Tuesday, December 29, 2020


 First up for today, how about a sneek peek at section 2 for the tree:

ABOVE:  I am quite sure no one is going to guess what it is, apart from a KIWI of course! lol

But a Kiwi on what, where, doing?  😂😄😜

Now, back to today.

Stew and I are going on another little road trip.

This time in another direction.  I am not going to say where right now.  

I asked Steve to make me a little 'white picket fence' to put around my tree.  To keep dogs from peeing on the tree, and to protect the tree from little fingers.

ABOVE: that is what I expected.

But no.  Steve decided to do it 'extra special' for me, knowing how much I like things to be different.

ABOVE:  Construction going on!

ABOVE:  Unloading it at our house, I was gob smacked!  I nearly cried.

ABOVE:  Now I need to paint or stain it, then Steve can install it around the tree's base with a few stakes.

It won't be 'stealable, as it will be around the entire tree trunk, kinda 'built' in place.
I absolutely LOVE IT, it is in keeping with our big fence at the end of our driveway.

Right, time to get a move on... we are going to have a lovely day, just the two of us.

12.07 pm: and today's  mission is over. We are on our way home now.

A little clue of where we went:
ABOVE: More on that once we are home.

 We went to Tokoroa.  My home town, where I was born and raised until I was 15.

When my Mum died, I took a lock of her hair and also a piece of her favourite nightgown (she wore it in the hospital until her very last day).

I put both the hair and the nightgown into a little metal Urn.  I am going to bury the Urn with my Dad in the Tokoroa Cemetery today.

I want it done before this year is over.

While there I will also photograph my Dad's headstone, so that I can get my Mum's details added.  

I know Mum isn't 'there' with Dad, but I need her details there for posterity.  So she is acknowledged as having lived and died.

This is one of the last things I can do for her.

And it gives me closure too. 

ABOVE:  The first job was to dispose of all the old flowers, and give both headstones a good scrub.

ABOVE:  Finished, all clean and new flowers.

ABOVE:  We did have another little job to do while there.  Bury Dante and Archer's placentas.

Under the same tree we buried Brylee and Griffin's. 

Bex is thrilled to bits to have them out of her freezer, she's got more room for food now.  😆😅😂

On our way home we stopped in at Tirau for lunch at our favourite cafe.

ABOVE:  It's the one where everyone signs their names on the walls/ceiling/woodwork.

ABOVE:  I found a big empty space on one of the posts by the bar!  BOOM!  Recorded for posterity.

And now I'm gunna take a break before starting to paint the little picket fence.

Well... I have got ONE side of the fence painted.

It was fun! 

And then, my fun ended.

WHY are there so many toxic people in this world?  Who live to drag others down to their level?  YOU are an evil, disgusting person M, NEVER EVER come near me.   Cos I will not be responsible for what I might say and do to you.

I thank GOD I never have to associate with you again.  There is NOTHING to link us together now.  NOTHING.

STOP READING MY FUCKING BLOG you piece of shit.  Get a life of your own, or go attack and back stab someone else eh?  You are a vile, malicious, hateful person.  

Thank GOD we are not related in any way.

And now... back to MY LIFE.  Living it how I WANT.

9 pm:  Trying to calm down now... and enjoy the rest of this rather stressful day.


  1. Very cool Steve 👏
    Love sis.

  2. ha! ha! I had to first look up to find out what a kiwi was as I had only heard of the kiwi fruit and have only had that once or twice. Steve did a terrific job on the fence. You can tell he really liked building it for you. Very nice indeed.

  3. Steve is amazing! And I can't wait to see each new decoration for the tree. (I crochet also)

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You mentioned the two part series Des the other day - it is on TVNZ On Demand in three episodes with a lot less adverts. Have a really nice da6y. Audrey

  5. Steve, you are a legend! Love love love the fence! Can’t wait to see it around the tree 🌳😊

  6. Love the fence for tree so you

  7. I’m always looking for interesting things to take photos of on my runs, I wish your tree was on a street near me! Nice work to Steve on the fence. It will look awesome 👏

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Nicely done you two THE OLD MOO would be proud 💙💙 George's Mum.

  9. Thank you so much for taking the placentas I'm glad there finally all together now lol and out of my frezzer, 8 years of the boys thinking it was ice cream 😂

  10. In 2010 I took half of my mums ashes home to be buried with my dad in Ireland.I actually wish I’d taken them all but part of me couldn’t part with her. She will be 100 next year so we are going to place the remainder of her ashes in the local cemetery. She always loved the family parties and we intend to have a gathering to honour her. ❤️

  11. A lovely way to bring mum back home.

  12. wow you certainly ticked a few things off the list today. I hope it brings you closure.... xxxx PS: Steve's fence is BRILLIANT

  13. How beautiful to do something so special for your Mum, it’s so nice they are together in some way. Emotional day I hope you had some happy memories to ease the pain a little 💙

  14. Quite an emotional rollercoaster no doubt, but it is lovely that you take the time to keep your dad and brothers grave sites well presented. it shows how much you love them 💕 On a lighter note, I do love the surround that Steve has constructed, I can't wait to see it in place.

  15. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Sorry Chris it sounds like you wonderful day was ruined. Great big hugs to you

  16. I loved your comments to M. Close the door and get on with your life Chris, leave evil to rot as it will. Love the fence and wonderful to put Mum's things next to your dad. Forward and onward now.

  17. What a beautiful little urn for your mum’s things to go in. I think it was a lovely idea to bury them with your Dad and get your Mum’s details on the headstone. Sus

  18. I didn’t get to read M,s post but I think I know who wrote it. How awful for you after your spiritual day.

  19. Love the fence Steve made for your tree, cant wait to see it all set up. I hope everything you did today, gave you some closure. Hugs.

  20. Wow Steve's gift is lovely. Sounds like you had a very soulful day. Don't let these awful people get you down. It's a testament to their terrible character. Take care.

  21. Wow Steve's gift is lovely. Sounds like you had a very soulful day. Don't let these awful people get you down. It's a testament to their terrible character. Take care.


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