Sunday, December 27, 2020


 The weather forecast isn't too promising today.

In fact, we are supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon.

So I have suggested to Stew that we take a day trip up to Auckland.

Sylvia Park to be precise.

We have only been there once since the expansion was opened. So, it might be nice to have a leisurely wander around.

I painted me nails properly last night... I got some base and top coat polish to do the job right yesterday.

How come the minute you get wet polish on ya nails, ya need to pee?

Like really bad?  Grrrrr.  I had to 'hold on' for over an hour until me nails were dry enough to even contemplate trying to get me knickers off! 

I'm happy to say I managed it, without ruining me nails!  It was a mission though, I tell ya.

And this is how my nails look now:

ABOVE:  I wish I could grow my nails.  But no, they always just split and break, or tear off.  It's so frustrating.

BTW, it's the first time THIS YEAR I've done them properly.  

Only a few more days until the NEW YEAR is here.

Does anyone else feel like this year has just flown by?

ABOVE:  Marley is STILL loving her white bunny toy.  She's eaten it's eyes off already. 😂😊

If we go up to Auckland, I might see if I can find her a few more lovely soft toys.

In case you have wondered, NO, Coco does not love toys.  She will chew one, once in a blue moon.

Right, I'm going now, catch ya later.


ABOVE:  I just found this photo taken on Christmas Day.  It's the 'Third Wave' ... as in Stew and I, and our 3rd wave of kids!

My first 4 were the first 'wave', then the next two boys were the second 'wave' and those two above were the third 'wave'!

How many families have that I wonder?  Probably way more than ya realise.

Heading off to Auckland shortly.  Might just be Stew and I as Brylee doesn't know how to get ready fast.

I can get up, have a shower, get dressed and be ready to go out the door in about 30 minutes.  Can you? 😅😂😊

3.33 pm:  And we are home from Auckland.

The kids are out in the pool.  Stew is preparing beef schnitzel for dinner.

And I'm here, updating YOU on our day.  lol

ABOVE: There were some very interesting cloud formations today.  And there were scattered thunderstorms all over the Waikato.  We missed them, being up in Auckland, but could see them on our way home.

ABOVE:  Well that was not intentional AT ALL!  But me fingernails match today's top!

ABOVE: On our way UP to Auckland.  The traffic coming out of Auckland was banked up for miles/kilometers!  Sadly, it was still like that when we left ... so it was a slow trip to get out of Auckland.

ABOVE:  Sylvia Park was certainly not too busy when we got there.  I love these 'Knuckle Bone' seats!

ABOVE:  I also liked this 'Jet Plane Lolly' sculpture.  

ABOVE:  Stew and I were very disappointed in our shared lunch.  All the dishes were cold, when they should have been warm at least.  And they were not nice at all.

Lesson learnt, don't go there again.

On our way home, we stopped in at the Made In Italy shop on the top of the Bombay hills.

ABOVE:  How could I resist this dress???  It's my favourite shade of blue and it has FISH on it!  OMG it was on sale too.  BOOM!  MINE.

ABOVE:  I also got this little ceramic Angel, in memory of my Mum.

And there ya go... that's our day up in Auckland.

Time to sign off for the day, I'm knackered.  Trying to stay awake to watch a new TV series called 'Des'... but nope.  I'll have to record it and watch it another day.


  1. I guess you got your nails done just in the nick of time. Perhaps you can do them again a time or two in 2021.
    My nails are soft and bendy and I can't do anything with them at all!

    I am glad Marley still enjoys her special toy!

  2. Hey before buying new clean "virgin" soft toys, I would guess that the reason Marley has taken to the white bunny is that it has smells on it that remind her of Archer... just a thought, I could be wrong. 😉

  3. Your nails looks so pretty with the different colors; I have not tried that. I do still paint my nails even during this difficult year. I found a great nail polish brand, ILNP, and have 3 subtly sparkly colors from them. Yes, about as soon as I apply the polish I get that same need. My favorite polish is called Kiss and Tell, don't you love the names? Merry Christmas to you and your family and enjoy your day trip.

  4. 30 minutes - no problem!

  5. Yep 30 mins easy... and that's washing my hair and drying. These kids take aaagges in the shower though...🙄.

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Yes I can be out of bed, showered, hair washed and styled, makeup on and breakfast eaten in 30 minutes. My little dig is not interested in toys or balls at all. I wish she was. It would be so much fun to throw a ball to her but she just watches it roll on by. Due to having a knee replacement just before Christmas I am not able to go shopping yet. Good for the wallet but I so want to go out and have a browse around. Enjoy your day being out and about. Michelle from Oz :-)

  7. Yep, 30 minutes easy.
    Enjoy your day

  8. 30 minutes no worries. It's even enough time to have a coffee :-)

  9. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I just wake up and booom I'm supper model ready 😉😁
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Yep that dress is 💯 you! I am always the first to get ready, full face of make up, hair done, jewellery on and still waiting for my husband and boys ... so frustrating 😂

  11. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Love the Angel 😇 for Granny
    #Lacy 💙

  12. That dress is stunning. I think you will tweak it cos that's what you do and it will be even more you.
    Love the angel.
    Those thunder clouds look amazing. I really love a good thunder storm but living in Melbourne we don't get many.
    Just home from the final family Christmas do. The best yet with 3 squealing granddaughters. Lots of "I love you Granny" best part of the day.

  13. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Does Brylee have a nail dryer?

  14. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Love the angel decoration also love your new dress! Have you heard of chub rub shorts made by snag tights? They are perfect for under dresses and have some sort of fabric technology that keep you cool as well. Way better than bike pants (if that's what you wear under your dresses). Highly recommend!

  15. Pity about your cold meal. Same thing happens here all the time but it shouldn't in your civilised land.
    That dress is another beauty. So envious of your shopping....again.
    The little angel is perfect. You could start a new collection

  16. Hi! Would thoroughly recommend Des - not easy watching but the case was so huge here in the UK that it was a "must see" and was brilliantly acted.

  17. I love that shade of blue too Chris. It looks like you had lovely weather for your trip to Auckland but the traffic, not so much to my liking:)

  18. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love your nails Chris. Really pretty and you. Mine are same. Get to a nice length then split. I put it down to cleaning products! But I hate rubber gloves. Kj

  19. Lovely Angel. Looks as though you had a nice day.

  20. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Loved the dress you wore on Christmas Day, so pretty, and your new blue one too. What a great spread of food at Bex and Steve's house - I could eat fried halloumi all day long. We had a so-so Christmas dinner (takeaway from a hotel as can't eat out here if more than one household, and too stressful trying to do dinner in mother-in-law's kitchen 😕) but a super tasty "hodge podge" pie on Boxing Day made by my sister-in-law with all her leftover turkey, sausages, stuffing and veg/gravy in it, with pastry on top, twas yum. My contribution was dessert - salted caramel cheesecake with Malteser sweets on top. Headed home northwards today, was obviously snowing all yesterday as very white all the way, slushy roads to drive on and minus 8 degrees, so a 6 hour chilly journey. Looking forward to getting the feet up soon and chilling out with Coronation Street once first lot of washing hung up. Might even have a mini chocolate blowout then back to sensible eating tomorrow - far too many spare tyres round the middle this winter so need to address that soon !
    Jane G

  21. We've been on stay at home orders so long it seems so weird to just go to the store to browse


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