Sunday, December 13, 2020


 First up for today... THANK YOU for all the lovely comments yesterday!

I was having a rough day emotionally, and only just kept tears at bay.

Having the kids here helped a lot too.  

Talking of kids... We are going to join Steve, Bex and their boys this afternoon for a walk around the Hamilton Gardens.

It's supposed to be a mild day, not too hot, so it should be nice in the gardens.

After our walk the kids are coming back here and cooking our dinner!

Apparently we are having Butter Chicken and home made garlic pull apart bread.  Sounds amazing.  Can't wait.

This morning?  Stew is getting his new glasses tweaked a bit.  He wore them yesterday and quickly realised one side wasn't fitting properly.

After that we are going to Mitre 10 or Bunnings for an Umbrella stand for my 'flag thingee' to stand in.  Hoping that will work, or we will have to go to Plan B, whatever that is. 😦😜👍

ABOVE:  Stew is thrilled to bits with his vegetable garden!  And I don't blame him. He's done an excellent job getting things to grow here... that garden was just dry, barren soil before he worked on it.

We are going to have so much home grown produce soon.  Especially tomatoes!  There's some tiny cherry tomatoes ripening up right now.  

And that is it from me for now, catch ya later.

Have an awesome day, do something that is fun and makes you happy.  Eat chocolate, or in Dogstars case, cheese!  lol


11.03 am:  Well, we have had a very successful morning out and about.

Stew got his glasses adjusted, and I visited the Chemist Warehouse for some essentials.

Then off to Mitre 10 for an umbrella stand (which we got), some hose fittings and ...

ABOVE: 'Robert'.  He's Richard's cousin.  He's not even started college yet, he's still in Primary School.

He's just a bit cute.

What worries me is ... there's room on that stool for another family member.  

I really should stay away from the shops.

But for now... I'm going outside to supervise Stew working.  Again.

Stew suggested we go to Chartwell Square for lunch.

So off we went.

And the 3rd shop we passed... Bed, Bath and Beyond.  That's where I got Richard the Reindeer.


ABOVE:  Bloody hell!

What to do ... what to do...

ABOVE:  Ruby and Randy on their way home.

ABOVE:  Ruby is studying to be a Beautician, and Randy. His full name is Randolf, but he doesn't like it. Randy has just started high school.  He wants to be a basketball player one day.

I think that's all the reindeer we will be getting this year.  😅😂😊 

OK.  It's almost 6 pm.  We had a really nice walk around the gardens this afternoon.

I've got 'a few' photos: 

ABOVE:  Not gunna do a caption for any of them!

I even have a few more... but will 'save' them for tomorrow.  I think it's just of some flowers.

The kids are now cooking dinner.  It's going to be a late dinner as we didn't get back from the gardens till quite late.  But never mind... we are not starving right now.

ABOVE:  These two worked in my kitchen for two and a half hours, and produced a delicious dinner of Butter Chicken (made from scratch) and Pull Apart Garlic Bread (again, made from scratch!).

ABOVE:  The bread... it was AMAZING.

They can cook again for sure.  lol

And now?  Going to bed soon, really tired after a busy weekend.


  1. Yay Cheese! I love the little cherry tomatoes. I eat most of them outside right off the vine! Your vegetables look very happy and healthy!

  2. It always makes me smile to read a blog post that is dated Sunday when it is still Saturday here in California. Blogland makes the world smaller in a friendly way somehow. Stew is rightly proud of his veg garden; the soil is a key part of it, which he worked on.

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Wow how great to have a vege garden. Good work Stew. Not just an awesome boss! Kj

  4. I too have a smile as it is only Saturday here in the UK as well. Those veggies look very healthy and Stew should be proud. Enjoy your time with the family while I am sleeping. LOL Yvonne

  5. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hi Chris, hope you're enjoying your weekend. Such a lovely picture of your Mum. She'll always be looking down on you, keep making her proud. Glad to hear you are opening your wee shop again and keeping up with your sewing/creating. We're still not allowed to visit anyone indoors, apart from a 5 day amnesty at Christmas so we are missing seeing family and friends. Had a good skype call with No 1 daughter in Nelson this morning which cheered us up (especially the story of her doing a stock take in the bar, stepping back down too quick, and ending up with her backside in the sink!) Keeping busy today making Christmas cookies to give as gifts (choc & nut and white choc & raspberry) using a great easy recipe I got from a host we stayed with in Napier. Tempting to nibble a few though ! Good you have felt more like putting up some Christmas decorations, they look lovely. We are looking quite festive here with a small tree, lots of candles and red plants but it's very mild weather so not feeling very "Christmassy" yet. Take care.
    Jane G

  6. Robert is cute and yes room on stool

  7. Hi Chris, I love Robert and Richard maybe they can go on adventures with you during the year as well or help out in your shop 😀 bit like 'elf on the shelf' - 'reindeer in the shop' - they could point out your newest products (when they're not busy with college and school of course) 🤭😊 Have a brilliant day, enjoy your walk. It's raining here in Brisbane today.

  8. lolololol what a great blog post.... I wanted to read more about R R R and R and their hopes and dreams :)

  9. Oh, I don't know about enough reindeer... surely you need one to represent every member of the family...ha!! Liz

  10. Lol they’re all so cute 70% wow that’s a bargain loving the reindeer whanau cousins

  11. Loving your reindeer family. They are all so interesting!

  12. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Sorry but you need a team of 6 reindeer haha

  13. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Ohhh classic loving the wee reindeer and their names 😍 👌 George's Mum.

  14. Love the reindeer. Certainly cheerful xx

  15. Haha, love the reindeer names. You do make me smile! 😊

  16. Lovely photos. I love the one with the wee chicks on the rock with their Mum. Oh ... and in relation to running out of room for reindeer - don't worry, you can always buy a bigger stool/table for them there 🤣

  17. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Oh I love your reindeer family. Might have to go and check the shop out tomorrow. Besutiful pics. Kj

  18. Can almost smell that bread guess no left overs for Lacy lol

  19. Those two boys are getting tall! How quickly the time goes, it seems like they were just toddlers.

  20. Beautiful pics of the family and gardens. Love your reindeer and their names, however, the males out number Ruby, so Rhonda and Rita should be "on the shelf". Love reading all of your antics on the other side of the world.

  21. The gardens are the most beautiful I've seen. Lucky you! That bread looks so good that I'm hoping your kids will share the recipe here! P.S. yours is the first blog I look to each day,I love your zest for life and sassy attitude.

  22. Ha! I love your new Christmas family additions. The gardens look so inviting. It's nice to see the green. I wish I could be there to enjoy them. I bet you loved having Bex and Steve fix the dinner. Yum... it sounds delicious. You are one lucky girl:)

  23. That's so nice that they do that for you! Some day we can do things at my parents house again.


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