Tuesday, November 03, 2020


 Ahhh... sorry!

I slept in.

HERE is today's post:

My 'office area' is looking lived in.  😋😉😊

ABOVE:  Thank goodness I thought to get me some Blu-Tack!  I have heaps of it ... and use it. lol

ABOVE:  And just LOOK at Stewie's cherry tomato plants!  They are positively thriving.  No tomatoes yet... but the flowers shouldn't be too far away.

ABOVE:  I don't think Stew's too impressed with how quickly my lush lawn grows!

ABOVE: I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much... people keep sending me photos of how things are growing/doing at home.

ABOVE:  All the flowers are blooming, so pretty.

ABOVE: Stew bought some new lilies for the pond.  And the freakin' fish have not eaten them!
They ate $150 worth of lilies at the beginning of the year!  The pond looks so nice with lilies in it.

ABOVE: These two.  Keera is stuffing her gob... it's what kids do.

ABOVE:  This Hotel is built on the 'corner' of two main streets.  Mayoral Drive and Vincent Street.
Lacy this is for you.  If you are dropping off me carrots (I LOVE RAW carrots, NOT cooked!), use the entrance on Mayoral Drive.

If you are coming to chat by the fence, it's right at the 'front' where Mayoral Drive and Vincent Street 'meet'.

You wanna look at me window, well that's opposite the POLICE STATION on Vincent Street!

AND the 'X' is the Level 4 walking deck!  Which is where I shall be at 6.50 pm tonight.

And that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


Lacy loves fires.
So... during last night's fire, she sent me some photos.

ABOVE:   Caption this!

ABOVE:  Today's breakfast.  Hmmmm.
That potato dish?  NOT QUITE COOKED POTATO, and there was this really IKKKY taste to it.
Could not eat it.
The pear?  Need a pickaxe to eat that!
The muffin?  Sticky, dense and YUK.

So sadly, this meal gets a 0/10.

Not a good start to the day's meals at all.
But never mind.  

I now have me crackers, cheese, ham etc to tide me over if I get hungry.

I have had TWO deliveries today!

ABOVE: This lot came from Bex,Brylee and family!  Lots of lovely stuff.  I'm so gunna have me a bath this afternoon!  THANKS SO MUCH GUYS.

Next up:  Around 11 an I hear a 'toot toot' out me window.  And it's Lacy and Griffin arriving. 
So I rush downstairs to the open area (fenced off of course) so I can see them.

ABOVE:  They brought me carrots... now I have something to dip in me hummus!  Yummy.
As I have said before... I HATE COOKED CARROTS,  love them raw.

ABOVE: Because there is construction work going on outside, it was very hard to hear them, so we talked over the phone.  I told them to stand in the middle of the road so I could see them better.

ABOV:  Yeah, I have some twats in me family.
I reminded them that there is a Police Station directly behind them. Derrr.

ABOVE:  Just a few more random photos.  See my pile of Diet Coke cans in the window?  lol

They have now gone for a walk and will pop back later.

ABOVE:  They went that-a-way.

ABOVE:  a quick video.  Cos I could. 😊

12.39 pm:  Lunch arrived.

ABOVE:  What to say about this?  8 corn chips, a bit of lettuce, capsicum and olives?  Let's not forget the chips and juice that I won't eat/drink either!

I am giving this shit 1/10... but only cos I used their lettuce for the sandwich I made with MY bread, ham, cheese and relish.


ABOVE:   I don't know where she is, but nice photo LACY.

F*#K ... I just spent a few minutes hunting for my glasses.  Started to panic, could not find them anywhere. 
I was wearing them.

QUARANTINE:  makes ya just a bit cray cray.

ABOVE:  And here we have my THIRD outside delivery for today!
A new phone case/protector.  Now my phone feels 'right' again.
THANKS STEVE.  Love ya lots.

ABOVE:  MEGA HOT AND SPICY chicken shit over rice.  Oh LOOK... another Lamington!  No cream.  No fruit compote.  

Let's give this shit -10/10 shall we?

I've made myself a sandwich.

I can't believe every meal today was substandard or just disgusting!

