Sunday, December 21, 2014


Today I am hoping to do some more kitchen cupboard painting... well... getting a few doors READY for painting that is.

I am going to try and get all the doors that will have the contrasting paint colour on them ready to do first... because I am itching to see how it will look!

What else?  I know Stew wants to get some new summer shoes, so we shall visit the mall I suppose.  I am guessing the malls will be flat out busy.  

Oh and I would like to get a few new pretty flower type plants for me pots.  I had some Lobelia growing and it was beautiful, but it's died back now, so I want to replace it.  I want my garden to look pretty.

So, that's about all for now.... so until later... 


Saturday, December 20, 2014


Poor Tallulah was desperately hot yesterday, so I got out the grooming kit and took to her.
I did a total shit job, but so what?
She now looks totally FUNKY:

ABOVE:  It was so hard to pick just a couple of photos, so ya get heaps!  I've got to do her legs and feet some more yet.  Maybe today I will get around to it.

ABOVE:  Coco probably needs to be groomed again soon too.  

 ABOVE: Poor Coco!  Tallulah drives her crazy, constantly nipping, biting and jumping all over her.  
Last night I put Tallulah out so Coco could have a break from her.  That puppy is just MANIC!

ABOVE:  Kelly ready to go to the Katy Perry concert last night.  I've not had a chance to ask them how it was yet... they are still in bed.

ABOVE:  This is how easily the melamine sheet comes off the cupboards!  I hope to get a sprayer today, so I can spray the paint on instead of using a brush.  I'm told it will look so much better than brushing the paint on.

So, lots to do today.  Meanwhile, Stew is getting the lawns mown before the expected rain tonight/tomorrow.


THE KATY PERRY CONCERT:  the girls had a blast, they saw our PM John Key sitting behind them, so that was a highlight.  

Amanda overheated in the mosh pit and fainted!  So she was dragged out in a wheelchair!   Luckily that was almost at the end of the concert, so they didn't miss too much while she was in the sickbay.

Stew picked them up with no problems and they got home around 12.30 in the evening.

DOGSTARS:  the above photos are off the net, but yes, the girls were right up the front and very close to Katy!  How thrilling.

Well the Hamilton girls have left for home, and Stew got the lawns mown just before it rained.
It's looking likely to be a wet afternoon.  
That's fine... it will cool the temps down.  Yesterday was really hot and humid, yukky.

Heading out soon to look at spray painter thingee's.

ABOVE:  my new toy.  Can't wait to try it out.  There are so many of these things to choose from!  In the end we went for a budget priced one as we won't be using it too much.

ABOVE: picking 'flowers' before his Granddad mowed them all down.

ABOVE:  How to entertain a 2 year old.  Put 'Paw Patrol' on the tablet!  Dogs happy sitting there too.

Stew is sound asleep in the lounge, so it's 'quiet' time for a while.  Not that I mind.  I might go downstairs and potter around in the sewing 'room'.

End of Day:  a quiet evening, I did some hand sewing and watched TV AND did a few jigsaw puzzles on my laptop.  Multi tasking... *smiles*
nite nite

Friday, December 19, 2014


By the end of the working day, both Stew and Steve will be on holiday for 3 weeks.
They are both hanging out for it too.

I am looking forward to having them both home too.  It will be neat for Dante to get to spend heaps of time with his Dad and Granddad.

Today I'm going over to Botany to try and find the missing  kitchen cupboard door...

ABOVE:  There should be a drop down door there... but we can't find it.  I now think it's gone to our storage unit.  So... the kids and I will pop over there later on this morning to look for it.
Might be a good excuse to visit Botany Town Center too.  *smiles*

NOT that I/we need anything, but ya never know...  ya might find a last minute extra gift for someone.

Random :  When people react in a negative/defensive way, one has to wonder why?  Do they feel they have something to be defensive about then?  Food for thought.

Counting heads, how many do you expect for Christmas dinner?
Last count here (last night) we will have just 12.  Sad it's not more.

Who's got more?  Lots more?  Or less?  I hope no one is alone on Christmas Day!
Sometimes I wish it was just me and Stew, on the beach with fish 'n' chips!  But then it wouldn't be Christmas would it?

Moving on... I better get the washing on.  Steve fixed our washing machine, did I tell you? So awesome.  I was worried we would have to buy a new machine, and at this time of year that would have been a bit annoying!

Next big expense will be kitting the kids out for the new school year, and Griffin needs a full new uniform!  What fun.  


So.  I'm down in the garage and I look up... and there it is!  That freakin' cupboard door!

ABOVE:  been looking for it for three days and it was right there in plain sight all that time.  Grrrrr.

Now.  Do I still go to Botany for a browse around?  Hmmmm.......

