Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 A couple of days ago I said I'd love to tape Brylee's mouth shut, just for some PEACE.

Well... here's a throw back photo for ya, taken back in 2008:

ABOVE:  I can remember the specifics of the photo...I told them they were being far to noisy and threatened to tape their mouths shut.  So they ASKED to have their mouths taped! 

They certainly were not being 'abused'... they put it on themselves!  Well... Griffin did anyway.  I don't think Brylee did at the end of the day because I told her it would hurt coming off. 

Griffin didn't give a shit.  He was such a fun little kid.

I've re-arranged the lounge for Christmas Day.

What looks better?

ABOVE:  This way the 'through' doors are closed and can't be used.  It makes it a closed off 'lounge', accessible from the front door and hallway, but not from the family room.

ABOVE: This way, both sets of doors are open.

OH and I took the PC out of the lounge too.  It's now in the dressing room.

ABOVE:  A 'panoramic' view of the 2nd option.

I almost think the 1st option is my preference, as it means kids can't run around and around the house through both sets of doors.

I will have to ask Stew what he likes?

Today I will be going to the supermarket to get the last minute foodstuffs for Christmas Day.

I had planned to do it tomorrow, but hell, tomorrow is going to be just MENTAL in the shops.  Might give that a miss.

I'd much rather do it today, then tomorrow I can just spend my time making sure we are ready for Christmas Day.


11.19 am:  Groceries done!

Loved being at the supermarket today.  How freakin' weird is that?  It was because I went to Countdown instead of Pak N Save, and they had everything I wanted/needed.

AND I had several really cheerful chats with other shoppers.  One lady and I stood and yakked for around 10 minutes!  

At Pak N Save that never happens.  I hate Pak N Save!

So anyway, I got home and unpacked the groceries, then decided to do this:

ABOVE:  I am going to pretty nails for Christmas.  And I suck at putting nail polish on btw.

I'm doing a dreadful job of it.  I am tempted to just go and get fake nails cos mine look so bad.

But we all know that those fake ones wreck ya real nails eh?  And it's expensive to keep it up.

So maybe not.

So I'm sitting here, watching polish dry and I hear a noise I've never heard in this house before.

A GODDAM MOSQUITO!  Out came the fly spray IMMEDIATELY!  OMG I hate mozzies.  I will have to make sure our automatic bug dispensers are working now.

Lounge Room configuration:  Stew does NOT like option 1.

In fact, upon thinking about it some more... I can 'tweak' the furniture after Friday, when the Christmas Tree comes down.

AND if having the kids running around and around through the lounge does get annoying, I can just CLOSE THE DOORS!  I'm such a dick, why have I not thought of that before?

I just did this:

ABOVE:  For air flow in the house.  It's getting stinking hot!

Now I just have to watch and see if The Escapologist' (aka Coco) can jump/climb over it.  I'm thinking NOT, as she is much older now.  A few years ago she would have NO PROBLEM climbing over it!

While I was outside just now I was horrified to find our side gate unlocked and ajar!  That's the one closest to the road... and the one the dogs can get out through, if it's unlocked.

I'm 100% positive the meter reader came today, and didn't shut the gate.  I'm now going to ring them and find out wtf was that person thinking not locking my gate?

How am I so sure it was the meter reader?  Cos I got a phone call from the power company saying the meter reader was coming to read my meter and to make sure my dogs were confined.

So I rang the power company and asked if the meter reader had been on my property today?  They will let me know... 'later'.  

So, moving on... I'm going to be watching the little boys for a while this afternoon, while the parentals check out a new pop up T-shirt shop at The Base.

ABOVE:  Bex's windscreen!  BUGGER.  Bet that can't be fixed for a few days now.

Seems a tree branch did the damage while she was driving yesterday, but she didn't notice it till this morning.

9.34 pm:  It's been a fairly quiet afternoon and evening.  It is just so hot and humid, it's draining.

Chicken and salads for dinner... quick and easy.  

Now?  I'm crocheting for the tree.

