Sunday, June 24, 2018


I actually didn't notice yesterday, but Marlene pointed it out in a comment...
Sandra and I were dressed in the almost exact same colours yesterday!

It wasn't till I looked at our 'selfie' photo that it was so apparent to me.  Too funny!  Kindred spirits, and best friends for about 15 years now!

In case anyone gets a bit miffed... one can have MORE than one 'best friend' by the way.  I have quite a few of them in fact. 

Now... today.

I will be sewing... once I've done a few odd jobs around the house, and got the pesky teenagers onto a job or two as well.  They did NOTHING yesterday, while poor Stew did heaps of things around the house.    

Time to make them earn their pocket money!


Saturday, June 23, 2018


I thought Denim was in season last week.
Now I think NOT.
She just didn't display all the signs after the first couple of days of me thinking she was coming into season.

I'm feeling really confused now.  She only had a tiny light pink discharge for a day, nothing else.  So, it looks like she didn't have her first season after all.

And I'm worried.  Neither Marley or Denim have had their first season yet and they are 10 months old.  That is VERY LATE for their breed.

Maybe I'm worrying about nothing and they will both go into season next week!  Time will tell I suppose.

FROST here this morning.  I bet it's killed off half my succulents!  I dread going and looking.  But I will... once I can bear to get out of bed!  It's so COLD!

Our new microwave was supposed to arrive with a FREE Sistema pack.  It didn't.  So maybe we will be going into town today and picking that up?  

Missed seeing our little girls lately?  Well here they are:

 ABOVE: Yesterday, having a tug-of-war with that soft toy.  Can you tell who's who?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Before they ripped it to shreds and put it's guts all over the house, I threw it in the bin.  They have taken to ripping all soft toys to bits now, so I am going to take them all away.  
I don't particularly like gazillions of fluffy bits all over the place!

Right... time to roll over and keep warm for a bit longer.  I'm not that keen on getting up!


4.10 pm:  Well!!! Where have I been all day?

Out!  I got a text from my girlfriend Sandra, who lives in Palmerston North bright and early this morning. 
She was up in Tirau for the day, but at a loose end.  Her husband was there on a car part hunt and she'd gone along for the ride.

So... I went and picked her up and we went into Hamilton for a wander around the mall, then we met up with Stew and the kids for lunch.

After that we went back to Tirau and checked out the shops there too.

I really enjoyed spending the day with Sandra.  It wasn't what I had planned, but it was a lovely day.  

 ABOVE:  Sandra and I outside an Art shop in Tirau...

ABOVE: This driftwood man on old fashioned bike has been around FOREVER!  I'm sure I saw it first 30+ years ago!

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist getting a new piece of Polish Pottery while in Tirau... I got these two dishes to use for my lunch/dinner/soups etc.  They are so pretty.  

Sandra was supposed to go 'shopping' too, but only ended up getting a new phone case and one of these:

ABOVE: Like a PopSocket, but with a ring.  I got one too... as I had to return my PopSocket at it kept falling off my phone! 

Here's hoping this one doesn't fall off.

So, that's been my day so far!

Now it's time to just relax for a little while I think.  And warm up.  I'm freakin' cold!

Well I've been utterly lazy this evening! Did nothing but watch TV and play 2048 on my phone.  It was bliss.
I think I'm coming down with a cold... as Brylee has one, I will blame her.  I've had a mad as itchy nose since lunchtime too... it's HORRIBLE.

I think I will be off to bed shortly, so ...

Friday, June 22, 2018


It's Friday.

I'm bloody thankful.  Cos Stew has been up in Auckland on business, and will be home today.
I really miss him when he's away.
I don't sleep well.
And I keep wondering where he is.  *smiles*

Oh and loading the dishwasher is his job!  lol

I'm working on another Tree Table Runner, it should be finished later on today I hope.  I did a couple of things 'differently' with this one... I wonder if you will notice?  I'm not going to tell you what I did... you will have to wait and see it, then guess.  (they are SUBTLE differences)

ABOVE:  I finally got myself a PopSocket.  I've wanted one for ages, but never saw one I liked.  Till the other day in the mall.  So... I got it.  It makes it easy to carry the phone and still have your hand free (kinda).  And I can prop it up and watch a video easily now.  Love it.

And... that's it from me... for now. 


I couldn't wait to show you, to see if you can pick the difference!

So, it's not got the binding on yet, but you SHOULD be able to tell???

ABOVE:  OK... maybe you won't be able to see what I did! Cos it's pretty small...

I better show you:

ABOVE:  Left side, different stitching around some of the trees, Right side I cut the fabric with pinking scissors.  I don't know which I prefer, but leaning towards the different stitching.

