Thursday, November 12, 2020



Pretty much still 2 full days to go, as I don't get 'released' until 6 pm tomorrow.

But... only one more sleep.  

Today I am going to do some walking again, just to fill in the time.

I've run out of ways to amuse myself!

There's only so many movies etc that you want to watch.  

Thank god I am still enjoying listening to my music, I think without that I'd have gone completely nuts by now.

ABOVE: This little beauty arrived late last night.

I passed the Covid Test.  BIG FAT NEGATIVE.

Thank God.

There was also a page all about departure protocols.

All very straightforward.

ABOVE:  OMG I saw this and just laughed!  It's almost how I feel about my entire life right now.

Just too much going on in my head.

Right, I'm off to start me day, WELL maybe not just yet.  Bit early.  *sigh*

Didn't sleep well, even though I was tired.

Maybe not such a long walk today!  My hips are telling me I kinda over did it yesterday.  I'll probably just do a one hour walk, morning and afternoon.


12.07 pm:  how's me morning gone?

Well... after the usual.. up, shower, dressed, etc I went down to the lobby for a quick walk.

Then back to my room, lay down and felt incredibly bored, so I decided to shave me legs.

I used a hair removal cream.  It stung.

Then I put it on me facial hair too.  That stung even more!

I've now got a bright red face...well from the nose down anyway.

Just as well we have to wear masks when out of our rooms, cos I'm not a pretty sight right now!

There will be no food delivered from the hotel now, they finally got the message that I really didn't want it!  Shit, only took them a week.

BUT... BUT!  I am getting an UBER eat delivery for dinner tonight.

Paula (From Christchurch) has browbeaten me into accepting a dinner on her.  AGAIN.

She did that in Sydney too.  

So tonight I am having Prawn Dumplings for dinner!  I can hardly wait.  So excited to have a lovely final dinner HERE.

And then, tomorrow night... I'M HAVING DINNER WITH STEW.  Could cry thinking about that too much.

OMGosh I'm having the worst afternoon ever with internet access!

It keeps dropping off entirely.  

I will be very surprised if this even uploads.

Might have to use my phone for a while me thinks.

4 pm:  I got so frustrated with the internet problem, I went down to Reception and asked what was going on?

The girl said they didn't know, but were working on the problem.  Well, at least they knew there was a problem!

After that I went into the lobby walking area.

ABOVE:  And well... I didn't walk at all!  I looked at that small area and just said "NO".

I'm done going around and around in circles.

So I sat on the steps in one corner and just listened to music and watched 4 other poor buggers go around in circles.

Even though I didn't walk, it was a nice distraction from my room.

Which tends to get very hot in the afternoon.

ABOVE:  Particularly when it's a gorgeous day!  

Do you know what?  I'm outta here in 26 HOURS.



ABOVE:  I am here.  I know what went down on Monday night.

There was virtually NO CHANCE people from OUTSIDE this hotel 'mixed and mingled' with us!

There were cops and military personal EVERYWHERE while we were all outside.

For anyone (and there seems to be a lot) to go around saying 'WE shouldn't have been allowed into the country'... cos we are bringing Covid in... well fuck you!

There ARE some people coming in with Covid, YES, and they are identified and sent to a much stricter isolation facility.

How this young woman caught Covid is still being determined.

Who's to say how she caught it right now?  The fact that she lives in a building next door to a MIQ hotel is neither here nor there.

SCAREMONGERING by the news media, and social media is bullshit.


The health and safety of 'guests' in this hotel is very strict.  I have seen no reason for concern AT ALL.  As long as EVERYONE does their part to keep safe.

And on that note.  I'm gunna fume on my own.

I feel NERVOUS!  What if something goes wrong and I can't leave?  I've been away from my family for over 9 weeks.  And it's been a truly HORRIBLE, stressful and SAD time. 

All I want is for it to be OVER. 

I am so anxious to get my life back to 'normal'.  To feel safe in my home.  To have my family around me, and know that they are safe too.

ABOVE:  My amazing Pork, Chive, Egg and Prawn Dumplings!  They were amazing!  I could not eat them all sadly.  *burp*

Thank You Paula!  BEST MEAL IN 2 WEEKS.

I've just finished yakking with Stew for the day, and instead of saying : 'Talk to you tomorrow', we said : "See you tomorrow!"

I'm so happy this is nearly done and dusted.


