Saturday, November 14, 2020




I finally got out of the hotel at around 6.15 pm.  Which wasn't too bad considering how many of us were being released at the same time.

Those extra 15 minutes felt like an eternity though!

But once out on the street, and getting a hug from Stew, all the stress melted away.

So wonderful to be in his arms again and to feel safe.

So, once my luggage was in the car, we took off for Sylvia Park.

ABOVE:  We had a mediocre dinner here... just burger and wedges.  I wasn't really in the mood for much else.

AND we did a little shopping while in the mall!

I got Stew some new shirts, for work and leisure. 

ABOVE:  We made short work of grabbing lots!  There might be a 'few' in there for Steve too. 😊😂😅

ABOVE:  notice anything?  

My glasses broke last night.  I can't complain cos I've had those frames for about 8 years.  Last time I got new lenses I re-used the same frames.

Time for new glasses.

For Stew and I actually.  I'll go in today and make appointments for both of us.

I did not do any unpacking last night... so I will make a START on that today I suppose.

I hate unpacking.  

I have so much to do!

Not only unpacking, but getting my washing done, and re-acquainting myself with me home.

I gotta check out the gardens!

So much has grown while I've been away.


We hope you have a lovely day, and we can't wait to see you in the near future.


Well... the very first thing I did this morning was stand on the scales.

And ACCORDING to them, I've ONLY lost about 5 kilos!

Can't be right.  Think our scales are needing to be replaced!

Even Stew said they can't be right.  

Bex and the little boys called in this morning.  It was so wonderful to get cuddles with them.

The dogs last night?  Marley went nuts, Coco not so much.  She really is Stew's dog.  Though she was clearly delighted to see me.

I've had a quick look around the gardens, everything has grown so much!  When I left lots of trees and shrubs had no foliage.

Now everything is green and flowering. The grape vine is covered in leaves and tiny grapes already.  

We are about to head out to do some shopping, suss out wardrobe fittings for the spare bedroom.  Get new scales, and so on.

2.38 pm:  My feet hurt!

Stew and I have done a lot of wandering around shops, pretty much just did lots of window shopping.

We think we have found the right wardrobe fittings for the spare bedroom 'refit'.  I bought some more coat hangers as I will need them after my little shopping trips in Coffs Harbour and Sydney.

Once Steve visits us this afternoon we can sit down and plan what we need for my new wardrobe.

ABOVE: We had a really lovely lunch at The Foundation at The Base.  Calamari and wedges.

It still THRILLS being able to choose and enjoy my meals!

Steve is making us Lasagna for dinner.  O.M.Lord, I can hardly wait.

ABOVE: Steve has been working on making his Lasagna for almost 2 hours!  He's even made the pasta by hand!
And OMG it smells so good.

ABOVE:  Well... you couldn't ask for a nicer dinner!  Not only home made Lasagna, but our own home grown lettuce too.
It won't be long before we are using our own tomatoes too.
I rate this meal 10/10.  Of course!

ABOVE: To cap off a wonderful day... cuddles with the little boys.
Archer declared he was going to hug me for 'A WHOLE YEAR'.  Too cute.

The kids have gone home now and it's all quiet here again.
Stew is watching a Tri Nations rugby game and I'm just relaxing before heading off to bed early.
Rather tired after my first day out of quarantine, and having a normal day.

And ... that's a wrap on my day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Happy Birthday Mike 🎂 🎉

    #Lacy 💙

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Poor glasses lol. Pretty good innings tho. I did that on my last pair and insurance covered new ones. My lenses cost $995! Enjoy your day with your family Chris. Kj

  3. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Good morning Chris wonderful you are home and back in Stew's arms 💙💙 did the dogs get excited when you arrived? George's Mum.

  4. I am terrible at unpacking! I often leave my luggage for weeks. Minus the essentials - like phone chargers. Usually my luggage contains clothes for the "wrong season" so I don't miss anything! Glad to hear you are home finally. Bummer last nights burger was only mediocre. Ah well. At least it wasn't a cooked carrot!

  5. Welcome Home :-)

  6. So glad you are home :)

  7. Yay!! She's home! I think that photo of you and Stew outside the hotel is one of the few times I've seen you smile - you must have been happy!!!!!!!

    Don't put too much store in the scales. They won't reflect any toning that all the walking did. The main thing is that you're looking thinner and your knickers won't stay up.

  8. Kiwionholidays2:28 PM

    So happy you are home safe n sound,
    Up n onwards on catchup times with all your loved ones there 👍🦋
    Cheers 🥂

  9. Happy birthday Mike x
    Big Sis.

  10. OMG.... Homemade Lasagna! Yumminess. And that food looks tasty too!

  11. Yay to being home and well done on weight loss it may have only been 5kilos but with walking you have toned up. Homemade lasagna yummy.

  12. A meal made with love, nice one Steve. I love lasagne!! It must be wonderful to be home again.

  13. Glad you have had a lovely day and to top it off with lasagne with homemade pasta is definitely a win. Well done Steve.

  14. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Doggy Bag 🤣 leftovers 💜💋💙
    #Lacy 💙

  15. Anonymous6:22 PM

    He's a good lad our Steve such a perfectionist I need a Steve lol 😆 enjoy the evening Team Harvey 💙 George's Mum.

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Wow Steve is very talented!

  17. You forgot to rate the meal 😂

  18. No cat for nite nite and another smile on your face. Today is a winner.

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Chris I’m so happy your home and safe and sound, your family missed you as much as you missed them. Jo xx

  20. Ahhh home sweet home. That’s a 10/10 😊

  21. Sounds like a lovely first day home ... retail therapy and family time 😊. Steve looks quite the pro/chef whipping up that lovely lasagne.


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