Thursday, November 05, 2020


 So, I'm 'precious'.


Time to retreat.

And just remember to be THANKFUL that I got to spend time with Mum before she died.

ABOVE:  Mum was the eldest of 10.  Two missing here... Laura (in Canada) and Alan (in lower South Island).

ABOVE:  Mum to 4, Grandma to 14, Great Grandma to 27 and Great Great Grandma to 1.
Quite a legacy to leave.


Just so ya know.  I have canceled ALL MEALS from here.  I will no longer be getting any of their meals.

I will just get in another grocery order.

No more complaints from me.

And in fact, my next grocery order should arrive around 8am this morning.

Of course, that means no more meal critiques or ratings.  But I feel it is going to be better for my mental health and wellbeing to NOT be getting upset over shitty meals.

Sorry about that to anyone who really enjoyed my meal photos/critiques!

I will now show you my crackers and cheese!  Sandwiches and salads.  


Seems they didn't get the memo.

Breakfast arrived at me door:

ABOVE:  Well what can I say about this?
- Two egg yolks, they were hard.
- Sprinkling of left over salad stuff from last night?
- Bacon looks OK!
- Potato rissole thingee?  Disgusting.  Over peppered, soggy on the bottom.
And it was all LUKE WARM at best.
Presentation?  0/10

Let's give this 'meal' 3/10, and that's being kind.

I swear to god, the 'chef' must be still learning how to cook.  

I'm gunna give it a swerve... and throw it in the bin.

The pear is rock hard.
The biscuit looks OK... might even save that for morning tea.

*** I will be ringing Client Services to make sure I don't get any more meals delivered. ***

I"ve had some very upsetting news, so might go quiet for the remainder of the day.
It's not something I can talk about on here, sorry.

Bad things happen in three's.  CORRECT.

1. - Steve getting sick
2. - Covid
3. - Mum dying

I thought that was my three.

Take out Covid.  That is NOTHING compared to the latest news. 

If I can ever talk about it... I will.  But sure in hell not right now, it's still an evolving situation.

I cannot believe that I am trapped in here at the worst time possible!  I am needed at home ... but I know 'they' won't let me out.

The inner turmoil is REAL.  The stress is REAL.  I just want to SCREAM.... LET ME OUT!

I have talked to the Ministry of Health about my current situation.  They are looking into getting me exempt from quarantine so I can go home.
I am hopeful, but not expecting to be let out.

12.46 pm:  Yeah, they won't let me out.  So... I am here till Friday the 13th.

ABOVE:  This gorgeous KIWI arrived for me!  It's from Mike and Joyce down in Palmerston North.
So I rang him and had a good chat... well I probably cried more than 'chatted', but he understood.
Thanks kids.  

ABOVE:  Lunch arrived.  *sigh*
I actually ate the burger, even though the meat tasted a bit weird.  I hope I don't get food poisoning now?
Just my luck I will.
Let's give this meal 5/10 shall we?
I hope they get the message that I don't want their meals soon.

And OMG FUCKING CHIPS AGAIN!  I really might throw them over the balcony.

3.44 pm:  And GRRRRrrrr, the batteries in my mouse died.  So I went down to the lobby to see if by some chance they could get me some more.  I didn't want to do a grocery order for two batteries!
And the lady who saw me this morning from the Ministry of Health saw me and came over.  I told her about my TINY dilemma, and she said "Hold on" and took off for her office.

2 minutes later she was back with batteries for me!
Such a nice girl.
Now I can use the computer easily again.  
I hate using the touch pad thingee on my laptop!
It's a nightmare.

I have a pounding headache, and every time I try to lie down to sleep it off, me phone goes, or a message comes through or a text.  *sigh*

6.26 pm:  And I've just had a lovely salad/ham wrap for my dinner, which I made.

Also... at 4.30 this afternoon there was a loudspeaker 'PUBLIC ANNOUNCMENT'... Everyone was to return to their rooms and stay there until further notice while all Public Spaces in the Hotel underwent a 'DEEP CLEAN'.  
Which suggests SOMEONE in here has COVID-19!


For someone who didn't really want to blog today, I've done pretty well!
But now, I really am going to sign off and just chill out the best I can.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good morning lovely photos of the old Moo love the legacy and there’s some fiesty ones in there.
    You are so funny you do you mate x
    Fuck the haters I say.....

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I will miss your food critiques but how many bags of chips/popcorn a week do you need ? Jokes aside I can understand why you did it, the meals are no good for mental health that’s for sure. at least in Australia you were served a piece of fruit daily.
    Here’s hoping today is a better day.

  3. If that Hotel served those meals to their 5 star Hotel guests they would be slammed and out of business, no doubt about it. The food is crap, disgusting, I am enraged about it.

  4. What a way to make me cry..😥
    So many precious memories in a single women...
    Miss her so much..

  5. You will probably find they will continue to make deliveries as they have a legal obligation to feed you. Keep the chips etc for the kids :)

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I will miss your food critiques! I really don’t understand why the food is so bad- it’s obviously not what they were serving when they were operating as a fully functioning hotel. The hotels used in the quarantine programs will go out of business post COVID, as no one will want to stay in them again. In your shoes, I’d be tempted to write to the management/government and demand a partial refund for the inedible meals. You have all the photographic proof. But that’s just me... I m a very vocal complainer when things aren’t right - and quite the opposite when they are!
    Ally S. Melbourne

  7. I thought your meals in Australia were pretty good, even if not to your taste. But the meals you are getting now are shockingly bad and certainly unhealthy. The only remotely healthy bit is the pear, well it would be if it wasn't rock hard.

