Thursday, December 10, 2020


 Here comes some useless information!

Since I got home from Australia, I have been doing something different.

I've been unconsciously slowing down everything I do.

I don't know why.  I just have.

I go to do something, and I just take my time.  I'm not in a hurry anymore.

Like... taking a bunch of stuff to the car. I used to try and get it all in my arms and in the car in one go.  Now?  Two or three trips.  It doesn't matter.

Making table runners.  Usually, I'd try and get all of them done as fast as possible.  Now?  Meh. It doesn't matter if I take a week or two. 

It's a weird feeling.  But a good one.  

Why hurry, hurry, hurry all the time? Nothing is going to change if it takes a bit longer.  Well... at least in my world it's not.

I sit still more.  I relax more.  I am trying to enjoy life more.

On a more serious note.  I said something to a person the other day.  

It goes against me trying to BE KIND no matter what.

But when you force a person into a corner and poke them with a stick, they are going to snap back at you.

So... I'm sorry for being so harsh.

Unkind words said in the heat of the moment are never good.

Moving on... how about a show and ... show of me new glasses?

ABOVE:  Best thing about the driving/distance glasses is that I can sit and watch TV AND see my laptop screen just fine at the same time.
And the laptop is fairly close to me. 
I thought I'd have to switch to my reading glasses to see the laptop clearly.  NOPE.

And now, with the reading glasses on, I can actually read the tiny, small print on things!  Couldn't do that with my old glasses at all.

So yeah, I'm loving the new glasses.

Back to today, and I will be opening my shop at midday.  That means I will do some sewing.  Maybe not the entire time though.
I could also watch a movie on Netflix too.

But right now, I am going to get something in the crock pot for tonight's dinner.


12.39 pm:  First up this morning I decided to go down to Spotlight for this fabric:

ABOVE:  It's nylon, waterproof 'flag' fabric.  I'm toying with an idea for it.
NOT a flag.

ABOVE:  I'm going to use this garden 'thingee' some how.  And attach strips of the flag fabric to it and park it in the garden as an 'attractor' ... kinda like a flag but not.

I FINALLY got on the new treadmill this morning too.

ABOVE:  As you can see, I didn't go far, or fast!  But small steps... I will build up my time first, I want to be doing at least 40 minutes at a time.
Then I will up the speed a bit.  Not too fast though, I'm never, ever going to be a runner! 😄😋😆

Bex called in just before lunchtime, which was nice.  She helped me decide how to use the garden thingee and flag fabric.  Two minds is always better than one.

ABOVE:  And then my other little helper arrived...

ABOVE:  And she got all bossy and told me how to do it.  Didn't know I needed that much of a hand!

ABOVE: And there ya go.  It's got to be anchored into the ground firmly yet, but ya get the gist.
I'm very happy with it.  It will certainly work to attract attention.

3.29 pm: And I just had a really lovely lady in the shop.  She has just moved into the area, so decided to stop and see what I was selling.
She ended up spending some money on last minute Christmas gifts for family members.
I really enjoyed talking with her.  

Now... it's back to watching 'The Queen's Gambit' on Netflix.  I'm about half way through it I think.

ABOVE:  It is so neat being able to sit and work on my computer while keeping the shop open!  I've been quite busy this afternoon in fact.  Lot's going on to attend to. 
Mostly I've been yakking with friends and family.
Keeping in touch is great.

9.45 pm:  And it's been a really good day today. At 6 pm I was out getting my 'OPEN' sign in and a neighbour stopped and had a lengthy chat with me.  I really do live in a very caring area!
After that I came in, Stew and Brylee arrived home from work and we all had Chinese Takeaways!
So yum.  

And now I'm watching Coronation Street... an awesome way to end the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I think the Pandemic has a way of slowing me down. It's just not that important. No need to rush. Nothing major is going to happen if I take my time. I also seem to have a bit of "I don't give a sh*t" mixed in, truthfully. Maybe all of this is starting to wear on me.
    The new glasses look good on you. Really good.

  2. Slowing down is the most important and wonderful thing you can do for yourself, it applies to everyone, it sets you free and keeps you calmer, I learnt many years ago when I got all rushed and bothered and anxious about getting things done quickly, I would just sat to my self “slow it all down” and slow deep breaths, it has worked for me for many years.

  3. Loving the new eye dogs!

    Also, slowing down is good. Practicing mindfulness. Much love xx

  4. Slowing down is good for your mental health, everything does not have to be rip, shit & bust all the time. Take time to do things for yourself and at your own pace.

    Love the new glasses :-).

    We have all said/done things in the heat of the moment we regret, and it is usually to the ones we love :-(. Hopefully the recipient will understand and accept the apology.

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Oh wow I Love your new glasses. Gorgeous. I'm going to get another pair next year. Good to slow down a bit Chri. Value your time. Kj

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I LOVE the green frames, look great. Sarah

  7. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I wasn't bossy lol 😂 was just sorting the colour combo out coz you just wanted to much dam blue lol 😂
    Wasn't my colour combo just Gourgeous 😂🤣💜💙
    #Lacy 💙

  8. Glad you are slowing down a bit. The new glasses look very attractive on you.

  9. I must say lady all the new colours on you look amazing clothes dresses tos glasses you always look stunning in blue but all the colours are so bright
    That flag thing bright as

    1. LOl ... clearly I'm no shrinking violet! Thanks for the compliment.

  10. Both the glasses look fantastic,I need to take a lesson from you Chris about slowing down...I'm always rushing!

  11. Slowing down is good. I love the new glasses you look great.

  12. Love the glasses! I could take some lessons in slowing down... constantly on the go and busy and it’s my own doing, always take too much on or allow too much to get dumped on me.

  13. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Good morning Chris! This post made me really smile because it is full of happiness!! Love the new glasses. Oh, from past posts...I love how you changed up the hems of the dresses/shirts you bought. I had done that as well on two pieces of mine, fits so much better...those triangle things hanging at my legs drove me nuts! Happy summer to you! Ky Girl

  14. Love the new glasses! Some day we won't have a raging virus here so I can get my eyes checked again. The attractor thing is cool!


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