Friday, July 25, 2014


This whole week I've been wanting to do some sewing, and every day there has been something happening that has stopped me from doing so.

Today... I AM going to sew.  I just hope it's not too cold in the garage! 
I might have to get our gas bottle refilled so I can have the gas heater on down there while I'm sewing.

It really has turned cold lately!

Now that my Dresden Plate quilt if finished, I don't feel like it's a monkey on my shoulder any more, and that feels great.
I can now get back to making a few smaller projects... like the dozen or so mug rugs I have cut out and ready for stitching.

Teddy... is skating on thin ice right now.  In the past few days I have seen him snap at Dante and go to bite him at least 3 seperate times.  It's a worry.  I don't like the idea of having to lock him out of the living areas of the house in order to protect Dante, but I can't relax knowing he's unreliable around our toddlers.

What to do?  What to do?  I have always said if he bit a child I would have him put down.  I don't want to do that though.  Any ideas people?

P.s.  Dante is not even rough with him, he loves the dogs.  Teddy just does NOT share that love.

I don't think I have anything else to yabber on about right now... so until later...


Been............sewing.  This morning I made:

 ABOVE:  two more pillowcases for my bed.  I love them!

ABOVE: not quite finished, a set of 4 small mug rugs.

Then I had lunch and watched some TV... and now I'm going to finish those wee mug rugs before starting some more of me bird mug rugs.

Change of sewing plans, I decided to make a runner for the top of the new wall unit:

ABOVE:  I couldn't help it... I added some bling.

Time now to get dinner made, I've got roast beef in the oven, now I'm going to make some cauliflower cheese and veges to go with it.

End of Day:  well for someone who doesn't really like roast beef, I must say it was rather nice.
Spent the evening watching TV with the family, and that's about all!
nite nite

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today the big wall unit I got from the Hospice Shop arrives... this morning in fact.

Then I can sort out what's going in it.

I plan on putting all our tinned/bottled food stuffs in the lower cupboards, thereby freeing up a whole lot of room in my half pantry.

That's going to be awesome.

I have worked out where it's going to go, and will show you once it's in place.  It took a bit of thought before finding the perfect place for it I can tell you!  It's not a small item.

Once it's here, Bex wants to go to Spotlight, so I shall tag along and drop off the photos I took of the Hospice shop to the Boss, as the shop is only across the road from Spotlight.

So, until later...


It' later!

The wall unit arrived bang on 9.30 and I'd just finished putting me face on.  LUCKY!

We put off doing anything with it until we'd been down to the Hospice Shop with the photos for the boss.

Picked up a nifty little tray thingee, will show ya later.

Once that was done, we came home and Bex and I set to work re-organising the kitchen cupboards, and putting all tins and 'surplus' grocery items into the wall unit's cupboards.

ABOVE:  fits perfectly there!  

ABOVE:  more kitchen storage, now my half pantry is for all the baking stuff and breakfast cereals etc.  Really happy with how it's worked out.

ABOVE:  Bex thought she didn't have enough wool....   YEAH RIGHT!

Well... been a little while since I hopped on here today!
Bex now has heaps of new wool, I have her a shit load of mine!

Dinner:  KFC tonight, being our 'takeaway' night.  Thursday nights are wonderful, no cooling for me.

GEORGINA:  You can't see in my two fridges and 3 freezers at all the other food we have... correct?  We do not only eat tinned and processed food Chick. 

(was that being 'aggressive' in reply people?)

End of Day: well a neat day, I am really thrilled with the new wall unit, it is awesome.  Even the kids noticed and thought it was cool!
Expect Steve, who reckoned he could have made it for so much less $$'s.
But, I wasn't prepared to wait 10 years for it....  lol!

Time for bed. I'm seeing double tonight... tired.
I hope I get a better sleep tonight, last night my back caused me to have a very restless, uncomfortable sleep.
nite nite

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


About a week ago, I was lying in bed at around 1am and all I could hear was rodents scurrying around above my head in the attic/loft space above the garage.