  8. Sending you loads of hugs Chris.......xx

  9. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Well you are Precious Ma so very very precious to us Family
    #Lacy 💙

  10. Love those family photos Chris. Your mother looked like she was such a kind woman with a bit of a cheeky side, she was beautiful. The meals you are being served border on abuse imo. You get better food in jail (and I should know!). Sorry for the bad news. You have every right to complain about the food both on here and to the hotel, it's disgusting. Keep strong, not long to go now (easy for me to say). Trish

  11. Chris, do you need anything??? Is there anything i can do to help?

    1. Thanks Tania, but sadly there is nothing I need ... except to get out of here! And that's not happening any time soon. I will just have to tough it out and keep in constant contact with my family.

    2. Hang in there chick xx

  12. Kiwionholidays10:21 AM


  13. Xx stay strong you got this. Not long to go. Oh my gosh that last photo of granny and the snugglist boy ever lol it's beautiful. Xx love ya 💙💙 Good thing we have good technology these days.

  14. Anonymous10:40 AM

    hang in there mum, we are all here for you and.....and we are here for the rest of the family
    #Lacy 💙

  15. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Sending my love and hugs for what it's worth Chris. Kj

  16. It's good that you can order from the supermarket - it will be enough to get you through. Those pears are meant to be hard, I buy then all the time and when they are thinly sliced they are lovely. Personal taste of course. I understand that there is not much now that can take your mind off getting home.

  17. You poor bugger. I think 2020 should back the hell off and give you and yours a break FFS.
    And whoever said you were precious should be hung up by their thumbs and have their toes chewed by rabid koalas. Honest to god I am so pissed off that some areswipe would say something like that to you at a time like this. As Lacy said, you ARE precious - to all of us.
    I shall leave now before I say something REALLY offensive!

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      oml sparklingmerlot I love ya, you just made me laugh thanks for that, was much needed this morning xx
      I'm meaning the but about having their toes chewed by rabid Koalas xx
      #Lacy 💙

  18. Kia Kaha Chris xxx

  19. Hopefully the Ministry of Health can get you out ASAP... being negative to your first test must help???

  20. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Sending you as many positive thoughts as I possible can. I hope and Wish that you get out soon so you can to be with your family. All the best Xxx Christine from Australia

  21. Oh Chris, im so sorry they wont let you out early....Just remember my offer still stands if you need anything shout out as im just at home with a newborn most of the time anyway xx

  22. I think the food is probably not so bad but when you are stuck in quarantine with nothing to look forward to except meals, then it is pretty disappointing not to like what you are getting. Getting stuff delivered and having what you want will help you cope with the remaining time you have in there. Lacy is of course right, you are precious to all of us and it is horrible you being so sad and there is nothing we can do. Let me know if there is anything you need, I can come drop it off - I could even come for a visit on the weekend if you like, we can yell at each other from an appropriate distance :-). I don't suppose they would let you get a microwave delivered???? maybe get one gift wrapped so they don't know what it is and then you can order Uber Eats & have leftovers reheated the next day!!

  23. Thanks Tracy, I will be OK. It's 8 more nights and days... then HOME! No we are not allowed to 'cook' anything in the room, certainly no microwaves. It's a health and safety issue apparently. Arseholes. I have plenty of food in from the supermarket now... lots of salads and wraps and sandwiches for me.

  24. Anonymous3:23 PM

    The meals are far from balanced from a nutritional standpoint for anyone, let alone a diabetic. That lunch is a perfect example. Where are the whole grains and vegetables and fruit? I see two tiny pieces of what looks like red onion, and that's it for vegetables. Chips are not vegetables! A-r-r-r-gh!

    So sorry to hear you've had upsetting news from home. Sending you strength to cope.

    A Fan in Canada

  25. Mmmmmm chippies! That kiwi is GORGEOUS! How lovely of Mike and Joyce. And lovely to have a much-needed chat, too. It's all in the timing xx

  26. I would have just turned my phone to silent for a little while. Hope you feel better chick xxx

  27. OMG Chris. I'm sending a mass of positive vibes thru cyber space. You need some really strong JuJu, or whatever it's called. Split on yourself three times and turn yourself around and shake yourself about. that's what we'd do here . A bit if screaming would probably help as well lol
    I really hope things get better.
    All the very best from me

  28. Kiwionholidays7:50 PM

    Love the Paua Kiwi
    Such kind friends

    Sometimes words don’t come ,,,,with all you have going on ,,,
    So it’s 💐💐💐💓💓n Cyber hugs for all of you ones there in N,Z

    Kia Kaha

  29. Anonymous8:34 PM

    They might be just deep cleaning public spaces to be on the safe side

    1. Nope. There IS a covid case in here. We are still in lockdown 4 hours after the announcement.

    2. Anonymous10:27 PM

      Oh no

  30. Sorry to hear about this latest stressful situation. Do take care.

  31. Beautiful photos of your Mum, and lovely gift from Mike and Joyce. That kiwi ornament is stunning! Sorry to hear you have additional stress at present ... you've had more than your share the last few months.


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