Friday, November 20, 2020


 In case you didn't read it yesterday, I am making this blog PRIVATE in a day or two.

Send me an email ( asking for an invite to read.  IF you are a regular reader and I recognise YOU, I will endeavor to add you as a reader.

There's still a few spaces left, so don't despair.

I am lucky that I have a second blog that I can use as my 'overflow',  for LONG TIME READERS.

That means I can have 200 readers on Diet Coke Rocks.  Awesome.

Now, what do I have on today?

Hang some washing out.

Vacum.  Ikkk.

Pick up my sneakers from town.

Read emails.

And finally, make a start on going PRIVATE.

I will probably do that tomorrow, so just today left to get a request in.


11.28 am: And I've had a busy morning.

Bex and I went into town and picked up my new walking sneakers, now me toes won't go through the top of them.  

Then Bex wandered into Knit World and managed to get herself some wool. How surprising!

Then we went over to Chartwell Square.  I got some new knickers... hope the buggers stay on me bum.

I bought a totally different 'style' from my 'norm'... more like a 'full' brief' than a bikini.  

Maybe that will work?

Morning tea followed, which will actually be my 'brunch'.

Now I'm home, I've hung out the washing and am going to contemplate starting to sort through all the emails ... and maybe later on today I will begin entering them into the 'Reader List'.

My blog might be ready to go PRIVATE tomorrow.

And.... maybe not!

I just spent the last hour putting varnish on 8 paintings.  I'm hoping they are ready to go to market next Saturday!

We will see how well they dry over the next week.

Now... I AM going to start going through all the email requests.

Right. I just checked out how I have to do this.

It looks like WHILE I am loading invites to read, my blog will be DOWN AND OUT.

SO... I will do the loading tomorrow.  Which means after my first update in the morning...  my blog will be GONE GONE GONE for a few hours.

DON'T WORRY!  I will do my best to 'be back' online by the end of the day.

If you are a regular reader/commenter and have not sent me your email address yet, I suggest you do it before tomorrow morning.

7.58 pm:  Just home from having a lovely BBQ dinner at Steve and Bex's home.  Full to the brim now.... and home relaxing.

Time to just chill out and enjoy the rest of the evening.


  1. I just sent my request in, if there are any spots left...

  2. i have sent an email as well and would love to stay if possible.
    Wales UK.

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I've sent my request - would love to stay on as a reader. Have a great day

  4. Morning Chris, lots of housework and chores planned for me today around babys least it is quite warm and the tonnes of washing i seem to have now dry quickly for me.... Have a great day xx

  5. Dear Chris,
    I have really enjoyed reading Diet Coke Rocks! for the last few months. Thank you for sharing your life "Down Under" with me. I don't really have a connection with you otherwise, so I will say Good-bye and have fun with your new blog settings.
    A friend in Maryland

  6. Hi Chris. I will miss your blog. Loved your artwork and your life. Jean from Manitoba Canada

  7. Oooh hope i make the list... been reading since palmy 😊

  8. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Hi Chris I would love to still read, I have been very quiet lately as I broke my vertebrae (back) and have been out of action. My email if you let me is


  9. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I couldnt imagine my day without reading your blog Chris. Have a lovely weekend. Kj

  10. I’m all about the full brief knickers... ha! Actually I like a style called high rise (I think) - it’s like a middle ground between bikini and full brief. So benefits of full brief without being quite so much material and coverage. And that is me for knicker talk this Friday morning... Liz

  11. Have no idea why my comments not work.

  12. HIgh rise knickers are the way forward! Kmart have some really good ones. Good luck with the pictures!

  13. Warner's "No Muffin Top" hipster panties. They stay up, are a cross between bikini and briefs, last a long time, and are cute and comfortable. They are available at cheap stores like Wal-mart and nice department stores, and of course, Amazon.

  14. I agree, I cant imagine my day without reading your blog. I would be totally lost. I have sent you an email. Thanks. Gillian

  15. Oh sheesh, I've just caught up on the blog about changing. I've had family staying and not been online. Will email now. Just hope I'm not too late lol. xx

  16. Knickers: I favour a full brief with a hi cut. You get a better airflow. Just saying.

  17. Oh great, when I finally manage to send thru my email, I see I made a typo and sent thru the wrong address. Will try again.

  18. Ho Chris, I'm a Pepsi reader, but can't log into it from my tablet, so only catch up once every few weeks when I'm on my laptop. My challenge is to get Pepsi on to my tablet! Watch this space...l, 🤯

  19. Hiya
    Did send you an email, so fingers crossed I’m included.

  20. I’ve sent an emai. LindaV

  21. Hi Chris,
    I know you don't know me and I'm not a commenter on your blog, but I've been following along with you for over 12 years now. I know you most likely will not add me to the new blog since I don't comment, but I will miss seeing your every day posts. I really looked forward to them all the way here in the USA. Cheers and God Bless!

  22. Oh yes please. I've read all your blog from the beginning over the last year. Cold and wet in the UK.


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