Sunday, September 13, 2020


Today is going to be a much quieter 'social media' day.

I feel like I need a break from it all.

I am feeling really unhappy.

The shit food is just the icing on the cake.

ANON:  ***Get fucked***.  You don't know even half the story.  And I am entitled to have feelings too.

ABOVE:  Would YOU eat it?   0/10

ABOVE:  NO MATE, walking on the motorway is NOT allowed.  Now off you get!  Entertainment factor?  5/10

I feel VERY EVIL.  I am gunna dry my clothes with the supplied hair dryer!
Let's just ramp up their power bill eh?
Entertainment factor?  7/10

12.09 pm:  Lunch arrived.

ABOVE:  WHAT THE HELL?  There is no consistency AT ALL.
We have either feast or famine.

Today's lunch would have been amazing, if that bread roll didn't have PERI PERI sauce all over it!  It was so hot (I dipped my finger in it), I could not possibly eat it.

But the Poke Bowl was nice and the carrot sticks and hummus?  So nice.

The apples were bruised and sadly went straight in the bin.

So today's lunch got a semi satisfied 6/10.

4.07 pm:  I just had an hour long nap.  It was wonderful!  I've woken up feeling so much better.  Sadly my body is still on NZ time and I keep waking at 3.30 - 4 am in the morning.  So, feel really tired by midnight!  

Yeah, averaging 4 hours sleep a night at the moment.
Probably made worse by the lack of true exercise.  
There really is only so much you can do in a hotel room! 

PETA:  YES.  Park Royal. Room 319

ABOVE:  Stew wasn't a sloth this afternoon.  He moved the kayaks so that we have an area out the back for veges this summer.  AND it's one area that Coco can't get onto.

Next weekend he's going to put heaps of compost in and then maybe plant some veges.

AND... here's tonight's dinner:

ABOVE:  I BLOODY WELL KNEW IT WOULD BE YET ANOTHER DISGUSTING STEW, with cauliflower, broccoli and carrots!  
A little side salad and hey!  A tiny banana.
I will eat the salad and the banana, the rest?


Tonight's dinner gets a very ANGRY 2/10.

I have caved in, and tonight I have ordered a cheese burger and chips from the hotel's In House Bistro. 

ABOVE:   OMG that had to be the best meal since I got here!
The bun was super soft and fresh, the meat pattie inside was huge and so, so tasty.  Lots of cheese. Lovely mayo.  And the chips were perfectly acceptable too.
I'm now full as a bull, and I only ate the bottom half of the bun.

I am now going to finish watching a movie over Netflix, then ???  Dunno.  Too early to get into bed.


  1. Hang in there. I imagine the novelty of quarantine is wearing off. But each day you get to take down a "sticky note" and get one day closer to seeing your Mom. Plus - you are now an experienced "Iron Chef"!

  2. Plz stay positive... week and a half and you'll get to C Grandma 👵..

    Love you 💙💙💙

  3. Sorry some people just have no class at all. I would block them if you can. I look forward to your next post. There are alot of us that care about you and love your blog.

  4. Sending huggles! 2 more sleeps and you are 1/2 way!!!! Start your puzzle as that will keep your mind busy!!

  5. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hang in there Chris you are doing an amazing thing going through all of this out of love for your Mum, your doing amazing especially at such a difficult time. Surrey.

  6. *Big Hugs* thinking of you - hope it starts to get better soon. - Sandie Bee

  7. Sending you big hugs xx

  8. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hang in there!! I know this is so hard on you and truthfully, you are doing so much better than I would be. Especially those damn meals!! Thankfully you can have food delivered. And I loved the iron ham sandwich you made, what a smart idea! Chris - you've been in a whirlwind these last few weeks preparing for your travel to your as you can and always know there are so many people who love you and who have your back. Sending love and peace from A-mur-ri-ca... Ky Girl

  9. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Come on Chris you're better than this don't let it get you down YOU ARE STRONG just like your Mum remember 💪 this time next week you'll be getting excited to be released from "the clink" haha. Spring weather is truly here we have had beautiful days but then a massive hail storm crazy right?? Keep your chin up chick hugs from me and George. George's Mum.

  10. It sucks. The end. (Also text me if you want an entertaining phone call).

  11. At least the sausages have condoms on... LOL. Oh dear. Did you taste any of it to see if it was worse than it looked. I hope you are complaining every day! I've seen the food they are getting in one of the Queensland hotels and it looks amazing. I do think it's time to order in some delicious food just for your own sanity. Don't let everything get you down. Get off here and sew or watch Coronation Street... (it's getting really good). You know my number if you ever want a chat :)

  12. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Hang in there - you will look back when you are eating well again and laugh. Why would anyone think you would want "raw" sausages, horrible looking mashed potato, boiled potatoes and kale for breakfast?!! At least you can order in and you should do so - try and forget that you are paying for food and think of it as just for the hotel room. Any other time, Darling Harbour is an amazing place for a holiday. Audrey

  13. What is that? Sausages, eggs, potatoes, and spinach? I would probably it that. Or some of it. I would prefer that to cold cereal. But really, a simple choice of, let's see, 2 items. This or that. Would probably go a long way to pleasing more people. Food is not a one size fits all type situation! Hang in there dear girl. I know this is hard. You are going through a lot right now.

    There is zero reason for negative comments on here.
    Let's just practice kindness like we learned in Kindergarten.
    Peace Out!

