Sunday, September 20, 2020


 TWO MORE NIGHTS HERE... and one out by the airport to GO!

OMG I am starting to get very, very excited!

I will get to see Mum and Ron soon.

I can almost smell the finish line.

I don't think I've mentioned how I'm finding the bed here?

Well, it's quite firm, which I love. So no problems there. 

I was worried about the pillows, as I love a VERY HARD pillow.  Well... the two pillows here have feathers in them.  They feel so soft, but OH MY LORD... they are divine!  I squish one up into a ball and it's PERFECT!

First thing I'm gunna do when I get home is go buy some feather pillows!  

And in fact, if Mum doesn't have any, I might buy a couple for her home too.  They are just awesome.

It is really important to get a good night's sleep, and having the 'right' mattress and pillows, that suit you; goes a long way towards that.

ABOVE: The other thing I am enjoying here is the make up mirror in the bathroom.  I have NEVER used one before.  Amazing, but true.

So again... something else I shall be getting when I get home.  I think you can even buy ones with lights around the outside?  Anyone got a good referral for what sort to get?  Lights/no lights?

Yesterday Stew took the fruit trees out of the big blue pots.

First up... the lime tree.  It's root ball had grown huge!

And well... Stew ran into a bit of bother getting it out:

ABOVE: Yeah.  Sadly the pot disintegrated.  I believe it probably had a crack in it to begin with.

Anyway, he got the trees out and re-planted them over the far side of the pool:

ABOVE:  I am sure they will do well there.

ABOVE:  Looks like we have a tomato plant in this pot.  I wonder how many more 'pot' photos I shall have by the end of the day? 

Thank you Darling for keeping me in the loop. 



We have another overcast, drizzly day here.  

My washing from yesterday is almost completely dry! And those two tops were dripping wet!  Goes to show how drying it is in this room.  It's a wonder I'm not a prune already! 😂😆

My body is still on NEW ZEALAND time!  I wake at 4-4.30 am every night.  But, I am getting some good lengths of sleep now, so am not waking feeling like I've had no sleep at all.

In fact, I'm sleeping BETTER here than I was at home. Weird.  I wonder if it's the pillows?  Or the even temperature in this room?  Hmmmm.

Breakfast is still a couple of hours away... so here I am... just sitting up in bed ... blogging and listening to music.  It's kinda nice.

ABOVE:  Right.  Here's a question for anyone with feather pillows.  How do ya keep the feathers INSIDE?  Cos every day I am plucking feathers out of the pillowcase !  Stabby little buggers!  Not nice on the face.

7.45 am, and breakfast arrived:

ABOVE:  So... another day I get to have MY CORNFLAKES.
This was actually HOT... so just for that I will give it a 1/10. 😝

MARIE:  Holy hell... if I plucked my eyebrows any more I'd have NONE!  Over plucked as a teenager, and they have never grown back; the shits.
Oh and Yeah!  Rouge chin hairs ... horror!

ABOVE:  I just had the most delicious bath, I used a bath bomb instead of the bubble bath.  Wow!  That stuff is amazing.  It makes your skin all soft and slippery, so ya have to be darn careful getting out of the bath for sure.

ABOVE:  It was rather entertaining watching the bath bomb dissolve.  It reminded me of my paintings.  Very pretty.

I followed my bath up with a shower so I could wash my hair.  
So, I'm all ready for my day.  
I may be a bit bored, but at least I smell divine! 😄

Brylee just sent me a photo of 'a big ass spider'...

ABOVE:  I'm like wtf?  I called her a pussy.  Seriously... could it be any SMALLER?  I told her the Huntsman spiders over here are TEN TIMES bigger than that piddly arse spider.  NOT that I want to run into a Huntsman just to prove a point.
I'm no fan of friggin spiders!

GEORGE'S MUM: Thanks, but I don't feel like I've lost weight.

