Sunday, October 26, 2014


I slept in.  Till 9.30 in fact.
Steve and Bex fed the dogs for me too, which was lovely.

Today's plans?
Grocery shopping is top of the list.
We have my Aunt and Uncle coming for dinner tonight, so I want to cook something nice.

Just not sure what yet.  If I can get my hands on some pork belly I will do that, but somehow I doubt we will find any on a weekend.

I started work on a UFO last night, I am determined to get all of them finished by end of year.  In fact, there's not many left!

Anyway, this is what I'm working on again:

ABOVE:   The Beach Babes. I'd started doing the applique stitch around everything, then about 1/3rd of the way along I realised I'd not put the batting behind it.  I got really crabby because I'd have to go over it all again, so put it aside.

Last night I did the re-stitching, and it wasn't even that hard.  Derrrr.

I think I should be able to finish this little project in a day or two.

So... there ya go.  A post for the day, just late.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


While I was sewing last night, I got a text message from Steve.

Steve was up in the Family room I might add.  He sent me a photo of Tallulah.

I went upstairs and took my own photo, so I could show you:

 ABOVE:  Darling little Tallulah on Dante's little couch.  How cute is she?  She's even got her own toys there with her.  I'm sure if Dante was around he would have moved her off pretty quick!

 ABOVE:  She's so comfy there, it's tempting to go and get her a bed of her own.  It cracks me up when I get a photo with Patrick in it... he's such a laugh, photo bombing !

ABOVE: dinner time last night, and who rocks up?  Russell.  He was just in time for dinner.  Then he had a quick run on our treadmill before settling down for the night.  He's up for just the day, looking for a new car and hopefully to see his son Joshua too.

Right, I'm now going to get some washing on then sit down and start hand stitching the binding on that Wall Hanging.  That's going to take a couple of hours at !   I can watch, (or at least listen), to a few programmes taped on the tv.


So, it looks like Russell has found a new car, a Holden.   He's coming back up tomorrow to get it apparently.

I've started the hand stitching of the wall hanging and have done about a quarter of it already.

Now though, we are about to go out for lunch, and a look around Botany.  I want to show Stew the shop I've found Britto at.  There aren't many around! 

A nice shopping expedition/lunch.  We visited that shop in botany, and found one that was just opening today too.

I got a cute little anchor for the wall, and from another shop, some more flowers for the house.

ABOVE:  Pretty new flowers and anchor.  Dante seemed to think they were his, and we had a bit of an argument about it.  I won.

 ABOVE:  a very pretty corner now.

On our way home, I got a photo message from Bex:  
ABOVE:  *sigh*... only this son would do that!

End of Day:  well.. I got the wall hanging finished!  Now I just have to post it off to Judith.
Yaaaa.  On to the next project... which is a UFO.
nite nite

Friday, October 24, 2014


Last week went incredibly quick.
This week, not so much.
I'm hanging out for the weekend, cos I will get a sleep in at some point.
It's Labour Weekend here, so Monday is a public holiday, Stew will be home.  Nice.

Today I'm off to Patchwork class.  I've got to stop in at Spotlight and get batting and backing fabric for Judith's Wall Hanging too.
It's time to get it put together with the batting and backing fabric, then quilt it!
That's the fun bit, sorta.

Here's the top finished:

ABOVE: It's turned out a bit bigger than I anticipated.  I hope you like it Judith.

So, that's me for now.  Have a nice morning girls/boys, catch ya later.


Wow haven't I been quiet today?
I've been sewing.  All day.  I'm quilting the wall hanging... it's a long job and I don't expect to be finished for a few days at least.  Then I can bind it and send it off to it's owner.

That's all I have for now!  The kids are home, and once the men are home it's the start of the long weekend.

Dinner tonight is sausages with something easy, not sure what yet.

Oh well... what can I say?  Still sewing!!!  All day, all night too.

ABOVE:  Lucky I've got a biggish dining table.  All pinned out this morning, and as of now ( 11.45 pm) all sewn up.
I never expected to get so much done today, but I was on a roll.
Tomorrow all I have to do is hand stitch the binding down, add a strip of wood and string to the top and it's done!

