Monday, November 09, 2020



Cos well.... seems I swear too much.
Let's make it pretty then.

But yeah, I do swear too much, and I shall try to do it less.
BUT... if I'm really crabby, the odd bad word is gunna slip out.

It's MONDAY... so I already feel so much closer to being let out of here!
I can easily visualise it now, whereas at the beginning that was hard to do.

I apologise for being in a right funk the past couple of days.

Things are happening in the family that have just knocked me for six really.
NOTHING I can do to change one situation at all, so I have to let that one go.

But... there is another one that I sure in hell can do something about, just as soon as I get out of here.

Stew and I took a huge step back from a family issue, but it's now just got to the point where power and control have gone to some people's heads, and it has to stop.

So... we shall be taking an active interest in this issue again, even though it's the last thing we want to be doing.

So sad really, because it is all SO UNNECESSARY.  JUST BE KIND.

BE KIND?  Seems someone FORGOT about that.


ABOVE:  Ahhhh.... because I can.  For as long as I want.  NO INTERRUPTIONS.  Well... except the ants.

They found me rubbish bag.  Little shits.  I put Blu Tack over their entrance hole.  GOTCHA. 

Might just go for a wander soon....  the lobby walking area is calling.

11.09 am:  And I've just had a 40 minute walk. On me own.  In the cool lobby walking area.
I've also booked myself a place on the 1pm Level 4 Deck walk as well.
NOT that I will be walking!
I'm gunna lie in the middle of the deck and get a tan on the back of me legs!

Lots of people do it.  Or just sit and read a book or listen to music.  It's just GETTING OUTSIDE  that matters.
No one tells you off for NOT exercising!

Just as well cos I think they'd have a revolt on their hands if they did.
Getting fresh air and sunshine is just as important as exercise in this situation.

I didn't get any breakfast today!  Wow.  Seems sometimes they feel obliged to feed me, and sometimes. NOT.
All good.  I have plenty of food of my own!

Got a couple of hours to kill till my next 'appointment', might watch something on Netflix again.

Well... I went out to Level 4 Deck and lay in the sun.  About half the 14 people out there were doing the same thing.

After that I came back to my room, made some lunch then had a nap.
I must have been tired because I slept for 3 hours!!!

Then dinner arrived.  Then family conversations ensued.
And now?  I'm gunna go downstairs and walk around the lobby for 40 minutes.

ABOVE:  Random salad shit on RICE.  Not meat.  It was TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)  .. hideous.

ABOVE:  Pork and Potato/capsicum on RICE.


OK. Now standing outside. Cops and fire crew swarming all over the place.

So.  8 pm and the alarms go off. I'm thinking.... OK.  They are going to do another 'public announcement'... someone has Covid and they have to do another 'Deep Clean' of the building.

But NO.  Next comes the 'Please Evacuate the Building from the nearest Exit'.

OK.  So I grab me handbag, laptop and passport and I'm off down the stairs as fast as I can go.
Only I go PAST the lobby exit and end up in the basement, which does NOT have an exit!

PANIC!  Realise my mistake so go back up 2 flights of stairs and exit into the lobby, then go outside.

There's not even 'organised chaos'.  Everyone is just milling around wondering what the hell is going on.
Did someone smoke in a bathroom?

ABOVE:  There's cops and fire men everywhere.
Making sure no one RUNS for it!

CRANKY:  No chance of running ... Chris DOES NOT RUN.  Unless there's a rabid dog chasing me!

After about an hour it was deemed 'safe' to reenter the building.  We all had to use the freakin' stairs to get back to our rooms!
OMG imagine being on the 15th floor!
I really struggled to get back up to the 4th floor ... I really struggle with stairs.

There WAS a fire on level 3. edit:  According to news media, there was no fire, just a problem with sprinklers going off.   We were told there was a fire.  Oh well.  Either way, it was scary.  There's been some water damage to a few rooms.  Not mine thankfully.
Not that it would have bothered me.  Everything that was important left the building with me.

Now I'm back in my room and not feeling very safe.

I'm sitting having my end of day chat with Stew... and the bloody alarm goes off again!  I immediately think "FUCK gotta get out again"... BUT IT ONLY WENT OFF ONCE.
Panic over.

But seriously, I'm sleeping in me clothes tonight!

11.09 pm:  and there's an Army Officer at me door.
Doing a room/person check.
At 11 pm?
Not like I was asleep I suppose.
NOR was I in me nightie.
I'm actually feeling a bit sick to my stomach.


  1. Well, I am making Fuck Flakes. So no worries about the F-Bomb here. these Flakes are laser cut wood snowflakes that say Fuck 2020 or F Covid. Although - I am suddenly a LOT happier with 2020 all of a sudden. Huge sigh of relief!
    DAY 10! Has a nice ring to it. It sounds a lot closer to the End Game! (Chess reference after binge watching "The Queens Gambit") Whoever suggested it....
    Hope your day is good, you get something edible at your door, and maybe another conversation on the Deck outside.