What do you think?

HORROR!   I let the dogs inside... as per usual after I'd gotten up outta bed.  Bad idea. Seconds after letting them in I realised that both pups had been digging in the dirt and were FILTHY... and were leaving footprints of mud all through the house!
Bloody hell... I then had to chase them around to get them to go out again.  Now... waiting for mud to dry.  Grrrrr.

So.. I'm expecting my new microwave to arrive at the shop today, ready for pick up.  I wait till after 12 then ring to see if it's in yet.  Even though they said they would ring me... I'm an impatient sorta person eh?

And of course it's there.  Only they hadn't got around to ringing me yet.  Of course.

*sigh*... so I go in and pick it up.  

ABOVE:  Isn't it pretty!  It's already at work defrosting a chicken for dinner tonight.  I'd put it in it's designated place, only I can't get it in there AND plug it in at the same time.  It's tricky.  Stew can do that when he gets home.

ABOVE:  The best thing about our new microwave?  The display lights up midnight BLUE!  GORGEOUS.  *big smiles* 

Big thanks to LYNDA for helping me sort out Comment Moderation/Email notification.  I now have Comment Moderation back ON.  Not that I've had many nasty comments lately, which has been rather nice.

Got a lovely chicken in the oven, with veges roasting too.  Dinner will be YUM.  Stew is due home in another hour or so... I've missed him.

Can someone OTHER than Steve leave me a comment so I can see if Moderation/Email Notification is working please??? 

Well it looks like SOME comments go to my email, and some don't.  So still some glitches in the system obviously.  Let's see what happens to the next couple eh?  Is rather annoying though.

Coronation Street is on soon, so time for me to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


We no longer have a landline.

Like 75% of New Zealand households, we are now totally relying on our mobile phones for communication.

I had no idea that many people no longer had landlines!  But according to SPARK, that is the case now.

Now I have to sell the brand new phones I bought a couple of weeks ago! Frustrating, if only I'd thought of cancelling our landlines before buying them!  Hopefully someone wants them.

Best thing though?  NO MORE COLD CALLS bothering me all day long.  That is worth the inconvenience of having phones to sell.  *smiles*

Last night we all ended up having takeaways!  The resistant wall fell down... it HAD been 9 weeks since we'd indulged in anything 'evil' after all!  

So, Stew and I both had half a dozen battered scallops (seafood), and a little piece of battered fish.  With Tartare sauce, which tasted really sweet!  NO CHIPS though.

I took my blood sugar level before I ate:  4.6
Then two hours later, it was: 4.6 !!!

So... clearly I didn't have enough to affect my blood sugar level!  Though I have to admit to feeling a bit ill after eating it.  Too greasy.  Made my stomach do flip flops.  And interestingly, it wasn't even THAT nice.

Probably won't be doing that again in a hurry.  Might choose more carefully next time we decided to have something for a treat. Something not full of grease.  Ikkk.

But, it was an interesting exercise in seeing how my blood sugar levels react to 'fish n NO CHIPS' ... lol.

Today ... well the only thing on my agenda is... sewing Tree Runners.  I only have two for my next market!  So...


So... I've been doing some sewing.  But my stomach started rumbling, so I've stopped for lunch. Another waffle with maple syrup.  So yum.
And now I'm bloody freezing again too.  My hands are like blocks of ice.  Going to wrap up in me blankie till I'm warm again.  Brrrrrr.

Shall put my gas heater on in the sewing room I think...

How to warm up fast?  clean the bloody oven.  Like, should have done it days ago but kept putting it off.  It's got to be one of the worst jobs in the whole house.  Seriously.  And it's still not perfect.  But it will do.

I'd rather buy a new oven than spend another minute scrubbing and scrubbing and watching only half that shit come off!

I at least got the door glass spotless!  This oven was not clean when we moved in, some of that shit has been baked on those oven walls for 7 years I reckon.  I'm DONE.

Taking time out till I move on to something else... which will be sewing again I think.

Well I did get more sewing done... and more housework.  And then I did my first ever 'Online Supermarket Shopping'!
Not even for me either.  But oh well.  Now I know how to do it.

Signing off for the night, Coronation Street is going to be on soon, and that's my cue to get off the computer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I finally got my FBG Banner back.  I had lent it to the group to use at an event a few months ago.

So, I got to hang it up last night so the girls and I could see it on our walk past :

ABOVE:  Very visible!

 ABOVE:  Not so visible when you have 14 women standing in front of it!  High Vis vests and jackets don't make for good photos!

