Sunday, November 15, 2020


 Today Steve is coming over after breakfast to work on making my new 'wardrobe' in the spare bedroom.

We did some tentative planning last night.  

We are using a shelving/wardrobe system from Mitre 10.

It's called ELFA.

ABOVE:  What I love about this wardrobe system is it's versatility, and the many options you can choose.

I think we are gunna have fun getting it set up!

ABOVE: In the little bedroom I've got almost all my clothes!
I have taken all my clothes out of our walk in wardrobe, and dumped them on the floor in here.
Then there's what's still in my suitcases.  I've not bothered to even try to unpack all that yet.

It's gunna take me days to sort it all out. 
But once it's done, I should have a really good; all in the one room; wardrobe!
I really can't wait.

The last time I had something like this was in our home in Palmerston North, when I took over an entire bedroom for my 'wardrobe'.
I'm not quite doing that this time, I'm just using HALF a bedroom.  😊😉

So Steve and I will be going out to get all the bits 'n' bobs we need.
Then I will leave him to it.

Bex and I are going out later on for a 'girly hour or two'.  Just checking out a couple of shops.

I think you could say I'm making up for being locked up in a Hotel for two weeks!
The freedom has gone to my head.


12 noon:
And lots has been accomplished today.
Steve and I went to Mitre 10...

ABOVE:  And there he is, sussing out what we needed.  They had everything we wanted, so that was excellent.

ABOVE:  Another job done.  We gave Steve and Bex our very large BBQ setting, as it was far too big for our outdoor area.

ABOVE:  Bex cleaning up this area. We have kept a couple of the BBQ chairs for here. At some point in time we will get a small outdoor setting for this area.

5.36 pm:  AND... it's done!
It was a fairly straight forward job for Steve, it didn't even take him that long.

ABOVE:  Making a start...

ABOVE:  And there ya have it.  3 hours of sorting out all my clothes, putting some in a bag for the Op Shop, and putting all my winter jackets/sweatshirts and so on in the 'actual' wardrobe in this room.
Something tells me I really should not go clothes shopping for a very long time!

Some of those clothes have been sitting in a suitcase in my wardrobe for a LONG time... waiting for me to lose some weight so I'd fit them again.

And a lot of them do, JUST.  There's also a few that I need to lose another 10 kilos to fit, but it will happen.
I'm determined.

I am now utterly exhausted!  I have been so idle the past few weeks, apart from walking, it's catching up with me.

Time to relax, have a nice dinner (we are having chinese takeaways) and put me feet up.

8.33 pm:  Dinner was wonderful.  After dinner I continued unpacking my luggage.
Now?  Can't go any more, done in!
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Organization is good! Have fun!

  2. We had the Elfa system in our previous house. Loved it.
    Enjoy your girly time with Bex.

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I cant imagine how it feels to be back at home Chris but those kids are awesome. What a blessing to have them living close to you again. I wish. Kj

  4. Enjoy your girly time with Bex.

  5. I had one (well two) custom made wardrobes when we did our renovation 3 years ago.... it is ABSOLUTE heaven!!! I just love organising everything and having all my pretty things to hand. It makes getting dressed so much easier and you save money as you can actually SEE everything you own lololololol.

  6. Kiwionholidays2:40 PM

    Wow all that time away alone in the last2 weeks conserved all the energy,,, to all now get out and enjoy the fab weather now ,,,and all the crew to get together even the ones away via keeping in messages etc

    Love the way we all downsize nowadays ,,,and another family or friends can enjoy what we have enjoyed

    Cheers 🥂

    Scores all round 👍

  7. Kiwionholidays4:47 PM

    Lost my last post at lunchtime here ,,,,,,but fab to see you all updating furniture and handing some furniture to the ones not far away 👍
    Fab team effort n freedom for you all there n other families now all in the same country with you

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Sheesh looking good team hey Bex when you have finished with Steve can I have him 🤣🤣 understand if you say far cough George's Mum ohhh by the way those 2 are amazing they help so much its awesome 👌

    1. Haha everyone apparently needs a steve ( Steve keeps telling me ) 😂😂 I'll keep him for now tho sorry George's mum 😅

  9. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Glad you are home and back in the swing of family life

  10. Lordy woman you’re so energetic kills me lol nice job Steve glad it all came together fast

  11. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Looks really good, a lady can have as many clothes as she needs. Plus you totally deserve it. Jo x

  12. Well, that surely is a simple and effective solution. I thought it was going to be enclosed in wardrobes of some kind. This will be even easier to see. Happy to hear you are getting yourself some tasty food. I was alarmed after the "mediocre" burger on night one!
    And about the Queen's Gambit. I just read an article about how it is taking the world by storm, it is enormously popular - and quite an "unlikely" hit. A series about playing a board game. I really liked it though!


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