Monday, September 14, 2020


 I have invented a new game... ya know, to pass the time.

It's called 'SPOT THE HUMAN'.  It's quite fun.

I stare at the Commonwealth Bank across the way at night, and watch for people inside.  So far I've seen heaps of people doing the night cleaning, and some crowd putting up a huge new poster on a window.

They took freakin' ages to do it too.

Then of course, there's the neon clad men who are working on constructing that huge building right in front of my window.  It's fun to see them, even though I get vertigo watching them!

SOMETIMES I can see people out on the street too. But not that many.  Where I am blocks most of the foot traffic from my view.

Funny thing is, I have only seen MEN.  No women at all. 

ABOVE: My 'hunting for humans' building, the Commonwealth Bank. 😂😆😅.

Oh and yeah, who knows what that tall, skinny tower is?  It's not a 'building' as such, it's got no windows or doors.

ABOVE:  Keera spent yesterday with Lacy, and Stew took them to lunch at the base..
The boys have found something new to do with my dining chair cushions.  Little shits.

ABOVE: The best spot in the house.  Granddad's lap.

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera in the new car.  Such a relief to know she has a safe, reliable car to transport Keera in now.  

Right, I might go back to 'human spotting' ... traffic watching... and do some housework.  *snort*


7.11 am and I'm sorta having a bit of fun.
I posted on this Hotel's facebook page.  Just saying what I thought of the food, and how I felt really sorry for anyone being sent here for Quarantine.
They took it down immediately!  So I put up another one.  And again, down it came straight away.
I might keep doing it... ALL. DAY. LONG.  I have the time.  *snort*

Actually, they didn't take it down after all... they flicked it over to the 'Community page'.  Oh well... at least it's on there.

7.45 am:  no breakfast yet.  Been awake since 4.30 ish.  Just had a lovely yak with our son Steve.
While yakking I paced the floor.
I noticed last night my feet were swollen... obviously due to sitting for too long.
Usually that happens a lot in summer.  Anyway, I expected them to go down overnight.

ABOVE:  BUT NO.  They haven't gone down.  I've no ankles at all!  When the nurse rings me today I will mention it. Perhaps they can give me some Frusemide to help?  I hope so, cos I forgot to bring any myself.
Either that, or I am lying on the floor with me feet up on the bed for the day.

Might make working on the computer a bit... interesting!

ABOVE:  I really DON'T like complaining... it obviously annoys SOME people.
But let's just say:

- I hate Bran
- Hard boiled eggs on spinach leaves?
- I hate Greek Yogurt
- Butter and jam... to put on WHAT?
- Yet another orange

Today's breakfast gets a resounding 1/10, cos I can actually use the milk and sugar.

Breakfast to me is a nice cereal with milk, or baked beans on toast.  With cheese.
Clearly that is not gunna get delivered to MY DOOR anytime soon.

Thankfully, I have bought some cornflakes ... so will have them with the milk and tiny sachet of raw sugar.

I just did something I never do at home.
I had an hour long shower!
Yes I did indeed.
Why not?  Not exactly having to rush to get anywhere, do anything.  
It was rather lovely.
Might do it again tomorrow.
Oh and the shower head is one of those 'rain' ones... so nice.

COLLEEN:  If I'd said keep giving me carbs, I would have continued to get 90% carbs and one spoonful of their LOVELY FREAKIN' STEW !!!  And the breakfast buns were STALE, ROCK SOLID and ricocheted off the wall.
Clearly I'm not going to enjoy the food here. Sorry for complaining so much!

Maybe I should stop with the food critiquing?

"KNOCK KNOCK".   Hmmm, too early for lunch.

ABOVE:  Well!  Who do I have to thank for this gorgeous Journal and pencils?  THANK YOU whoever it was.   Just gorgeous colour!

Brylee went to Taupo yesterday, it was probably her longest solo driving trip yet.  She met up with our cousin Danielle, who drove up from Palmerston North to spend the day with Brylee.

ABOVE:  The girls certainly had a lovely day for it.  

I just bit the bullet (again) and talked to the catering company.
I very politely requested NO MORE HOT or SPICY food.  And no more cauliflower, broccoli or cooked carrot.
OMG I am certainly narrowing my choices now!
I dread to think what I will get now. 😂😆😅

LUNCH ARRIVED.  Wait for it....

ABOVE:  WE have, for the THIRD time in 6 days, a cup of soup (read lots of noodles and fuck all else), and a roll.
With Chilli Sauce, which I simply cannot eat.

Today's lunch gets a lovely 0/10.  Because I either could not eat it, or would not eat it.  And as we all know, I DON'T DRINK WATER.

