Wednesday, November 18, 2020


When I got home from Cards last night, Stew had some very sad news for me.

My Mum's 2nd youngest brother, Charles, had a massive heart attack and died yesterday!

That is two siblings to die in just over a month.

I am shocked and deeply saddened by Charles's death.  He had heart surgery a few years ago, but I don't think anyone expected this!  He wasn't even 70 yet. 

So it looks like we will be attending another funeral in the near future.

Yesterday I visited our medical centre.

I've already been seen by two of the doctors there, didn't like either of them.  That just left the other two. One (a woman) is fully booked, not taking any new patients, so that just left the much older, male doctor.

So, when I got in to see him I said to him that I better like him or I was moving to another medical centre!  He laughed at me and assured me he was lovely.  

He was!  I really liked him.  Our appointment lasted almost 40 minutes!  He asked me to stand on the scales, and of course, I said "Hell NO".  But he said "Come on, let's see how much weight you have lost".  So I got on the bloody thing.

And OMG  I had GAINED 20 odd kilos!  I was like "How the hell did that happen"... and that cheeky bugger said "Oh sorry, that would be my foot on the back of the scales!"

He had put his foot on the scales behind my back!  

I would have slapped him one, but he is off to have a knee operation TODAY, so I thought, better not!

Anyway, the upshot of my appointment is ... My blood pressure is too high, so am starting that medication again. I'm also going back on Metformin, but a lesser dose.

I had a blood test, should have the results of that in a couple of days.  Fingers crossed my Hba1c has gone down.

Today I don't have any plans, except to do a few odd jobs around the house, and talk to family re the latest sad event.

My head is spinning actually.  Mum and now Charles!  Shocked.


Well.. I ended up going out this morning and dropping off some toys and a few other bits 'n' bobs at the Salvation Army Op Shop.

Popped into Spotlight and got some glue (for painting) as I had a new $40 off voucher arrive via email.

Then over to The Base to get my new prescription filled.  My damn knickers (another pair) kept falling off me butt, so I went to Farmers for some new ones.

ABOVE:  I've never seen this sort before. They have a 'sticky' strip along the edge!  Somehow I don't think they will fall off!

Well, I hope not.  Best thing?  Size 16.  

ABOVE:  Have you ever felt like there is just WAY, WAY TOO MUCH going on around you, and your world just feels 'WRONG'?

Yeah.  That's how I'm feeling right now.

Like overloaded.

***It is Griffin's Birthday today and I pretty much forgot! ***

So sorry Dude.  Ya know Dad and I love you very much eh?  

Some very good news (about time!)... I got an email from the Government today.  My application for a 'Fee Waiver' of the Quarantine Fees here in New Zealand has been granted.  Which means I don't have to pay $3,000 for my stay in Auckland.

Best news in three months really.

Amanda and Lacy came over to visit with me. That was lovely.  Nice to see my girls.

They have now left, so I can finally just relax for a little while and get my head around what's going on.

Well... the day ended much as it started.  ON a low.  Just over the day really.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous6:12 AM

    So sorry Chris 2020 can't wait for it to be over 😢 George's Mum.

  2. Oh that's so sad so sorry to hear about your uncle :(

  3. So sorry about your uncle. This has just been a horrible year for so many. We are about to get shut down again as Covid is so bad here in Texas. Sounds like your Dr is a funny man,hopefully you will like him. Take care of yourself. We are all thinking of you.

  4. Ohhhh That is sad news for you never more important to live life to the fullest.
    Your new Doctor sounds a hoot a friend of mine paid $400 to see a weight hypnotherapist she has lost 43kg in 19 months.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Thinking of you all. Glad to hear that you liked your new doctor.

  6. Sorry for another load. So sad. However great news finding a good doctor... it makes the world of difference and he sounds great fun 💛

  7. Load... holy shit... LOSS! 🙄

  8. Oh dear, so sorry about your Uncle, it really has been a shitty time for you.

    Love your new Dr - he sounds like a card :-)

  9. Anonymous8:23 AM

    That Dr sounds awesome. It's good to have one with a personality. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Too young. Kj

  10. Really sorry to hear about your uncle :( Sending hugs xx

  11. Anonymous10:39 AM

    So sorry about your uncle.
    Had you lost any weight after the doctor finished playing silly buggers? Lol

    1. Yes I have lost about 8 kilos now.

    2. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Wow Well done Chris. Kj

    3. Anonymous7:26 PM

      That's great!

  12. I take my undies in if they are ones I like - super simple to just run the sides in. I think we are all overloaded with everything going on. It’s good your doc was good - I hate having a doc who doesn’t feel right. I love my new one thank goodness.

  13. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Especially as he was so young. Funny that your uncle is younger than my husband!!
    Sometimes the older doctors are better. Hopefully his knee op doesn't keep him off work for too long.

  14. haha , what a trickster. Glad you like him after all!
    Sorry to hear the news of your uncle passing.

  15. Oh Chris you have had so much bad news of late. Condolences on your Uncles passing. Great news on your weight loss- well done- and great news not having to pay the $3000. Happy Birthday to Griffin-have a great day young man.

  16. I lov those knickers beformy butt got to big forr them greatnews about the hotel fees happybirthday Griffin sorry to read about your uncle Chris gee wonder y your blood pressure so high like after all you live such a stressfree life...NOT

  17. Happy Birthday Griffin! Hope you have a great day!

  18. Great news that they are not charging for the quarantine.

  19. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I’m sorry about your uncle passing away, it’s certainly been a very difficult year for you and your family. Here’s to 2021 being a brilliant year for everyone. Jo x

  20. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Have you tried thunderpant undies? Amazing and made in New Zealand.
    They aren't exactly designed for sexiness 😂 but my god they are the most comfortable knickers I've worn.

    1. I will check them out. Thanks.

  21. Anonymous8:36 PM

    So sorry to hear about your Uncle btw. What a shitty and stressful year you have had.😞

  22. What a downer for you after a lovely night out, condolences to you on the loss of your Uncle.

    Griffin, hope you had a Happy Birthday.

  23. Sorry to hear of the sudden passing of your Uncle, my sincere sympathies to you and the family. Take care.


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