The OLD MOO is doing quite well at the moment.
She's still in hospital.
It's a fine line getting all the different medications balanced, so that she is in no pain; and is awake as well.
It is going to be an ongoing process, as her condition changes daily.

ABOVE:  I swear to god someone is taking the piss!
The same salad as yesterday.  So I get a dry salad cos the sauce provided is f*#king hot.
And the Falafel Bites are dense and dry as f*#k... can't eat them.  CHILLI Hummus?  CHILLI AGAIN!  WTF?  

OMG I just want to strangle someone.

I give this meal a really, really annoyed 1/10.  And that's only because I like the pear.

I'm now going to eat some crackers, because my blood sugars are totally mucked up and too low.
I've got the shakes, sweating... feel ill.
Thank god I thought to buy in some food.

I tried to have an afternoon nap.  Again.  Didn't happen.  Grrrr.
Never mind.

Stew has been a busy man today!
He's got all the fruit trees and grasses out of our big pots, and replaced them with tomatoes, and a lavender.

He has planted tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, mint in a pot, lettuces and chives!

ABOVE:  In those two we have cherry tomatoes.

ABOVE:  The new vege garden.  Stew has put a little wire barrier up to keep Coco off the plants.  Well done darling. 
She's gunna be ever so slightly frustrated.

ABOVE:  A nice little lavender shrub where a Mandarin tree used to be.

Apparently they went looking for a pot to replace the one that broke, but had no luck.  So, they've ordered two new pots for the end of the driveway.  I can't wait to see them.

I feel very LAZY... I've done nothing all day and there's Stew.  Slaving away in the garden.

Brylee bought a near new fridge/freezer off friends of ours, and so Stew and Steve picked that up today too.  It's in Steve's garage until Brylee leaves home.
One day, maybe never! 😛😏😌

6.24 pm:  and I'm patiently awaiting whatever delights come through my door in the form of dinner.  My tummy is fair rumbling.

I have done a bit more washing, in readiness for leaving here on Tuesday. Tidied up the bathroom.  Thrown out the last of me bread... even though I kept it in the fridge this whole time, it was done.  I've still got a tiny bit of cheese, and some pastrami.  That might be my dinner tonight if what comes through the door is ikk.

7.20 pm and dinner arrived.

ABOVE:  Much as I'd LOVE to say it is good... it's not.
The meat is very dry and hard, as is the rice.  And no sauce to make it palatable at all.  And it's luke warm at the best.

So, looks like I'm having a pear for dinner?
This sorry shit gets a 1/10.

I'm leaving the apple, it's got a ruddy big bruise on the side.  Eeew.

I was going to order in a burger and chips, but at $19; I think I'll just have cheese and crackers.
I've already spent quite a bit of money on food that I shouldn't have had to buy.

Time to sign off for the night.  Roll on tomorrow, my last FULL DAY in this shitty place.


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊

    still no pic of the 'Cute PURPLE Car' Mother 😂🤣 grrrrr lol 😂
    #Lacy 💙

  2. You will be running up and down the street yelling fresh air, freedom, where are the krisoy creams lol

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Hi Homedics sells mirrors with a light around the outside...I have one but I don't need to use the light, it is magnified on both it...I have had other ones without lights as well. I ordered it online the last time I bought one.

  4. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hi I sent the message about the mirrors


  5. The magnified (different each side) mirror is fabulous. I find if you sit in good light it is fantastic for getting those pesky hairs from your face, you know that rogue hair that no one tells you about then you can’t believe you’ve been walking around for weeks looking like a weirdo. And plucking eyebrows

  6. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Love a good feather pillow! I use a pillow protector (from briscoes) and then just put a pillowcase over top

  7. OK, that breakfast looks good to me but each to their own :) I have a magnifying mirror (like that make up mirror you showed) and now that my eyesight is not so good I need it for hair plucking! I don't have a lit one, I just use it in good light.

