Saturday, November 28, 2020


 Well... here we go.

My first market in months and months!

I'm still not actually looking forward to it, at all.

But I'm hopeful I will find my mo-jo again, and actually enjoy it.

ABOVE: That's the school where the market is being held today.  My spot is under the arrow (obviously!).  Rototuna High School on Kimbrae Drive.

IF you are in the area, please do pop in and say 'Hi'.  I'd love to see some of my friends enjoying the market.  There is upwards of 150 stalls, so it's going to be a large market.

So... I'm up and just gathering the last few things we need.  Diet Coke it top of the list of course.

I will try to do an update or two during the day... so come back later and see how we are doing.

Stew is coming with me, and helping run the stall all day too.  Thank goodness... it's so much easier with two of us.  


ABOVE: All set up and waiting for the crowds.

Its a sunny day, but very windy. Wind is the pits.

ABOVE: THE FEILD before anyone started setting up on it.

We are in a courtyard between the buildings, there's also many stalls inside the school too.


ABOVE: Well these are new! Hot swirly chips on a stick..  with chicken salt. Stew and I shared one.

Secretly... I could have eaten it ALL ON MY OWN. 🤣😅😊

Sales are steady today, so I'm happy.

1 hour to go till pack up time.

3 pm:  home and happy as.  Bex was even happier, she did VERY WELL today.  She now has to work like hell to build up her stock in readiness for the next market.

I need to make more runners for the next market... I sold several today.

ABOVE:  I just love our pool!  We are going to LIVE in it over summer.

Once we got home and unloaded we ALL jumped in the pool.  It was FREEZING!  But so refreshing after a hot day.

9.25 pm:  So... we had Steve, Bex and the boys here for dinner.  I didn't have to cook, so wonderful!
We had Chicken Sausages, Saveloys, potato wedges and lettuce salad for dinner.  
Then the kids went home and we watched some TV. 
Now, we are both tired and will be heading off to bed shortly.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I wish you luck today! Have fun visiting with people. Hope the weather is nice. Another day in New Zealand, that I envy. No craft shows around here anytime soon.

  2. I was going to come down but I've had a change of plans 😭. Best of luck

  3. I was going to come down but I've had a change of plans 😭. Best of luck

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Ooh your stall looks fabulous! I can see how much hard work you've put into getting everything organised plus the hours of creating too. Hope you make heaps and heaps of sales today. Happy Saturday. M from the SI x

  5. Jamie M9:22 AM

    Have a great day, loving Stew's cap!

  6. Good luck with the market today. The stall set up looks great.

  7. Your stall looks fabulous.

  8. Your stall looks awesome. I hope that you have a fantastic day. Great time of year to be part of a large stall ... I love the vibes at the pre-Christmas stalls.

  9. Kiwionholidays10:49 AM

    Happy day there ,,,,suns out and it’s all go
    Well done you two
    Will catch up with you later n see how it all went ,
    Fab place to be with nice outlook too,

    Hope you get lots of sales ,,

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Hope it is busy ad profitable! Good luck x

  11. Your display looks really good. Good luck today.

  12. Your stall would have to be one of the most professional ones there!

  13. That potato item must be a real money maker for them. It looks like 10 potato chips on a stick half a potato at most. However - I bet it was tasty when it was hot and fresh!

  14. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Potato tornado!

  15. I had one of those potatoes at Day out with Thomas at Glenbrook - soooo good x

  16. Kiwionholidays4:30 PM

    Great score for you n Bex will give them a huge boost too after having Steve unwell earlier on
    Pool looks so inviting
    You will get hours of fun in the sun ☀️
    Cheers 🥂

  17. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Love your stall Chris. What are the owls. They're gorgeous!

  18. I'm so glad you had good sales at the market. Does Bex sell the same type of crafts as you?

    1. Hi sue I crochet toys and other items like christmas stockings but mostly toys 🙂

  19. Glad you had a good day. Oh! those chips on a stick look delicious. I could eat one all by myself too.


  20. Yeah! Glad you had a good day. I miss the craft shows but our numbers are so high it wouldn’t be smart to do them yet.

  21. The pool area looks so nice and inviting!


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