 ABOVE: Our 2nd photo of the night, much better lighting.  It was such a good walk last night... even with about three hills included.
Makes me laugh, everyone is in jumpers and jackets and long pants... and me?  Shorts and t-shirt! lol  
I hope to do the next coat of paint on the bedside drawers today, I'm really looking forward to seeing it done.  I didn't 'just' paint it white either.  hee hee.  As it's so damn damp it might be tomorrow before you get to see it finished though.

I have nothing on the agenda today apart from the painting and housework, and maybe some sewing.

So... I shall bugger off for now.  Catch ya later.


Headache.  But powering through it.  
Want a Sneak Peek at the bedside drawer?

ABOVE: Got ya guessing now eh?

While it's drying (again), I'm off into town to do a couple of things.

ABOVE: It's a scarf day.  Freezing cold out there.  Just LOVE my special one-off scarf Bex made me. 

Right, the drawers are done.

So... this is how it went:

ABOVE:  'Normal'...
The first step was to put white undercoat on it.
Which I did.
Then I decided to NOT just paint it white!  

I did this:

ABOVE:  And that's what Stew saw last night.  I think he thought I'd gone mad!  
But... I had an idea in mind... I'd NOT seen it anywhere else, but thought... it COULD work?

The next step involved this stuff:

ABOVE:  Can ya see where it's heading now?  Cos I can...

ABOVE:  FUNKY!  Totally differentNOT boring whiteAnd I love it!  Really, really love it.

Not everyone will, and that's quite OK... each to their own.  But, for a $10 piece of furniture, I think it rocks.

Certain daughter arrived home from school... took one look at my paint job and said "That's retarded!"

I am not impressed with her lack of tact or diplomacy.  Not at all.  Need to teach her how to NOT offend people.  Especially me, cos I'm the one who cooks her dinner!  

Griffin on the other hand thinks it's awesome.

Waiting to see what Stew thinks of it now.  
He's not due home from work for another hour and a half yet.

Griffin has requested Fish 'n' Chips for dinner, he's having cravings!  We've not had takeaways like that for dinner in ... 9 WEEKS!  So, we shall get the kids fish and chips, and we will have beef and bacon stew as planned.

Tis the end of the day, and I'm signing off.  Coronation Street is on... gotta watch it.

BEST. LAID. PLANS.... *sigh*... more on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


This is my project today:

ABOVE:  I plan on painting that little bedside table white.  I got it from an op shop in Auckland a few years ago for $5 or 10.  I think it will look lovely painted white to match the beds.

Stew did this for me last night:

ABOVE:  The modified display stand.  I can now hang one Tree Runner on the back and two on the front.  Bearing in mind this display is on the side of my site, so both sides can be seen, depending on which way you are moving along the footpath.  I'm really happy with it.

Extremely frustrating... the woman who wants our little pool table didn't pick it up on the weekend as planned... and is supposed to be coming today now.  I hope she does, or I shall have to re-list it.  I really hate being dicked around, and she's certainly done that.  

Right, that's me for now.  I've got stuff to do... and no time like now to get started.


I'm finding it a right laugh having to remember how to defrost stuff and plan ahead for dinner prep!  I've just put some bacon in a pot of tepid water to defrost it!  Haven't done that in about 30 years.  lol

I've also got a bacon hock and vege soup in the crock pot for lunches.  The hock sat on the kitchen bench for TWO DAYS till it was defrosted!  TWO DAYS!  Whoops, our house must be a bit cool inside?  

Have a hot flush or 50,000, then wonder why it's not HOT in my house *smiles*

Just been and registered all the dogs.  $200+... for  WHAT?  I have no idea what that pays for, except a $1 plastic disc?  Grrrrr.
So frustrating really.

The lady who wants the pool table is coming over 'SOON'.  Dumm dee doo....

And she finally arrived and took the pool table away.  Now we have heaps more room in the garage again!  Awesome.  

I've just put the undercoat on the drawers, so now have to wait till they dry.  Might just make some lunch soon, I'm actually starving!
Which is not normal for me... I don't usually feel hungry till between 12-2pm.

It's not the best day for watching paint dry.  Just sayin'.

I have been watching our Tangelos growing for weeks now... and I finally picked one:

ABOVE: Our FIRST EVER home grown Tangelo.  I feel so proud!  lol
And it's still a bit sour... so the other one's will be staying on the tree a bit longer.  I have no idea when you are supposed to pick them!  Do they have to drop on the ground before they are ready?  Tell me if ya know, thanks.

4.50 pm:  And the freakin' paint ain't dry yet!  It's a damp day.  Typical winter in fact.  Dreary.
But on a good note, our dinner smells amazing!

