Monday, December 28, 2020


 I have been pondering on WHEN to start decorating my tree again for weeks.

Yesterday I decided.

Let's end this super shitty year with a smile!

So, out I went with the very first section.

ABOVE:  While out there stitching that section on, several cars drove by and virtually every single person SMILED at us.  (Bex was out there with me).  It was so lovely to see the smiles again.  We even got a wave too.  

ABOVE:  Some of the tassels etc that I'd left on the tree over winter will be coming off soon, as they are fairly weathered.

Now... I have to make the 2nd section in the next few days.

I might start that today.

Stew is on holiday until the 11th of January.  We do not plan on going anywhere, just a few day trips like yesterday.

Today I'm going to make him work though.  There's a bit to do outside.  The grapevine needs to be covered in netting to stop the birds eating all the grapes for a start.

I'm sure I will find more for him to do. 

Right, off to start me day.  Catch ya later.


When I got up this morning, the dogs were barking like crazy.  So I went out and see what was bothering them.  And to my horror BOTH dogs were out on the driveway, beside the footpath!

I looked down the side of the house, and yep, our side gate was wide open.  OMG.

That kinda means somebody deliberately opened our gate.

Which also means last week when I found the gate open, it might NOT have been the power meter reader.

Bloody hell.

I've asked Stew to put a padlock on that gate now.  That ain't happening again that's for sure.

12.00 midday:  And I have actually finished the 2nd Tree Section!

I thought it would take longer than that, but no.  I'm just fast I suppose.

I won't be showing you it until I'm ready to put it on the tree, which will possibly be in the next couple of days.

ABOVE:  So, I'm sitting in the sewing room ... sewing (as I do) and it's damn hot!  

Look at Coco.  That's where she sits and surveys the world while I'm working.

I can't open the door or she will run off!

Sooooo hot.

ABOVE: And then it hits me in the face!

There's a freakin' window right in front of me.
Like, how the  hell have I never noticed that before?
So, it get's shoved open and OH!  Instant relief, as there's a lovely breeze coming straight in.

ABOVE:  Steve sent me these photos today.  Him and his little family are out walking along the river side.  Nice one.  Stew and I should do that more often too.

ABOVE: LOOK at that tomato!  WOW.

ABOVE:  The side gate now has a padlock on it.

ABOVE:  Stew spent 4 hours out in the garden today.  He put wooden edging on the garden down the 'dogs side' of the house. He put new bark on some gardens.
He weeded. He got the grape vine ready for netting. He also did another job, which I'll show you another day.

Steve also did a job for me.
I asked him to make 'something' for my tree project.  It took him 3 hours.
Again, it's not quite finished, so I will show you another day.

The kids came around for a swim, it was raining!

ABOVE:  Because we have not had much sunshine today, no one stayed in too long!
We are now ordering fish 'n' chips for dinner.

9 pm:  Finally, everyone got fed, then those that don't live here went home.
I've got nothing else to do now except chill out and watch TV.  
So catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Well that is different! Attaching the houses to a knit piece! Good one!
    I just hope NZ does not have to shelter in place again. Isn't that how the first yarn bombing got started?
    Come to think of it, I have been basically sheltering in place ever since your last yarn tree project. Only going out for shopping, and wearing a mask and sanitizing like crazy every place I go. And, there is no end in sight. It get worse every single day!
    I have a concrete goose lawn ornament. Kind of a silly family tradition. My mom makes little outfits for them. (My mom, myself, and my son all have one).
    My goose is currently wearing her 4th of July outfit. Red white blue stars. I have dubbed it her Democracy outfit. She will be wearing it until our democracy is restored and the election is settled in the way that WE THE PEOPLE voted! So until January 20th at least!

    1. Debbie9:58 AM

      Some solidarity from the UK Dogstars! We've been in some level of restriction since March too and seems we are going to reenter a full lockdown very soon.

  2. Awwwww that’s a cute tree addition lovely maybe joy family love peace etc stitched on? Sections
    Enjoy your day love the blue dress love it

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Wow. That piece has a lot of work in it. You are so awesome to do this to make people smile. Last years made me smile everytime I saw the progress and colleagues loved it too. Gave us all something to be happy about. I love your new dress Chris. Beautiful colour. Kj

  4. Debbie9:57 AM

    Yey the tree is back! So excited to see it progress.

  5. Belated Happy Christmas to you and your family. I love love that addition to the tree. It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the additional panels over the next few weeks.

  6. This year's tree will certainly be a tree of hope and happiness.
    A worry that someone has been opening your side gate. A padlock certainly sounds like a plan.

  7. Love the tree addition. Looks fantastic. Padlock on the gate should work. We’re looking after someone’s cat at the moment and I went to put their bins out and was amazed their side gate wasn’t locked. We’ve always locked ours, although I’m sure someone could jump it if they really wanted in. Liz

  8. Your new addition to your tree is gorgeous. Glad you got the gate situation sorted before either of your fur babies left the property.

  9. Love the tree idea I have never thought about doing that. Great idea and you know we all need some smiles and waves.

  10. I noticed you wearing your new dress Chris. I just love it. That is really mean for someone to be opening your side gate. I am so glad that you checked out why the dogs were barking. I had the same issue with my backyard gate years ago. Very frightening when you find your dogs outside the gated area.

  11. The tree is off to a great start. Wow didn't take long to grow that tomato! Happy holidays.


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