It freaked me out, I had visions (nightmares!) about some rat or mouse falling through a light fitting onto my head!

So.... I got Stew to buy some rat/mouse poison and put it in the roof!

Not heard a single noise since then!  Yaaa... I'm so relieved.

I keep thinking I should climb the ladder up there and check out what they were eating?
Or maybe they were building nests?

MAYBE NOT ... scared I'd fall off the bloody ladder actually!

It's freakin' freezing again this morning.
I would love to stay in bed... but nope, got shit to do.

Kids off to school, then a bit of housework... and then I'm going to meet Lacy and Keera for a wander around a mall then have lunch.

After we've done that, I'm taking them home and doubling back to do a job at the Hospice Shop.

I'm taking photos of our 'back room' for the boss.  She is having trouble with the lady who is supposed to keep the shop supplied with stock.
WE HAVE NO STOCK ... haven't had any deliveries to speak of for weeks and it's starting to seriously affect our daily sales.

So, taking photos is 'evidence' for the records/paper trail my boss is accumulating.
Seems this woman has a vendetta against my boss and wants her OUT.  So starving the shop of stock is how she's going about it.

SO WRONG.  And hopefully her actions come back and bite her on the arse.

So, that's me plans for the morning and first part of the afternoon.

I'll be back once I'm home again. 


Well today hasn't quite gone to plan.
I did meet up with Lacy and Keera, but we didn't have lunch at the mall.

I bought strong pain killers and came home again.

WHY?   I did a really dumb thing.  I lifted up a heavy cupboard and put it on top on another unit... and it wasn't until about 10 minutes later that I realised I'd done me lower back in.

WHOOPS.  I couldn't even BREATH without pain.

Stupid me.   The painkillers have kicked in now, so I'm feeling OK-ish... for now.

Lacy is at the Doctors, Keera has had a midday nap and now her and Dante are running around the house making lots of noise. 

Once Lacy is back I am taking her and Keera home, then calling into the Hospice Shop... as I had planned to this morning.

Bex is making dinner for me now too.   I don't think I should be doing too much for the next couple of days, to give my back time to get over whatever I did to it.  Derrrrr.

I left the house at 4 pm, ducked into the shop, took a few photos then took Lacy and Keera home.  I got home just now at 6 pm!  The traffic is just crazy at this time of day/night!
A trip that should have taken me maybe 1 hour, tops, took 2 hours!

Lucky Bex is doing dinner, cos if it up to me we'd be having dinner at 8 pm.

End of Day:  well Bex did really well making dinner tonight.  She made her version of Beef 'n' Bacon pie, and it was easily as good as mine, maybe even better!
Watched the tv all night, trying to be kind to me back so it doesn't kill me again tomorrow.
nite nite

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


If I'm up in time I might just drive the kids to their schools, cos it's bloody freezing out there!

Then... home to quickly de-knot Coco's ears before she goes to the groomers.
Her ears are all matted thanks in no small part to Teddy constantly chewing her ears!

I'm 100% confident her groom will be beautiful, because the groomers at Takanini really do a fantastic job.

After dropping her off, I'm going down to the Hospice Shop to pay for, and arrange delivery of what I bought yesterday.
Then... home to do some housework, followed by some sewing I hope.

I hope it's warmer today!


Well, I was up in time to take the kids to school, but as it wasn't raining or THAT cold, I made them walk.
I took the knots out of Coco's ears and muzzel, then took her to the groomers.  I'm picking her up soon.

I am positive her groom will be beautiful.
I'm taking Teddy down too, to show them what was done to him.  It is awful, every time I look at him I feel so cross.

I've been down to the Hospice shop and arranged for the new wall unit to be delivered on Thursday, all going well.
Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put it!

STEW:  job for you.  The washing machine has sprung a leak.  I have water out the door onto the carpet!  But not as bad as last time.  Thank god.  Fix it will ya?  Ta.