  1. I LOVE that nonsensical math problem. Stuff like that just cracks me up. Congrats on your negative test. Tomorrow - Tomorrow > You will see Stew > Tomorrow!

  2. I loved that morning laugh - I'm also stealing it :) Nearly there Chris... so close now.

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    These 2 days will probably be the longest days ever but in 33 hours you can walk free and see your lovely Stew. Kj

  4. I love that morning laugh too, i saw another one that was similar the other day and I just thought ....Yep thats about it! Not long now Chris..xx

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    and the answer to that question is...meat lovers pizza 🍕 and a beer 🍻 😂🤣

    #Lacy 💙

  6. That exactly what I thought this morning wow one more sleep for Chris xx

  7. Kiwionholidays11:06 AM

    Love it kJ 33hrs to go now it’s 31 ,
    Love all the walking you did Chris
    Well done you,

    Great inspiration for us here
    Take care

    Fab neg results
    Will be a huge catch up tomorrow at 6 pm ,,
    yay for daylight saving

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Can't wait for you to be free!

  9. I guess Paula was afraid you'd be so thin, you might blow away.

    1. *snort*... I'm 18 months on a deserted island with only coconuts to eat away from ever being THAT THIN! I'm still very, very cuddly!

  10. Anonymous12:32 PM

    omg you better doggy bag some of that Prawn Dumpling for me 😋😋😋 omg I'm drooooling
    Waaaa I miss leftovers lol 😂 🤣 💋
    #Lacy 💙

  11. So exciting! I hope you and Stew are having dinner somewhere nice?

  12. Yay, so glad its the final night Chris, enjoy being back with your family and Stew...troublesome as some families are, they still are the glue that holds us all together xxx

  13. It really doesn't matter what you and Stew do for dinner tomorrow. You could have a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and it would be the best meal ever!

  14. ooh your dinner tonight sounds yummy :-).

    So close to release .....

  15. I think there are internet problems all over. My internet has been really bad today....

  16. Anonymous3:36 PM

    stuff the internet.... where is my doggy bag of Prawn Dumplings 🥟 🥟 😂😋😁😍
    #Lacy 💙

  17. Omg the covid case mingled with your hotel peeps during fire alarm ... gawd I hope they don't make you stay on...

    1. What covid case? Did i miss something?

    2. Anonymous7:49 PM

      no, the news got it wrong, no one 'mixed' with anyone.
      #Lacy 💙

  18. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Lol yeap I just counted the hours too!! 26.. hopefully theyll go fast. FREEDOM!! You've earned it chick. Kj
    PS still laughing about the Fuck fest!!

  19. OMG - Clearly the Hotel Captives and the Apartment Dweller did not infect one another. There are a few cases in NZ and the apartment dweller was one of them. The cootie neighbor and your quarantine have no links to each other. OMG - get home and stay there!

  20. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Totally agree chick the media in this country has had a field day with sensationalizing Covid it's over the top. Must be about 12 and a quarter hours to go now lol 😆 George's Mum.

    1. 24 hours and 12 minutes to be exact! 6 PM Friday night

  21. Wait - the mainstream media getting things wrong & not actually checking facts - who'd a thunk that??? Also, MOH & MOD want to make sure they have someone to blame & a clear explanation as to where it came from otherwise ....

    Hang in there, almost outta there.

  22. We are all crossing our fingers for you Chris. You will be out VERY SOON! Can't wait to hear you have reunited with Stew. Have you decided where to go for dinner tomorrow night?

    It's been a long, tough nine weeks. It has to get better from here xxx

  23. You will be ok, I know it xx

  24. Im disappointed the card i sent you hasnt arrrived just wanted to let u know i was thinking of you ah well

    1. Dang! I will let Reception know my forwarding address, hopefully I still get it.

  25. Hopefully the last cat I see on your nite nite sign off for a long while. Even though he is very cute!

  26. So glad you enjoyed your tea. I'm so excited for you that you can see the quarantine finish line now ...

  27. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Chris - you are almost home!! Woohoo!! This nightmare is almost over for you. May your trip home be fast and safe and full of hugs and love!! Ky Girl

  28. By the time I check in tomorrow you should be safely home. Have a wonderful reunion with the family. All the best.

  29. I am so excited for you Chris. It's been a long difficult journey but you have done it and now can move forward with your life. Xx

  30. It's all just so crazy because they are hardly doing anything here. Everyone has to have their "freedom"!


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