Wednesday, December 30, 2020


AND.... we have another little job finished.

Positioning the brazier in a place where we can actually USE it.

ABOVE:  It is even on a flat, 'safe' base.  It's down the bottom of our garden, by the two chairs under the maple trees.

I'm hoping we can fire it up on New Year's Eve.

ABOVE:  I have put primer/undercoat on the picket fence, and painted ONE side.
I will continue painting it today.  
It is going to take a few days to get all sides done and DRY.

Then it can go out and around the tree.
I can't wait to do that!

While I do that, I'm hoping Stew and Steve can get the new netting on the grape vine.

Once that is done, most of the little, annoying jobs that needed doing around the section will be done.

AND Stew can finally sit back and watch CRICKET (OMG kill me now)... I loathe cricket!

Isn't it wonderful when you get to an age where you can actually DO THAT?  

I heard a BEAUTIFUL new song while travelling in the car yesterday.
MUSIC makes me SO, SO HAPPY.
Check it out:  Ed Sheeran's  AFTERGLOW.


12.06: Well... I've managed to get two sides of the picket fence done this morning!
So cool.   I can't wait to show you.   How about a sneak peek?

ABOVE:  So yeah... it's not gunna be white.

Steve and Bex are here... they brought lunch for everyone.  Sausage Rolls, about to go in the oven.

Then I presume the guys will get the netting on the grape vine.

It's a lovely day, the horrid wind we've had for weeks has settled down, so a swim this afternoon is highly likely.

We all went swimming in the pool this afternoon.  It was just perfect.  The wind came back a bit, but it was still just lovely.

After the kids went home, Stew and I did a quick run to the supermarket for a few things.  The main shop will be done tomorrow.

I'm basically still watching paint dry!

No netting today, the guys opted for swimming this afternoon instead. 
They will do it tomorrow morning when it's not so hot.
There is virtually nothing on TV worth watching at the moment, so we go to our 'if there is nothing else to watch' programme:  Ridiculousness.  

If nothing else, it makes us laugh.
And that's it for today.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Yip Afterglow is awesome 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  2. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Am really enjoying watching you guys get so many jobs if only we could follow your example! The new fence is genius - what a clever son and he knows you so well lol :) Have a great day. M on the S.I. p.s. I have a hubby that LOVES cricket too. Watching paint dry, anyone?!

  3. I love that song but I then again I also love anything Ed does!

  4. Kiwionholidays2:00 PM

    Cricket going here in background too lol only thing I like is the scenery as I pass by multitasking 🏏
    Fabulous you are all getting through the jobs together and weather like ours is treating you all kindly,

    So nice you got to go yesterday and get the things done for Mum and all,,

    Love that green it’s kinda calming , after seeing lots of gum trees lately 🦋

  5. Love the colours so far for the fence, can't wait to see finished product!

  6. That fence is going to be super. I am pleased that you had a nice family day.

  7. I too love the colors of your new tree fence.

  8. Can't wait to see the finished fence. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with the family.


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