Well, we went to Bunnings and bought more paint for the cupboards as I only had a small test pot.
the test pot is the 'wrong' sort of paint for the cupboards (wish they'd told me that BEFORE I painted the entire door with it!), so I got enough of the 'right' paint to do the entire kitchen.
I also got a contrasting paint to use on some of the drawers/cupboards.  I hope it looks nice once I've done it!

I will show you once I've done a few.

Kelly and her friend Amanda are due here soon.  They are coming up for the Katy Perry concert, and staying here overnight.  I had thought of going myself, but they have tickets for the 'mosh pit'.... and that's just ain't my scene at all!

Not that I'm quite sure what a bloody 'mosh pit' is.  LOL

Lunch time.  Toasted sandwiches today.  Off to feed me face and watch Home and Away from yesterday.

TRACY!!!!   COME TO MINE!  We would love more here!

So Kelly and her friend Amanda arrived, they fluffed around getting their hair/face/clothes all ready then I took them to the train station to go into town.
Stew is picking them up after the concert.
I hope they have an awesome time.

End of Day:  a busy day, lots of fun.  Time to wind down before bed.
nite nite

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I took a nap with the girls:

ABOVE: Awww they loves me.  Coco usually lies behind my knees, but this time... nope... right on top of me.  Tallulah was like a typical toddler, wriggling all the time.  

ABOVE: Today's mission is to remove that drawer front, sand it back to wood and paint it.  If it looks OK, I'm going to do the same with all the cupboard fronts. 

These cupboards have a melamine sheeting stuck on the particle board doors, and in lots of places it's lifting.  So, hopefully I can remove it all and paint over the doors instead.  The trick is getting a paint the same shade, or very similar to the cupboard frames.

Fingers crossed I can get a good match.  Or it's on to Plan B... which hasn't been thought of yet!

Oh and... I want to find the cupboard door that's missing!  We took it off to fit the new Microwave in months ago, but now I've moved the microwave onto the bench and put the coffee machine in the gap.  Stew thinks it's up in the garden shed of all places.  

I'll send Griffin up to look for it later... though that might not work.  He's a BOY.  He can't find anything even if it's right in front of his face.  *sigh*  

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.


First coat (primer) is on that drawer.  Waiting for paint to dry...  always takes SO LONG.

In the meantime, we've done a good deal of housework... and now I'm about to have lunch.  I leave you with this:

ABOVE:  I may live to regret buying this.


Man there's some haters out there!  I sometimes think certain people troll my blog just looking for something to be nasty about... seems anything will do, even how I talk to Bex!  Unless you live here, and know how Bex and I actually 'get on', you have no right to draw your own assumptions.  Once again, someone with a nasty attitude, who has shown they are the person with the problem, NOT ME.

End of Day:  So a good day, got a few jobs done around the house and tomorrow I will finish painting that drawer for the kitchen.  It's looking like a  very good match with the existing colour in the kitchen.
nite nite

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Well... half way through the last week before Christmas.   And I literally have nothing to do except count down the days.
I have talked to a few people and so many of them have not even started their Christmas shopping yet!

How on earth can you leave it so late, and still get just the 'right' things for everyone?
I'd be a blithering mess if I left it all to the last minute.

Have you finished?  Or not even started?

As you know, it was Dante's birthday yesterday, so here's a few photos of last night's present openings, and his 'real' birthday cake ... which Bex made:

 ABOVE:  Learning how to unwrap presents.

  ABOVE:  super excited because he got some 'Paw Patrol' toys, it's a new kid's TV programme that he loves.  Tallulah the mad dog in the background, equally excited!

ABOVE:  so exciting!  And Bex lighting the cake.

 ABOVE:  The AMAZING cake Bex made for Dante.  Her first 'real' cake, with fondant and so on.  Didn't she do well!

ABOVE: Blowing out the candles.  And showing the inner cakes (3), chocolate and banana, and it was very yummy.

 ABOVE:  We said he could... have the first bite!  lol

ABOVE:  Dante and Tallulah had a blast running through bubbles at bedtime!  Tallulah went NUTS chasing them and eating them!  Dante loved running through them and kept saying to Steve "More?"  Steve got a bit breathless after blowing bubbles for half an hour.  *smiles*

Right, that's it for the birthday photos.  Now...

Even though I don't have anything left to do for Christmas, I am going to take the kids out to the mall so they can enjoy the atmosphere, and I still need to visit the bank... something I didn't get around to yesterday.

COCO:  I'm a bit worried about her.  She is not herself.  Suddenly she's not that fond of Tallulah.  And she's acting SCARED all the time?  Like, hovering under our feet, always wanting to be on our lap, just not quite 'normal' for her.  I hope she's OK and nothing is really wrong with her.  I even wonder if someone is hurting her without our knowing?  I just don't know what's going on with her.  *sigh*

Right, gunna go and start the day... and keep a closer eye on my Coco. 