    Re the feather pillows (which I've never managed to sleep on, ever) I'm thinking a pillow protector over it would keep the feathers inside? You can buy thin protectors or padded. Not long now - two more sleeps!!!! Wahoo!!!

  8. Hang in there, Dear Girl!! You're almost out of lockup...the goal-line is in sight! Thank you for keeping us all with you.....I can't wait until you and your Mum are finally together! Sending love and hugs from Illinois! <3

  9. Ooh..forgot to tell you...I have a feather pillow I use in my favorite easy chair..I love it...I collect all the feathers, as they pop out, and put them in a little glass vase...they look rather pretty and fascinating, as they are all very different sizes and colors.........I guess I'm just a "feather collector...:)

  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Gosh Chris you have lost weight I can see it in your face. Banging day here but a chilly wind. Geez those sausages are soooooo gross looking 😳 We are all counting down with you girl!! What's the first thing you want to do when you're out? How's THE OLD MOO getting on? George's Mum.

  11. Hi Chris --- if you were looking out of your window at about 4.30pm yesterday afternoon you would have seen me driving past on my way home form a end-of-season softball lunch lololol. Also, when you get out (maybe at the airport) buy the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens -- bright blue cover -- as I notice is has an article and instructions on how to crochet a hexagon throw...... not my sort of thing but you and Bex might enjoy????? xxxx

  12. Please choose a cruelty free feather/down pillow when you purchase. Unfortunately they take the down and feathers from the birds whilst they’re still alive and with no pain relief. They wait till they grow back and do it again. The birds get infections and all are treated so poorly. There are kind options so please consider this with your purchase. Bec x

  13. Hope you feel better. You need decent meals-I dont know why they cant get their shit straight,you should not have to keep telling them. Glad your time there will soon be over. Also glad that the Old Moo is a little better.

  14. Anonymous4:48 PM

    God dam that place is starting to really piss me off 😠😠😠😠😠
    #Lacy 💙

  15. That cooked spinach makes me want to gag and I can't even smell it. I got a lighted big mirror for Christmas and I still haven't used it lol. Haven't hardly worn make up since Covid hit.

  16. OK, I love chilli so won't comment on that but I suppose it would be the same as if all the meals had coriander in them - I HATE coriander!! What I can't understand is the complete lack of snacks provided - a slice of cake, a few biscuits, crackers and cheese etc. Do they just expect everyone to buy that themselves? Anyway, nearly at the end. I did think of you just before when I was at the supermarket and how you would be drooling at all the yummy food! Now we all wait with great anticipation for your dinner.

    1. Most of the salads DO have coriander in them. I don't mind it at all. I just can't stand anything HOT. Chilli, pepper, hot curries etc. I dream of some snacks, besides the crackers I bought.

  17. Bombard hotel with the photos again and tell them you had a massive sugar low...they need to know. Love the bath bomb yup i thought of your painting tooo. Brylee buying furniture is a goood sign

  18. Anonymous8:05 PM

    When you escape on Tuesday you should buy yourself a delicious meal at the hotel near the airport...also good thinking Bex about the feather pillows..


  19. Have you tried the sweet chilli sauce? It’s not even hot

    1. One person's definition of HOT and another's can vary widely. Yes I tried it. NO I did not like it.

  20. Not two more sleeps .... ONE MORE DAY. Cos when you wake up you can say TOMORROW!!! 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners (assuming you're still waiting!). Actually why not treat yourself to a slap up meal tomorrow night so even if tonight's is edible it will be the last. And you can skip brekky on Tuesday if they let you out early enough and go and have breakfast somewhere nice. And lunch. And dinner!!! Then on Wednesday all this will seem like a badish dream as you will be with The Old Moo and Ron. You have done an amazing thing, Chris. So proud of you.

  21. Hey Chris, thinking of you and the crappy food, good to read of all your lockdown adventures. Bet you can't wait to escape and hug your mum. Went to Tauranga yesterday, first time since March when my mum died. Seemed weird couldnt go around to see her house. Big hugs xx


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