Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Good Morning.

I have this picture to start the day off:

ABOVE:  I've worked out that's approximately where my room is.  I'm in the heart of the city, very busy and bustling.  Such a shame I can't get out and look around.

ABOVE:  That is a HUGE new building being constructed right opposite the hotel I'm in. 

ABOVE:  It's interesting watching the guys working on it.... they look like little flouro ants!  Man they must have an amazing head for heights!

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I moved some furniture in the room.

ABOVE:  So, in the original set up, this writing desk was out from the wall, and you sat with your back to the window.

ABOVE:  The first thing I did was shove it up against the far wall... so that I could look out the window while sitting at the computer.

ABOVE: The next adjustment was to move the bed much closer to the window, so there was more 'room' to move and walk around.

ABOVE: now there is a big area in the 'middle' of the room for walking and exercising.

ABOVE:  Before I moved shit, it only took 10 steps from the door to the writing desk.  Now, I can walk forward, take a swing to the left, loop around and continue to the far wall and it takes me 20 steps!
So 40 steps to go from the door, to the other end of the room, and back.  I'm happy with that.

I'm also going to be doing self weight exercises... god help my knees!  And arms.  Pressing against the wall (like a push up, only standing up).  And lunges, squats, sit ups (fook, only joking about the sit ups!). 😋😂😆 

I have checked out Leslie Sansome's workout videos.  There's heaps to choose from, so will certainly be doing some, and in fact I did one yesterday.

I'm in for a real treat today.  I get my first Covid-19 test!  I have to be tested on Day 2 and Day 10. I'm pretty sure I ain't got it, but any International travel is risky, so I'm only too happy to get tested, be cleared, and after Quarantine, head off to Mum's.
I don't know when they will be testing me, anytime between 9 and 4. So, a big window.

I am going to use this today:

ABOVE:  Yep, my room has a bath! (also has a shower)  I bought two bath bombs and a bubble bath block with me.  I might indulge once I've had my Covid-19 test.  I wish now I'd bought more, but wasn't sure there would be a bath.  I will get more once I'm in Coffs Harbour.

Mum has a bath.


ABOVE:  I may be stuck in a room on my own for two weeks, with only Covid tests to look forward to (and human interaction)... but I've decided not to let myself become a sloth.
So, the face went on today.  
I'm not going to fall apart at the seams and go all feral!  😂😆😉

And, it's 7.27 am.  No breakfast yet, they don't deliver it until between 8-9 am.  So, I just booked my flight to Coffs Harbour!
One step closer.
I get out of here on Sept. 22nd, but will stay one more night as flights don't work out time wise with my 'release'.

I'll either stay here for one more night or get a motel room closer to the airport.  My flight is at 11.15 am... so I should be at Mum and Ron's by early afternoon.

7.45 am: BREAKFAST!

ABOVE:  Yeah!  I'm so much happier with this meal.  I'm not a huge fan of Greek Yogurt but hell... I might even eat it later for a snack.
Loving the bananas... they are not yet ripe, just how I like them.

This meal gets a happy, healthy 9/10.  It loses a point for the tea and coffee thingees!  Ikkk. 😉

I just got another duck in the row.
When I get released from this hotel, I am catching a taxi to a motel which is literally next door to the airport.
That way I don't have to worry about getting across Sydney city in rush hour traffic, on the morning of my flight to Coffs Harbour.

I'm feeling very accomplished! lol
Thank god for my laptop, I can't imagine how flustered I would have got trying to do all this on my phone!  OMG fook that.

10.30 am:  and guess what just turned up? 

ABOVE:  My DIET COKE!  I'm safe from dehydration and turning into a prune now!!!
The grapes are lovely too.
I've got a nice little stash of fruit and stuff building up.

NEXT ...  10.42 am:  And the nurses arrived to do my very first Covid-19 test.
They swabbed the back of my throat and BOTH bloody nostrils!  OMG was not fun at all.
I gagged with the throat one, and up the nose?  

Certainly uncomfortable, but worth it for the freedom it will give me in 12 days.

11.45 am:  Lunch arrived.
After talking to the catering company last night, I was sure lunch would be 'diabetic friendly'...

