Saturday, November 07, 2020


 Note to self.  

Do not have a nap in the middle of the day.  Cos if ya do, ya don't sleep much at night.

I was awake for easily half the night.  Not fun.

But... today!

ABOVE:  I am over the hump and on the home straight!

SIX sleeps to go, 7 full days.  BUT... on the last day I can spend it packing, making sure I don't leave anything behind.. and do lots of walking to kill time.

Today?  I'm gunna do what I did yesterday and go down to the Lobby walking area and walk.  And listen to me music.

I am sure I've said this before, listening to my music keeps me HAPPY.  So happy.  I can block out everything else and just walk and bop to me music.

Last night I got a knock on my door.

It was a little gift from the Hotel, as an apology for the stuff up with dinner.  

ABOVE:  Inside the bag is foot care products... scrub and moisturiser.  Wasn't that nice of them?

It sure would be easier if they didn't insist on sending me food though! Oh well.... not much I can do about it apparently.

And now... I might just get up and get a move on.  


ABOVE:  *sigh*  WHY?  WHY?  I don't want their food... yet they still deliver it.  

The pastries .. semi ok. Ate one of the little apricot ones.  The Muffin?  Well I'm no fan of muffins, but I tried it.  Dense.  DRY AS F**K. Tasteless.  The orange?  Might not even try that, it's not even 'ripe'.

Rating?  2/10

I am going to rise above their shitty food and be determined to have a good day.  Even locked in here with 5/8th's of f**k all to do.

I'm now off to have a walk around the lobby.

11 am, and I've still not got to the lobby for me walk.

My sneakers ... well the iron on Smiley Face patches came off.  So I got out needle and thread and did some good, old fashioned darning.

Not the easiest of things to do on sneakers, but :

ABOVE: That will do until I can get some new sneakers.

NOW I'm gunna go walking.

12.48 pm:  Back just in time.  Lunch arrived.

ABOVE: I swear to god, someone should swing for this shit!

A pile of pasta, with a tiny bit of basil pesto, a HEAP of pepper (which I loathe), 3 pieces of tomato, 4 limp spears of asparagus (no head, just the stalks!) and a handful of salad leaves!


NO PROTEIN.  Unless the olives are?  That is, ONE olive chopped into 4.  And I hate olives too.  YES, I'm damn 'precious'.

Rating:  0/10

ABOVE:  I made myself a wrap.  It was delicious. 10/10 if I do say so myself. 

Now?  I'm gunna watch a movie on Netflix.

Yeah.  I'm no longer doing meal critiques.  End of Story.

ABOVE: Beef. Potato. Asparagus. Potato gnocchi. Chocolate Mousse. 

I will continue to put up photos of meals I get.  I have just filled in the menu request (snort) for the last 4 days here.  I have asked to NOT be given most of the meals.  Like they will listen.

I must admit to being incredibly crabby today/tonight.  So am ending this here.
Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Morning Chris nice little gift at least they acknowledged the miscommunication. Have you thought about doing a crazy dance whilst listening to music hahaha would be a bit of entertainment for the other guests 😄 have a good day keep your chin up George's Mum.

  2. I had my knee operation yesterday and didn't sleep a wink all night... I wondered if you would also be awake. That't nice that the hotel at least acknowledged you with that gift. You are on the final countdown now -- it's been a long few months for you and I'm sure when you get home it will really hit you so be kind to yourself.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I wonder if legally they have to make sure they provide some sort of food to the room?

  4. Hi chris, lovely that they gave you a gift. I hope you have a good day walking . I am at home with a very unhappy baby (do not think we are a fan of the humidity!)

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Countdown!!! You'll be home soon. Woohoo.

  6. I suppose they HAVE to give you food. If you starve to death - they don't want that responsibility. And cooked carrots could keep you alive! They probably also have to offer a certain percentage of carbs, meat, fruit, veggies. Just enough to keep you alive!

    But hey - go pamper your feet after your circle walk!

    I like the patch job on the shoes! Look up "Sashiko Mending" while you are in captivity. I think you will get a kick out of it!

