Sunday, May 24, 2015


I had been thinking of moving stuff around in the lounge for ages, and yesterday was such a shitty day with no likelihood of doing anything outside thanks to the weather, it was perfect for re-arranging the lounge.

Sadly for the guys, it meant they had to do all the 'work' cos my back is shot.

They did it very good naturedly too... I've got such nice men in my life eh?



ABOVE:  being able to move the TV from it's old position to in front of the window was the first step.  If the cables hadn't reached it was not going to work.  But it did.  Yaaaa.

 ABOVE: The reason for moving the TV was so I could get more seating down the 'fire' end of the lounge, where it's warm and cosy.

I also wanted to get my desktop computer back in the lounge, as where it was in the Family room, it was in a draft and I got really COLD there.  

ABOVE:  Now I can work on my compter and glance to my right at the TV too.  I'm really happy with the shuffle around.

It's been FOUR days since I had a photo of our grandsons on here!  Bloody hell, can't have that!...

ABOVE:  Archer is getting a bit chubby in his face now, he's gorgeous!  Our little Dante is taking up a storm, there is no shutting him up!  He's saying 'Granddad' non stop now too... he's adorable.

Today we are expecting Kelly and Rena for a visit.  They will get to meet Archer for the first time.  

Stew and I need to do a grocery shop sometime today too.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Kelly and Rena arrived mid morning and gave me some late Mother's Day gifts. I got spoilt.  
Everyone has had lunch and now Stew and I are going to do the grocery shopping.
Fingers crossed it's not too busy in the supermarket.

I turned the fire on today ... it's so warm and cosy in my lounge, it looks so nice with a fire on.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sorry but it is going to be a normal saturday here.

Griffin is off to a friend's place for the afternoon, they are going to Waiwera Hot Pools as a Birthday treat for his friend Joshua.  I hope he has a lovely time.

As for the rest of us it's housework, grocery shopping and so on.

I'm not sure if Steve is working today.  Either way,  Bex and the boys will probably be staying home.  As it's winter now it's probably prudent she keeps wee Archer home and away from other people's germs until he's vaccinated.

I will be getting Stew to hang that wool rug outside today.  I pulled the plug on the bath last night so hopefully it's drained off heaps of the water by now.  It weighs a tonne wet!

Right, that's all for now.  Catch ya later.


Out to lunch... just the two of us. How nice.

Stew and I had lunch at St Lukes, then he bought 3 new pair of jockey's for ... get this... $80!  WTHell?  That's more than girl ones!


I get mine for $3 each from Kmart.

On our way home we got some more smoke detectors from Bunnings... the one's in our house are rigged up to the electrics and I don't trust them.

It is a shitty, wet, cold day.

ABOVE: the view on the motorway coming home.  Nice.  

Off to think about moving some stuff around in the lounge... cos I'm bored.

AND... several hours later it's done.  Stew and Steve got roped in to do all the heavy moving and lifting, thanks guys.
I'm really happy with how the lounge looks now.  Slightly different layout, but I feel a good improvement.

Steve and Bex decided to move things around in the family room too... so it's different in there too.

I will show you tomorrow.

Stew has cooked roast pork and veges for dinner, so I'm off to have dinner then enjoy what's on the telly tonight.  Coronation Street... yaaaaa.

End of Day:  had a lovely evening in front of the telly, and then Brylee played with my hair, which is BLISSFUL.  *smiles*
nite nite

Friday, May 22, 2015


Today I have decided to stay home.  Lugging my sewing machine and paraphernalia in and out of me car/patchwork class just ain't gunna happen.  My back is still sore, and gets worse as the day progresses.  So, better to just stay home and try not to overdo it.

Plus I'm really tired.  Probably from being in pain?  And sitting on me bum too long!  That is hard on me back too weirdly enough.

So I'm not too sure what I shall do with myself today.
Maybe just sew at home for a little while ... or do a few odd jobs... maybe wash that rug in hot water.  

Ha ha!  Forgot the 'ONWARD'!