I loved my toasted sandwich.  So yum.  I'm going to follow it up with an orange and perhaps that little banana from last night's dinner.

2.20 pm: I am VERY proud to say that while I could have ordered in all sorts of sweets/treats/biscuits and so on... I HAVE NOT.
I am doing my best to get healthier while here, and get home a few kilos lighter.

3. 22 pm: And... an hour later... I just got off the phone with PETA, one of my blog readers.  How neat to get to talk to another Aussy Chick!

The sun in now beaming in my room and I'm feeling very sleepy, so might put me feet up and have a nana nap.  Let's see how that goes.

5.55 pm:  And the nap didn't happen.  Got another phone call from a friend, so yakked for a while.  Then I was busting for a piddle.  Then I got talking to a couple of friends on Messenger.  
And now?
Dinner should be here soon and I'm not even hungry.
Probably just as well... cos we all know what dinner is likely to be eh?  😆😅😞

7.47 pm:  Still no dinner delivery.  Quite late tonight I must say! If it's inedible, it's going to be too late to order in from the hotel's Bistro. So might be cheese and crackers for me tonight.  I was leaning that way anyway, so not a biggie really.

Dinner arrived at 8.10 pm.  I am a bit gobsmacked.
I told the Catering Company lady this morning that I loathed cooked carrot, and to not give me any.  AND she said "So salads would suit you then?"  I said, Yes please.

ABOVE: Someone is taking the piss eh?
Oh and yes, that's another stew.  They call it :
Lamb Shoulder with Napolitana sauce with pasta (I don't get the pasta) Parmesan, peas and herbs.
Like fuck it's that.

I give up.

And here ends the day.


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Good Morning DCR 😊
    Yes am so so grateful for the New Car, and yes Keera absolutely Loves Mummy's new car, and yes she has a name xx
    #Lacy 💙

  2. The family looks good! No clue what that tall skinny building is, I was going to ask YOU! It's a wonder that it can stand up. You need some binoculars!

  3. Good morning... that building is the new IMAX theatre. I hope today is better for you - I didn't sleep at all last night, no idea why but sometimes that happens. I did think of you and wondered if you too were awake :)

  4. Opps, I take that back the IMAX is further along. Not sure what the building is!!

  5. That skinny building is ventilation for the city cross tunnel. Didn't take much googling to find.

    1. Thanks for doing the donkey work for me Maria!

  6. An hour long shower sounds amazing! Maybe have a bath later too - enjoy the luxury! im jealous

  7. If the Greek yoghurt is unsweetened try adding the jam to it.

  8. Kiwionholidays12:39 PM

    What an interesting blog again today
    Love the pictures from home and the wheels are turning there fab

    So neat you can keep up via all the mod cons in tech,,🌹

    I can’t understand the meals situation, not good at all there must be some form of variety than can be asked for and eaten,

    At the cost of the 3G plus buying extra food that’s not a small feat.
    Some wouldn’t even know how to order on line and it’s ok 👌 to let management and caterers etc know like you do cos maybe from now on it can/will improve ,,

    Love the pic of Lacy n Keera in the car 🚙

    This time next week you will be nearly on your way to Coffs to Mum n Ron

    So much hard work you have all done for a fab end result though,

    An hr long shower and bubble baths etc spoil yourself while you can 🥤

    Love the people watching and that thin building .
    Amazing how it stands out even as thin as it is

    Enjoy catchup with your family here n Across the Tasman

    Cheers 🥂

  9. Vent as much as you like about the food etc. You need to do that. hugs

  10. Ummm ... Chris, your blog you can complain as much as you want. Personally I am loving the updates, and would be ordering in every night!

  11. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I joined the hotel Quarantine Australia group, looks like Brisbane is the place to quarantine, some places get to order from a menu

  12. OMG! This is YOUR Blog. The only physical contact you have with the outside world is the da** food! Critique it! It's fun!

    We will critique your critiquers!

    To the person/s leaving NASTY comments: I give you a 1 out of 10. I recommend adding some kindness and humor to your personality. Less hostility and judging. Mean words are like SPICE - not wanted. None. Also, unlike the hotel, you are NOT obligated to interact with Chris at all. So you could just go away, think about it. What would happen if you DID NOT read this blog and DID NOT leave mean comments. Maybe that would actually make YOUR day better - as well as Chris's. Just an idea. I prefer Lasagna for breakfast, Chris prefers beans on toast, maybe you like bran and spinach. No need to be nasty. None at all. Peace out!

