Saturday, December 05, 2020


 Today Stew and I are going on a little road trip.

We are driving over to Thames, to Totara Vineyard.

For some of this:

ABOVE: Yummy!

There is NOWHERE here in Hamilton that sells it.
And every now and then I really like a little 'tipple'.

I suspect we will have a wander around the local shopping centre, see what's new.  We've not been over Thames way in many years!

Then Stew suggests we come home via Te Aroha, Paeroa and Morrinsville. 

So, we might be out and about all day.

With any luck I will get some nice photos to share during the day.


ABOVE: We match. Lol. Stew changed his shirt to match me. Rather cute.
We are now on the road.

11.52: and we are in Thames. We've done the shops... bought a few things. There is a market on too.

ABOVE: The first stop? Yeah. Totara Vineyards for me tipple. Stew went nuts and bought FIVE! Who am I to argue? *smiles*  It will no doubt take me over 5 years to actually drink them all... cos as you all know, I virtually never drink.
The lady in the shop told us of various different ways it can be used, in desserts mostly.  I liked the Tiramisu idea.

3.15 pm:  And we are home again.  We have had a really pleasant day.
Thames has not changed AT ALL.  Sadly, the 'mall' is still half deserted.  But the main shopping street in town was good.  How neat that we arrived to find a street market on!

ABOVE: We found a few things there that caught our eye, and ended up purchasing.  Also, there was a fabric shop open, and I managed to get some fabric at SALE prices.  Gosh I seem to have all the luck when it comes to finding a sale.

ABOVE:  I spied this gorgeous blue glass bottle in a gift shop.  Cheap as chips, had to get it!

ABOVE:  I've never had 'air plants', so they are a first for me.   I have no idea how you look after them???  Anyone know?

ABOVE:  The fabric I bought.... I have some of the middle blue one already, but I use it a lot, so it was great to find some more.

ABOVE:  I quite liked 'GUS'... and the young people selling him (and a few more like him) were so cute.  When I said I'd have him, they were so excited!  😊

After shopping, we grabbed some lunch from a hot bread shop and went down to the waterfront to have it.  In the car, as it was a bit windy and cool down by the water.

ABOVE: It really was a dreary, overcast day.  But not cold.
We had our lunch here.

Then we proceeded to Paeroa, and had a quick wander up and down their main shopping street. There was nothing much open, so we carried on to Te Aroha.  Again, not much open, nothing caught our eye, so on we travelled, to Morrinsville.

We stopped there too... and found one thing to give as a Christmas Present.

Then home.

10.10 pm and all is quiet, not a rat in sight!  But according to our neighbours, there's quiet a few around!  Eeew.
Seems we are not the only ones around here with a rat or two.
Oh well... hopefully our rat poison keeps working, though I hope no more die under the house.
I'm heading off to bed now.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. This sounds like a splendid plan. You shall have a lovely day!

  2. Have a lovely day 🙂

  3. Have a lovely day. Sounds like just the kind of day that you need after the last couple of days. Hope you can relax and enjoy having a wonder and look around. Can’t wait to see what you buy 😉

  4. I love the outfit. Enjoy your day.

  5. Have fun and enjoy your day.I have a sister inlaw in Thames she loves it there.

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Have a great day!

  7. Kiwionholidays10:05 AM

    Sounds fabulous
    As soon as I saw Totara Cafe it took me back to the 80s buying it then lol. If it’s still around shows how good it is 👍
    What a neat day you 2 have planned n love the matching outfits

    Couldn’t think of a nicer round trip ,,

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Aw man! Move the camera over two inches and we would have the cutest couple selfie ever! Now - fix it!

  9. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Hi enjoy your day, you look lovely in that outfit



  10. I love your top Chris, it really suits you x
    Christine H

  11. My goodness Chris you really have lost a tonne of weight!

  12. Nice legs woohoo! Have fun xx

  13. There you are! That's darling. Best stock up while you are there! WOOT WOOT~!

  14. Anonymous1:26 PM

    That sure looks like my kinda' shopping! What a couple of cuties you are - great photos :)
    M from the S.I.

  15. When you find something you love, best to stock up on it:) I don't blame you a bit.

  16. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Did you see the quilt shop in Te was a beautiful shop last time I went there. Kj

  17. It looks like you and Stew had a lovely day. I love your outfit - and your hair looks so lovely out. Awesome photo of you and Stew. Glad you found some treasures on your travels too.

    1. I'm with Paula Chris, your hair looks lovely out.
      Sounds like you had a good day out 🙂

  18. Air plants are cool. If you have them inside, just spray them with water weekly.

  19. I like Thames - obviously we go through there all the time and that market is on every Saturday. The mall is pretty sad though! Looks like a lovely day out.

  20. My dad lives in Te Aroha! Glad you had a good day xxx

  21. Looks like a great day!


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