Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Here's the story:

Stew had to take daily readings of his blood sugar levels (6 times a day), for 5 days. It was for a review of his medications.

Yesterday he had to take his little thingee (ABOVE), in to be 'read' by the nurse.

So he went in at 8 in the morning, so he wouldn't be late for work.

He knew he had to hand the reader into the Diabetes nurse.  So he went up to Reception and told them why he was there, and was told to sit down and wait for the nurse.

THIRTY MINUTES LATER... he was starting to fume.  So he went back up to Reception, and 'reminded' them that he was still waiting.

He go the distinct impression they had not notified the nurse that he was waiting.

Anyway, the upshot was he was there for 45 minutes, for something that should have taken 10 minutes.

He left there really pissed off.

Around 10.30 he got a phone call from the Diabetes nurse, informing him that he had a new prescription.


No discussion, no talk with the Doctor... just... You are going on INSULIN!

So he said "Like hell I am".  And the nurse said "But it means you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, the insulin sorts it all out for you!"

WRONG attitude.  If he sorts out his diet and exercise he can and will get his sugar levels down!

We are NOT impressed with this clinic at all.

So, even though I rather liked 'Ken' the other day, we will probably start looking for a new Medical Practice.

Very frustrating I must say.  We have not been happy with the Medical Practices we've been with, ever since we left Auckland.

NEXT: Our new treadmill arrived yesterday, after a 4 month wait for it.  That little virus COVID caused the delay... of course.

ABOVE:  Here's another bitch.  NO ONE said it would arrive in a huge, heavy box.  Not assembled either!  I was rather annoyed yesterday I can assure you.

Not only that, Elite Fitness can't come and assemble it for us until Friday.

STEVE:  NO, I don't want you to do it!  I need them to do it, so if for some reason it doesn't go, it's on THEM.

While I'm relieved it's finally here... it is tempered with annoyance.

I must admit... it really doesn't take much to annoy me at the moment!

I'm crabby as ...


Now... back to today. I am going out to do some Christmas shopping.
Just as soon as I go through what I already have... and make a list of the 'gaps'.
I'm not going overboard this year.
Everyone is getting ONE GIFT, and it will be a modest gift.
No more being over indulgent.
Most kids have far too many toys!

And on that score, I'm outta here.  Might even get out of bed! 


10.10 am:  And the shopping is on hold till after lunch.
Bex came around and we went walking.  3.24 kms, so a nice distance.  Bex is not fit at all.. poor girl kept getting cramps in her calves.

She's now left and I'm expecting a girlfriend from Cambridge in the next half an hour or so.

It will be lovely to see Pip again.  I used to do some house cleaning for her when I lived in Cambridge.
My house cleaning days are over.

I am thinking of getting a job here in Hamilton, maybe next year?  Not sure yet though.  It would have to be something I really wanted to do and would enjoy doing.  I'm no longer interested in wasting my life doing shit I don't enjoy.

LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT, and you just never know when it will be over.

If the past few months have taught me anything, it's that.

ABOVE:  a house in the neighbourhood. Bex and I thought it was beautiful... and the gardens are so pretty.

ABOVE:  How's that for very clever pruning?  Very effective and different.

ABOVE:  A baby rabbit on our walk... it wasn't even scared of us.  I walked right up to it before it hopped away.

1 pm:  Well... my girlfriend arrived and we had a lovely visit. 
I'd put 4 eggs on to hard boil before Pip arrived.  Then forgot about them!
Whoops.  They were on simmer for over an hour.  Think they are well done now.

Now... Lacy and Griffin have arrived.  Lacy went up to Auckland to pick him up, he's down till the weekend.

ABOVE:  Coco seemed to really enjoy those glasses!

ABOVE:  He's such a big boy now.  He was 19 a few days ago!

I am FREEZING!  We are expecting rain later on today... hence the drop in temperature I suppose.  I HAVE ONE warm cardigan.  Think I'm going out later to get another one.

2.45 pm:  And that just solidifies my resolve to change doctors!
I JUST got a phone call from the Diabetes Nurse at our current Medical Center.
She wanted me to come in for a blood test and a review of my medications!

I told her I'd had blood tests LAST WEEK, seen the Dr and had all the medications I needed, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

And she said :"Oh, so you don't want a review then?"

I felt like hanging up on her, but played nice and said "No thank You, it's NOT necessary".

Don't you think she would have checked my records BEFORE ringing me?  Like really?

I spent a bit of time this afternoon looking online at Medical Center Reviews.  There's virtually NONE that have glowing reviews.
Most have a mixed bag... and the negatives are predominantly about Reception Staff!
Very interesting.

So, Stew thinks we should stay where we are for now.  I can't think why?  Will discuss it more with him after dinner.

DINNER.  Yeah.  Having Pizza tonight.  Just do not feel like cooking at all.

I really struggle with some people.  Ones that open their mouth and state a FACT... when in fact they are 100% wrong, and I know it instantly.  They don't even give it a second's thought, just out comes their 'fact'.  I love proving twats wrong. And that was just a mini rant.  Cos I can.  

Clearly today's blog was brought to you by a CRABBY TART, who's finally starting to feel 'at home' again.

And I'm gunna bugger off now and eat dinner, watch some TV, annoy Stew and Brylee if possible, then go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I agree Stew should have a real conversation with a real doctor before going on Insulin.