But anyway... I've been slowly mucking around all morning, doing a little bit of housework, and just now I got that rug in the tub:

ABOVE:  This rug is about 8 years old and I've never washed it before.  It's bloody FILTHY!  Are you even supposed to wash rugs?  Whatever, It's in a hot bath with various cleaners added (Napisan, Laundry power and Fabric Softener).  Let's see how it comes out.

I doubt I will be strong enough to haul it out of there actually, it's really heavy on it's own, without being sopping wet.

I think the guys will have to do it when they get home.

It's now lunchtime, so I'm going to stir that rug a bit more, then have some lunch.

Lunch done.  Stirred the rug some more,then decided to drain the dirty water and re-fill and rinse the rug.

ABOVE:  the water coming from the rug.  GROSS!  Makes me want to NEVER lie on a fluffy wool rug again!
Wonder how many rinses it will take before the water runs clear?

Grrrr. Phone call from the kid's school Deputy Principal. There was an 'incident' of bullying at school today... and my immediate thought was that it was Brylee again. BUT NO!

It involved Griffin.

He was bullied twice today. Once in PE where he was pushed over and got grazes on his arm and knee, then again at lunchtime where he was grabbed around the neck!

Upshot is the boy involved and his parents will be meeting with the school on Monday to discuss the incident and any repercussions.

There were a couple of other boys indirectly involved too... so I am sure I've not heard the last of this.

No point thinking it's just the school he's at that is the problem. No matter where you go you are going to encounter bullies. Hell... we have one in our own house! lol

Though, SHE has behaved all year so far. Fingers crossed she has changed for the better and stays a nice girl.

PETA: don't worry about my back Chick. I have no intention of trying to pick that rug up myself. Stew can do it once it's drained of as much water as I can get out of it.

End of Day:  well a quiet evening.  Stew downstairs watching sport.  Me in the lounge watching Coro Street etc.  Other family in the Family room playing XBox etc.  All good then!
nite nite

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today I'm getting my hair done.  It's been a while since my last colour, when I went a bit darker.  I think I'm going back to more blonde today.
Cos well... I'm a blonde under the mouse, really! *smiles*

Sometime today I'm also expecting a phone call from the shop where we ordered our new bar stools to say they have arrived from the Warehouse.  Fingers crossed it fits in before or after my hair appointment.

Now I don't have any photos so far today, but I do have these:

 ABOVE:  This is so true.

ABOVE:  Such a pretty fish... Joy IS my middle name!  lol

Live by this:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Sometimes this is hard, cos the 'inner bitch' wants OUT.  But Stew helps me resist, he's good like that.  lol


soooo... 3 hours in a chair and me hair is back to 'normal'.  And before you ask.....

 ABOVE:  Blonde again, it's not really yellow on the ends, it's just the lighting.
Fook I hate me double chin!  It will be gone soon though... I hope!  (Bex just saw it and said it looks like a friggin MUG SHOT!!!)  Tart.

Before I left the hair salon I rang the shop where we bought our newest bar stools from, to see if they had arrived.

They had, so I went to Sylvia Park and picked them up before heading home.

ABOVE:  I'm thrilled to bits with them and wish I'd got them first time around.  I had seen them and really liked them last time too.
Never mind, they are here now and so comfy.  

It's been an awesome day.  Even better, I don't have to cook tonight.  It's takeaways.  

I ate too much.  I feel sick.  Lesson learnt.

End of Day:  A lovely day.  Our bar stools are a big high!  So, if we need to, we will be shaving off an inch or so off their heights.  Time will tell if we feel it's necessary.
nite nite

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nervous AGAIN.  Hoping for more than .100 grams!
Time will tell.
9.30 can't come soon enough I can tell you.

Until then, I shall put some washing out on the line and potter around the house killing time.

 ABOVE: Griffin and Brylee after our spa last night.  Brylee was cooking bacon for her school sandwiches.
Finally, I don't make school lunches any more.  They do their own.  It's bliss I can tell you.

ABOVE:  Bex with Archer yesterday in his fluffy bunny suit.  He is now 2 weeks old (yesterday).
I can't imagine him not being here now, he's such a good wee baby.  Let's hope it lasts!

Right... better go and do something constructive.


Today's result?

I lost .700 grams (1.5 pounds), so I'm very happy. That's 7 more marbles transferred over to the 'Lost' jar. Excellent.