    Please - don't abandon us once you get back home! We check your blog daily. I know, such a weird phenomenon - but we are linked through Cyber Space! Thinking of you! Hope your unwelcome food has some edible components!

  7. Love your sneakers have a great day

  8. Chris, a lot more swearing going on......remember your might might be watching over you 🤣

    1. Mum can't tell me off now!

    2. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Marie.... not might....granny is....its ok.
      everyone is alowed to have a vent, and Granny will no this and be ok with this, as these are not normal circumstances... so yea xx 💜 💙
      #Lacy 💙

  9. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Hope your day improves. Your home-made wrap looks good. But do have to point out that spinach (the leaves) is an excellent source of protein- almost as much as chicken or fish.

    1. Last time I looked i wasn't Popeye The Sailor Man. Nor am I a freakin VEGETARIAN.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      You said there was no protein and they were just pointing out that the spinach was. Audrey

    3. Well Audrey, clearly I'm not feeling reasonable enough to get that! To me PROTEIN is meat/fish/eggs/cheese... NOT LEAVES. NOT NUTS. or any other alternative protein source. I've had two months of hell really, so this just ends it nicely. Oh and OMG there is so much going on in the background that you know nothing of. You might be more understanding if you knew. And no, I'm not TELLING YOU OFF... I'm just stating how things are/feel from my side of the SALAD.

    4. 100 grams of spinach has 8 grams of protein from 80 calories
      100 grams of chicken breast (just under half a chicken breast) has 31 grams of protein from 165 calories

      Just because it has protein in it Audrey does not mean it is enough protein to meet your protein needs for the day. There was very little if any protein in breakfast (perhaps an egg in the muffin recipe!). That is more like 20 grams of spinach in that photo, not 100 grams.

      The point is not only do the meals not have enough protein for the average adult, they are topping up the calories with sugary juice, chips and popcorn. Even if they are providing enough calories for an average adult they are providing shit food from a nutritional standpoint, whether the person in quarantine likes the food or not.

      They have a commercial kitchen on site. It isn't that hard to do better.

    5. Penny I have to agree. The food is not nutritionally balanced at all, nor is it healthy food.

    6. Chris, I'm sorry, I know you are over the food comments. I'm just a bit cranky about the protein claim! You are not being unreasonable. I have lived in the Auckland CBD. In fact I used to work a couple of blocks from where you are and live about 4 blocks away. There is some excellent and not crazy expensive food in the Auckland CBD. This is bullshit!

  10. Sorry but that salad looked rank ..... I wouldn't have eaten it either....

  11. Oh NO! Good thing you have your groceries! What are you watching on Netflix? Or what do you recommend? I look at Netflix and get overwhelmed. Then, I "doom scroll" about our election. Then I get so frazzled I don't do a damn thing! I need a good binge worthy show or movie to keep my mind off this Cluster F*ck". Any other readers - feel free to pipe in with your most favorite shows!

  12. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Dogstars...the Queens Gambit is really good... Bly Manor is a bit scarey but fun...Hill House has episodes and was quite


  13. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Chris, I'd starve to death on those meals in quarantine. I have a digestive problem and I'm now lactose intolerant and allergic to fodmap too. I cant even eat lettuce without heaps of oil dressing. But least I wouldnt have to run far to the loo haha.

  14. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Dogstars, Ozark is binge worthy imo. You may have seen it already though, as it's fairly well known. My partner and I really enjoyed A Korean Odyssey also, it's a tear-jerker romance with goofy k-drama humour, if you dont mind reading subtitles that is.

  15. Anonymous6:46 PM

    NZ meals are making Aussie meals look good. Can we at least have photos of the meals please ?:-) I agree protein is meat and spinach is a vegetable

  16. Just wanting you to know you are in my thoughts. I can only imagine the strain and stress you are under at the moment. Thank goodness you are back in NZ now and I hope the strength and support of those at home will help get you through the next 6 nights. There is light at the end of the tunnel and lots of arms of those who love you and that you love waiting to hold you. Stay safe, big big hugs.