ABOVE:  all groomed, Coco looks lovely. Typical post-groom, she's knackered! 
Teddy missed her and cried and whined all morning until she came home again.

Talking of 'Awwww'... got some cute photos of our toddler today...

ABOVE: he's filling out again, and he's certainly bounced back from being so sick, with attitude! 

 ABOVE:  He's channeling his Daddy .... being a right dick!

ABOVE:  Yes, he's a mini Steve for sure.
He's so very entertaining now!  Loves all the attention, and knows how to get it.

End of Day:  well another 'normal' day around here.  Really feeling the cold now, don't like it!
But, at least if you are cold you can put on a heater and get warm!
Off to bed now, it's 12.32 WHOOPS!
nite nite

Monday, July 21, 2014


While the two big kids have been really good over the past two weeks of school holidays, I am very happy that they are back at school today.

It is good for them too... they were getting a bit bored.

I am going to do the usual housework this morning, then this afternoon I have my regular shift at the Hospice Shop.

I'm feeling really confident I can go there and NOT buy anything we really DON'T need too.

I've not spent hours going through all my stuff and getting it re-homed just to start building up the clutter again!

That's not to say if there was something there that was an amazing good buy, and it's something we can use I won't buy it!
Cos I will.

But fingers crossed I leave there with my wallet unopened!

Have you heard of the 'Ice Challenge' that is going around Facebook right now?
You have to douse yourself with icy water and nominate a few friends to do the same.  
If they do it, they have to donate $10 to a charity, I think it's the Cancer Society?
If they DON'T do it, they have to donate $100!

Steve and Bex got nominated by Bex's Mum, this is what they did:

They both jumped into the spa pool, which is freezing cold at the moment, and which had several bags of ice poured into it as well!

They did well!  Bex had been shitting herself all day over having to do it.

I'm proud of them both, but warned them that they were NOT to nominate me, as I simply would not do it!

Jump in icy water in the middle of winter?  I'm not mad.

That's about it from me for now... I'll be back later.


Something I forgot to mention.  I took photos of Teddy'd groom and sent them to the company that groomed him.
The owner rang me last night and apologised, said the groomer who did Teddy had been sick for two days and that was why he botched Teddy's groom.

I was not impressed, and told her so.  Teddy is now getting a free groom from them, the next time he's due for a groom.

That's a win for me I suppose.  Though, it will be the last time I take my dogs there.

It is very noisy here today.  There's a truck at one of our neighbour's houses, chopping  up trees and putting them through a wood chipper.  
Everyone is out, even Bex and Dante, so it's just me and the dogs.  

I am about to embark on housework... yaa .

DAMMIT!  I bought something. .. and my shift isn't even over yet...

Finally home.  It was FREEZING at work, as we keep the front door open for customers, the wind comes in and OMG it's cold today.

What did I buy?  Ummmm.... something that we don't really need... but it is going to be perfect for:
ABOVE:  perfect... for putting my BRITTO and other pretties in!
Now my only problem is finding a place to put it!
My house is already full to overflowing... WHY DO I DO THIS???


PRICE?  To be negotiated tomorrow with the Boss.

End of Day:  a freakin' cold day!  Seriously, have not been this cold in months!
I was happy to just sit in front of the heater this evening and warm up.
nite nite

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dummm  Deeee Doooo.... slept in, then up getting Keera her milo and breakfast soon... washing on, showered, all that stuff.
So, a bit late for today's post.

SOCKS.  I am sure they have a life all of their own.  They 'walk'.  And hide.  And I just spent a while looking for me new socks.  I bought 3 new pairs.  Could only find one.   Found the other two eventually.  Bex has pilfered a pair and the other pair were under me computer desk.

We had a cat years ago named Wanda, she was an awesome cat. She nicked socks from our neighbours' houses!  We ended up with HUNDREDS of socks!!!  We even ended up in the local paper with her and her freakin' socks!

Anyway.... she was our last cat.  Losing her was 'it' for me.  We had already lost a few cats before Wanda, so I said 'NO MORE'.  