AND I'm off for an FBG walk in an hour and a half.  Should be a good one, it even has a little lean in it, and we walk past OUR house.

The walk was a good one, quite a few little hills too... which I trudged up reluctantly.
Super lucky with the weather too... minutes before it was raining, then it stopped just as we took off walking. 

Home now and winding down... and cooling down.  Signing off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Today I am going to do the grocery shopping first and foremost.
No putting it off... we need fresh food!  

I saw an advert on TV yesterday for some new Toffee Pop biscuits... right there and then I felt like I could happily eat an entire packet.  So, I better avoid the biscuit aisle!  Cravings are REAL people.

When I get home the next big job will be cleaning the oven.
There must be spilt oil in there (probably from the pork belly the other day), cos now when I use it the house fills with smoke!  Not nice at all.  So that's a job desperately necessary.

Now, a couple of photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Stew did a damn good job of building the new dog pen.  I'm so proud of him.

ABOVE: Coco is NOT impressed though.  She can't get out at all.  She tried, let me assure you, she checked out every possibility before giving up.  Now I know I can open the garage door and she can't run out and off down the road! Such a relief.

Stew put a proper latch on the gate last night too, so it's not tied up with a cable now.  *smiles*

Well... that's about all I have for now... so I'll catch ya later.


12.14 pm:  Well the grocery shopping is done... and all put away too!
Not too bad a job today, we didn't need that much really.

I'd seen an advert on the telly recently for this:

ABOVE:  I wanted to try it, maybe it would curb the sugar/dessert craving?
So I got both flavours, and made an almond flour waffle for my lunch.

ABOVE:  Verdict?  OMG the Maple syrup one was amazing.  The Blueberry Maple one was insipid.
I did not have any cream with my waffle, it didn't need it.
I am now very happy and full!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Cooking dinner last night 'old fashioned style'.  It was a novelty having all the pots out!  4 more nights before we get our new microwave, I can do it!  lol

NOT that I do all my cooking in the microwave of course, but it certainly gets used every night to steam the veges, or warm up something.

IN fact, I could do with two microwaves!  But not right now... it's not in the budget to get another one.

Now that lunch is done, it's on to the next job.  And DAMMIT!  I forgot to get oven cleaner!  Maybe I have some in the laundry? ... off to look.

I didn't clean the oven.  I found some oven cleaner, but just didn't feel like doing it!  Possibly will tomorrow.  It's such a shit job. *sigh*

It was a quiet afternoon... just pottered around the house doing a few little odd jobs.  

I made Chicken Tika Masala for the family's dinner.  I had coleslaw and a boiled egg. 

It's really cooling down now, so I either wrap up in a blanket or do something to keep warm.
The blanket sounds inviting.  lol

End of the day now... so catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Another day to work on that list I wrote yesterday.
Only right this minute, I can only think of one thing on it from memory.

And that is to make a more secure pen in the garage for the dogs.  Coco keeps jumping out of the one we have already set up, and then she starts scratching on the garage door, which does my head in.  

Right now Denim is in season, so can't be 'inside' as she's well ...  leaking!  And I won't have two dogs in and leave Denim on her own in the garage, so they all have to stay put.

It's hard on them, I know.  But necessary for a short period of time.

We got another panel of wood yesterday ... so today, all going well, Stew will be able to make the new pen for them.

The lady who got dibs on the pool table didn't pick it up yesterday as she said she would, but she assures me she's coming this afternoon.
Frustrating, as I know I could have given it to someone else in the blink of an eye.  I hope she turns up today!

The two new beds are set up in the spare bedroom now... I'm just waiting to take a photo in the daylight, then I can show you.
Sadly, I don't have matching bedspreads or duvets for them... but oh well... I will eventually make some I suppose.

But not right now.  I'm still making tree runners.  

Oh now I remembered something else on the list!  Make an adjustment to one of my stall display stands.  Stew suggested it.  I will show you the improvement... once it's done.  *smiles*

BUT... first up for the day...  GROCERY SHOPPING.   And a couple of other little jobs to do in town. Then home to do those things on the list.

And that's all I have for now... catch you later on with a couple of photos no doubt.


Who suggested this last night? ....

ABOVE:  I'm not sure.  What do you think?

Right, first and foremost.  I HATE THE BLACK BACKGROUND.
In the light of day.... super yuk.
But I had to lay it out to see eh?

I will stick to my white background, it's what works for me.  I have a pretty good eye for colour and detail (I think?), so will just go with what I like.

I have decided not to do the grocery shopping today. I'm so TIRED... my hot flushes have ramped up again, and I am getting very little good sleep.  I get a hot flush around about every hour over night, so interrupted sleep.