End of day:  a long, productive day!  Very happy with my endeavours.  Oh and we had an unexpected visitor turn up for dinner.
nite nite

Thursday, October 23, 2014


At the school Brylee goes to, I can check her daily/class attendance on my computer.
She has missed lessons due to visiting the Councillor twice already this term.  
This is doing my head in.  Half the time it's someone else's drama that she's got herself involved in, and half the time it's drama she has created herself.

So, I'm going to try and get an appointment to see said Councillor today, to try and STOP Brylee being able to feed off her own drama, and lap up all the attention.

I'm bloody sick of it.

Teenagers.  Fuck they do my head in.  God help Griffin if he ever causes me this much crap.

It Wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't already raised 6 kids, been there, done that sort of shit.  *sigh*

I bet every parent who cradles their newborn in their arms never dreams of what's to come!

Nope, ya only think of having that cute, adorable baby.  

Guess what?  They don't stay like that.  Sadly.

OK... rant over.  I hope I can get to see this person today, while I'm all hot and crabby.  NOT crabby at this person btw, more at our drama queen Brylee.

In the meantime, I will be sewing.  Or blog reading.  One or the other is getting done today.


Well... I let my fingers do the 'walking' and rang the school.  Talked to the head of Brylee's House, he's a lovely chap.  We have talked often in fact.

He's on to it ... and is putting in place a plan to stop Brylee from going to the Guidance Councillor UNLESS it's actually important.

He's well aware of what she's been up to, causing problems in her new class it would appear.  He's not happy with her either. 

I wish we had other options for her schooling, but I fear all this shit would happen no matter where we sent her.

So, I'm still in me pj's... so I better go and get dressed and do something constructive.

I just bathed Teddy, in readiness for grooming him ... probably after lunch.  I smell of dog now.  Nice.  At least I'm not going out anywhere!

Off to do a bit of sewing now...

Got lots done this afternoon in the sewing room!  so happy.
The sun is still shining on the patio, so grooming Teddy is still to happen.

ABOVE:  Fatty boom baah before his groom.  All clean and fluffy.  And indignant that I blow dried him!  hee hee

ABOVE:  Groomed.  Not an excellent job, but good enough.  At least I haven't paid someone $70 to do a shit job, I did a shit job myself!  LOL... it's not very good I must admit.  But, I will get better at it I'm sure.

End of Day:  utterly shagged my back grooming the dog... and sewing for a few hours today too.
I keep meaning to work on some core exercises, to hopefully help me back, but I always find something else to do!
Typical procrastinator.
nite nite

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Well... after such a lovely day yesterday and all the excitement of the scan and presents....


Today is going to be NORMAL.

Maybe some blog reading too!

I am looking forward to doing some more on the Wall hanging for Judith... it's coming along so nice.

Stew asked me last night, how come in almost every photo of my Hospice 'Treasure', Dante is in it too?
Simple.  That kid loves seeing all my treasure, and he pours over it no matter what it is!  He's gunna be a shopaholic like his Grandma I reckon.
He appreciates treasure! *smiles*

NOW... What else?  Nothing I think!  

Actually, I just remembered.  I must draft and send off a letter to try and get off paying that parking fine!  They demand to be paid within 7 days of the notice, so I ain't got much time to get that letter in... before they slap a $30 penalty on top of the $60 dollar fine.
Bloody criminals charging that much!

I will be back later... 


It's later.
After feeding the dogs and putting them outside for a run around, I went back to bed.  I had a really shit sleep last night.
I woke at around 3 am and that was 'it' till about 6.
So.  Tired.

When I got up at 9.15, everyone had left.  The house is so quiet!

I've written that letter to the parking company, fingers crossed I don't have to pay!  

Now.... I'm going down to Spotlight to get some new flannels!  Our's are getting pretty manky, so some new one's will be nice.
I'm giving all the old one's to the Playcenter Bex and Dante go to.  They can use them apparently.

Forgive me Stewy for I have sinned.

I went out for flannels (face cloths).  But... ummm...  I didn't get any after all.

I got these:

ABOVE:  An Italian dinner setting to go with the two dishes I got from the Hospice Shop on Monday!  

ABOVE:  They were on SALE!  Massive price reduction, see?  They were just too pretty to leave there.  Sorry Darling, I know we didn't actually NEED a new dinner set. 

Well I haven't actually accomplished much this afternoon!   I had me lunch, then watched some telly... took all the Sale stickers off the dinner ware (what a shit job!).  And now I'm sorting out dinner.

Pork spare ribs with veges.  