Dogs don't go walkabout, you can confine them to your section, so they are safe from being run over by cars.

Moving on....  Stew and I are nipping out a bit later to do the grocery shopping.  Steve and Bex are going to look after Keera for us.

Then after that, I intend dragging Stew out again for lunch, then I'm looking for a brazier.
We get heaps of paper and cardboard rubbish, and I want to burn it instead of putting it in the recycling bin.  We produce too much recycling rubbing!  If I burn as much as I can, we might just end up without an overflowing recycling bin every fortnight.

So, that's me plans for the day, what are yours?


LYNDA:  Tins, milk bottles, diet coke bottles, rubbish mail, packaging, cereal boxes, newspapers, paper, etc.   Remember, there are 7 people in this house, as opposed to your 2.

I am sure you are going to say you don't have tins, or milk bottles, or diet coke bottles (of course!) because you only use unprocessed food, cook from 'fresh' etc, and that is fine.  We are not all like you.

Don't you get a newspaper?  Buy cereal? Milk? 
Just about everything you buy comes in some sort of packaging... which you have to get rid of  surely? 

We have had a 'no rubbish mail' sign on our letterbox over the years, but it doesn't stop the buggers putting their junk in our mailbox anyway.   AND sometimes mailers are good as they let you know about Specials AT SPOTLIGHT !!!  lol

"CALM THE TRUCK DOWN?"  Really?  I didn't think my response to Lynda's comment was aggressive, if it came across as that, Lynda, I apologise.
There is ALWAYS two or more ways to look at the 'written' word Sarah.  I'm sorry you feel like I am an aggressive person. 

I AM a reactive sort of person, and that will probably never change, I am who I am.  If I feel 100% sure about something I will say so, even if it's just my opinion.  I am allowed to have an opinion... just as everyone is.

I have never said I know everything, ever.

Now... I have replied to your comment Sarah (as I am entitled to), and I hope you don't read this and think I am being aggressive towards you.

Sometimes I really do think having a blog is just opening yourself up to criticism.  I've been blasted for so many things over the years, it's no wonder I am reactive.  WHY DO I BOTHER DOING THIS... can someone remind me?

Moving on.... The groceries are done and all put away, Keera has had her lunch, so now we are going out to browse the mall and do a few other things.

***  Thanks Lynda.  We know each other far to well now to let little hiccups upset us unduly eh?  ***

Steve and Bex just did the 'Ice Challenge' that is going around Facebook right now.
Their videos will be on here tomorrow if you want to see them getting VERY COLD.  

Lacy should be back here soon.  Then we will take her and Keera home again.
I'm looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow!

I decided to have a little drink of me 'tipple' just now.  Bex asked me "what does it taste like?"

I said it was supposed to taste like coffee, but I can't taste coffee at all.  She tasted it, and said it DID taste like coffee.  I said nope, not to me it doesn't.

She said "What can you taste?"

My reply:

"TIPPLE"   lol  *smiles*

I don't get why they all laughed, nope, not at all.  *snigger*

End of Day:  a kinda busy day... it has been lovely having Miss Muppet here for the past 4 days I must say.  She's a dream toddler to look after!
Time to hit the sack, it's almost midnight!
nite nite

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Two more sleeps and the kids go back to school.
They have been really good... up until the last day or so, when boredom kicked in.  Then they got lippy, and just got under our skin.

So... Bex is taking the two toddlers and the two bigger kids for a walk to the Gardens today.  

BLISS.  Stew and I can just relax... YEAH RIGHT!

I'm sure we will end up doing housework.  

It never ends, the daily grind of cleaning/vacuming/washing clothes/bla bla bla.

Lacy has been busy over in Tauranga, getting her name down at Real Estates everywhere, looking for a nice house to rent for her and Miss Muppet.   

And we are looking for another storage facility where all of Steve and Bex's household effects and furniture can be kept until they move out.  At the moment it's all in Lacy's spare 3rd bedroom.  So is quite a few bits 'n' bobs of ours.