  14. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Yo Ma, gona be at Dad's soon with Miss Keera 💜 we will video call you, we want a full face off your awesomeness xx
    Chin up Woman, but in saying that, you are human and man you have been tho so dam much lately, you are so amazing and I'm so dam proud to call you my Ma 💜
    #Lacy 💙

  15. Kiwionholidays11:03 AM

    Thinking of you Chris
    Big Kiwi hugs 🤗

    Cheers 🥂

  16. Kiwionholidays11:50 AM

    Will old mate get a ride from there ??

    Love your 5 outa 10 for that .

    Know that bit of road and wouldn’t wanna be walking there 🚘

    Have a good day you and all the ones in Coffs and back home as well

    Cheers 🥂

  17. Can’t believe they expect you to eat that mess....🤮
    Soon this will all be behind you and you will be spending some quality time with your mum.

  18. Anonymous12:38 PM

    That breakfast looks disgusting, I bet it was cold as well. I wouldn’t have thought it was hard to give you a choice of meal, even 2 options would be nice for the price that you pay for the room. Chin up your regular followers know why you are there and the hoops you have to jump through to get there

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Forgot to sign my name sorry
      Lunch look much more palatable


  19. Anonymous1:01 PM

    What is it with people who think they can bully a person, especially amid covid and a person who has a desperately sick family member. Couldn’t get any lower, they are a knuckle dragging swamp pig. Jo x

  20. Hugs u dont need this shit with everything else. Oh my god u will need go buy complete new wardrobe when u get out of there u be loosing kilos...what part of healthy diet and diabetic diet is that dogs dinner.

  21. Sandy in the USA1:53 PM

    Awww as if you don't have enough to deal with. That food looks terrible, absolutely sub par. Glad you were able to order in some decent grub to keep your spirits up. Don't even entertain the effing trolls, they are everywhere in life and get off by making other people miserable. I hope your mum is feeling well today, the 5 generations pic you posted is amazing. You'll soon be out of 'prison' so keep your chin up. At least you have a fairly entertaining view. xx

  22. Oh Chris, I feel for you. I know you're particularly crabby when you post a cat for nite nite!!!!
    I know they have to cater for many people but seriously that is just awful. And to not have a microwave in this day and age is ludicrous. At least your kiwi ingenuity won through and and you got a yummy toasted sanga.

  23. That lunch looks good. I hope you were at least able to eat the bottom bun. I would love the spice, but perhaps putting it on the side would be nice. I might have to wait until tomorrow to see the dinner item. I am getting sleepy.As for the weird sausage breakfast. .... I don't care for breakfast food. I prefer last nights dinner for breakfast. Pizza, tacos, lasagna. Yumm!

  24. Email all the pics to nz news media that outta raise a few eyebrows!
    Chin up girl you got this look forward to tonight’s updates and any other motorway news

  25. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Hang in the Chris, agree with Blondie, send photos to the Aus and NZ media add your specific dietary needs were explained and the fact that you are travelling on extreme compassionate grounds it is not a trip for recreation.
    Has the person who knowing your situation phoned back so that you have a phsycologist/councillor to talk to, mental health is so important.
    Truely, prison and army food would be better than what is provided, discussing.
    It would depressing for everyone to be provided with that excuse for food and 7.30pm dinner delivery!!
    Distract yourself with a pod cast, movie or jigsaw.
    You are coping better than I could.
    Your reader's are here for you.

  26. I wonder if by saying low carb they only have that option? I hope you complain again - perhaps don't pay them all the money at the end? I hope you enjoy the burger !!!

  27. Chris, there are no words! The food is getting worse if that’s possible. You’re doing so well, I feel so very sorry for you 😢😢 enjoy your burger. Day 6 tomorrow. Hope you sleep better tonight

  28. Be thankfully at least there is food,crappy it may be but better than none at all.THE OLD MOO.

    1. When you're paying $3000AU you expect better than that!

  29. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I agree with linda maybe because you have said low carb they think that is all they can give you. I would call them again as that catering is just so rubbish and I would want to tell them!

    That burger and chips looked so good!


  30. Glad your meal was yummy, treat yourself for Dinner everyday, it will,help,a little bit to get you through this quarantine

  31. Glad the burger and chips was delicious 😋

  32. I am relieved that you can order alternative food from the Hotel Restaurant. That helps. It adds to the expense but at least it's an option! It's weird that every single dinner has been a stew of some sort. And it looks like the same stew. Why not make burgers or lasagna, or chicken for dinner?

  33. Oh my God that food is disgusting. I agree with other comments, send pics to the newspapers or TV stations, that might get more action than complaining to the people supplying the food. I assume you have to pay through the nose for it, so it would be nice if there was a choice from a limited menu. Hugs to you all the way from Canada.

  34. Hmm maybe that's part of the program, they deliver disgusting food so then you are forced to order from the hotel and spend more money.

  35. Maybe you shouldn't have said "no bread or carbs"... Hope things improve soon xx

  36. Chris, EWWWWWWW, those sausage penis things look so gross!
    Since I live in the US, I totally don't get this whole stupid hotel quarantine thing. I get why you have to quarantine, but why is the hotel treating you so shitty!!! Did you have choice of hotels? The whole food thing is complete bullshit. It's like they are purposely giving you exactly what you tell them you don't want!! Can you refuse to pay for it, or was it all part of the deal?
    Here is my other question: I didn't see the comment that upset you, but from reading everyone else's replies about it, I'm guessing some ass-hole is picking at you for traveling? Why? All of your blog fans know you are trying to go to your mum for God's sake! Is this some person that sends crappy comments to you on a regular basis? Sheesh!!!!! Why would she read the blog if she doesn't like it?
    Anyway, this will be over soon. I know it must be expensive, but if you can, try to order some food from some place so you won't get depressed!! And just keep tossing their's!


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