I feel like I've got weighs on my eyelids, they feel so heavy!

So, I shall just crack the whip at Stew, and 'help' him with the dog's pen instead.

 ABOVE: The spare bedroom's new beds. As you can see, we do need (want) some matching bed spreads or duvets.  And I want to paint the room to get rid of that pink detail!

 ABOVE:  This is where the fabric shelving went.  In the hallway in my bedroom, opposite our walk in wardrobe and ensuite.  They fit there perfectly without impeding our movement through the room, or cramping up any other room.

ABOVE:  Walking down the hallway this morning in bare feet... hmmmm that feels COLD/DAMP!
And yep, we have flooding through this area from a leaking dehumidifier.  DAMMIT.
We don't have a fan heater to help dry it out, so will probably do a shout out over Facebook to see if I can borrow one for the next day or two.

I will do that right now in fact.

And within a minute of putting a 'HELP' out on Facebook ... one of my FBG girlfriends offered us a heater and a dehumidifier to use.  Isn't that wonderful!  Thanks Hayley... who is also my neighbour across the road.  *smiles*

I forgot to take a 'Before' photo of the garage area before we started on the pen. Oh well... too bad ... shit's been moved now... and Stew is down at Mitre 10 getting a couple of bits 'n' bobs for the job.
It's going to look fab.

I'm so glad we didn't go grocery shopping.  It's taken us 4 hours to get the pen made, and tidy up the garage as we went along.

And now... we are heading into Hamilton as our microwave died!  And OMG how did we ever manage our daily lives without a microwave?

So, a new microwave is on the agenda ... right now!

4.45 pm:  And we now have a new microwave... but not quite.  It won't be here till at least Friday.  So back to 'old style' cooking/defrosting till then.  That should be fun. 
We will just have to factor more time into our meal preparation/cooking for now.

Now... what's for dinner?  It was going to be a chicken stir fry, but the chicken is not defrosted, so I don't know what we are having right now.  Probably chicken steaks done in the oven with veges.  All very boring.  

Feeling so blah right now.  Tired and a bit grumpy. 

One of those days I should have stayed in bed.  Is it too late for a cat nap?

Clearly it was too late for a nap.  I had to cook dinner.  Which is now done and dusted.    I'm now watching some mindless TV before bed.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Today starts with an FBG walk for me.  It's only about 3.5 kms ... so I should be ok.  Yesterday's walk was a tough one, over 5 kms and I was tired to start with.

After my walk, Stew and I will be heading over to Te Awamutu to pick up the two beds I bought the other day.

I hope they are as nice as they looked in the photo.

If not, it won't be hard to give them a lick of paint.

edit:  The damn walk got cancelled!  Grrrrrr.  I was on a roll too.

I re-organised my fabric shelving in the spare bedroom,  so we could fit two single beds in there.  I will show you where the shelving ended up... later.

This afternoon Griffin and 'girlfriend' are going to the movies in Hamilton.  Stew will be dropping them off and picking them up I think?  Not sure.  Maybe Griffin is meeting her there... I'd ask him, but he's still asleep.  

Here are my latest Autumn Tree Runners (not finished yet):

ABOVE:  I really love them...  SO PRETTY!
If you love one... they are available!  Bearing in mind they need tree trunks and being stitched down etc!  This is just the rough lay out.  *smiles*

So... I shall be working on them this afternoon I expect.   That and sorting out the new beds.  Probably need to buy some single sheets!


1.55 pm:  Well... the day is going to plan.  I had a long list of things I wanted to get done today, and slowly but surely they are getting done.

Isn't it neat when that happens.  We have picked up the beds, cleaned them (they were filthy!) and Stew is going to assemble them a bit later on today.

We are heading off to town soon to take Griffin & girlfriend to the movies.  I am going to be looking for some single sheets while in Hamilton.

When do ya reckon is the best time to go winter sheet shopping?
Well let me tell you.... right in the middle of winter!

ABOVE:  We got two full sets of Flannelette sheets (1 fitted, 1 flat and a matching pillow case) for half price.  SCORE! We priced around and the best place was Briscoes today.

Happy as Larry... am now going to stick them on the new beds.  Well... just as soon as Stew had put them together that is.  

What's for dinner tonight?

PORK BELLY WITH A SILVERBEET AND CHEESE QUICHE.  This should be interesting, as Stew hates silverbeet, but assures me he will eat it if it's not 'TOO STRONG'.  Hmmmmm.....

Well that's a turn up for the books!  Stew thought the quiche was 'OK', but I didn't like it!
so who knows, maybe Stew will eat it all?

Winding down for the evening... might finally get some sewing done tonight?