I can't even remember what is over there of ours!

So, plans for today?  We don't really have any.  At some point we need to do the grocery shopping, and if the weather stays clear Stew will get the lawns mown.  The grass is rather high!  But a pretty green!

I don't have any photos for the day yet either... maybe later.


Hellooooooo????? Am I boring ya all?  Or are you all too busy to pop in and say HI?   Feeling abandoned today!!!

Remember a long while ago, I took one of the dogs for a groom at Mt Wellington and it was a dreadful groom?
It's happened again!
Teddy looks like he's been groomed by a bloody 10 year old!

ABOVE:  See?   It looks like he's been hacked at!

Just fired off an email to the franchise owner again... with photos.  Now I wait.  

Coco is NOT going there next week... I've booked her into the Takanini groomers.

End of Day:  well another nice day with our wee Keera... her and Dante are really so entertaining together now.  If they are not playing together nicely, they are having tug-of-wars over some toy or other! Oh, they have also realised that screaming in sync is choice too.  Not so choice for our ears though!  They run through the room screaming, seeing who can make the most noise!  Fun.
Time for bed, it's 12.42 am and it's MY turn to get up to Keera in the morning!  *sheesh*
nite nite

Friday, July 18, 2014


First up for the day, as requested by Sharon:

ABOVE:  A lovely picture of her son Samuel and his girlfriend Sharni, I think this was taken before a school ball?

Cute couple.

Now, what's the haps today?

First up.  I go to the Doctor.... and hopefully she can change my blood pressure medication... cos the stuff I have right now is making me hot flushes WORSE!

Next up... feed the kids before taking Teddy to the groomers at 1pm.
He goes today, Coco is going next week.  

So, I drop Teddy off, and come home in time to put Keera to bed for her afternoon nap.

THEN I can do a bit more tidying up in the garage, it's the last section (all the tools, nails etc) that I have to do, then my 'ALMOST? SPRING DE-CLUTTERING will be done!  Yaaaaa.

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later...


oooH... not been on here all day!  Told ya I was busy.
Well... I've been referred to a Gynacologist to see what can be done (if anything) for the hot flushes.
I suggested they rip me ovaries out!  But Juliet said "NO".  Pfffffft.   If I could do it myself I bloody well would.

Onward.  Teddy is at the groomers.  He whimpered and yapped all the way there... I wanted to kill the little bugger.

Lacy pointed  out something I hadn't noticed up the road:

ABOVE:  I am taking FULL CREDIT for this!  Look what happens when you report speeding buses, and threaten to walk out in front of them to make them slow down!

A speed sign, letting you know just how fast you are going as you enter the 'S' bend!  That corner has also been resealed and fresh road markings painted on.

My work is done.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I had company while I sat on the side of the road... he/she kept stalking me, looking at me from various angles... very funny little bird.

ABOVE:  Both littlies trying to put the neck cushions on.  Dante was a bit better than Keera!
9/10 for effort though.  These two are very entertaining.  The other two bigger kids... are getting bored.

Thank goodness school is back in on Monday.

Right, I'm off to catch a nana nap, I'm freakin' tired!  Keera makes lots of noise in her sleep, and wakes up too... so ... not a good sleep for us.

End of Day:  I had a quick nap on the couch before the toddlers woke up from their midday naps.  It was lovely.
Then I decided to make homemade meat balls with homemade sweet 'n' sour sauce.  It took me over 2 hours just to make the bloody meatballs!  I don't think I'll be doing that again in a hurry... though dinner was really yum.
*sigh* thought I would get to bed a bit earlier than 'usual' but no... here I am at 11.11 pm and I'm still up.  But not for much longer!
nite nite

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today around Midday, Lacy and Keera should be here.  Lacy is dropping off Keera then taking a bus to Tauranga to look at houses.

She is hell bent on leaving Auckland.  

So... having Keera for 4 days means no sleep ins.  Oh yaaa.  

