Thursday, December 31, 2020


Well... the fence is still not finished. I only have one side left to get painted now... then it's a case of watching paint dry.

So... I probably won't be showing it to you for a couple more days yet.


I woke up this morning with a horrible headache and so tired!  My mind would NOT switch off last night... I have been quite crabby the past few days thanks to twats annoying me.

My stress levels are rising!   I was feeling so calm the past few weeks, now?  Not so much.

That is really annoying.  I shall have to work harder to not allow toxic people to get to me.

So now, how about I show you the 2nd section that will be going on the tree TODAY?

ABOVE:  For as long as I can remember, Hamilton has had a Hot Air Balloon festival once  a year.
Dozens of balloons float over Hamilton for a week or two, then there's a night event, where the balloons 'glow' in the dark, and some dip into the lake as well.

So, when Bex suggested the next section had air balloons on it, I thought... BRILLIANT!
I was just gunna do birds!

Right... I better get up and start the day.  More fence to paint.  Sheesh, anyone would think it was a full sized fence the time it's taking!


I got up early to get ahead on the painting.

ABOVE:  I now only have one plank to go!  I have to wait for other bits to dry before I can do that one though.
Which is fine.  It will get done later today, then by around the 2nd January the picket fence can go out to the tree.  Awesome.

Well... we have now got a HUGE bowl of chicken marinating for dinner.  The usual family who hang around will be here to enjoy Teriyaki Chicken and Garlic Bread.
Then we hope to have our brazier going while we see in the New Year.
Might even have a wine... or tipple.


ABOVE: The second section is on the tree... and it looks amazing.  I really love doing my tree.

2.03 pm:  Stew and I went out to get more hooks for the grape vine netting.  Then we went to a few shoe shops looking for summer footwear.
I have nothing that I can just slip on and mooch around in, and Stew? 
He has the most HIDEOUS jandals ever, ever.

So, we finally found and bought these:

ABOVE:  They are just so comfortable!  Love them.  And... damn cheap as too.  SCORE.

Stew is just finishing up the grape vine covering now.  I will take a photo once it's done, to show you what a wonderful job the guys did.

ABOVE:  Teriyaki Chicken.  IF ONLY you could smell it!  Mouthwatering.
Add garlic bread and you have the easiest, but crazy yummy dinner!

Dinner was wonderful, and we have some left overs for next year. 
Lacy is here with us, as is Steve, Bex and the little boys, and of course, Brylee.

I don't know if we will be firing up the brazier now... Stew isn't keen.  So a quiet evening inside by the look of it.

And there ya go.  Another year bites the dust, and we move on to the next one. (well, in 3 hours)  

Catch ya NEXT YEAR my friends.


  1. The hot air balloons are a great idea!
    I am sorry to hear you have such a toxic person in your world. I wonder why some people feel the need to be cruel. I have NEVER been mean to anyone and I can not imagine doing it deliberately.
    I know you should not let that crap get to you. But, I also know it can get into your head and rattle around. If we could just control our thoughts!
    From what I can see, there is a lot more love and friendship in your life than jerks. That is a good thing!

  2. The Hot air balloons are a fabulous! Well done Bex, an awesome idea. Perfect fot the Waikato. I can't but help think the local newspaper should come do a story on you and the tree. You'd be able to squeeze in some free advertising for the shop

  3. Cool hot air balloons mum 👏

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Beautiful. Cant wait to see it. Kj

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Your tree is sooooo eyecatching! How clever :) M from the S.I.

  6. Tree looks amazing! Happy New Year xx

  7. So glad you’re doing the tree, and even better is that it brings you joy. It really is lovely Chris. Happy New Year to You and Yours!

  8. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Chris - Love,love, love the new addition to the tree. You are a true Folk Artist, Chris. I love how you incorporated the memories of other times, etc. into this piece.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful NYE evening around the fire pit and I send you many calming and peaceful wishes. Take care and happy days in 2021. XO, Ky Girl

  9. Your tree wraps are so cute!

  10. I would never have guessed hot air balloons theyre sooooo cool.
    Wishing you guys a relaxed end of year rolling into a whole new year x

  11. Love the tree. Your evening sounds perfect. A great way to end a shitty year and bring in a fresh new one.

  12. I love the balloons over the houses... how about some satellites and rockets over them now? Then planets :)

    1. Two hours ago I told Stew what my next section was going to be. Outer space/ planets etc! 🤣😅😊

    2. Stu says planes next, rockets, then space and planets :)... in that order.

  13. the tree is looking FAB -- can't wait to see / hear how the locals respond xxxxx

  14. Happy New Year Chick ❤️❤️

  15. Your tree is amazing Chris you are so creative. I wish I lived near and could see it in person.

  16. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Funny shit you guys have similar toes 🤣 just an observation 😂 quietly sitting here with George having a beer 🍺 the other half is at the local boozer sun is shining very peaceful 💙 George's Mum.

  17. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Chris you are so damn clever! I am always impressed by your crafty skills. I am curious to know your sewing, crocheting, knitting history. Did you learn from your mum as a child or did you teach yourself as an adult? Cheers Michelle from Oz.

  18. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Pool amazing then dinner waiting for the fire 🔥 😊 😁.....
    #Lacy 💙

  19. Love, love, loving the tree! Happy New Year Chris and Stew and all the crew!
    Cheers, Karen in Queensland.

  20. Happy New Year. I don’t comment often but read twice a day. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2021.

  21. Happy New Year to you and your fam. Thanks for letting us be part of your lives. Much love 😍

  22. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Love the new additions to your tree. Can't wait to see the little fence Steve made for you once it's all painted and in place. Happy New Year to you and yours, Chris. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Here's hoping 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

    A Fan in Canada

  23. Happy New Year Chris and family. Love the tree. 😀

  24. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Night Night DCR and the rest of DCR'S lovely followers all around the World xx 💜 💙
    #PositiveVibes 💜💙💛💚❤️
    #Lacy 💙

  25. Love the new tree addition. So clever.

    Happy New Year. Bring on 2021 and hopefully a much easier year for you. Enjoy your night with the family.

  26. Happy new yearmy friend xxx

  27. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Happy New Year to you and your Family, let us hope 2021 is better for us all xxxx Sarah

  28. Chris, your talents are endless! Happy New Year!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2021.

  29. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Happy New Year Chris and family. Best wishes and may 2021 be everything you wish for and more. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family.
    Kym/ Australia

  30. Jamie M1:22 AM

    The tree decorations are FABULOUS! Happy New Year guys. x

  31. The tree themes are fabulous. It really is very clever and I can imagine so fun to make. They are such a nice sized project. (It will also call nice attention to your shop, visually and word of mouth.)

    Thank you for writing so regularly. We have been very isolated since the beginning of March. I had two surgeries this year, one with a major/long recovery. Your blog has made a big difference for me.

  32. Happy 2021 Chris and family. Thank you for an awesome blog 🙂 have a wonderful new year.

  33. You're already 4 hours into the new year and we have 6 more to go. So how's 2021 going lol worth us changing over too?
    A very happy new year to you and all your family. All the very best, health and happiness and peace of mind.

  34. Happy New Year! Love the tree additions!


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