Thursday, December 03, 2020


 Well... I really felt like having a massive rant today... but ya know what?

I thought better of it.

Time will sort out EVERYTHING.

So, until then, YOU can wonder if I'm talking about you... or you, or even you!  Cos, there's several people being a 'bother' right now.

Don't ever presume a thing though, ya might be WRONG.

ABOVE:  I am gunna rise above it all.

All the balls in the air?  Well Stew and I will just keep juggling, and wait for the dust to settle, as we know it will.

ABOVE:  Shame there's so many 'bad' people so close to us.

Today I am going to be in my sewing room... doing these:

ABOVE:  The start of some Heart runners.  They are not super long ones, just around 1 meter long.

Do you like the straight hearts, or the off set ones?

I will probably bind them with multi-coloured fabric to match the hearts.  Not sure yet.

I will be opening my shop at midday again today.

As I will be working in there as well, I'm sure the time will fly by.

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


It's almost 12 o'clock.  I'm ready to open me shop.  As it's drizzling out there, I doubt anyone will visit.

All good though, I've got my heart runners to make.

I did go out first thing this morning.  I bought more white fabric from Spotlight.  I got a $40 off voucher via email today, so thought, "Why not?".

I might have bought another Christmas ornament too.  It was 60% off!  

ABOVE:  It certainly pays to wait until December to get Christmas stuff!  That is a whopping big drop in price.

So... I decided to 'fix' the little shift dresses I bought from the market in Coffs Harbour.
They are just simple little dresses, but I didn't like how they billowed out at the hips, with pockets that made them sit out as well.

So, I sewed the pockets out.

ABOVE:  Left - with pockets.  Right - No pockets... (and a lightbulb on above my head!).
Much better.

ABOVE:   I did this one first and took it in a bit much on the sides, so it will go in the wardrobe till I'm another 10 kilos lighter.  Or I'll wear it knowing I really shouldn't sit down in it!
Cos it's just cotton and does not stretch.
Now, on with the Heart runners.

ABOVE:  Thanks (NOT) for the phone call... remember what I said.  We want NOTHING to do with it.  Don't go screaming down the phone at me.  Not appreciated.
And now... I have a damn headache and will need to take a panadol.  

The drizzle has cleared up, and it's lovely outside now.  So nice.

6.43 pm: Rather surprisingly, I had three ladies in the shop today.
I'd not seen any of them before either.
No sales, but some interest.
I got one Heart runner finished by 6 pm.
I will show it to you tomorrow.

For now, it's relax time.
Just finished eating dinner. Which was Corned Beef, Potato, Carrot, Onion, mixed veges and cheese sauce.
It was really good!
The meat was falling apart, so beautifully cooked in the crock pot.

Watching some tv before bed.  I'm bloody tired!
Being in the sewing room was so good today... the afternoon just flew by.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I like the offset hearts


  2. Trish in NJ7:08 AM

    Definitely the offset hearts. They just look so right.

  3. I agree, the offset hearts.

  4. Ha! I like the straight hearts.

  5. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Good morning :) I love both sets of hearts so am not much help! Your colour choices are always just right. Perfect actually!
    Happy Thursday,
    M from the SI

  6. Eek i love both sets of hearts too!

  7. Love the hearts. I prefer the off set ones. Lovely design.

  8. Love both sets of the bright pop of purple in them, it really stands out.

  9. Morning, loving the offset hearts 💕 and great fabric choices too Xx

  10. Sorry people are giving you grief. Silly bunch of clod muffins should know better.
    I like the offset hearts. I find them soothing.

  11. I just sent you and email, and apparently it sent 3 times....sorry. I love all the colors in the heart runners.

  12. Cool runners mum :-)

  13. Hi ☺️ Gorgeous colours on the heart runners - I like the off-set look.

  14. Lol - l like the hearts both ways. So cute!

  15. Offset hearts 💕 love the dresses altered, look great and look lovely and cool for summer. Sorry about the stress people are causing you today, I would say have some chocolate to cheer up, but I don’t recall you ever talking about chocolate.... are you not a fan? I have a bad addiction to it, lucky I run so much :)

    1. Oh yes, I adore chocolate! But can't stop at one piece, have to eat the entire block. So... I just don't buy it any more. Problem solved.

  16. Anonymous3:30 PM

    You look amazing in the dresses, especially the blue one. I’m not a natural sewer but I’m trying to make a shopping bag out of our chook pellet bags, all you sewing has inspired me to try. Jo

  17. Anonymous4:02 PM

    The dresses are much better like that Chris. very flattering. Kj

  18. Sorry to hear of drama, that is really stressful . I would put a little panel of stretchy fabric in the dresses so you can sit no matter your weight. Plus - I just like stretchy!

  19. Pretty disgraceful for you to be treated so thoughtlessly and yelled at, especially after everything you have had to go through and are still grieving, it’s selfish, have some consideration for Chris, i

  20. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Like ya need stuff like that going on sheesh 🥺 loving the dresses without the pockets looking hot chick 🔥🔥 had George to the groomer today she's bald but 30 degrees here today so makes sense. George's Mum.

  21. Do you have any tips for corned beef in the crock pot? I have never ever cooked corned beef in any way but love it so any help would be most appreciated!!

    1. Put the meat in the crock pot. Pour at least 1/2 cup of tomato sauce and 1/2 cup of Golden Syrup on top of the meat. Put some onions & potatoes around the edges. Put in enough water to cover the bottom of the crock pot to a depth of about 1 inch. Cook all day. Ya don't need to turn the meat.

  22. Dinner sounds delicious, I'm hungry for corned beef now.....

  23. Love that new ornament Chris! Have often cooked corned beef in the crockpot but not like that. Will certainly be trying that way. Sounds delish! Cheers, Karen in Queensland.

  24. Janine here, still reading

  25. Hey I miss you love reading

  26. Yum. I love corned beef!

  27. Ohhhh nice dresses I love both colours
    My corn beef cover water bay leaves honey mustard worchestshire sauce garlic ginger black pepper corns onion voila

  28. Cute ornament. Hope things get better. Take care.

  29. Wait just a minute??!! Cooked Carrot?


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