  13. I am waiting with baited breath to see lunch ;-)

  14. I think so far the only meal I wouldn't have eaten would have been the sausages yesterday and perhaps the cold stew. The lack of variety would certainly get me down! I am amazed that they don't just have a selection of cereals in the room for you to choose from for breakfast. I love greek yoghurt but don't like oranges. I suppose it's hard for them to know everyone's taste and that's where having a menu would come in handy. It really is a crazy situation you find yourself in! Thank goodness for toasted sandwiches :)

  15. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Omg the food you are receiving is disgusting. You should upload the video of toasted sandwich making to the Facebook page so they can see!

    1. No way! What if they came in my room and confiscated the iron!!! Health and Safety issues? think I will just keep it on here and my Facebook page.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      True I didn’t think of that. Maybe when you’ve left haha

  16. Love the updates on meals, great job with the toasted sandwiches. You are definitely making the most of a crappy situation. Hope something entertaining happens on the motorway for you today.

  17. Omg that food is shocking. You are much better controlled than I am, i would have lost it already

  18. Chris did you see the Facebook group for people in quarantine at Park Royal Darling Harbour

    1. There are a few. Which one are you referring to? Send me the link.

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

  19. To be fair, the catering company probably got your message too late to change lunch - lets see how dinner is (not really holding my breath).

    As for people making rude or nasty comments - presumably they are of course anonymous what a bunch of dicks. Why or for how long or any other circumstance as to why you are in Aussie is nobody else's business & they are also clearly bloody thick because anyone with half a brain and the ability to read the news or watch tv knows that you cannot just swan off to Aussie on holiday, there have to be compelling reasons and permission granted by officials following proof in the form of documentation from medical professionals - geez some people are stupid!!!!!

  20. Haha.. I just saw a photo of someone heating up their food with a hairdryer! Other photos of people who have masses of sugary treats, chocolate etc. I can't wait for your dinner photo! Don't stop posting them, it's very interesting to us all but sadly not good for you.

  21. that was the rest of your Big W order, so you could keep a journal of your most personal thoughts and things, that you really didn't want to share here. The pencils, well you just never know when you need a pencil, right??

  22. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Tell them you have a severe allergy to chilli. I bet they would make sure no chilli went into your meals.

  23. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Just saw this!

    It's a quarantine park royal Facebook group.-Stella

    1. Thanks for that. I won't request to join it... I doubt they would allow me to anyway. I'm the squeaky wheel who complains about the food!

  24. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hi Chris

    It was lovely to have a chat...

    Take care


  25. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Wtf no meal at 7.45. They know you are diabetic and can’t be consistent with meal delivery

  26. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Night Night Ma, gona have some awesome pics for you tomorrow (if they allow it lol) love you so much and miss your Most Awesome Mommy Annoying Ways xx 💜 💜 💜 💙 got some pre Full license driving with B on Wednesday, she's gona love that lol 😂 🤣 haha I might have to put her in the boot xx
    #Lacy 💙

  27. O M G!!!!!!! I would be so, so, so angry. What kind of crazy catering company can't make a decent dinner??? OK, time to go to war Chris - that is rubbish.

  28. Anonymous10:29 PM

    That is fkn disgusting

  29. Wtf me think they pulling your tit and purposely late so its gonna be stone cold...tell them u will end up in a diabetic cona if they keep sending u this shit food u cant eat

  30. Mmmmmmm funny looking salad...just goes to show they not bloody listening...☹️😢😖😡

  31. You need to ask to speak to the hotel manager. I would be absolutely fuming.

  32. You survived the weekend in captivity. Sorry to hear the food situation is so awful. How incompetent is this catering company! Obviously they have no interest in the client. You are however making headway on the quarantine time. The anticipation of the next meal might just help pass the day. Looks like the Old Moo had a lovely visit blue is her color. Keep positive! Take care.

  33. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Put your baked beans in a small oven bag, heat it in a cup of boiling water, or 2cups to get a decent serve for your favourite breakfast. Add your cheese to tbe oven bag if you want it melted.
    You have mastered the quarantine "toaster".
    Will be better than any food that has been provided.

  34. Jesus that's a lot of carrots! She's like oh no carrots eh!

  35. Just an idea, maybe tell the nurse when she phones. Just maybe she can intervene on your behalf about the meals because of medical issues.
    Another is maybe write to the paper Sydney Morning Herald or Daily Telegraph along with the photos and see if you get a response!! It's discusting especially when you are paying for it and even if you weren't it's still not good enough. I've had better food on a plane !!!
    Thinking of you chickee, take care and know there are many wishing we could make this better for you. xxx


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