Tuesday, December 01, 2020


Yesterday we could smell something really BAD in our sunroom.

It was obviously something dead under the floor, near the sliding door into the family room.

During the day the smell got worse and worse, to the point where I felt like vomiting.

So I asked Steve to come over after work to investigate for us.

He duly arrived and tried to crawl under the house, but couldn't reach where he needed to be.

So I told him to just cut a hole in the floor. ANYTHING to find and remove whatever was dead under there! 

So he did.

ABOVE:  I was very surprised it was ONLY a rat!  I felt sure, from the stench it was producing, it would be something much bigger!

I am just so happy Steve did find and remove it!  It was DISGUSTING... crawling with maggots even.  Gross.

ABOVE:  How lucky are we?  A builder in the family.  He cut a hole, and fixed it just as fast.

Stew got home from work last night and informed me that he'd put RAT POISON under the house, as he'd heard rats/mice down there while I was away!  Well done darling, you killed them good.

Brylee!  She told me last night that when she got up yesterday morning and came into the family room, she could smell 'something' and (GET THIS!) ... she thought it was ME!  Like I had really bad B.O. !  OMG... how insulting.  She will keep.
As if.

Back to today... I will be opening my little shop at midday!  The weather is still a bit iffy, showers probably, so I will probably have no one in.  But that's OK.  At least I will be OPEN and people will slowly realise that I'm back.
Hopefully in time for Christmas purchases.

Right, I better get up and get dinner in the crock pot.  

12.12 pm:  First day of summer, and my little shop is OPEN again.

ABOVE:  I spent the morning mucking around getting my new opening hours up on my sign.
I had to go and buy a '6' cos I had originally thought I'd stay open till 7 pm, but that won't work as it's CARD NIGHT every 2nd Tuesday!
So, 6 pm will do.

ABOVE:  I also made another OPEN sign, I'm not sure where it will go permanently yet.  There will do for now.
I will have a black 'flap' to drop over the OPEN when I'm ... NOT open!  😊😆😅

I have set up a corner of the garage for me to sit in and watch movies etc while the shop is open.
Gotta be comfy eh?

ABOVE:  My cosy corner.  It's actually rather nice sitting there.  I can get up and go into the shop when necessary, and potter around in the garage too.
I've just finished tidying up the garage.  It was starting to look like a dumping ground again.
All sorted now, so I'm feeling happy.

I can't stand it when areas become dumping grounds, it can get out of hand pretty quickly.

4.52 pm:  And how fortunate I thought of this:

ABOVE:  I put a mirror in the dining room so that, if I was in the kitchen I could still see if anyone came to my shop door!

Cos, I went into the kitchen just before to stir the soup in the crock pot, and yep!
Two ladies at the door.

So I went and had a happy yak with them.  And they bought a cute soft toy for the baby.  

I am stoked, I really didn't expect anyone in today.

And how typical that I was in the kitchen when they arrived!  I have sat in the garage since 12 o'clock and no one arrived. lol

Just an hour till I close the door, and get ready to go to Card Night.  

Stew and Brylee are having Pea and Bacon soup for dinner... it smells amazing!  

10 pm:  I'm home from a very enjoyable evening playing cards with my girlfriends.  I didn't win or lose tonight.  

ABOVE:  Here we have the THREE Susan's!  They go by 'Susan', 'Suz' and 'Sue'.  It can be confusing sometimes!  lol
Believe it or not, there IS A FOURTH Sue, but she wasn't there tonight.

And well... that's me for the day.  It's been a long day, but I got quite a bit done, so all good.


  1. ewww lol. Glad he was able to get it out. Too funny she thought it was you haha

  2. I am so glad you found the stench!

  3. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Ooh yuck that would have been a gross smell. Brylie lol.

  4. Dead rodent is NASTY - I just had dead mouse in between my walls and thought that was GROSS smell. Rat much worse. My disabled son said he saw 'rodent' last week & I have pest control going to his apartment but neither the landlord nor pest control will do any actual 'sealing' of areas rodent might be getting in - but pest control will give us report on how / where they think rodent(s) getting in and lay glue traps / traps out etc but won't seal up any areas. We hope the man that helped me move Mike in (and nice person that knows my son well) can do the sealing up, etc - he works in construction too. There is NO ACCESS under my son's kitchen sink - landlord blocked it all shut but there is a 'slit' between sink top and counter and son said rat slithered through it. GROSS. My son used 'gorilla tape' to seal the slit along sink but it needs more than that, lol. Glad Steve found it!!!

  5. Every family needs a Steve!

  6. We came home from holiday a couple of years ago & something had died in the laundry, pretty sure that was a rat as well. Could not find it but evidence of rat presence. We had to put incense in there for a week until the smell went!! Eventually it does go away :-)

  7. Brylee, thinking it was you. ha! I really like your sign for the shop. Better than a flag and having a nice place to sit and relax as you watch movies is great. I know what you mean about a dumping area. I have one of those rooms in my house and I love it when I clean it up. Why can't I keep it clean?

  8. Anonymous6:29 PM

    What if you got a buzzer for the shop door?

    1. I just came here to say exactly that! You can get ones that detect people near the door, before they come in. My parents-in-law had one that buzzed at the gate for when B&B guests were arriving.

  9. Nothing smells worse than a dead rat. Glad that Steve could get it out for you so you don’t have to keep smelling it. Sus

  10. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Hahaha Scum on the losers trophy lol

  11. Gosh you have had a busy day and I am so pleased you got rid of the rat!! Your sign is brilliant and will attract people going past. Good luck.


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