Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Well... the chances of having a quieter day today are much higher than yesterday!

We are supposed to have cloudy weather all day, and maybe some rain towards the middle of the week.

I'm going to get me housework done first thing, then go into the Sewing Room and get ready to open up for the afternoon.

I'm starting to think being closed for 3 months over winter (while I was in Aussy) has made people think I'm closed all the time now?

It is just so quiet!

I really thought it would be a bit busier this close to Christmas.

Oh well... it if doesn't pick up I might even close it and just go do a few markets here and there next year.

I'm not really that fussed to be honest.  I really do seem to have gone off the boil in so many things!

I've not even got the motivation to do some paintings right now.  

ABOVE:  Evil dog eyes!

ABOVE:  Coco assuming 'the pose'... waiting for her tummy to be scratched.  She's such a hussy. And I might add, EVERYONE indulges her.

ABOVE:  A nice photo of these two taken a few days ago.  Just knicked it off Lacy's Facebook.

ABOVE:  We saw this Christmas-y bike at The Base on the weekend. 

ABOVE: This is so true!  I knicked this off a friend's Facebook too.

ABOVE:  AND this!  It looks amazing, and I've saved the 'how to' video.  Might give it a go next year some time.  It's a table runner, called a 'Braided Twist'.  It looks pretty funky.

I think I spend far too much time on bloody Facebook!  Such a time waster.

Remember me saying yesterday I wasn't going to post a photo of me in the pool cos I was all squinty and wrinkly?

Well... I changed my mind.

In this internet driven, social media world we live in now... everyone tries to present themselves in the very BEST light.  Makeup on, photos tweaked, photo shopped and so on.

I don't do much of that anyway, so let's be real...

ABOVE:  There ya go.  NO makeup, squinting... wrinkly!  BUT I'M SMILING! OMG, that's a rare event.

Right, I really should get outta bed and start the day.


11.39 am:  And I'm so happy to say my Christmas shopping IS DONE.

I have to wrap half a dozen gifts and that will be it.

ABOVE:  TALKING of wrapping gifts!

There is Stew, wrapping his 'Secret Santa' gift for his work place.  He didn't have to go shopping.  And THAT is the one and only gift he's wrapped this year.

AND I will also add, he's only ever wrapped Christmas gifts a handful of times in our entire 35 YEARS together.

Last night... he got crabby with the cellotape... it was rather funny.  I can just imagine how tied up in knots he would be if he had to wrap all the presents!  

I get MY TITS IN A KNOT all the time!  That's why 90% of the gifts I give are now in bags.  So much easier. And quicker.  And better for me bloody blood pressure.

RUNNING GIRL:  Challenge accepted:

ABOVE: I've been blogging since Brylee was 6 and Griffin was 5.  So of course I have photos of her at 8.

I love that about my blog... I can use it as a diary and record of our lives since 2006.  Before that I have to rely on memory, and old fashioned photos!

2.04 pm:  Just had a couple of ladies in the shop and a small purchase was made.  

They live in our neighbourhood and will be back in the New Year.

They are looking forward to seeing the tree start up again!  😊

All my Christmas wrapping is now done too.  Such a load off my mind.

Tomorrow I will do the last minute food shopping, all going well I will be able to get all I need.   I'm doing the desserts this year.

BBQ at Steve 'n' Bexs for Christmas lunch.  It's going to be a relaxed day.

Just been in floods of tears.  Grrrr.  Thought of Mum... not got a present for her, not going to hear from her on Christmas Day.  Not gunna ring and yak with her about our day, check if she liked her present?   Nothing.  Such a huge gap in my life. She pops into my  head at the most random times... sometimes I feel OK and other times?  Yeah.  Just bawl me eyes out.

So, I'm a snotty mess right now... I hope no one comes into the shop in the next half an hour!

Three more visitors to the shop this afternoon, so I'm feeling happy about that.

It's now 5.16 pm, 45 minutes till I close for the day and then I can get on with making dinner.

We are having pork marinated steaks and veges.

9.49 pm:  Well... it's been a quiet evening.  Been watching TV and now... it's almost bedtime.

On a whole it's been a very good day.


  1. I do like the Braised Twist Table Runner. I am absolutely certain you can choose better colors though. Love the motorcycle - that is really festive. And congrats on sharing the pool photo. I think it's darling! And And And - cute pic of Lacy and Brylee. I am having a brain fart about the third dog. Coco, Marley, and ?????? Yep I think you need to add a picture on the side of the Dog Family.

    1. Denim. She is Marley's full sister. I have a story about her for another day.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Facebook Photo stealer lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Awesome photo! Squinty and all! xx

  4. Wow in that pic of Brylee you can see how much she abs Keera look alike! I would love to see a pic of them at the same age alongside one another.... like you’ve got time to find an old pic 😂 Have a great day. It’s chaos here with so many jobs I should have done earlier to be ready for Xmas!

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Can definitely see the similarities :) you don’t muck around 🤣 So sorry you’re upset this afternoon, this time of year is rough and especially after the shit you’ve had thrown at you :(

  5. I HATE wrapping presents, they always look like a dogs dinner. When the kids were little Gary & would have a few wines & wrap everything on Christmas Eve, it was actually quite pleasant but of course as they got older they went to bed later & later so we would still be wrapping bloody presents at 1am!!!