  2. That’s really poor Chris. As a district nurse T2 diabetes is a real frustration for me. Visiting people to give them ever increasing doses of insulin, while they sit there with their breakfast of sugary cereal and toast and marmalade... deaf to any suggestions I make - “ oh I couldn’t live without bread!” One lady I have to give 3 injections of two types of insulin, one dose is too big for the pen. And you’re absolutely right, it can all be improved with diet. Have you watched any you tube videos by Dr Jason Fung? He’s a Canadian nephrologist with a special interest in diabetes and diet. I found this interesting.
    AllyS Melbourne

  3. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊

    Hair flattener **cough cough** 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Thats bad - Stew should have at least been given the chance to chat with the Dr. Its quite a big thing to go on Insulin and just be told the meds are changing. Could you not go back to the Drs you had in Auckland? I know its a bit of a drive but its every 3 months (6 months if they do repeat scripts by phone/online) or so and could be do-able and worthwhile if you feel happy and trusting in that medical practice. And you could arrange to go at the same time if needed so less travel.
    Cheers. KarenAK

    1. Hmmm, nice idea. I am quite sure you have to be living in 'the area' to be admitted into that practice. So that would exclude us.

  5. That is shocking behaviour by the doctors CHris! Enjoy your shopping ....I am heading down to Hamilton next week to see a old colleague who is terminally I'll so may try and get some xmas shopping done at the base!

    1. Let me know when.. we could meet up if you like?

    2. Should be next Friday that sounds great you can have some newborn cuddles!

  6. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Are you sure it's the Dr or just their diabetes nurse that's made this decision. I refuse to go to her here. They are condescending and make me feel stupid. My dr deals with it.

    1. A nurse cannot prescribe medications like insulin. It was the Doctors 'decision '.

    2. Anonymous8:49 AM

      I think nurse practitioners can prescribe from a list of common medications including insulin. Having said that, I still think it was poor that Stew wasn't offered an appointment with his Dr to discuss the situation - his right to do so. Audrey

  7. The response from the medical practice is very poor. No discussion, no teaching just here's your script???? I would be changing as well. I have a friend in Christchurch who was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic recently and she had the same response - rather than talking about diet and exercise at the group session the focus was on how to adjust your insulin so you can eat whatever, and whenever you like. She never went to any more sessions andhasminimalinsulin as she manages her diet.

    1. Hi Marlene, I am a type 1 diabetic too and the lack of knowledge/ correct information from health professionals is frightening.....my may I say ex GP told me not so long ago when I had low blood sugar hypos that had been balancing on the edge of consciousness to up my insulin doses.....🤦‍♀️ it is astounding

    2. OMG that is appalling Tania. I am a health professional and so is my friend so at least she has the knowledge to manage it. Not something you expect to get when you are 60-Type2 maybe but it was a shock to be told Type 1.

    3. Hi Marlene, Yes i was only diagnosed at 32 so it was quite a shock to me too! It just astounds me that Drs can know so little!

  8. What !!! That clinic (despite your lovely Dr) sounds very poorly run.

    Enjoy your Christmas shopping.

  9. Maybe Stew can make an appointment with the doc before changing. Give them one more chance?? It seems easier than starting over somewhere else further away.
    A local restaurant did us wrong once upon a time. Hubby and I held a grudge for years before we went back. Now , it is our favorite restaurant. Quirks and all. It is the #1 place that I HOPE doesn't go out of business around here. Saigon Cafe. Fortunately, they are already suited for take -outs. Minnesota has shut down again. I wish the entire country would!

  10. That is appalling. I get so fed up with this attitude of take drugs so you can continue to do whatever is making you sick in the first place. "Keep smoking, love, we have chemo that can cure the lung cancer!" said no one ever and they should approach other conditions like diabetes with the same level of professionalism.
    You have both had a shocking year - worse than most, and that's saying something - and THAT should be taken into account. Some help and support and understanding would be a good start.
    I'll hop off my high horse now before I fall off and break my neck.

  11. That is terrible treatment from the clinic. Your health decisions should be done in consultation, not just a phone call saying here you go. Finding the right doctor is so hard but so worth it. I had a few shocking visits when I was going through postnatal depression years ago and when I found the right doctor it was such a turning point. I hope Stew can get some decent care (care being the operative word!). That is great you got out with Bex, you can help motivate each other. My run was so-so this morning have twinged my back somehow 😕 I also love looking at beautiful houses when I’m out and that one is gorgeous 😍

  12. Anonymous4:06 PM

    I wonder what your medical centre is... I have been having issues also in Hamilton. Surrey

  13. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Your walking photos are lovely. I hope the company aren't charging you to assemble the treadmill! How frustrating. We've bought the odd thing we didn't realise was flatpacked, but fortunately they have been easy-to-assemble items. I would not want to take the risk of assembling a treadmill - definitely one for the professionals. Sorry the Medical Centre hasn't worked out. It is such a tricky thing to find a good one. I wonder if the Nurse was following up with you because the blood test results came after your Dr visit - I assume he's taking some time off if he was having knee surgery. Liz

    1. No the nurse had no idea I'd already had a very recent blood test.

  14. Kiwionholidays8:20 PM

    Busy day for you again ,,,but all good in that you are catching up on things there

    Love that home n gardens and fab pruning

    Heck Griffin has grown up to be a tall handsome young man ,

    Brylee will be happy you are back and was great she was there with Stew ,,

    Nice you and Bex did a walk and great to make time to smell the roses 🌹

    Take care all of you and the families there,,

    Cheers 🥂


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