Friday, December 04, 2020


 I'm gunna be out and about for a good chunk of today.

First up ... I'm meeting up with Amanda and Lacy in town.  We have a 'secret squirrel' thing to do.

Can't talk about what.. it's not my place to.

After our appointment, I am going to meet up with Stew for lunch.

I don't know where we are going to have lunch... somewhere in town though. 

Right, how about a look at my first Heart runner?

ABOVE:  I'm very happy with how it came out.

I've probably got enough of that multi-coloured stripe fabric for 2-3 more runners.  Then I'll have to find something else to use.

I've cut out 8 runners, so they should keep me busy well into next week.

Once they are all done, I will come up with another runner idea.  

But for now... I'm off to start me day.

I'll catch ya later.


ABOVE:  I'm wearing this gorgeous dress today.

It's another one I got from the Coffs Harbour market.  Next time I go back I hope to get another one in a different colour. 

1.40 pm:  And I'm finally home again.

My feet are killing me!  I opted NOT to wear the pretty sandals as they squeaked really loudly, so wore my white/salmon coloured sneakers.   BAD MOVE.

They hurt my feet so much!  I need to try and wear them in some more before I go walking blocks on hot asphalt! 

Anyway... our meeting went very well.  On situation sorted for now.

Lunch with Stew.  I didn't feel like anything 'fancy', so we grabbed some stuff from a hot bread shop and just ate it at an outside table, in town! Suited me. 

And it was cheap.  Way, way cheaper than a fancy place.

I'm now going to have a nice, quiet afternoon, and be an utter lazy tart.  I have dinner all sorted too.

FISH 'N' CHIPS.  Thank you very much.

6.10 pm:  Been mucking around with xmas lights.  Just dotting a few sets around here and there.  Still NOT going to put up our BIG Christmas Tree.

Well... I say that now!  So far I've put out way more than I ever intended.

And I don't feel in the least bit 'CHRISTMAS-Y'.

I hate the whole idea of celebrating anything in my current mood.

In fact, I'm crabby as fuck right now.

And while I don't have a headache right now... I can feel one coming on.

I feel like I'm a balloon that just deflated.  Flat.

Feeling very tired tonight, it's been one of those days.

Every time something happens out of the ordinary, I immediately think "Must ring Mum and tell her".  

That happened today and I have felt really down since then.

I'm going to sign off now... I'm not being very entertaining!


  1. Those are cute and cheerful! Very HAPPY table runners!

  2. Yep - the hearts are awesome! And good time to do those, because folks like to 'plan ahead' on their decor updates, post holiday season and these would be perfect for February tables.

  3. I love the border on the table runner.

  4. Enjoy your lunch date xx

  5. The dress looks great on you

  6. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Love the dress. Looks really lovely
    Lucy in UK

  7. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I agree, that dress is fabulous. Good lines. The length is really great.

    If the back is straightforward too, I think you can draft a pattern off of it and make more for yourself. I would make the first one out of something expendable, like an old bed sheet or lengths of fabric you do not like. It might take a couple tries to get the pattern fine tuned.

  8. Anonymous9:54 AM

    You look stunning in that dressπŸ’•πŸ’•
    Sue from Athens, Greece

  9. Love the heart runner - perfect colours. Have a great day

  10. Cute dress, it looks comfy, and cool, and like you are having much better weather than here! Don't dribble on it at lunch! I know I would, the first time I wore a cute new thing!

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    You look so lovely in your new dress. Is it linen? Looks classy but comfortable iykwim! Just right for your special lunch date :)
    M from the SI

    1. Yes it is linen. Very light and cool.

    2. Anonymous9:28 PM

      Thank you for letting me know - I think you look stunning and you've got me all inspired to try to wear more dresses (am such a trousers person)...I had a google and found two pretty dress patterns (the Stitchbird dress and the Tui dress) made by a Kiwi company - am sooooo tempted to get back into sewing...Should I visit Spotlight tomorrow?...I may have to and you're getting the blame ;)M from the S.I. (Recovering fabricaholic) x

    3. Anonymous9:47 PM

      p.s. So, so sorry you're feeling low. You've been through such an awful, awful time and I'm really sad for you and your family. Thinking of you and sending big (((((Hugs))))) from the S.I.

  12. Enjoy your lunch date.
    That dress looks fantastic on it.

  13. Anonymous12:05 PM

    You look so lovely and feminine in that dress and those pretty sandals.

  14. Anonymous12:07 PM

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE your dress Chris! You look fabulous! Does it have a brand I can look up online if you don't mind? Have a great lunch! Sharnee, Melbs

  15. The color of that light pink looks really nice on you. Where did you get those sandals? I love them.

    1. Sandals are from some shop in Coffs Harbour. Sorry, that's all I know!

  16. Anonymous12:52 PM

    You might be able to order the dresses online from the store? Love your shoes!

  17. Love that dress and those sandals!

  18. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I really love that dress. It suits you! Sarah

  19. Love the dress- it’s gorgeous and looks fantastic. Best thing is you can accessorise it with coloured jewellery when you want a different look. Liz

  20. Just love that dress, and that colour really suits you.

  21. Anonymous2:24 PM

    You look chic in that pink dress. Hope your feet feel better soon!

    A Fan in Canada

  22. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I do love that dress. Thinking I should try and make one but yeah right. So flattering.

  23. Its defo a fish and chip Friday today....!

  24. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Ahhh now I want fish and chips sheesh 😫 big week at work bugger it. How does Stew keep his hands off ya??? You're looking amazing chick πŸ’™πŸ’™ George's Mum.

  25. Fuck ... FOUR cats for nite nite. You must have had a shit of a headache!!

  26. Put up the tree and adorn in with "Bah Humbug" crabby ornaments. Cover it with f-flakes. And crabs, cats, scrooges, grinches, and any other unfestive doodads you find. .
    Sorry about the crabbiness. It really has been a hard year, and you have had some additional upsets.
    Hope tomorrow is smoother.

  27. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I switched from a beautiful big tree to a 5’ very very skinny tree and it made all the difference in how I feel about putting up Xmas tree.

    Another blogger just did the same thing and she found it much more pleasant too. They take up far less space, easier to store, need far less ornaments.

    I have my 5’ skinny on a window bench (cushion removed) so from the outside, it looks like a full size tree, and it takes up NO floor space. Before the window seat, I put it on a 2’x2’x18” wooden box (covered in upholstery fabric) and it was lovely at 7’.

    I went thru all the ornaments I had collected over the years snd only kept the ones I really cared about. Most of those were red. I added ribbon and floral picks and it all fits easily in a very medium size bin, easy storage. When Xmas was 75%-90% off last year, I added two more sets of ornaments. One gold based and one aqua/white/silver. They are in their own medium bins with their matching picks and ribbon. Three medium bins takes up far less room than the ornaments for the one big tree. Each year I now have a fresh look.

    We put the tree up the last week in November. I take the ornaments off of it before New Years, but I leave it up with the lights on a timer for a couple more weeks.

    I now enjoy it thoroughly and it is not a hassle.

  28. Love the dress on you. πŸ˜€

  29. Hope you have some time to relax and unwind over the weekend. Take care.


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