  6. Love your pool shot.
    And as for Christmas present wrapping I hate it too. Been lucky this year my granddaughter has wrapped everyones....except her own. Yay !!

  7. Firsts are always hard after losing someone. Of course Christmas will be bitter sweet this year but remember the good times and imagine her sitting quietly in the corner watching you all with a big smile on her face.

    1. My vision of her right now is of an incredibly angry person... wishing she'd been able to do that ONE LAST THING on her bucket list! But don't worry MUM, I will get it done for you. By hook or by crook I will.

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      yes you will 😊 xx
      #Lacy 💙

  8. All of the firsts are difficult, I share your tears. My Mum has been gone for two Christmas now. I did her Christmas shopping for her and wrapped the presents, also wrote her cards and did a bit of decorating. Not any more. Welling up! sorry. .......Just as long as you take photo's like your pool snap, you Mother will be here, you look much like her in that pic. HUGS,
    Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.

  9. You are such a sweet and caring person. It just shows.

    1. I disagree... I can be a real crabby tart sometimes! Hence one of my nicknames is 'Crabby Tart'! I'm no different from anyone else, we all have various 'faces' for various circumstances. I can't be 'nice' all the time! I have EIGHT KIDS ... that means I have had to be a disciplinarian, a referee, an advocate, and all those other hats we mothers have to wear. It's NOT all sunshine and roses that's for bloody sure! But, I can honestly say I have always tried my best to cope, because with that many children, it's not been easy, and I have made many mistakes over the years. But I never killed any of them... I need a medal. lol

    2. Oh and if you were meaning in relation to my Mum, yes, I loved her dearly and miss her dreadfully.

    3. Anonymous4:06 PM

      oh gosh sorry I had to comment, yea she and dad never killed any of us lol as much as they would of like to, or had of pushed some of us (mainly me) back in or pulled the cord a bit tighter lol...so yea My Mum and Dad definatly desurve a bloody medal, actually specially My Dad for taking the bunch of us on...xxxxx 💙💜
      #Lacy 💙

    4. I WAS referring to your Mum. You can still be a caring person and yell and scream and kick the kids in the backside. Sometimes it's what they need!
      You do deserve a medal!

  10. Anonymous4:18 PM

    We buy a special Christmas decoration or have one made each year in remembrance of our daughter who was killed in a car accident. It might be an idea for you Chris?

    1. That is a lovely idea and I have bought a little cow ornament in memory of my Mum, it is on our tree. Condolences on the loss of your daughter. {{{HUGS}}}

  11. It is good that you are grieving. Hard at the time, but good for your mental health long term. I imagine it is a very hard year to grieve, everything is amplified.

    I am wondering if a daily release ritual might help. Maybe you should just say out loud (to her) what you wish you could. You could light a candle or take a bath or a walk and just pour it out.

    It could be writing to her. But if you were used to talking on the phone, out loud might help.

    After one of the tsunamis in the far East, they set up a phone booth for people to use to “call” their lost loved ones. And it did help people to grieve. They recorded the calls, it was a memorial thing.

    I have used Hail Mary as sort of a calming/clear my mind focus for years. A song or something like that might help too. I know you love music.

    And I wonder if for the holidays, you should have a family ritual of gathering in a circle, lighting/passing a candle and singing a holiday song as a family to your mom.

    You absolutely could do a “gift” for her. It could be in the form of a donation. Or a gift to one of her siblings. Or to a nursing home in your area. Or something in memory of her to one of your kids, different kid each year. It could be planting something somewhere.

    If your maternal grandparents/great grandparents are in a traditional grave somewhere near you, you could tend/visit those graves in memory of your mom too. Or you could use something at a local park (tree, planting, bench) as a focus place (like you would a grave) to “visit” your mom.


    1. Anonymous11:27 PM

      Thanks for the suggestions Vickie, my Dad died this time last year and I am struggling. Xxx Sarah

    2. You are welcome. I think it is a very hard year to have anything “extra” happen. Like we can just barely handle the regular daily stuff and if something big happens, really amplified. And the traditional methods (that we rely on in society) are not possible for many people.

  12. sending you hugs while you navigate the first Christmas without your mum 🥰

  13. Anonymous8:07 PM

    💙💙💙 George's Mum.

  14. 10pm just in from hanging more lights i know im not going to be finished in time.

  15. Anonymous12:48 AM

    It's very hard at Christmas time remembering lost loved ones, especially when it was so recent. We've just been to visit my Dad, giving a little help with the housework and gardening. We put some lovely red flowers (for a Christmas theme) on Mum's grave. She absolutely adored her garden, so I always spend time arranging the flowers and hoping she thinks I've done it right. Don't be surprised when the grief comes over you suddenly, it just knocks you for six sometimes when you think you're coping. You're dealing with all the crap of this year amazingly, don't knock yourself for having a good cry sometimes, then get the face on again ! You have a lovely relaxing Christmas Day to look forward to with the family. Take care of yourself.
    jane G

  16. Firsts are tough. Hang in there. Take care.


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