Jobs done.  Fairly busy in Sylvia Park, but not too bad.  Raining quite heavily too, so the traffic was slow.
But, home now and about to have lunch.


ABOVE:  Clearly, it wasn't Coco!  Tallulaha 'self entertained' herself while we were all out and about.  So cute.  That's an entire toilet roll gone.  I am sure the fun she had was worth it.
She's the first puppy of ours to ever do that.  It brought a big smile to my face.

It's been a very quiet afternoon here.  Thunderstorms and torrential rain, but that's all!
The dogs and I had a nap on the couch which was lovely.  Coco was beside me all afternoon and seems to be a little bit happier today.
I can't find anything physically wrong with her.  So... maybe just a phase she's going through.

I'm expecting a quiet evening too.  So...

End of Day:  a lovely day, got lots done.  And enjoyed a quiet afternoon.
nite nite

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Today is Dante's 2nd Birthday.  I can't believe how fast those 2 years have gone.  It feels like he's been part of the family forever. 
He's a darling wee boy, and getting more and more entertaining as the days go by.
His speech is developing rapidly now... every day he says new words, and runs them together too.
Such fun watching him grow.

Jacqui came home last night with some biscuits her friend made.  OMG they were to die for!

I sat down at almost midnight last night trying to find the recipe with no luck.
Hopefully Jacqui can get the recipe off her friend.

Today I've got a heap of housework to get done.

Also, a trip out to post a parcel and hunt for one last Christmas present.

Then I do believe I am done and ready for Christmas Day.

Stew is doing most of the preparations for the Christmas 'dinner'... we are having Ham, chickens, sausages and salads, followed by pavlova's and fresh cream with strawberries.  No big fancy meal, just a nice relaxing day for all I hope.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Well a busy few hours shopping for those last minute presents.  It's DONE.  So relieved.
And any minute Griffin will be home, he will be DONE with Primary/Intermediate school and moving on to High School next year.

I will throw his uniform in the bin with great gusto.  It's falling apart at the seams, I'm surprised it lasted till now!

I do need to pop out again at some point this afternoon... just to the bank though.  Putting money IN for a change!  lol

 ABOVE: This is the Birthday cake Bex made and took to Playcentre this morning.  It got almost totally eaten by all the children.

ABOVE: Here is Bex making the 2nd cake, our 'at home' cake.  I am sure it will be just as gorgeous as the morning cake. *smiles*

End of Day:  Well, we have had a lovely birthday dinner with cake, Dante got to open his presents when his Daddy got home from work.  Lots of fun.  And bubbles.  Lots of bubbles too.
I took a few photos and videos, and will put them on here tomorrow.  I've run out of time to do it now, I'm off to bed, tired as.
nite nite

Monday, December 15, 2014


And no, I'm not on Twitter.
I'm talking about what Griffin found yesterday...

 ABOVE:  right beside our side path, in the fork of our two palms is a bird's nest, with BABIES in it!  How cool is that?  You can see them without even standing on anything, they are right in your face.
I hope the kids can keep their distance long enough for the fledglings to fly off.
Isn't it an awesome looking nest too?  Such detail has gone into it, I'm impressed.

I needed to trim around Tallulah's eyes last night.  My god what a mission.  She fought me for about half an hour, then I had to get really angry with her.  She bit me!
And the scissors.

But in the end I won.  I had to win.  If she had made me stop she would have been even harder to groom next time.

I had the same fight with Coco when she was a puppy.
ABOVE:  I haven't finished with her yet, but it will have to wait. 

Today I'm going down to J B Hi Fi to ask for some advice on how to download photos and then find them again on my new laptop.  It's proving to be a right pain in the butt.

Then after lunch I have Hospice Shop duty.  I will take Brylee with me so she doesn't bother Bex all afternoon.


Sad.  I looked out the window at the nest in the tree to see it had been tipped over.  Two baby birds dead on the ground.  So sad.  Bound to be the work of a cat.  Silly mother bird building her nest so very close to the ground.

But, that's nature for you.  

Bex and Dante just left to go swimming with a friend, and I've got the first of probably 4 loads of washing on.
Our washing machine needs a new inlet valve apparently, Steve is working on it for us.  In the meantime, it's being filled with water from the garden hose.  Tedious, but better than waiting for it to fill itself, which was taking over 5 hours!'s 10.45, I'm still in me pyjamas... cos I've been busy doing some housework.  Washing mostly.  And this:

ABOVE: That new fence has come in rather handy I must say.  Rather pleased with this idea.

Now I might actually get dressed and do a few other things.

Hospice was rather busy today!  It was such fun.  I got some awesome treasure:

 ABOVE:  A brand new photo frame, House Rules hook thingee, an amazing glass bowl that shines blue in certain light/angles and  a cute wooden box.

