Monday, November 30, 2020


 Right, once I drag my sorry butt outta bed, I'm heading out to look at:

ABOVE:  A flag to advertise that I'm OPEN at home.
I've been thinking about it for a while, but never went ahead with getting one.
Partly because I went to Aussy, and partly because I wasn't sure I needed one.

Now that I am committing to keeping the shop open, on a limited basis at least, I think a nice flag out the front will (perhaps) draw people in?

At least they will know I'm OPEN.

I spent a bit of time last night thinking about what I want on my flag.  Still not 100% sure, but I will go with some ideas, and see what the flag maker can come up with.

After I get home from Speedy Signs, I am going to give the new Treadmill a burl.  I'm keen to get on it at least 3 times a week, if not more often.

Stew plans on using it after work tonight.  Like me, he's only going to use it on the 'Manual' setting. Which means we set the speed and incline we want.  There's quite a few pre-programmed workouts on it, but for now, manual will do.

I love that it has a fan.  And a place for my phone, so I can listen to my music or watch a video while walking.  

OK... time to get up I suppose.  Catch ya later.


12.26 pm:  And I don't think I will be getting a flag!
With graphics (as in some colour and words), it is likely to be over $400.
NOT a necessary expense.
Sad, but never mind.  I will come up with something else.

On my way over to the Sign shop, I had a very funny moment.
I was sitting at the lights opposite Pak N Save, and glanced to my right.
Saw this guy waiting to cross ... and he was BUTT NAKED!
Like... I didn't even do a double take, I just laughed out loud.
When he got the 'CROSS NOW', he jogged across the road.
It made me laugh even more, cos CLEARLY he wasn't cold and 'things' jumped around quite nicely.

Opposite me, about to turn was a Police Car, lights flashing.  YEP.
Someone must have dobbed the naked guy in... cos they were on his tail.

They parked and took off down the road after him.


ABOVE:  His mother would be proud. 

ABOVE: Sadly I didn't get to see the outcome, as I got a green light and had to go.

I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while. 

After that, I went to The Base and posted a letter, then came home.

Now.... jobs before treadmill. 

4 pm:  And my jobs are done.  And I had a lovely visit from Christine H from Cambridge too!
It's always so neat to catch up with an FBG girlfriend.

Now... I'm actually tired, so will get on the treadmill a bit later on.  Maybe before or after Stew.

There's another fairly pressing 'problem' to be dealt with next.  Well... hopefully it can be sorted out quickly.
But... more on that later, or even tomorrow.

For now... I'm taking a break.  I've been standing on me feet working for what feels like hours.  Time to put me feet up for a bit.  

DANG... headache crept up on me.
And OMG... I'm watching music on TV... and I swear to god what I'm watching is positively PORNOGRAPHIC!
How the hell can they get away with having that on the TV in the middle of the day???
It's 'WAP' by cardi b ft. megan thee stallion - wap.
DISGUSTING! Not music at all, it's just gratuitous filth.   And that is MY OPINION.

8.50 pm:  And the new problem got sorted out tonight... I will show you what it was tomorrow.

Emily and Liam came over for dinner while their Mum, Amanda, attended a meeting.  Was lovely to spend some time with those two little rat bags.  😊
Now it's post dinner, kids have gone home and I'm thinking about going to bed soon.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I love the flags but should you check council regulations first? I'm pretty sure there is a size limit on any signage you can put in front of your property. Having that treadmill will be great and I agree about the manual setting! Maybe when you get more confident on it you could use the other settings.

  2. My plan is to put it just INSIDE my property.

    1. Just check anyway. Generally all signs that a visible from the road whether on your property or not are treated the same way. It is only signs that are not visible from the road that are not subject to council regulations. This is something I have previously looked into so it might pay to find out? Sorry, not trying to be negative and I really can't imagine anyone actually checking but hey, you never know in this day and age.

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Can you get a flag that just says open on it?

  4. So attach it to your garage leaning out have a wind chime so it twinkles where you’re in maybe when not open take it down
    Naked butt 😂

  5. A naked guy! Wow. Curious how that situation started and ended. Did he leave home naked? Ditch his clothes along the way somehow? Did he escape from some bad situation? If you ever find out, please share!

  6. Someone needs to feed that skinny boy.

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM

    $400 is insane...OMG! Could you perhaps make some of your gorgeous colourful bunting with 'open', 'welcome' or something similar that you could hang outside when you're in your shop?
    As for Mr've certainly brightened this cold and drizzly Monday! Do hope it was a little warmer 'up there' than it is 'down here' or he'll catch a chill! M in the SI x

  8. You are so clever I'm sure you could come up with a design for yourself and make one yourself (letters on a plain background?) and have your brilliant son rig up a stand for it

  9. Anonymous2:20 PM

    haha go the naked dude lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Wow you dont see that everyday! LOL!

  11. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Bloody brilliant go naked guy 🤣🤣🤣 there are tear drop flags on Trade Me for $264 with Afterpay or $66 every two weeks just a thought George's Mum.

  12. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I saw a guy walking up the street in an open bathrobe this morning. Luckily I only saw the back of him but people coming the other way didnt know where to look! Lol. Kj

  13. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I googled WAP, it’s ridiculous that it’s called entertainment. Jo

  14. OMG WAP... I knew there was a reason I enjoyed my 'old' music.

  15. Just love that you got photos of the naked guy. That's the sort of thing Ng that gets onto our news. Rampaging walrus in NZ, naked jogger flashes past. You should sell your photos lol

  16. My youngest son (19yo) who is a the funniest kid you’d ever meet, came out to the lounge one night when I was watching tv and had that song playing on his phone and did the dance for it. I had tears running down my face I was laughing so much. I only wish I’d got it on video 😂

  17. Music video are very near porn totaly agree

  18. Looks as though you had a successful time at the market this weekend. That WAP is beyond uncouth not sure how there's no problem playing this and yet last year the 1944 Christmas song "Baby it's cold outside" was band and deemed offensive. Hope your headache is gone.

  19. I'm with daily grind Chris, you can make your own and Steve can rig something up - you two are a brilliant team :-)


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