Monday, November 16, 2020


 I slept like a LOG last night.  I went to bed completely done in.

All my unpacking got FINISHED last night.


ABOVE: The little bedroom is empty.  Everything that was dumped in here when I got home on Friday night is now put away.

I can't believe I got it all done in two days flat.

That's saying something, cos there was a shit load to put away, on top of organising the new wardrobe.

ABOVE:  Something for me to do next.  Send a Service Sheet and Memory Candle to each of my Mum's siblings.  None of them could attend her Funeral Service, so I hope this helps them with closure.

ABOVE: Another little job waiting for me.  Sorting through all the paperwork and mementos of these past 9 weeks.  

I might get that done this afternoon... then I can truly start to move on from this utterly horrible part of 2020.

2020... has truly been the worst year that I can remember in twenty years.

I really, really hope that 2021 is 100% better.

Right, I'm gunna start my day.


12.25 pm:  Three hours out and about! Again, I'm knackered.

But all good.

On Saturday I bought some new walking sneakers, as my old ones had holes where my big toes went through the mesh.

So first up we went into town and dropped them in at a Shoe Repair place to have leather patches put under the toe area.

They will be ready on Thursday.  Neat.

In no particular order:

ABOVE: Morning tea.  So lovely!  A fresh, hot savoury scone. And a hot chocolate.  It was amazing.

ABOVE:  Little parcel of these on my doorstep when we got home.  F*#K 2020 Snow Flake Christmas Ornaments.  Perfect.

ABOVE: The cutest ever little cow ornament.  I had to get it obviously.

ABOVE: Finally... I wanted a mirror for my 'wardrobe room'.  I was thinking just a full sized one that could go on the wall.  But the only large ones that I found in Briscoes were free standing.
So I got this one.  
It was about double what the smaller, 3/4 size ones were pricewise, but hell... I was too tired to look anywhere else.

After three hours of wandering around shops I was DONE.

Bex has now gone home, and I've got me feet up relaxing.
This shopping lark is tiring after ya been pretty much locked in a room for weeks on end.

That includes 2 X's Quarantine, and very little exercise while looking after Mum and Ron.

My fitness is shot.

Our new treadmill, that we ordered 3 months ago; SHOULD arrive at the end of this week.  I've been told it's "In the country" so it damn well better arrive soon!

It must be hotter or more humid here than in Aussy... cos OMG I'm having so many hot flushes, during the day and at night.  Grrrr.

ABOVE:  Our dinner tonight is a beef schnitzel, salami sticks, mashed potato, eggs and a lettuce salad.
Let's give this meal a 10/10 shall we?  😂😄😋

9.46 pm: I just did a 'fashion show' for Stew and Brylee.  They got to see all of my new dresses (6 of them!) and a few tops.  It was fun.
I am truly set up well for summer now.

And with that said... it's time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I am dreading 2021 - I don't know how it can be a good year in the US with so much uncontrolled Covid and NO Universal Heath Care and a president who tweets lies and BS all day long. . 150,000 cases a day ----- Nothing is safe or under control. I will hide in your new closet for the year. Nice and safe... Or at least hide in my own closet....

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    2021 IS going to be better! I'm trying to be very positive about it!!!

  3. I don't think anyone would disagree with you about 2020. I am hopeful that Australia and NZ will have a better 2021 but I despair for those in the States and, to a slightly lesser degree, Europe (they don't have the political shit to deal with). Even if a vaccine becomes available that won't help those already infected.
    I know your yucky year was as much personal as anything else but it seems that the universe did that to so many people. "Here's a killer virus that will spread like wildfire - oh and here's some real wildfire as well. That didn't get you? Well how about some nasty personal shit - I'll make sure everyone gets something." Damn you, universe.

  4. My daughter and I also got one of those decorations - we are going to spray ours gold (she sprays everything gold at the moment). Perfect for 2020 :)

  5. It's currently 38 degrees out here in North West Sydney! Sticky at heck but it gets more humid toward the city. Not fun anywhere today!

  6. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Love your mirror! It's perfect for a dressing room! I think next year is going to be a shit show as well :(

  7. Kiwionholidays8:56 PM

    Love the dinner ,
    Great you are getting shopping n things at home sorted
    It’s been a long time away for you and all the families..

    Cheers 🥂

  8. Love the mirror good on you getting out and about that treadmill will be a godsend get on it big fan going and put on ya favourite and walk...

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Dinner looks amazing but holy cow that's a lot of food!😳

    1. There's a shit load of lettuce in there let me assure you.

  10. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Goodnight Chris.

  11. Looks like you have been making the most of your new found freedom. Take care be well you busy little bee.


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