shall keep trying, cos I ain't gunna give up again.

Well the muzzle lasted half an hour, then she pulled it off.  So, it's going back to the shop.  Darn.  I may have to try and make something that fits her super short snout myself.

8.52 pm:  WW tonight, I lost a stellar .100 grams!  Suppose it's better than another gain.

Enjoyed a lovely dinner of macaroni cheese with onion and polonies.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016


One of the ladies I go to Patchwork with here in Cambridge told me about an adult exercise circuit in the Domain, and yesterday we found it.

ABOVE:  It's actually a really good circuit too!

 ABOVE:  Marty, Jacqui, Joel and Griffin had fun on some of the equipment, that's for sure.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Also in the Domain is bowls, petanque, tennis courts, and I can't  remember what else!
It's a lovely park for sure.

 ABOVE:  I love taking photos of interesting trees.  There's something about how the branches twist and turn that I find lovely.

 ABOVE:  How's this for an interesting home?   It's opposite the Domain.  I really like it.  It sure has street appeal.  Makes my home look very staid and humble.

Too bad.  I love our home!  It's perfect for us.

 ABOVE:  We watched this hawk searching for his dinner.

ABOVE: Isn't it cool!  I'm quite proud of this photo!

NOW... today.

We are going into town (Hamilton) to do a few jobs.  Kids need some stationary.  I want to exchange the muzzle I got for Tallulah for one that fits her.

Can't think what else yet.... 


2.20 pm:  Well.. we got up, did a little housework then headed into town.

You know how we got a couple of new Britto figurines the other day eh?  Well that's because a new shipment just arrived in the country.

There were a couple of other ones we really liked, so.. ummm...

ABOVE:  We got them!  Now we are going to try and track down a Road Runner, to go with Wiley Coyote!  Hopefully there's one somewhere?

While out, we got Griffin some new shoes...

ABOVE:  Friggin size 15!  And on SALE, down from $300 to $180.  Still bloody expensive.  That boy better stop growing now!  It's really hard finding shoes that big.

After that we got some school stationary, and  had lunch at the Base then came home.
It's a stunningly gorgeous day out there!   And all I feel like doing is having a nap.  Might even do just that.  *smiles* 

Well... a nice day turned to custard fairly fast.

 Better sign off for the day before I say more.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Can you believe it?  There are no plans for the weekend!

Apart from NORMAL stuff around our home and section.

The start of many years of happy weekends here in Cambridge.

I know Stew wants to mow the lawns, and paint the Hobbit House... yeah.  I didn't get to it after all, this past week!

Procrastination.  Must be where some of the kids get it from.  ME.  *smiles*

I don't know where the week went really... it's flown by.

I shall be getting the end of week washing done today, before the weather goes to shit again.

Stew picked up something we had ordered months ago last night.

Our first 'Cambridge' Britto!  As in, the first we have bought since we got here...

 ABOVE:  We ordered them months ago!  They are gorgeous, Stew and I love them.

1.17 pm:  And we have done heaps this morning.
Stew has painted the Hobbit House, and mown the lawns.

I've got heaps of washing done and hung outside.  And lots of other little jobs around the house.  

ABOVE:  Head down, bum up!

We had visitors this afternoon.  Marty, Jacqui and their two kids.  It was neat to catch up... then we got dragged out to go for a walk.

So we walked around the local lake, very pretty it was too.  Followed the walk up with a Gelato ice cream.  YUM.

Said bye to our visitors just before dinner time.

Stew and I got all the washing in and are now watching the news on the TV.  Dinner tonight will be left overs from lunch, and anything else from the fridge.

Here's a few photos from today's walk, I will post a few more tomorrow...

 ABOVE:  Jacqui decided to have a run.  That's her in the red jacket.  She ran about 50 metres, and that was her run over!  lol

 ABOVE:  It's a lovely little lake, and there's several ways to walk around it.  Around the base or above on a footpath level with the road.  The lake is down in a natural gully.

ABOVE:  Walking around the little lake, named Te Ko Utu.  It's within the Domain, a stone's throw from the main shopping centre of town.

As it's the middle of winter, it wasn't as pretty as it could be.  I can't wait to see it in summer.