Slow and steady from now on... and all the small losses will add up to a BIG loss come Christmas.

ABOVE: I got these WW freezer labels for my 4th week of 

attending WW.  

Doubt I will ever use them though, nothing stays in the freezer 

long enough to worry about dates!

I'm now going to have some lunch and watch yesterday's Home 

and Away before doing some much needed housework.
My gorgeous fluffy, pure wool rug in the lounge has got to go 

back into the loft.  

I can't stand the never ending bits of fluff that comes off it.  

Such a shame cos it's such a lovely looking rug.

Well I've been thinking about my lovely wool rug. 

And I've come up with an idea.  

I am going to wash it in VERY HOT water in the bath and see if I 

can get the fibres to matt together a bit. 

Hopefully that might stop it from shedding bits of fluff all over the house.

I don't want to shrink it too much, or 'felt' it as such... just semi felt it?  

If it doesn't work, nothing is lost.  

I will just put it up in the loft and only bring it down for special occasions. 

I can't do it today though. My back has been really sore for two days now.  

This afternoon it has gotten REALLY BAD and I've had to resort 

to taking a mega pain killer (Tramadol), and sit in my chair with 

heat on my back.  

So, nothing is getting done.

My mind is going around in circles wanting to do this 'n' that, but I can't.  

Best to just sit here and give the pill a chance to do it's work.

As I haven't taken a Tramadol in a year or so, it should work!  

I'm not one for taking pain killers unless it's totally necessary.  

Today, it's necessary.

Having trouble with my font today.  It's cutting off all the downward parts of letters.  Grrrr.  

I've tried everything I can to fix it.  No luck.  I hope you can still read it easily?  

Then I thought of putting bigger spaces between sentences.  

Let's see if that works.

Thanks for the font tip Lynda... it worked.

My back has settled down since taking the Tramadol pill and keeping heat on my lower back for hours. Thank god. I just hope it's better tomorrow.

End of Day: well a good day on a whole. So relieved my weigh in went well.

nite nite

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Dante has refused, POINT BLANK, to call Stew anything but 'STEWY' ever since he could talk.
We kept telling him to say 'Granddad' but he refused.
No amount of cajoling worked.  His Granddad was STEWY.

Then last night, while I was out (how typical) he decided out of the blue, to call him GRANDDAD!  And apparently he said it perfectly.

He told his Daddy "I no say Stewy now, I say Granddad"... oh I wish I'd been there to hear it.

Maybe he will say it for me today?  

My block from last night:

 ABOVE:  Bow Tie block.  I'm really happy with it, and plan on making another one in the next few days, plus the other block I made last night that was a bloody disaster.  Ikkk colour combo and I got the technique stuffed up.

ABOVE: Archer @ 13 days old with his Granddad last night.  We get so many cuddles, it's really lovely.

Now... I'm off to get some washing on, and later on plan trains with Dante while Bex takes Archer for his hearing tests in Papakura.


So far the day has gone as planned.  Baby Archer got an excellent result with his ear tests, so that's awesome.
Dante was a dream child while his Mummy was out.  I got to hear him say "Granddad" too.  So cute.

I've started stressing about weigh in again ... stupid really.  It will be whatever it is.  I've been fairly good all week, so hopefully the scales are kind tomorrow.

I keep looking at me marbles!  There hasn't been much movement in the past two weeks.  It seems such a huge amount to move over!  Time drags.  I want it (30+) kilos gone NOW.  At least this time around I feel very confident I can do it and be a much happier size by NEXT summer.

I've got a lovely beef stew in the crock pot for dinner tonight.  It smells delish.  Not long till the kids get home from school.  The day seems to be going quite fast.  

End of Day:  just had an awesome spa with half the family....and now winding down till bedtime.
nite nite

Monday, May 18, 2015


OK... I took masses of family photos yesterday, so in no particular order:

 ABOVE: Gorgeous wee blonde head... the baby's!  lol

 ABOVE:  Russell, Ange and Archer.

ABOVE: Dante kissing his tiny brother.

 ABOVE:  Doesn't get much cuter than this!