Dinner was lovely!  I made apple sauce and whizzed it with me new kitchen whizz... it looked like store bought sauce.

I showed Steve my new dinner ware, he said it was "Fucken Hidious, like waves of shit rolling onto his food, and he's rather eat out of the dog's bowl".

Wait till I DO dish his dinner up in a dog's bowl.
Let's see him laugh then. 

End of Day:  Now I don't know if Stew even likes it.  Bloody men.
Well... I like it, and that's all that matters.
nite nite

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So.... it's me Birthday today.  I'm going to open my present a bit later on in the morning, after I get home from...


Steve, Bex, Dante and I are off first thing this morning to Botany for her first scan.
I get to see my next Grandbaby on my Birthday!

How utterly cool is that?  I'm thrilled to bits and can't wait to see him/her.

It's far too early to tell what gender baby is.  Everyone is hoping for a wee girl... I think it's a boy.

Time will tell of course.

ABOVE:  Teaching Dante to be in control of Teddy.  Once he can assert himself as 'superior' to the dog, Teddy will stop nipping him.  I hope.

More on my parking fine/infringement.
I got a fine yesterday for overstaying in the Warehouse carpark, even though I've parked there for over 18 months while working at the Hospice Shop.  Never had a problem, cos I had never seen a sign stating time limits before.

To prove the point:

ABOVE:  I got this photo off Google Earth, that's how the entrance to where I usually park looked for the past 18 months when I parked there.

I am going to take another photo today and show how it looks now.

As it's my BIRTHDAY, I'm hoping to HEAR from ALL of my kids today.  Hmmmm..... 5 managed to remember last year...

Right, I'm off to see the newest Grandbaby to be.


Our newest baby is a right wriggler!  So bloody cute... and so neat to see him/her today of all days.

I have a photo:

 ABOVE:  No # 13, cute little bugger.


 ABOVE:  Cute little Mini from Steve, Bex and Dante.

 ABOVE:  YES... it was a piece of Britto in the box!  Stew got me this darling teapot.  
Feeling very spoilt.

Kelly has given me two little fish she made and has 'shouted' Stew and I to dinner tonight.  We are going to Lonestar, I love their dinners.

ABOVE: My impressive Britto collection... Love all of them.  So bright and cheerful.

Finally for now... a little scan video:

ABOVE:  No # 13 at 12 weeks and 4 days.  Or thereabouts.

 ABOVE: There ya go, brand new sign... and I sure in hell didn't notice it yesterday!  If I had, I wouldn't have parked there ... that's for sure.
*sigh*, now to try and appeal the fine.  

ABOVE:  I dropped off three bar stools to the Hospice Shop, and got these two Italian serving dishes... fell in love with them.  The little one stacks into the bigger one.  How cool are they?

Stew and I are now heading out for dinner at Lonestar... I can't wait.  It's been a good long while since we were there.  I'm having their Hoover Hog, it's to die for.

Well... dinner was WONDERFUL!  We only had a main at the end of the day, as we know their mains are HUGE.  And wow, my pork was AMAZING!  I let the chef know just how much I enjoyed it too.  We opted not to have dessert cos we were too full!

It was lovely just chatting and enjoying our own company, and some day we will do it more often!

THANK YOU to everyone that wished me Happy Birthday, it helped make my day.  {{{HUGS}}}

Sadly, the one person I had hoped to hear from didn't bother.  

End of Day:  one of the nicest birthdays I've had in a while.
nite nite

Monday, October 20, 2014


When Steve baths Dante, it's bedlam.
He seems to think the more bubbles, the better.
I went to take a photo:

 ABOVE:  A bit hard to take just ONE photo eh!
Steve blew bubbles up into the air, and Dante jut loved it!

 ABOVE:  Who wouldn't love a Dad like this?

 ABOVE: His 'pose face' for Grandma.

 ABOVE: He loves his Daddy. 

 ABOVE:  I had a play with Black and White.   Pretty cool!

 ABOVE:  His scary, tired face.

ABOVE:  Innocent.  Perfect.  Our darling Dante.

I can never take too many photos of this kid.  It reminds me of the thousands I've taken of other grandkids when they are here too.

Today?  Pottering around the house doing a few odd jobs this morning, then after lunch I have Hospice Shop duty.

BLONDIE & SOL'S VIEW:  My nausea and so on has STOPPED.  I am wondering if I didn't have a long lasting tummy bug?
I just don't know.  I'm just thankful it's stopped.

