Thursday, November 19, 2020


 Going back to my visit with the Doctor on Tuesday... I had a 'discussion' with Ken, my doctor; about my Hba1c levels.

I was POSITIVE my numbers would have gone down in the past 9 weeks, due to my diet being so much better.

Ken said NO, they would not have gone down because I took myself off all diabetes medication!

He said I was 'reckless' and should not have done that.  Even though the Doctor I saw in Coffs Harbour advised me to stop taking my medications?

ANYWAY... back to today.

My lab results came in.


And my Hba1c?  DOWN FROM 96 to 78!!!

OMG I can't wait to see Ken and go "Na na nah nah"... cos I damn well knew my numbers would have gone down.

I have felt so much BETTER (health wise) these past 9 weeks.

I am going to start taking Metformin again, but at the much lower dose.  I reckon in a few more months I will have that number down again.

12.08 pm:  And this morning Lacy called in, and we went for a walk over to the Flagstaff shops.  Where I booked a hair appointment for myself (Wed next week).  Then we continued on to Bex's, where we had a nice morning tea before coming home again.

BIG NEWS.  I have been thinking along these lines for a long time now.

And I've come to this decision. I am taking DIET COKE ROCKS PRIVATE.  I know this is going to cut out a lot of readers, as I can only have 100 readers on a private blog.

But that is how is has to be.

I am no longer comfortable having all and sundry being able to read all about my daily doings, my life in fact.

As I have said to some family members in the past few months, I have only kept the blog going because my MUM loved reading it; and she loved seeing what was going on in MY LIFE. 

Now MUM is gone, there is no impetus to continue blogging like I am.

So.  This blog will become PRIVATE in a few days.  That will give me time to contact everyone (or you can contact ME)' and decide who I will invite to read Diet Coke Rocks in the future.

I was going to delete the blog... but it is still going to be what it set out to be 14 years ago. An Online DIARY of my day.

Just less PUBLIC.  

So, my job now is to go through my readers (obviously that will be easy going through comments), and ask for email addresses if I don't already have them.


***My email address is on my blog's side bar.***

Right.  I can already see a problem.  I've ALREADY got over 100 on the list!  So... from now on... going forward PEPSI will become DIET COKE ROCKS 2.  So, if you are a PEPSI reader, you can read everything that is on DIET COKE ROCKS - on Pepsi!  That way, I will be able to have 100 readers for Diet Coke Rocks AND 100 readers for Diet Coke Rocks 2/PEPSI.

And PERSONAL stuff will be added to DIET COKE ROCKS 2/PEPSI, as per usual. 

Does that make sense to everyone?

OMG what have I done to myself?  I thought this would simplify my life.  

It's going to take me AGES to get all the emails sorted out... and take this blog private!

But I will get it done in the next few days, don't you worry.

Fair warning though, DCR might have less content and not be updated as often during the day.

This is all about lowering my STRESS levels, and making me more comfortable to carry on blogging.  OK?

I have PLENTY of room for readers on Diet Coke Rocks still... as I didn't need to add Pepsi readers to the list. 

I will delete all comments with emails attached in a few days to protect your privacy.

And sorry, I cannot answer all emails personally.  If you become a reader you will know eventually!

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner is a Chicken/Vege Stir fry over a small quantity of noodles.

I give it an 8/10, cos it wasn't as tasty as I wanted it to be.

OK... I'm calling it quits on today.  I'm exhausted from fielding emails all afternoon.  I will keep doing that tonight, and probably tomorrow as well.

All going well... I will be 'private' here in the next couple of days.