Monday, December 21, 2020


 We had a really wonderful weekend!

Just FULL of fun times with family.

Yesterday was no exception.

ABOVE:  Yesterday we had Amanda, Emily and Liam here as well as the usuals.

ABOVE:  I promise my blog posts won't be inundated with pool photos!  I will only do them now and then.

Now... yesterday I showed the guys doing 'something' outside.

Here's what they were doing:

ABOVE: They were installing a free standing gazebo.  

Stew and I saw it in Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday morning when we got Rachel.  It was half price (SCORE!).

So, now we have shade out there by the pool.

ABOVE:  This gazebo has a draw back fabric type canopy.  We might in the future cover it with clearlite so that it's waterproof too.

ABOVE:  For now though, it is just going to provide shade.

In case you are wondering, the outdoor setting is made with nylon type 'fabric', so it's waterproof already.

ABOVE: Stew and I are just so happy with our backyard.  It is perfect for US.  So pretty and low maintenance.
Having the pool is a huge bonus, it helps entertain the grandkids and keeps us cool on bloody hot days.

 Because it was such a busy and eventful weekend, today is going to be lovely and quiet.

I will spend a good deal of this morning doing housework, before contemplating being a lazy tart all afternoon!  lol

If it's a lovely day I will no doubt indulge in a swim and a lie in the sun.

Right now though... I will just lie here in bed for a little bit longer and relish the peace and quiet.


3.52 pm: QUIET?  Are ya kidding?

Seriously, I've had about an 2 hours to myself so far today, and that was first thing this morning.

Lacy arrived around 9.30, raided me fridge, yabbered on about bugger all then left again.

Then Amanda and her 2 youngest arrived.

They were in the pool when Bex, Brylee and the boys arrived.

Then they all got in the pool.

So I did too.

Then my girlfriend Sue (from Cambridge) arrived. 

So I got outta the pool, got dressed and yakked with her till 3.30.

She left.  Bex, Brylee and the boys left.

And here I am.  On me own again.

But not for long.

Brylee has been waiting for her car all day.  It's having 4 new tyres put on it.  Then she will be home again. 

And sometimes I feel like getting masking tape and slapping it on her gob just for some PEACE.

Do we have any? Hmmmm...

ABOVE:  Sue gave me a present... gotta love the words on the envelope!

ABOVE:  I'm the sort of person who eats the chocolate off the almonds, then chucks the nuts in the bin!  The Hot Pot coaster is lovely, it matches my kitchen colour perfectly.  And the hand held fan?  Perfect for a hot day out by the pool.  So sweet of Sue, a very thoughtful present.

ABOVE:  I shall have to hide it from the kids... It's Paw Patrol!

ABOVE: Sue giving me the 'side eye'... lol.

ABOVE:  Just ONE pool photo from today!

I tried taking a 'selfie' in the pool with the kids in the background.  FAIL.

All I did was squint like buggery and look all wrinkled! 

9.09 pm :  So it wasn't a quiet day.  And I was nursing a shitty headache all day too.  No idea why it wouldn't shift.

So, I didn't cook dinner, we got some pizza instead.  I just had no energy at all.  There is shit all on the TV, so we are watching some rubbish.

I'm going to bed soon, just feeling very blah.


  1. Your Backyard is perfect for ME, too! The cozy covered couch looks incredibly inviting!

  2. That free standing gazebo is looks fantastic! I love that you can draw back the fabric. When did you get that outside furniture, I don't remember you saying which is not like you (unless I missed a post which is entirely possible).

    1. We got the outdoor setting a couple of weeks ago. Didn't blog about it for a certain reason, but have decided not to do that again. My life. My blog. My content. Don't have to JUSTIFY or explain a damn thing to anyone.

    2. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Dam Straight 💙
      Rock On DCR 😊
      #Lacy 💙

    3. I understand :) It looks great and will be an amazing addition to the pool and summer in general. You certainly seem all sorted now and how lovely that you are so close to most of the grandkids. Happy Days.

  3. Kiwionholidays12:19 PM

    Outdoorsy summery gear looking fab,
    I love all the pool piccys ,,
    Such a happy relaxing way to all be together being cool 😎

    Outdoor setting n gazebo fantastic idea

    Saves inside furniture then between swims ,,

    The garden and grounds surely now have the Harvey stamp on them and your move from one nice place to another will create hundreds more happy memories.

    Take care all of you there,

    Cheers 🥂

  4. Kiwionholidays12:21 PM

    Snap lol Lacy n I posted together 👍🦋💯

    1. Anonymous1:23 PM

      we posted together hmm 🤔 how do you mean #Kiwionholidays lol I am confused lol
      #Lacy 💙

  5. Such good memories for all the kids. Lets hope for many many more fun weekends like this last one :-).

  6. Oh, love that gazebo thingo! We need one here

  7. Love your new gazebo and the shade it will provide. I always look for the shade when it's hot and sunny outside:) It looks like you're getting a lot more use out of your pool this year.

  8. Kiwionholidays3:19 PM

    Lacy I had read the comments and yours wasn’t there 👍
    Then posted mine n saw yours and thought we had posted at same time ,

    Time difference confusion ,,on my part across the ditch

    Blame the wet weather ☔️

  9. Hopee you are enjoying your lazy tart time Chris maybe a wee nana nap

  10. Your backyard looks awesome! How fun does that pool look with everyone it. What a great idea to put that in.

  11. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Wish it was that hot down here.that gazebo is awesome. You'll get a lot of use from it. Kj

  12. My my you certainly had a busy weekend with the family and friends. Enjoy your summer. The yard looks grand.

  13. Fun presents! Hope the headache went away! Maybe dehydrated from all that sun/swimming.


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