The trees will look much better with leaves.  *smiles*

Winding down for the evening now.  

Friday, August 19, 2016


*** FORWARD POST***, which means I wrote this last night.

I fully intend on staying in bed this morning till at least 9 am!

Yesterday was weird, I was SO TIRED all day, even though I had chosen to drive to Auckland and shop... I couldn't shake the tiredness at all.

At one point Lacy opened the car's windows to keep me awake!  And it was FREEZING.

There was a massive fog all the way till we got to the top of the Bombay hills.  Brrrrr.

So, I'm going to sleep in, and after that, I will decided what to do today.

Catch ya later.


WELL!  I slept in till 9.45 am!

***Earlier content edited... deleted in fact.  I will be deleting comments too.  Wasn't necessary on my part to bitch.

On the good side... I got my blood tests done today... only been 5 weeks since I was supposed to have them done.  The lady at the lab here was LOVELY.  She used a baby needle and I hardly felt it.  So relieved.

2.24 pm:  back from Hamilton.  Lacy has to get physiotherapy for her shoulder/neck... hopefully she gets back on some sort of benefit by next week, so she can get herself where she needs to be.  

I'm now going to have a little relax before doing something 'normal' about the house.  Like getting dinner sorted out, maybe getting some washing on... bla bla bla.

Grumpiness rubs off.  Feeling like crap now.  Wish I'd not said anything.  Going to delete earlier bits from today. 

Stew just got home... with something we have been waiting for.   Months of waiting in fact!
Will show you tomorrow what it is. 

For now... it's Friday night and Coronation Street will be on later!  Excellent.  Might even have a couple of tipples.  I feel like a tipple.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Today I am going on a little shopping trip.
To The Ribbon Rose in Auckland.

I would like to get my hands on enough of a certain fabric I got there a couple of weeks ago, so I can use it for the sashings of my next Dresden Plate Quilt.

I have not seen it anywhere else, so off to Auckland I go.  I hope they have enough of it!

Obviously while there I will try and visit Bex and the little boys.

I think Lacy will be coming with me, if she gets out of bed in time.

All going well I will be leaving just after the kids leave for school, and getting back just before they get home from school.

Ummm... I have a confession to make!  While out yesterday afternoon, I had to walk past the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  And in the front window lay three gorgeous platters.  I went in and bought them on the spot!

I mean... can you blame me?.....

 ABOVE:  FISH!  CRAYFISH!  Splashy platters. Just love them.  They are virtually brand new! The barcode stickers are still on the back, hardly damaged even.  I got them for about an 8th of the original price.  SCORE. 

ABOVE:  AND.... while there I spied this sad little piano stool.  So I got that too... I will give it a tidy up, new fabric on the top and find a place for it somewhere!  

So, some impulse shopping has slipped in.  WHOOPS!  I will try harder to give up impulse shopping. YES, really try hard.  *lol*

I better go.... 


Shopping is going very well. I got the fabric I wanted from Ribbon Rose, then I went over to Cushla's in Devonport and got a couple more metres of fabric to match what I already have for the quilt.

Now grabbing some lunch foe me then going to Bex's to visit. Lacy is there already.

5.18 pm:  What a neat day!  I got the fabric I really, really wanted for the sashings on my new Dresden Plate Quilt-to-be, AND 8 more contrasting fabrics for the Dresden Plates.

We didn't stay too long at Bex's as I was rather tired.  But it was lovely to see and play with the boys for a while.

 ABOVE:  I took along this card with a sample of all the fabrics I already have.  No way was I going to buy something I already had!  It worked perfectly.

 ABOVE: Today's haul.  5 from The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington, 2 from Cushla's in Devonport, and 2 from The Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  

ABOVE:  Oh and this one from The Ribbon Rose too!  What an awesome batik.  I can see it as a 'Cute Bag'.

NOW... I better get on with dinner.  We are having lamb patties wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven, accompanied by veges.
Should be nice.

Bloody tired as tonight.  So looking forward to bed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


First up for today, I have the electrician coming back to fix one of the light switches.  They replaced it but it's still not working.  I'm sure I won't get charged for it.  Thankfully.