 ABOVE:  A near brand new frying pan, set of three glasses with shell on them (perfect for sand and tea light candles) and three melamine trays, Bex is having the two with orange flowers on them.  I'm not a fan of orange, whereas she is.

ABOVE: Cyclists/runners etc use these, but I'm going to use it for water for the dogs when we are out walking.  And it's got a little pocket for the car keys too, so freakin' cool!

All of the above cost me $15!  How cool is that???  You just can't beat Hospice prices.  I may be a 'shopaholic'.... but I do know how to get a bargin sometimes.  *smiles*

I was tempted to never post my purchases on my blog ever again after the nasty ANON comment the other day... but I then decided that NO ONE is going stop me blogging how I want to.  So... there ya go.  TREASURE shared.

End of day:  well I must say it was a good day, even though it started out a bit sad.
Our visitor Jacqui got bamboozled by the motorway shutdowns on her way home tonight, poor Chick!
I bet she's so glad to be living in Tauranga now!
nite nite

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Well.... it's been put off as long as possible, and today is the day.
The friggin tree goes up in the lounge.

That is, once Stew's gone up into the loft space and found it and the decorations!

I'm sure it won't be too hard to find.

 ABOVE:  a cute photo of Dante playing in a tunnel thingee he was given by a friend of Bex's at Playcentre the other day.  
Tallulah won't go in it, I wonder why?  lol

ABOVE: Last night's dinner, Stew did an awesome job of these chooks.  I love taking photos of chook's bums!  *smiles*

I'm now off to get some washing done, then supervise the tree decorations.  I am vowing to not do it this year.  I wonder if I will be able to keep my hands out of it?


So... after getting some washing on, I went back to bed with a headache.
Coughing still, but not as bad as last week.  Maybe I am on the improve?

Fresh off Facebook:

ABOVE:  Teddy and Riley just got groomed, hence the cute little bandana's on them (left).
Bottom R shows him and Peppa in a 'new' sleeping place... top of the couch.  So cute.  He's so happy in his new home, I know we made the right decision in re-homing him.
No matter what anyone else says, or thinks.

I'm now off to 'supervise' the tree decorations.

 ABOVE:  first decision, put the tree up on a table... away from toddler and puppy.

ABOVE:  done!  Stew did it all, except for hanging a few balls, which Steve did.

Very happy with our tree... it's not a white tree with blue lights, but it's still gorgeous.

The rest of today has been fairly quiet.  Our friend Jacqui from Tauranga is here for a couple of days, so we have company tonight and tomorrow night.  How lovely.

End of Day: a productive day, so glad that freakin' tree is up at last.
Winding down... watching some tv while yakking with Jacqui too.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today we are going out to try and find a new Christmas Tree.
I saw an amazing LED tree at my friend Sandra's, and fell in love with it.
I know that it is highly likely we won't be able to find one exactly the same, but I can try!

ABOVE:  This is a much better photo of her tree than the one I put up last week.  It's very simple, but I just love the blue led lights all over it.  *DROOL*

Maybe I will end up with our 'old' tree, and that will be OK too.  But I can still look! *smiles*  Hmmm, just thought of it... maybe we can just buy some blue LED lights!  It's an option.

ABOVE: Once we get a tree up, it will go in this corner of the lounge.  Those are all the Christmas boxes I got wrapped up last night.  I did well.  They are 'family' boxes, instead of heaps of individual presents wrapped up.  This took so much less time and crabbiness to do.

And that is a good thing.  hee hee.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, tidy the house and then go shoppping... with the thousands of others out there.


Well after exhaustive searching... we didn't find a new tree.  So we bought some new LED tree lights in white and blue, it's the best we could do.

Went to Sylvia Park and had lunch, and bought these:

ABOVE:  they are artificial, but gorgeous none the less.  They were in a 'pop up' store in the mall.  It was so tempting to get a bigger table arrangement, but they were just freakin' expensive as.  So, I compromised and got the two smaller ones in the  colours I love.

ABOVE:  A new Santa, got him from The Importer in the Apex Centre across the road from Sylvia Park.

So, we did do some shopping, got a couple of gifts that were missing from the list and I'm almost DONE on shopping for Christmas.  Thank God.

ANON:  Ahhh yes, I am a 'shopaholic'.... I've said so myself on many occasions.  SO IS STEW.

I DON'T owe you or anyone an explanation about anything we choose to buy, do or whatever.

Your comment was deleted because it was just not NICE .... and said more about YOU than me for sure.
YOU are not a nice person.  Didn't your mother ever say "If you don't have anything nice to say, then say NOTHING?"  I think you should practise that, don't you?

Moving on... Stew's sister Khady is here for an early Christmas dinner with us as she is away over Christmas.  We are enjoying catching up with her.

End of Day:  well we had a lovely day, followed by a lovely evening with Khady here.  Tomorrow we shall put up the Christmas Tree... finally!
nite nite