Then bed in an hour or so.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I'm doing all my shopping 'click and collect' at the moment as I can't walk far (my 'good' knee has now gone). No crowded shops for me, Stu just goes and collects. I like the first room layout BUT it does restrict your dining area and make that look more closed off. I'm all for feeling like there is lots of space so perhaps I'd close those doors but not block them off.

  2. I like the first one, myself. I prefer not to have kids running between me and the tv, or between me and the person I am trying to talk to.
    I am glad that I am still receiving your blog. I wasn't sure that my request had gone through, but it must have! Thank you so much for all your writing, I really enjoy reading about New Zealand from Maryland, USA. Merry Christmas!

  3. You can stick you fingers in ice cold water to help the polish dry quicker 😋

  4. Hi Chris, I like option 2 the best:)

  5. I got a chuckle out of you wanting to close the room off a bit so the kids would not run round and round. Our house is designed with a run around area - living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, and back to the living room. When I babysat some little kids before husband and I had our own, they used to love running round and round, but it worried me to death because I feared one of them may fall and get hurt badly, and their parents would not have liked that. Then we had our daughter and she loved running the round just by herself, when our son came he joined her and round and round they would go. It was just a way to run off some energy and they had fun doing it, so I let them. They never fell and got hurt with it. Then many years later our grandson arrived. As a toddler he would "speed" toddle round and round chasing our Pomeranian. Our grandson would giggle the whole time, and since our Pomeranian could run so fast a lot of times the Pomeranian would make it around the circle and come up behind our grandson and our grandson would just hoot with laughter about that, and then our dog would run back the other way and grandson would chase him back around. I kept a watch out and when I could see our grandson starting to get clumsy and being careless I would get my grandson and our dog involved in something else. My grandson is almost 11 years old now, so no more running circles, but we have a baby grand daughter due to arrive between now and New Year Day. I can't wait to see her toddling around the circle, I don't think our little dog who is 16 and arthritic now will be joining in on the circle run, because that will be about two years away. It will be fun to see her toddling round and round, maybe her big brother will play at it a couple of times with her just for old times sake. I am praying this Covid will be gone by then. We've got circles to run around here.

    1. Your home's 'run around' area sounds just like ours. I am constantly worried a kid will turn around, run in the opposite direction and run into someone coming the other way! It hasn't happened YET.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Bex if it gets worse and yea and you need a family wagon, you guys can borrow Mauddy xx
    #Lacy 💙

    1. Thanks lacy for the offer xx I'm hoping we can get it fixed next week. 💚💚

    2. Anonymous5:47 PM

      algds Bex, its an open offer so yea 💜💜
      regardless I'm just a call away if ya need help xx
      see you guys Christmas Day xx
      #Lacy 💙

  7. loving your nail colour choices!!!!!.... show us a picture - you know you want to!!!!

  8. Anonymous4:53 PM

    PaknSave is so feral! No matter what town it is in there are always feral people in their pjays in the middle of the day! Countdown is way better!

  9. I think I like option 1 best ... it makes the room look a bit more spacious - but it's you guys that have to be happy with it at the end of the day. I hope you managed to sort out the mystery of the open gate. It's so frustrating when you are so careful to keep things secure then someone else stuffs that up. I've gone and stuffed my back this week so am hobbling around like a 90 year old. Thankfully my husband is in a good mood and being helpful about doing some of the errands and shopping. I struggled big time yesterday just to do 6 hours at work.

  10. I remember when you posted that picture of Brylee and Griffin. I feel old now.

  11. Kiwionholidays7:59 PM

    Great catchup love all the pics n memories to store


  12. We have a figure 8 that three kids used to run. There is a dent in the kitchen wall to this day from someone’s knee or elbow. One year when my oldest was in grad school, living away from hone, I moved furniture which closed off a door and blocked the last loop of the 8. He did something to a sister, took off running, and got trapped by the closed door with both girls after him, highly amusing.

  13. My windshield always looks like that. Always getting a rock throw into my windshield.


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