Next: We are attending a funeral this afternoon.  Kelly's partner's Dad died from a heart attack.  Not looking forward to going, I find funerals very hard, having lost both my brothers and Dad in tragic circumstances.  But, sometimes ya just have to do these things.

And there's a couple of other things happening today, which I am not going to discuss here at all.  One is a timing sensitive thing, the other is troubling, but hopefully will turn out OK.

You know what that means.

So, it is going to be a busy day.  Some stress, but nothing I'm not sorta used to.  *sigh*
DAYS. OF. OUR. LIVES.  Yep yep yep.


4.01 pm:  Well I did say I'd be busy today eh?
 The electrician arrived 2 hours late. Slight Grrrr.

Then Stew got home and we grabbed a quick sandwich each before going to the funeral.
It wasn't as hard as I though it would be.  I usually get all choked up at funerals, but this time I didn't.  Quite a relief really as we will be going to another one in the foreseeable future sadly.

After the funeral, Stew went back to work and I went into town to get a few things.
Home just in time to open the house for Griffin, home from school.

I head out again in an hour to pick Brylee up from school, she's at Drama rehearsal.

Had good news from across the ditch today.  All is well.  Pepsi readers will know what that means.  Now I can relax.  Felt like I was holding my breath all day!

Stew has gone out for KFC... cos I just feel exhausted.  Was a bit stressed out last night/today.

Things can now get back to normal.  What am I saying?  WTF is normal around here?  OK... some days are normal... even boring!
Have 6 kids + 2 ... ahh nah, I don't recommend it.

This evening has been uneventful... which is perfectly normal.  Thank goodness.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Day trip ahead.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


First up for today... I'm a Fatty Boom Bah.  I gained 2 kilos in the past two weeks.
Too much comfort eating.

Getting cross or upset and boom!  I dive head first into the pantry.  I really have to get on top of that shit.

They say Diabetes is the 'silent killer'... and I don't want to be one of the unlucky ones who faces massive health issues in the next 10 years.

So, I'm going to knuckle down and REALLY try to cut out the crap.  And Stew!  STOP. BRINGING. HOME. CHOCOLATE. BISCUITS!!!

WE don't need them. 

Still on a health topic.  Lacy.  Has come home damaged.  Some bastard attacked her with a crow bar!
WTF?  She doesn't remember too much, sounds like she got knocked out.  I will be taking her to our Dr for a check up, just as soon as she gets herself enrolled at our medical clinic.  

She was seen at the hospital in Tauranga by the look of it, she had a hospital band on her wrist last night.

Today?  Meh.  Not sure.  It will depend on how Lacy is, if she needs to go to the Dr now, or later on in the week.

I'm tempted to just get on with painting the Hobbit House, and worry about the parts I can't reach later on.  Like, when Stew can do them.

Hopefully it's fine, but cloudy today.  Yesterday was really HOT in the sun!


Fuck, fuckity fuck!  Just remembered I have Patchwork Class in Hamilton at 10 this morning!
Here I was making all sorts of plans to get Lacy sorted.... it will all have to wait till this afternoon now.

I'm frantically running around getting my shit together for class.

I'll be back after class to yak some more.

1.11 pm:  Home from Hamilton Patchwork Class.
I LOVED IT.  Dare I say it? It was a much more friendly group of ladies.  And having it in the 'shop' meant I could buy more fabric for the new Dresden Plate Quilt.

ABOVE:  The class area, to the left is the shop area.  Donna has the most gorgeous bright/pretty fabrics.  Totally love so much in this shop.

While there, seriously, my bloody phone never stopped ringing, or receiving texts!
I even got a call from Victim Support!  For Lacy.
That was fun. NOT.

So anyway, now I'm home, I shall have lunch then go into my sewing room and cut more blades for the quilt.
Tomorrow, I work on a UFO.
Kinda decided to do alternate days of the new quilt, then UFO's.  
Works for me.

Cooking dinner, Lacy is in Hamilton visiting Keera.  It's quiet.  Peaceful even.  lol

***edited content... some things can't be put on here right now. 

LACY: Better things must happen for her eventually.
If she works hard on herself and her situation.  We can only do so much.  Like fatten her up!  *smiles*