I shall keep having a small breakfast I think, it does seem to help with my energy levels.  And I don't end up starving at lunchtime.

I KNOW I should have been having breakfast before, but life long habits are hard to break.

Right, I'm off to start my day... have a good one yourself... catch ya later.


 TO A CERTAIN PERSON: REALLY FUMING RIGHT NOW.  Just because YOU read this blog does NOT make you part of our family.  Keeping in touch does.  It HURTS that you choose to have nothing to do with us... that's HOW IT FEELS anyway.  I have cried many times over this.  I just don't usually put it on here.

Rest of rant deleted, cos it made me feel bad.

Whoop.... having fun at the shop today. Feels good to be here and not feel sick.

I have found some treasure too!

Sorry I've been so tardy getting back here this afternoon/evening.  I was just busy!
Today's treasure:

ABOVE:  a bunch of toys for the toy box...

ABOVE:  a really big train set!  I was very happy to get this lot for us.

Oh I also got a pair of black and white lounge pants for myself.  No photo.

I got a $60 parking fine today too!  I parked my car in exactly the same place I've parked it for the last 18 months, today?  A fine.  Bloody pissed off.  I'm going to appeal it of course, cos I just don't get it. 

It's part of The Warehouse's carpark... and I've never seen a parking sign where I park my car before.  Today?  There's a sign.  Grrrrr.

Bex cooked dinner tonight, humble sausages and veges, but it was rather nice.

End of Day:  a long day, will be happy to get to bed tonight for sure.

nite nite

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Soooo.... after getting lots of stuff out of the house yesterday, I decided to move the lounge/family/dining areas around a little:

 ABOVE:  Brylee, Bex and Dante helped moved all the food in the large display unit so we could move it from the lounge to the family room.

 ABOVE:  The dining table is now at the far end of the lounge, and I must say I really like it here.

 ABOVE: This pretty painted pot is so old... it used to be my egg bowl back in the days we lived in Hamilton.  That is at least 15 years ago!  I loved it when I bought it, and I still do.
I'm amazed I still have it considering how often we have moved.

ABOVE: Because I put the large display unit in the family room, I had to move the shell painting into the lounge.  I was worried it would be too big for the wall, but I think it looks just fine there.

The lighting isn't that good in the photo, but you get the gist.

ABOVE:  another progress shot of the wall hanging for Judith.  I spent 4 hours last night sewing the side sashings together and on!  
Now today I shall work on the bottom sashings.

Little Tallulah was quite interested in it.  She's so cute, even from an 'above' shot.

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day... hopefully I'll get a bit of sewing done, and maybe some blog reading too.  
And housework.  Ikkk.


It would appear we are going out after lunch... to buy my Birthday present.   OOOOooo fun!  I know what it is (cos I told him what to get), so I'm quite excited.

Can YOU guess what he's getting me?

Present shopping done... yaaaa.

Here it is:

ABOVE:  Oh!  Guess what, I'm not opening it until my actual Birthday.  ha ha ha!  You have to wait to see what it is.
I'm sure a lot of you will already have guessed.

But no one is saying... cos you are all MIA!  Having a nice day I hope? 

End of Day:  Well... a fairly quiet day in the house.  Steve cooked a lovely Butter Chicken for dinner, which is always nice when ya don't have to cook yourself.
nite nite

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Today we start taking stuff over to our new Storage Unit in Botany.

As it is supposed to be a miserable, wet weekend, I doubt we will be moving any of the 'larger' items on a trailer, instead we will most likely just take over all the smaller items.

Getting anything out of here is better than nothing though!  I just want all the clutter gone, gone, gone.

Totally over having to haul a dozen things out of the store room under the house to find one thing, or from under the stairs etc.  

I expect we will get quite a bit done though, so I'll be happy.

I got a bit of sewing done last night, following on from doing some at class yesterday.

I got to the point where I could lay out a few bits to get an idea of how it will look:

ABOVE:  I'm getting quite excited with how it's coming out now.  I've still got a long way to go on it... but I shall be working on it exclusively now until it's finished.  

Those pinwheel blocks are getting easier and easier to get right now too... it just takes some time to get those freakin' points right!

I've considered them a personal challenge, and I like a challenge!  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start finding stuff to shove in the car and take to the storage unit...