I was just starting to enjoy them.  These last few days have gone so fast, it's Thursday already!  Count down to the start of school again too.
The kids have been REALLY good these holidays, there's not been a single day when I've felt like gagging them!

Well... maybe there has been upon reflection.

It always gets to me... how we can't wait for our baby to start talking, then as time goes on we wish they would just shut up!  When you have raised 8 KIDS, one's tolerance slowly gets eroded away... I DON'T RECOMMEND 8 kids to anyone.

Unless you are hard of hearing.

WOOD:  yep I bought a few pieces yesterday.  This is what I did with it:

ABOVE:  I cut them up and made them into tiered display thingees.  I haven't nailed them together, so I can rearrange them as and when I want to.  All the figurines are now held in place with Blue tack too, no more casualties having to be glued back together.

I must say though, Jiminy Cricket has healed very well!  You can't even tell he was broken.

OH and see my BRITTO Donald Duck plate?
I forgot I had it, I got it a couple of years ago.

Right, I've got a couple of things to do before Miss Muppet gets here, so I'll catch ya later.


HAPPY  2ND  BIRTHDAY TO BODHI.   I hope you have a wonderful day.

I've been massively busy this morning!  You couldn't get into the Dungeon (Store room under house) for love or money.  So, Griffin and I have de-cluttered it and OMG we have so much room down there now!

Just started on the understairs cupboard now.  Keera just arrived, and I shall stop for now and give her lunch I think.

TRACY:   Good question.  Lacy has a few friends in Tauranga, so she will have friends to help her with Keera, and we can go and pick Keera up for a long weekend every couple of months too.

My massive de-clutter of storage areas is pretty much finished.  I didn't find what I was hoping to find (2nd Black neck pillow), so it must be over at Lacy's somewhere.  I'm totally knackered now, even my finger tips are sore!

I'm expecting a blog friend shortly.  BLONDIE from Taupo.  Her real name is Sharon and she ain't blonde!  lol

Silly me!  Forgot to take a photo of Sharon and company, so I knicked one off her Facebook.

ABOVE:  Sharon and her son Samuel... the apple of her eye.  She's done an AMAZING job raising him all on her own.  He's Head Boy at his Taupo College, a real credit to her.

It was lovely to see her, and Samuel and his girlfriend Sharni.

Thank goodness tonight is takeaways, I certainly do not feel like cooking.

End of Day:  well dinner was nice.  Then we watched telly all night, looked after the kids and well... just the usual sorta night.
nite nite

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


How on earth do kids play games while looking at little screens without ending up seeing double?
I played 2048+ last night for about 4 hours straight, and I could hardly see straight afterwards!

As I said last night... DON'T START!!! It's highly addictive and one game can go on FOREVER!

Today Stew goes back to work.  So, it's just Bex, the kids and me home.
I need to go down to Manukau to pay a couple of bills, but that's all I have planned for the day.

I am hoping to sit down and read blogs today... I have heaps to catch up on!

Right, I'm outta here, I'll pop back later.


At lunchtime we always watch Home and Away, taped from the night before.
While 'watching' it today, I played 2048+... and I finally LOST!

I was a bit disappointed in myself because I only lost due to inattention.
Now I have to decide if I want to start another game?  It took me about a week to complete this one, and just look at my score!  Over 2 million!
Ah, decisions, decisions.

For now, I think I will continue reading me blog friends' posts...

LOUISE:  I love that site and will be getting some patterns from there for sure!  Thanks for the link.

I dashed out for a moment to get a few pieces of wood.  .... and I ain't gunna tell you what for right now either.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our daughter Kelly and her partner Gordon for taking Brylee and Griffin to Rainbow's End for a couple of hours this afternoon.  They love that place.

End of Day:  had a bit of computer trouble tonight, but hopefully it's behaving itself now.
Time to hit the sack... early for me @ 11.33 pm.
I'm no longer allowing myself to stay up after 11 pm if I can help it.  Which means NO MORE 2048+ till 1 in the bloody morning!