Soooo... rather than get all upset and cry baby-ish over the fucking shit meals... I'm just gunna do Uber Eats from now on.
YES, it will cost me a bit, but it will be better than accepting the shit they are giving me.

I'm over it.  Totally over it.

And on that note, I'm also over today.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    We will be fine, we will find you, your window and everything else...trust me on that 😁
    #Lacy 💙

  2. LOL - sorry, I had to snicker, because there is nothing I can't stand but 'soft' fruit. I like my pears, apples almost rock hard. I like bananas just barely with the green off them, alittle bit underripe. And that is what makes us each a perfect individual; our own PERSONAL likes and dislikes foodwise, lol. My mom would say you are a 'picky' eater, which is FINE. You like what you like. I couldn't eat brussel sprouts or mushrooms as a kid and now as an adult I love them. You like what you like. :)

    1. I'm the same with fruit, but I draw the line at a pear so hard I couldn't even bite it without breaking me teeth. I love greenish bananas! I don't think many people would enjoy half raw potato!

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I eat most foods but the preparation/ serving of a lot of these is sub par. Is that meant to be a frittata ?

    1. Probably! Yeah, the presentation is disgusting.

  4. God can you imagine if you were one of those people that couldn't stand if their food touched lol

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Your family are awesome. They will be looking forward to seeing you at home. Love the parcels. Another day half over. Hugs Chris

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Goodness gracious me they are twats but loveable ones!! I bet you can just about smell getting out and spending time with Stew the Stud (wink wink) 😉😉 what a lovely gift for you George's Mum.

  7. Glad that aside from the food, you saw family and got lovely parcels.

  8. whaaaaat? that lunch is minuscule!!! luckily they don't have my 15 year old son in quarantine... he'd eat the furniture!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Oh I love that story bout your glasses.i do that often with car keys, scissors, stoopid lol. Kj

  10. Anonymous6:59 PM

    When you have to wear your glasses all the time you don’t loose them any more. Lol


    1. Anonymous1:20 AM

      Personally, I would just tell the hotel not to send you any more meals. I would have done that in Australia too. Because you are right, it is upsetting. Waste of time and food and very needlessly annoying. They absolutely could do a much better job with very little effort.

      You could order in groceries to cover what you want for breakfast and lunch, and order hot/cooked for dinner thru deliver or family. (The kids could alternate days and feed you.)


  11. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Those bath bombs from lush are beautiful! Expensive but worth it! Enjoy!

  12. Well hopefully you won't have to pay for this round of quarantine. The fact that you pre ordered meals and they still send you inedible shit is just appalling. Can you imagine if you were a paying customer? The sad thing is these hotels can lose potential future guests because of the quarantine debacles.
    I must say I do like the cats at nite nite but I realise they mean you're in a shit mood!! Hopefully we will see fewer cats in the coming days.

  13. Anonymous9:14 PM

    night night Ma we all love and Miss you so very much xx 💜 💙
    #Lacy 💙

  14. That dinner did look awful. One question, I thought you could order off a menu? I know you wouldn't have ordered a hot spicy meal and what's with the lamingtons every night?

    1. Yes there is a 'menu' of sorts. Sometimes it's just a choice of two dinners/lunches etc. Obviously there was no mention of that dish being HOT and SPICY or I'd never have chosen it. And yeah, LAMINGTONS ... WTF? And tonight not even any cream or fruit to go with it. It's now sitting out in the corridor. I'm NOT eating any of it.

  15. Debbie9:33 PM

    Chris, you look like you've lost a lot of weight! What on earth is going on with that salad - was there no meat or cheese or any sort of protein with it? That's not a meal, that's a side salad to a main meal! So sorry you're having food woes in this quarantine too!

  16. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Yep Uber eats, not long to go and your mental health is very important.Jo x

  17. Are you requesting a refund for the shit meals Chris...how can anyone be expected to survive on them? Thinking of you xx

  18. Aaaand here we go with the spicy food - whyyyyy? I would be just as mad as you! I think that your lunches look like they are kids size with those little bags of chips and box juices. 🤦‍♀️
    Just a little bit more and you will be able to unwind!

    Hugs, Danka


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