Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 All going well I should get my 2nd Covid test result late today.

OMG it better be negative!

I'm having nightmares that it's POSITIVE, and I get taken to the Jet Park Isolation Facility for a further 2 weeks!

I have NO reason to think it will be positive of course, but with my luck lately?  

Yeah, NOTHING would surprise me.

So... today I shall get some walks in, look forward to shit food and literally hang out for those results to be slipped under me door.

These last few days are really DRAGGING.  I look at the post-it's on the wall and can't believe how slow it's going.  I keep double checking to make sure I've got it right.

While in here there is nothing to differentiate one day from the next.  Ya don't get a 'weekend'.  Or the 'start or end' of the week.  It's all just one day rolling into the next.  SLOWLY.  OMG so slowly.

ABOVE:  Taken while in Quarantine (Sydney),  22nd September. 

ABOVE:  Taken yesterday. 10th November.

I'm pretty sure I've lost a bit of weight.  It will be interesting to see how much once I get home.

I'm picking between 5-10 kilos.

That is probably the only really positive thing from this entire 9 weeks away.

ABOVE: This little bottle of wine got delivered last night.  It's from the Hotel.  The usual blurb came with it.... "Hope you have enjoyed your stay, please come and visit again".  

Like F*#K will I EVER come back here!

ABOVE:  I have a nice little stash of this stuff to take home for the kids.  Shame I threw out the first few days worth.  

Right, might as well get up and have a soak in the bath... not much else to do at this time of the day.


Well I decided to defer the bath till just before bedtime, and opted for a shower instead.

Then at 9.30 I went down to the lobby walking area and I walked.

And stopped at 11.30.

I saw about 15 other walkers come and go in that time.  It felt great, but I've got freakin' sore toes now.

Time to chill out and then make my lunch.

TRACY:  Thanks for making me check my app:

ABOVE:  Not a bad effort!

Lunch was a ham/salami and salad wrap.  It was bloody yum.

Now?  Gunna continue watching videos/movies etc. 

I've started watching 'The Queens Gambit' on Netflix.  So far it's good!

Not sure if I will finish it while in here ... how many episodes are there?  Anyone know?

I have had another salad sandwich for my dinner... suits me.  I can go nuts on 'variety' once I get home.

At least my sandwich is totally edible and to my liking.

It's 6.15 and I might just go for another, shorter walk.  Cos I want to SLEEP tonight.

ABOVE:  There ya go, another 4,940 steps added, and another 3.78 kms.

That will do for the day I do believe.

Again, not that many people walking with me, which is kinda nice.  I don't have to play dodge with them.

Though there was one lady who arrived and started (and continued) to walk in the opposite direction to me, which I found damn annoying.  I wanted to say something to her, but held my tongue. I might not have been 'nice'.

And that is me for the day.

TWO MORE SLEEPS!  And then I'm freakin' out of here. 

No Covid test results under me door yet.  

Maybe because the tests were done in the mid-afternoon, they won't be ready until tomorrow?

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good Morning!
    The VERY good thing about this quarantine business is the end result that New Zealand has very few cases of Covid. You don't have to be afraid to leave your house. I literally have a "fear" of maskless people now. I see someone in a store in Minnesota (where there IS a required Mask Mandate) and there are still "Covidiots" that refuse to wear them. We have about 125,000 cases a day now. That number is expected to reach 200,000 cases a day by January. We have a president that still won't do ANYTHING about Covid and is throwing a temper tantrum about losing. So, even though this quarantine sucks so very much - you are going home to a safe and sane Country. Whatever they are doing in New Zealand is a model the rest of the world should be looking at!
    The kids are going to be baffled that you did not enjoy those snacks! But it's their gain! haha

  2. I have been in semi lockdown since early March. I get in my car every other week and drive down to the grocery store where I pop my trunk and my groceries are placed inside. No contact and paid for online with credit card. I had to cancel my trip to Europe booked for May. No family dinners, birthday celebrations or the 3 graduations this year for grandchildren. I have a new grandson 3 weeks old I've seen in pictures and videos only. I know how hard it is losing your mother. Mine has been gone 43 years and I think of her every day. I know it is hard, but you've got this there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish the USA would have taken a more aggressive approach ,,, But freedumbs.

    1. Freedumbs - good one!
      Yep, that's us!
      We are going to have to say no to Holidays this year. So hard!

  3. Good morning Chris, I thought when i saw the picture of you when Lacy and Griffin visited that you had lost quite a bit of weight but I am actually guessing more like 15kg......You look so well. It is a shame that your stay at that hotel has been so bad, i have actually stayed there a few times when its a hotel not a quarantine facility and it was lovely......... Not long to go now until you are reunited with your darling Stew I bet he will be there so early as he is as desperate to see you as you are to see him. You have done so well to cope with all of this in the last few months. I wish i could be even half as resilient. Have a wonderful day your on the home stretch now, Tania xxx

  4. I did laugh at that "I hope you have enjoyed your stay"... OMG, so inappropriate when it's quarantine. I too have stayed there under different circumstances and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our work "ball" was held there annually. Yes, you will have lost weight for sure so at least that is one positive from all of this. That will be even more evident when you get home and start trying on your summer clothing -- I'm sure you'll be getting rid of a lot of older stuff.

