Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 Oh my goodness, that new bed is a godsend!

And the tray that goes over it, magic!  It's so jolly handy.

ABOVE:  See that?  She's happy as larry, sitting up like jacky jacky, yakking on the computer with Stew! I'm just so happy she's doing well right now, and can talk to family.

I'm hoping now that caring for her, repositioning her etc is easier, my back ache will ease up.  Right now it's being a right shit!

Very glad I did go to the Doctors when I did, that's for sure.

Right, time to try and get a little bit more sleep before starting the day.

Catch ya later.


12.49 pm:  I'm sorry there has not been an update so far today.

Everything is just fine.  The OLD MOO is doing well today, but it was a slow start.

She's a bit more alert now, she's had some lunch and is chatting a bit.

It is extremely tiring just checking on her constantly, being with her all day long.  You have to be very attentive and on alert all the time.  

So... we are heading into the best part of the day, when she is awake more and talkative.

I've told her I'm itching to go shopping at the Plaza, to try and incentivize her to keep getting stronger, so we can go shopping together.  I hope it works.

ABOVE:  After a dramatic decline last week... look at her now!  She insisted on getting out of bed and into the lounge to watch the bloody TV late this afternoon!

And she did it, with a lot of help, she did it.

She's now answering answers from some quizz programme on the telly. What a hoot.

This is a HUGE turnaround. So excited to see how much more improvement we get.

ABOVE: And here we have a 10/10 dinner!

A mixed leaf salad, with beetroot, carrot, feta and tasty cheese, egg, salami, beetroot and walnuts.

Then meat balls with a caramelised onion relish, potato and onion rings.

And Mum and Ron are loving it I think.

Well it's the end of another day here in Coffs Harbour.

I'm ready for bed and it's like... 7.17 pm! Feeling very tired and mega crabby.

So, I will sign off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That looks like a comfy cozy spot!

  2. Look at Mum, all tech savvy, how wonderful for her and the people she can chat and see at the same time.

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Good Morning DCR Ma Granny and Ron

    Hope the wether over there is nice 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  4. That bed looks super comfy. How lovely that mum can chat to family all over the place. Look after that back- hopefully it will ease now

  5. Morning Mum, Grandma and Ron.

    That Bed looks way better for Grandmar.

    Hope the weather is lovely over there, as its still raining on and off with high winds,

    Auckland Harbour Bridge has been closed due to high winds...

    Other then that, All is well here, both girls are getting over colds, I'm still looking for a new evening shift job. Gordy is still working hard.

    Love you all 💙💖💙

  6. So great your Mom is comfortable in the hospital bed! It will make caring for her so much easier. Love, absolutely love that pic of you and Stew (35 years...Congrats to you both) Thank you for blogging when you feel you can...Just want to say "God bless you" and I think you are the greatest daughter in the world!

  7. You are doing an awesome job and your Mum will be loving having you there. Treasure every moment. 💗💗 perhaps you could tell us a bit about your Mums life story. How long has she lived in aussie etc. Only when you have time I mean, i realise how busy you will be. Keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I knew you would love the bed !! It's so much easier on your back and Mum can do so much more sitting up. Great that she was able to sit in the lounge and watch tv (I notice she has a nice "blue" throw keeping her warm !) We are coming into autumn now here in Scotland and having some gorgeous weather in the daytime, but turning cooler at night. Time to empty the garden pots and refill with winter-flowering pansies etc. We have a new garden shed arriving so hope it stays good and dry until we get it put up. Off for a skype catch up with No 1 daughter in Nelson.Keep well, both of you.
    Jane G

  9. Well done Grandmar so supa proud of you and you efforts today... and a Big thanks to Mum ( Chris ) and Ron for all your hard work...💙💖💙

  10. Anonymous8:52 PM

    That’s amazing she’s up for a bit, Jo x

  11. Well done Old Moo. Rest well and take care.

  12. Old Moo looks great. So does dinner!


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