 ABOVE: Maybe it does!  I had to blackmail him to get in the tin for a photo though.  *smiles*

WITH their parent's permission, I have some darling photos of Emily and Liam too:

 ABOVE: Cheeky little imp is Master Liam!

ABOVE: something tells me Miss Emily is a poser... she sure loved having her photo taken.  So cute.

 ABOVE:  beautiful little blondie too.  

ABOVE:  Such a pretty smile .... and getting so big now!  One more year till school!

Now... today?
Housework.  Some prep work for tonight's patchwork class.
That's about it I think.

So... until later.


11 am and the housework is almost all done and I'm feeling pretty good about that.  There wasn't even that much to do, just washing, vacuming, general tidy up.

So, the rest of the day is mine... and as it's freakin' cold I shall probably do bugger all!

I've sorted out fabrics for tonight's class as well... but as for going down to the garage and sewing?  Nah.  Too cold.
I might get Stew to find our gas heater and get it's tank full so I can be warm down there during the day.

Right.  Off to see what's taped on Sky...

AND... hours later!   I've been to class and had a ball.  I learnt how to do a 'Drunkards Path' block... but kinda stuffed it up so will have to try doing another one.
And I also did a 'Bow Tie' block... which came out really good.
I will show you tomorrow.

Right now I'm off to get ready for bed... EARLY for a change.  Last night I didn't get to bed till 1.45 am in the morning.  Too late.

End of Day:  an excellent day.  Nice and cruisy really.  
nite nite

Sunday, May 17, 2015


So today Stew, Griffin and I are going to the boat show.
Brylee is heading out with her boyfriend and his  family to go on a train ride out Waiuku way.

Oh the joys of boyfriends!  No way would I like to turn the clock back to those days.

Happy Elf Mom:  I will try and get some nice photos of the kids today, just for you.  *smiles*

In the meantime, here's a few of our newest grandson, taken over the past couple of days:

 ABOVE: Coco trying to pretend she's not actually THAT close to the baby.  She just didn't want to give up her spot on Stew's lap.

 ABOVE: Stew and grandsons.

 ABOVE: The jaundice is all but gone now... he's looking much better with his colour.

ABOVE:  Tallulah checking him out ... getting as close as she dares without getting yelled at.  Every time baby moved or made a noise she jumped and her ears pricked up.  Rather cute.

Right, that's all I've got for now, catch ya after our visit to the boat show.


Stew and I ended up going to the boat show all by ourselves as Griffin chose to stay home.  How nice.
We saw dozens of gorgeous boats, thousands of people and lots of hot dogs and chips.  I didn't succumb and have any hot dogs and chips... and we didn't buy a boat either.
Though there were some really good priced boats to be had.   Sadly a boat isn't in our future, unless we win one.

We ended up at St Lukes for lunch.  I had chinese, mostly meat.  No carbs.  Hopefully I have stayed within today's points.

Not a lot else to report on.  I hope to get some photos of Archer in the blue tin today, he will be  the same age as when I took photos of Dante in the tin for the first time.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex's boys.... taken at the same age.  Similar, but not identical.

I will put some more photos on tomorrow.

We were expecting Russell and Ange to visit on their way home from Perth this afternoon.  What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE when they arrived with Andrew, Emily and Liam too!
So, we had a lovely quick visit with them all.

Steve is on dinner duty tonight, he's hand made flaky pastry and is making pork riblet/bacon/cheese and onion pastry packages.  What a bloody shame I've used all my points for the day!  Bugger.

 ABOVE:  I got a couple of gifts from Russell and Ange:  Russell gave me the 'Mad as a Hatter' wall plaque, as if I am!

ABOVE:  And this lovely wall hanging too.  Ange had to carry it onto the planes and look after it the whole way home.  *smiles*  It is lovely and I have the perfect place for it.

End of Day: well it's been a really lovely day.
Going to bed very happy tonight.
nite nite

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Because our plans of going to Tauranga were scuppered, we have decided to go to the Annual Hutchwilco Boat Show instead. 

 I am sure we will enjoy walking around and looking at all the boats and nautical stuff!
And of course... there is also the chance to...

