Monday, December 07, 2020


 Today I will be working on my Heart runners I think.

There really isn't much else on my horizon!

I still need to do some Christmas shopping, but am waiting until I can do it with the grandkid's mums in tow, that way they can help me make the 'right' choices.

I am going to do a web search for a nursery that sells slightly larger trees/shrubs. We have a large 'gap' in our back garden that we would like to fill asap. 

I'm thinking of a camellia, as they are Evergreen and we already have a few here... so that would fit in.

ABOVE:  I moved our little tree into this corner of the lounge, instead of on the TV cabinet.

ABOVE:  It looks so pretty from outside.

ABOVE: I found some coloured fairy lights in one of our Christmas boxes, so I strung them on the little trees on the dining room table.

Last year I wound them around that blue glass bottle.

ABOVE:  Doesn't the mantlepiece foliage look neat with some green lights?  From a $2 shop, battery operated!

I can't believe I have done as much as all this really!  I had no intention of doing ANYTHING a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday night I slept ALL NIGHT long, first time in over 3.5 months!  Last night was almost as good.

It sure helps start the day when you've had a decent sleep, and your mind has too.


And there ya go, nothing from me for ages.

I've been busy doing my hearts.

ABOVE:  I've stitched around all of them, so tomorrow I will add the backing fabric and quilt them all.  That will probably take me all day.

I've stopped for the day.  I don't want to get a horrible backache from sitting all day.

I'm going out to look at trees 'n' shrubs now.

3.25 pm:  And I've been and seen... not much.

There are not that many evergreen trees of a decent size already out there right now.

I saw a lovely tall Magnolia, but that's not an evergreen, so I had to discount it.


ABOVE: There is the 'gap' we want to fill.  I think there used to be a creeping weed type plant there a while ago, but we ripped it out.  It was crawling all through the other plants.

Now of course I regret it!  So with any luck we can find something for there this coming weekend.

I'm feeling decidedly FLAT this afternoon.  No idea why.  There is no reason for feeling down.  Then again.  I watched the courier delivering parcels to a house just down from us, and I immediately thought:  "None for us this year". Mum always sent several parcels to our house at Christmas time.  Some for us and some for the grandkids.

I miss her so much. I miss our frequent phone calls, just yakking with her, telling her all about my day, what's going on in the family.

I find myself avoiding looking at photos of her. They just make me feel so sad. I hope that changes eventually.  It doesn't feel 'normal or right' to not want to see her photo!

8 pm:  I made beef/salad wraps for dinner tonight.  We all liked them, they were nice for a change.

Time to sign off for the day, just watching TV now until bedtime.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Loving your front garden - that large vase/pot with the chain is incredible. So glad you've had a couple of good sleeps. Doesn't it make all the difference? I rarely go through the night without waking at least once. Menopause. You've got to love her! Have a great day. M from the S.I.

  2. -I love your mantle piece foliage and lights! Gorgeous!
    Ally S Melbourne

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Its all so pretty Chris. Wow sleeping all night, that's so good. Youd feel like a different person after a few nights like that. Kj

  4. Christmas decs look lovly sleep thru night oh what bliss that must be

  5. From the window - the tree looks full size. It's beautiful! Your house is so cute and festive! Happy you were able to sleep thru the night. I am trying to remember when that became "difficult". I don't mean for you in particular, but just everyone. As a youngster (as in pre motherhood).... I don't recall having sleep issues. Is it an "adult" problem? I recently tipped my alarm clock on to its face, because it was too bright. Then - I realized I can't "see what time it is " if I wake in the night. And being self-employed in a pandemic where I have no reason to be up at any certain time, or go anywhere.... The time really has no relevance, and I think since I tipped the clock onto its face - I have been sleeping better. It's been a week or two.

  6. Love your Christmas decorations! They look so pretty lit up. Also love the hearts, I believe you said they are table runners but they would also look so nice as wall hangings in a little girl's room.

  7. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. You are doing great. It is perfectly natural to feel as you do. The first Christmas, the first birthday, the first everything, but in time things will fall in place and you will appreciate things in a different way. Of course you don't forget, but it will get easier. I love the hearts you made for me on some rug mugs. I use them all the time. Love your table runners, can't wait to see them when finished.

  8. Give yourself time. I have had people tell me years later that they still look for their mum to tell her stuff. I think 60 years of habit is going to be hard to break. Go easy on yourself. Feel what you need to feel and if you're just not feeling it, don't even try. Hugs xxx

  9. Grandflora Magnolia are evergreen lovly cream cup flowers out this tim year and grow a good size dont loose flowers same as camellias do

  10. It will take time but eventually the sadness you are feeling will pass. I lost my Mum just about 2 years ago, it was horrible, but now when I think of her all I feel is love and photos of her make me smile. Its early days so just allow yourself time to feel sad xxx

  11. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Mum's are the most special and important people in the world, they guide us, they feed us, they nuture us, they teach us, they tell us off, most of all they love us. Feel everything you need to feel THE OLD MOO is watching over you still doing all those things for you 💙💙 George's Mum.

  12. Still find it hard with lots. The pain doesn’t go but it kind of lessens, then you actually start to smile at the memories xx

  13. Give yourself time. My Dad passed away from cancer when I was 19 and for quite awhile I couldn’t talk about him to people or look at photos of him without remembering him suffering. After awhile though the good memories started to push through and eventually the good memories were the first thing I thought of when I thought of him. It is all still so new and raw for you so you need to be kind to yourself. Sus

  14. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Can you grow a climbing rose on the frame that is in the bare spot. It will be bare in the middle of winter bit some types will have mini roses and bush out A rose doesnt drop like a camellia


  15. I know exactly how you feel. Xx its dads 8th anniversary just recently and I have been feeling really flat aswell. I used to call him all the time and chat about everything. Over time makes it easier to cope better. Xx here if you need a hug xx

  16. Just know that it's all right to feel sad in missing your mom. Give yourself the time to grieve. I'm sending you a big HUG Chris. Be good to yourself!

  17. The tree looks so pretty in the window!


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