    1. OMGosh... can I order 5 of the F Flakes PLEASE????

    2. Omg these f flakes are awsome can I order one of each please and post the 2 orders together?? We definitely need one for our tree. Yeay for day 10 xx

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM

      I also enjoyed The Queens Gambit - never thought a series about chess could be interesting, lol. Emily in Paris is also a good series - the actress who plays Emily is the daughter of Phil Collins. Audrey

  2. Extensive research has shown that using the F word can relieve stress and piss off snowflakes (the human kind) so two for one really. Your blog, your rules. You have done so well, I'm in awe of how you've coped with all of this. All for love of your dear mother. I wish I could have been there when my own mum passed but I wasn't given the choice. Counting down the days with you! <3

  3. On the homeward stretch now chook. Btw how is Lacy.

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      Lacy is good thanks 😊
      #Lacy 💙

  4. Love the F flakes idea :-).

    Not long to go now and you will be home, I assume Stew will be picking you up but if he is going to be late then let me know & I will come get you so you do not have to be there a minute longer than you have to.

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      lol I'm sure there are a few Family and Friends of Ma's who are more than happy and waiting to get her if Dad can't...but I'm sure Ma appreciates it Tracy xx 💜 💙
      #Lacy 💙

    2. Thanks Tracy! Stew is taking Friday off work so that he's up here EARLY. I am sure he will be BANG ON TIME. But I do appreciate the offer. You rock.

    3. All good the offer is there is anything crops up :-)

  5. Jamie M10:49 AM

    Swear away as much has you want lovely lady, I think you've earned the right to over these last few months. We love you Chris. Love from Jamie in a fully locked down Lancashire, England x

  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Yes..I suggested the Queens was good....Chris not long now...I agree it seems forever I would never cope with this situation of being locked in. Hopefully family issues will be sorted...maybe don't stress yourself about things anymore...just move your furniture, work in the garden and work in your lovely little shop..go out for lunch with friends etc etc..


  7. “The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic.”

    ― Stephen Fry

    I love Stephen Fry - he's a highly intelligent man and did a really interesting experiment with a chap immersing his hand into iced water - swearing volubly allowed him to keep his hand in the water longer than saying ouch!

    I am, however, somewhat concerned with you in a PINK bath!! I think quarantine has turned you.

    1. No bugger gave me BLUE bath bombs! Otherwise I'd for sure be in a blue bath!

    2. Anonymous11:59 AM

      oh sparklingmerlot lol 😂 quarantine has done more to Ma then just turn her....shes eating Orange Carrots 🥕 ffss 😂 🤣 xxxx
      #Lacy 💙

    3. The blue bath bombs didnt pass the smelling test lol haha

  8. Anonymous1:28 PM

    How do I get Fuck Flakes. Sound perfect for my year too. You can say or do anything Chris. I know you and luv ya no matter what. Kj

  9. Oh what i would give for a relaxing bath right now..........

  10. I’m counting down with you.
    And swear all you like, after all you been through these past longgggg weeks I’d be fucking swearing too.

  11. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Hahah am loving these comment and the profanity in them lol 😂 and the word for today's DCR is #Fuck 🤣😂
    #Lacy 💙

  12. Oh that’s funny Fuck Flakes can I order 2 please 1 formyula friend she says fuck every second word and one for my Aussie family sister brother in law mother they hate it when I swear.....
    Fucking perfect

  13. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Ohhh well fucka me!!! We've just had a day of major rain flooding and slips slowly subsiding now. I must admit there was plenty of foul language all over Napier methinks some people have been trapped in their homes. George's Mum.

  14. Jeez, Chris, you really must be getting desperate. I wonder if they will trace the fire alarm back to you? It's ok. Your secret is safe with us.

  15. Haha I was scrolling fasting I thought Foxymoron said Fuckingmoron 😊
    Why not walk half a circuit then diagonal across deep lunge walking high knee strides be a change.
    Not long g now hope you’re not outside for too longer: fire alarm.

  16. Anonymous9:19 PM

    nah sorry on a serious note, I'm sorry I didn't finish reading.... was more interested at looking at the pics.....shit I'm bad lol 😂

    **I'm being funny**we are all only human**

    hope everyone is OK 💙💙💙

    love ya Ma 💙 💜
    #Lacy 💙

    hope all is ok

  17. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Night night Ma 💙
    (btw am loving the end of night pic x)
    Love you Miss you xx see you really soon xx xxxx

    #Lacy 💙

  18. As we say in our family "FUCK it's a fire". It's a long story but every time there is a fire story that's way Joanna and I say :) At least it got you out of your room.

  19. Sounds like a hectic day! Not much time left at the covid hotel. Keep your spirits up! Take care.

  20. Wow! That was a crazy story! I guess that will break up the monotony a bit!

  21. OH my god! Crazy! And what the heck was that dinner of potatoes and rice lol


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