Bit of  a mad rush on here... the bad weather is holding off so Stew has gone to get a trailer so we CAN move the bigger stuff today... Yaaaa!

ABOVE: We were incredibly lucky and the wet weather held off just long enough for us to load up the cars and trailer and get under cover at the storage facility!

ABOVE:  Our unit is 3 m X 1.5 m X that high!  We have masses of room left!  I can't imagine we will ever full that space.

It's lunchtime, and Stew's gone down the road to get something from the Hot Bread Shop, then he's going to load the trailer with garden rubbish and take it to the dump. 
That will cost about $50, which is a darn sight cheaper than the $250 the guys touting for business told us they would charge us "Cheap as man"... pfffft!  AS IF.

I can't believe how much we have achieved today.  All the clutter is gone.  All the dead and overgrown plants are gone.   One of our neighbours saw Stew putting masses of agaves in the trailer for the dump and asked for them, so they scored some good plants for free.  Gotta be called an EXCELLENT DAY.

I have moved quite a lot in the lounge and family/dining room too... photos tomorrow.

I'm knackered.
Stew is knackered.
Bex and Dante are asleep.
Steve is home from work and relaxing.
Brylee and Griffin are somewhere around.

All is good.

ABOVE:  And... down came the rain!  We sure dodged that lot this morning, so lucky.

SPARKLING:  That ain't a cow!  It's our pig WEATHER VANE!  It only looks like it's on the neighbour's roof.  lol

After dinner I went downstairs and did some sewing.  Stew called out a bit later on and asked me if I was ready to come up, as it was after midnight?

WTF?  How did over 4 hours go by so fast?  WOW.  I didn't even think I'd been down there for an hour.  

So, it's bedtime I suppose.  Catch ya tomorrow!

End of Day:  an awesome, productive day.  Very happy.
nite nite

Friday, October 17, 2014


Today I'm off to Patchwork class, first of this term.  I'm looking forward to it, chatting with other like minded ladies is always nice.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  I mentioned getting a few jobs done around the house yesterday afternoon... so ummm... this was one of them!  lol

 ABOVE: Little ratbag... still trying to eat everything not tied down... or actually, in this case it WAS tied down!

ABOVE:  I NEVER thought I'd see the day Teddy lay still and actually slept, while Dante was playing with him... driving his trucks and cars all over him!

Somehow I think this was infinitely more preferable to hanging out with this:

 ABOVE:  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!  She terrorises Teddy!  Teddy is a big sook when it comes to puppies.  
He'll eventually get over it and be nice to her.

ABOVE:  just before bedtime last night.  Cute little bugger.

Right, I'm off to pack me sewing bag and go have a nice morning with the girls.



Today... weighed again.  LOST 3 kilos in a day!  AND I didn't starve, in fact I ate breakfast, a large lunch and medium pasta dinner! STUPID STUPID body.  

I'm hoping that by having breakfast, something I simply NEVER did, will speed up my metabolism?  AND stop me feeling ill every morning.
So far, nausea and so on has STOPPED

If eating first thing in the morning is all it took, I'll keep doing it!

Patchwork class was lovely, I got a few more blocks done for the Wall hanging for Judith, so it's slowly getting there.... and I got the border fabric for it too.   Can't wait to start putting it together and quilting it.

Lunch, watched Home and Away from yesterday and now I'm going to start sorting out stuff to put into storage tomorrow.

As predicted, the weather is turning... and we are headed for a nasty, stormy, wet weekend by the look of it.  Yuk.  

I go out to me car to put the dehumidifier in it, ready for going to storage, and there's a truck on the road with two blokes putting foliage in it from a neighbour's garden.

Next thing I know they yell out... "Hey lady, want us to take away your rubbish from the garden?"

Ummmm.... this is at least the 3rd, if not 4th time THIS WEEK they, or their cohorts have asked me that!   And AGAIN, I said "No thanks".

They are really starting to piss me off.  They have knocked on the door asking me too.  Grrrrr.

Anyone else get bombarded like this? 

Well... I did some sewing this evening, which was neat!  I even got to do a bit of : "let's see how this looks" with the Wall Hanging.  Will show you tomorrow.

End of Day:  can't wait until the day I can sew for as long as I want, instead of having to pack up when Stew wants to go to bed!  I'm a bit of a night owl, he's not.  *sigh*
nite nite