Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 First up for today?

We are finally getting a new mattress for our 'NEW' bed!

Our new bed developed indentations within a couple of weeks of us getting it, so they are replacing the mattress with a new one this morning.

I hope like hell it doesn't do the same thing as the last one.

Then at 2.45 pm this afternoon I have a Doctor's appointment.  I want to have a blood test done to see where my Hba1c level is at now.

I've not taken ANY diabetes medication for about 8 weeks!  Not since I kept having Hypo's in Quarantine in Sydney.

It will be very interesting to see if my level has gone down or not.

Last time I was tested, my level was a rather shocking 96.  As I've been eating really well these past 9 weeks... fingers crossed my level has come down.

After the visit to the Doctor, I'm heading over to Cambridge.

I am visiting two of my friends, one who's just moved into a new home, and another who's not that well.

Both of them are FBG's, ladies from my Cambridge Walking group.  It's so neat that I've not lost touch with lots of them.

After visiting them, I've actually got Card Night in Cambridge as well.

So, this morning I will get something cooking in the crock pot for Stew and Brylee, so there's dinner ready for when they get home from work.

ABOVE:  The little cherry tomato plants Stew put in the pots either side of the garage door have grown!  They even have teeny, tiny tomatoes already!

And that little rose?  It snuck through from our neighbour's garden!  Rather cute.  Shame a lot of their weeds snuck through too.

ABOVE: Our old BBQ setting fits perfectly on Steve and Bex's deck.  That's awesome.  Now we can just go around there for BBQ's!

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and get a few jobs done before I go out later.


It's nearly 10 o'clock and the new mattress has not arrived yet.

I'm NOT a patient person at the best of times, so it's ANNOYING.  I've got stuff to do!

ABOVE:  See how it's indented?  That happened 7 weeks after we bought it!

This bed has a TEN YEAR Warranty.  Crickey I hope the next mattress doesn't do the same thing.

So. After making three phone calls I finally found out that our new mattress was possibly not going to be delivered today as well... they were not sure it was even ON the truck that came down from Auckland this morning!


I got a bit angry.  It was a full 2 hours AFTER it was supposed to be delivered after all.

I was busting for a piddle, and yep, sure as God made little green appples... I'm in the loo and me phone rings.  So.. well of course I answered it.

The mattress is on it's way.  Lovely, just let me flush. 😄😅😇

ABOVE:  So this HUGE truck turns up.  The only thing in it?  My new mattress.

The delivery guy said sorry, we lost the paperwork so I didn't know where to deliver the mattress to, until 'they' rung me.


Once he left, Brylee and I went out, dropped off some clothes to a Clothing Bin, and went over to The Base.

Last night I swung the lettuce leaves around in a tea towel to spin the water out. So I thought getting a salad spinner would be a good idea.

ABOVE: The other thing I wanted was a new, softer pillow.  While over in Australia, and in the hotel in Auckland, I had a much softer pillow than my 'at home pillow'.

When I got home, the pillow I had was FAR TOO FIRM.  So, I now have a new, softer pillow.

I now have 40 minutes to kill until my Doctor's appointment.  After that I'm heading over to Cambridge.

Stew and Brylee have Corned Beef, Potato, Kumera, Carrots and onions for dinner.  They can add some greens too if they want them. My job is done.  *smiles*

10.06 pm: Home from Cambridge.  Card night was a lot of fun, as per usual.  I will talk about my doctor visit tomorrow, I'm tired and just want to get to bed right now.


  1. I hope your new replacement mattress is better quality and doesn't get those indentations. I like that pink rose that came to pay you a visit and give you smiles.

  2. It's like you live on a different planet. I KNOW that quarantine was a HORRIBLE experience. But , it is soooo smart. Because now, you can actually live your life. My very close friend works in "Infection Prevention" at a local hospital. I just got off the phone with her. She told me "DO NOT GO ANYWHERE" if you don't have to. Covid is exploding here. Everywhere. I live in a rural area and the Covid unit filled up over the weekend! And what's worse are the deniers. People are dying of Covid and yelling at their nurses as they get ventilated that Covid is a hoax, why are you wearing all that PPE! What on earth do they think they are dying of?

    So...... You can visit friends, go shopping, have bbq's with family.
    I can not and will not.

    That is the difference between good leadership and I don't even know what to call whatever it is I have , no leadership. Actually destructive and false information coming from our "leader". It is scarey as hell.

    I envy you so much. New Zealand is the country to admire for their successful Covid protocols!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Or me. I am an actual reader and commenter on this blog and, and the one that told Diet Coke about how I was making them when she dropped the F-Bomb on her blog.

    2. sorry I didn't realize that. I will delete my post.

  4. Kiwionholidays2:42 PM

    Busy day there Chris but so much achieved,,since you got home 🏠

    Fab catchup n happy Steve n Bex n wee ones got to fit the outdoor setting for lovely summer weather ahead ,,

    Enjoy your catch-ups n wanna come for dinner

    Sounds Choice,,

    Cheers 🥂

  5. I detest waiting on deliveries. Good thing it showed up. Hopefully it's a winner. Take care.


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