    Two days. TWO MORE DAYS, you can do this. I'm sure your test will be negative and soon you'll be home. What a year it's been for you and us all. Meanwhile I'm bloody sore and can't think about much past my friggen sore leg. I've tried crying but that doesn't seem to ease the pain. Let's get 2020 over with.

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    2 more sleeps Chris and you'll be back with Stew and your family. You definitely have lost weight. It's been hard work for you but it's nearly OVER! WOOHOO kj

  6. All the days are the same when you are in lockdown. Everyday is a Sunday! Now well into our second tight lockdown in France. I think we will have this one extended until Christmas. We will so much miss our usual four month stay in NZ over Christmas and summer.Helen in France

  7. If it's any consolation, this week has completely dragged for me too and I'm doing my normal work and stuff. Must be much worse stick there 😢. Still.... on the home stretch now 😍

  8. You have definitely lost weight. But you look so sad in the latest photo. Hardly surprising and I can't wait to see a pic after you've got home and spent time with the family. Those blue eyes will be smiling again.


  9. Karenskinner@internode.on.net11:28 AM

    Hi Chris,
    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your Mum looked like an amazing woman and she has left behind a wonderful legacy in you and your family. Look after yourself as much as you can. Hug Stew tightly on Friday and spend time with your family. Love Karen as

  10. Love all the comments here, it is true I kind of wish we had some better sort of lock down quarantine here. I was just on a teleconference and someone was like is it ok if I go to Mexico and then come in to work? They are like well it is no different than if you go to Florida.

  11. Hang in there, it is almost over!!!! The "hope you enjoyed your stay" was a bit of a miss, I guess the staff are trying to make you feel less like a prisoner & more like a guest. The hotel is no doubt bound by some pretty strict rules so are trying their best.

    You walked for 2 hours, depending on pace that is probably 8-10km well done :-)

  12. OMG I can't imagine walking in a circle for two hours!!! I'd lose my mind!!! Well done on all the steps and the potential weight loss, you look great!!! xxxxxx

  13. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Have you watched the series deep water on tvnz demand? It's such a great series!


    Here is a link to view the Fuck Flakes. I even made a BLUE one inspired by you. Just for the fun of it I DID enable shipping to New Zealand. I don't usually offer overseas shipping just because the shipping is so blasted expensive. Even shipping to Canada (a one hour drive from here) is outrageous! You (or anyone) can e-mail me at if interested.

  15. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Gosh you definitely have lost weight probably more than you think sorry been busy tidying up the section with all the debris from the flooding. Stew the Stud will be getting excited too I'm sure 🐴 not long to go and it will all be over and you have plenty of things to look forward to 💙💙 George's Mum.

  16. With all the walking you've done today you should sleep very soundly.

    What do you think you will cook as your first meal home? And what have you missed the most (foodwise - we know the other stuff *wink wink*)

    1. I want sausages, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy! I have missed good, old fashioned kiwi food. Lamb chops, mince stew, sausages, mashed potato, spag bol, roast chicken, spaghetti, hash browns, home made cheese sauce, fish and chips! Ice cream. NONE in 9 weeks!

    2. Anonymous9:14 PM

      oh yea I can see heaps of #leftovers real soon 🤣😂 jjss 😁
      #Lacy 💙

  17. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Wow that's lot of steps today. Go Chris.

  18. There's 7 episodes of The Queen's Gambit. We finished watching it last night. Great to hear you've been walking so much and enjoying your own food. I really hope you get an exemption from the cost given how awful the food has been. Here's to a peaceful last couple of nights before you finally escape (legally)!!

  19. Chris you’re looking fabulous and 2 more sleeps I can see a cooking fest coming on I’m sure....

  20. Anonymous12:18 AM

    The finishing line is almost in sight ! I think you will be making lamb with your favourite mint sauce, and all the trimmings, once you are home. You are looking well and bound to have lost weight with your reduced diet and all the walking. My brother-in-law and nephews escaped quarantine yesterday.....last spotted feasting on calamari and steak at Masterton Lone Star ! I think they will need feeding up, they did not find the meals very palatable either. Keep your spirits up for the final push and enjoy plenty of relaxing baths - bet you will be round your house like a whirlwind when you get home, moving things around (because you can !) and titivating. Good luck with your final test result and safe travel home once you are freed.
    Jane G

  21. Hope you had a good rest. All the best with the test results.


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