WIN A BOAT!  Now wouldn't that be amazing?  As I virtually NEVER win a bloody thing, I don't think I'll hold me breath.  But, ya gotta be in it to win it as they say.

I sure wouldn't mind having a little boat.  I would be on it every other weekend, even if it was only in the driveway!  lol

We have no other plans for the day.  Steve is home today, so Bex, Dante and Archer will not be alone all day while we are out.  
Maybe they will go out as a 'new family unit' themselves?
Who knows.  Bex has been cooped up inside with the baby and Dante for 11 days now!  She's probably feeling the need to stretch her legs.

On that note, I'm gunna bugger off and see who's up, what's the haps and get ready to go out.


Well... the 'other' Harvey family have gone out and we are about to head out too.  ONLY, we have deferred the Boat Show until tomorrow.  We are going over to Botany to look for bar stools at a couple of furniture shops we missed on our last hunt.
We are now going to look for solid wood, no spinning, no fuss, can't break easily sort of bar stools.  *sigh*

If we get some, I shall make little seat cushions for them so they are comfortable.

Four shops later and we finally settled on new bar stools.  They are not solid wood after all that, but they are no fuss... no swivel, no hydraulics and have high backs which will be safe for littlies.

ABOVE:  What do ya think?  The high back makes them really comfortable.  I don't think I even need to make cushions for them either.  We can pick them up on Thursday... can't wait.

One shop we went into I fell in LOVE with.  The Early Settler in Botany ... OMG I could have spent THOUSANDS OF $$$$'S in there! If I ever need/want household furniture or knick nacks ever again I'm going there.

So, a successful outing.  After sorting out the bar stools, we went to Sylvia Park for lunch and a wander around.

Now home and Stew is doing the lawns and I'm going to sit and watch yesterday's Home and Away, then maybe sew later on.

Steve, Bex and their boys had a nice outing too... baby slept the whole time they were out.  Dante got an haircut which he desperately needed too.

Griffin and Steve need haircuts too... I shall probably end up doing that tomorrow.

End of Day:  nice evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is fairly interesting right now. And I get to watch it in the lounge now as it's just a bit too cold in the garage.  At least when I go to bed down there I've got me electric blanket and Stew to keep me warm.
nite nite

Friday, May 15, 2015


I should be going to Patchwork class today, but I'm just not sure I want to.
It's been pissing down with rain all night and looks to be the same all day today.

Our trip to Tauranga may not happen if the weather is going to be utter crap.  Will see what the forecast is like tonight before making a firm decision.  No point going and being stuck inside for two days eh.

So... today.  I might go to class, but it will depend on how badly it's raining at 9am really.
If I don't go, I shall still do some sewing, just here on my own I suppose.

Right, I'm off to get a few jobs done around the house before making up my mind what I'm doing.


Well, the sun has come out... although it's still looking pretty ikkk out there.  I will go to patchwork and risk getting my machine and bits 'n' bobs in and out in the rain, but fingers crossed it holds off till later.

As for the weekend, well that all depends on a few factors out of my control really.  I don't see the point in going if we can't do what we had planned to do, (nice walk on the beach, lunch with family, etc).  I'm sure Stew feels the same way.

So, time to perk up and get moving I suppose.

ABOVE: The block I made in class today.  I had wanted to get another one done too, but I'd not taken the 'right' fabric so came home half an hour early.
Luckily the rain held off while I was loading/unloading the car.  But in between?  PISSING DOWN.

Now it's lunch time and then I might do some more sewing.

The decision has been made re: the weekend.  We are staying home.  I doubt a trip to Tauranga will happen for a while now.  I will just have to post Keera's new PJ's to her.

Off to find lunch...

Steve just got home from work... mad as hell!
He had to jamm on the brakes and swerve to miss an idiot who stopped on a green light... and some of the timber in the back of his van smashed into his windscreen and stereo.

ABOVE: at least it didn't shatter and make him drive home in a bit of a draft!  lol
Luckily he has insurance.  It will be fixed within the next day or two.

The rest of the afternoon/evening went as per usual... dinner/clucking over baby/watching TV.... heading off to bed late.

End of day:  a so-so day really.  Nothing special to natter on about.
nite nite