Tuesday, September 01, 2020


 Today I'm heading off to the bank to order some Australian dollars.

You can't just go in and ask for it, ya have to order it.

Luckily right now, in this new Covid world, our dollar is worth almost as much as Australian dollars, so it won't cost me much to convert some NZ $'s to AU $'s.

The other thing I want to find is some cups or bottles that have 'interesting' bottoms.  Like this, only smaller:

ABOVE: My drinking bottle is too big.  

Hopefully I find what I'm looking for in the $2 shop.  It's for another painting effort, done a different way.  

I have decided to try and get one painting done a day until next Monday.  I find it so much fun, and it takes my mind off other shit.

*** ONLY 7 MORE SLEEPS! ***  And then I will be flying off, to quarantine in Australia.  What fun that is going to be.  

Well... come on, it MIGHT BE!

No cooking.  No cleaning (well, not much), no noise, what more could ya ask for really? 😄😊😆

I think the only thing that might get to me is living in ONE ROOM for two weeks, and loneliness.  There will be lots of video chats with family back here I reckon.  And Stew can (live video) walk me around the house and garden so I can see how everything is. 

It is going to be wonderful to see Mum and Ron again though ... I can already see me wandering around their gorgeous gardens, walking on the beach and checking out Coffs Harbour SPOTLIGHT shop. 



12.35 pm:  Well I got a little bit of Aussy cash... then looked for what I wanted for painting.  Didn't find it.  So went down to Spotlight thinking they might have them... nope.  Was busting for the bathroom, and their public one was closed so I high tailed it home to use our bathroom.

JUST MADE IT IN TIME!!!  Horrible feeling, thinking you might just pee in ya pants!

😳 Anyway, crisis averted.  I'm now going to have a quick bite to eat then go to the Plastic shop in town.  I'm looking for plastic glasses with deep grooved bottoms.  Can't seem to find any anywhere... YET.

FOUR.  HOURS.  LATER.... and I exhausted every avenue I could think of to find a grooved bottom plastic glass!

So I went to the supermarket and found a small bottle of Diet Coke and a flavoured water drink that have grooves on their bases!

One or both of them should work!

Also ... I found a little glass dish here at home that had a candle in it... and it's got a grooved bottom too:

ABOVE:  So... one of these should do the job.  
The job.  Won't be tried out 'till tomorrow now.
I'm just a bit CRABBY after wasting an entire day searching for THE ABOVE. 😖😕😏

I am now going to spend some time doing NOTHING.  
Watch last night's Home and Away me thinks.

Well... I did indeed watch me taped programme.  Then I yakked with THE OLD MOO, who has my sister and niece visiting.  They had fish 'n' chips for dinner.

We had sausages, potato, broccoli and veges with a cheese sauce.

After that I cut the bottom off two bottles in readiness for tomorrow's paint pour.  Kinda excited, it's a technique I've not used before.
And it's a bit more 'technical'.

And... that's a wrap for today.  I'll catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Try the op shops for glasses and things. Might save yourself a couple of bob.

    Also, have you got your hotel internet sorted? Do you need to buy an international SIM or does the hotel have free wifi?

  2. Kiwionholidays10:55 AM

    Look at it as a mini holiday minus your darling at home

    All will go well ,
    You’ve got this Chris

    Cheers 🥂

  3. To our dear Keera,hope you are all heal ed up and .Feeling better soon.from Great Grandma.aka THE OLD MOO.

    1. Keera is doing great, On pain meds.. doctor said she will be fine..

  4. It will be hard being totally alone for two weeks but you will be fine, it is for a good cause, you will find heaps to keep you busy and you can FaceTime all your family at various times. Personally - I would LOVE it, I am actually a bit jealous :-)

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    For quarantine something that most people struggle with is the lack of fresh air. I have seen a suggestion that people pack a little mini fan (or handheld fan and batteries!) so you can at least get some air flow across your face to help

  6. Hi Chris,

    Have you thought of opening an account in Australia (you can deposit your Aussie dollars in via an ATM there) and then you can run it like an EFTPOS card here, no need to carry bulk cash all the time.
    Account is free, debit card is free too (can use this online)

    When I need to I just withdraw from my nz acc and then deposit into the NAB one at the same time/same ATM

    Here are the details from their website, Accounts are easy to close also 😊

    People also ask

    Can I open a NAB bank account online?
    You can open a NAB everyday bank account online before you arrive. To open your NAB account online, you'll need: your passport number and email address. your arrival date and the name of the Australian city you're arriving into.

    https://www.nab.com.au › accounts
    Everyday Bank Accounts | $0 Monthly and Overdraft Fees - NAB

  7. Kiwionholidays8:36 PM

    You seem to have all your ducks in a row
    Happy that a Keera is all good again
    Relief for you all ,

    Not many sleeps now 🌷

  8. Looks like you are all organized and ready to go. Time will pass quickly with all the things you have to occupy yourself. Take care. Keep well.


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