ABOVE:  It is clearly stated on my food bag eh?

ABOVE:  A cup of noodle soup with THREE tiny pieces of chicken, ONE piece of broccoli and a few little pieces of seaweed?  OH!  I just saw some corn in there too!  If I could be bothered I'd count the kernels... there looks to be about SIX.
And the bread roll?  Really thick BREAD.   I don't mind bread now and then, but not for every meal. 

And don't even get me started on the damn water, I asked them NOT to give me friggin water, it's just gunna be thrown in the bin, along with all those damn noodles.

I am really disappointed.  The bread roll will probably become my dinner.  I'm gunna save it for then, in case Dinner is utter shit again.

So, today's lunch gets a disappointing 4/10.

I am now going to watch a movie on Netflix.

Oh and I had a lovely chat with me Mum just before lunch arrived too.  She's doing good today, and is looking forward to seeing the girls ... the baby again. 

2.30 pm:  And I've just had a lovely video chat with Mum and family visiting her, got to see baby Ardie too.  He's damn cute.

Then I chatted with Lacy, then Brylee.

KNOCK on the door.  Bit too early to be dinner.  I opened me door to a puzzle page on the little table, and this:

ABOVE:  The cutest little cupcake from the hotel!  I ate it.  It's not going to ruin my appetite for (god help me)...  dinner. 

AND NOW... I'm gunna have that long awaited bubble bath.

5.03 pm:  Well my bubble bath was WONDERFUL.  I'm now watching Coronation Street... BLISS.

No dinner arrival yet.  I'm prepared to be surprised... OR NOT.

I just got a phone call from management here in the hotel, inquiring how I was finding my stay, was I lonely, how is the food?  LOL.   So I told her what was happening, how I'm being given far too many carbs and am starting to actually get hungry!
So she said she was going to talk to 'someone' and would get back to me.
Wow.  I might just end up getting heaps of salads, which I would LOVE.

Dinner arrived at 7 pm.  By then I was actually very hungry and thinking about eating the bread roll from lunch!

ABOVE:  This was dinner!  Way too much food... I think they were over compensating.  But... I ate the meat dish and half those veges.
The yogurt and fruit will be for snacks tomorrow or the next day.

The meat dish was a chicken curry, fairly HOT, but as I was really hungry I ate it all!  And as it wasn't over rice, I think I got way more than what would have normally been given.

I'm giving this dinner a firm 10/10.  Very thankful to finally have a good dinner.

And now I shall wrap up my day.  


  1. I like the room adjustments! Hope the Covid test isnt too nasty. Do they do the nasal probe? You may want to try some EASY yoga. EASY EASY. Not "push-up" or anything. It's good exercise and stretches muscles nicely. You could even do "chair yoga" or something.
    What about breakfast? Did we get a report yet?

    1. Its only 7 am here, and breakfast isn't due till between 8 - 9. I'm not holding my breath for anything edible.

  2. So glad things are going well.

    I was stuck in a hotel for several weeks once, so I can relate. But we could get out and walk.

    Pilates trick - do lie downs instead of sit ups. Sit on the ground with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Lower yourself slowly to the ground. You can hang on to back of your thighs. You can put a Towel or t-shirt around your legs if holding something helps. Do not hold your knee joint/knee cap. Then return to a seated position any way you can, including rolling to your side and pushing yourself up with an arm, etc. then lie down slowly again.
    Lying down slowly uses the same muscles as sitting up, but is easier for a lot of people.

    1. Now that sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip Vickie.

    2. Definitely Pilates moves, they are really good at building core strength. Check out some videos to make sure you are doing them correctly so you don't injure yourself and you get the best from them. The movements are smaller & slower even Pilates setup are controlled , you don't "Jackie Chan" your self off the floor :-).

      Planks are also good, you can start off by holding for 30 seconds & add a bit each day. Remember to keep back straight, head straight & hold tummy in. If you get a sore back, yoga "cat/cow" is great to relive that.

  3. Glad your making yourself semi comfortable... bet ya can't wait to start ya puzzle.. love you 💙💙

    1. nah, I'm not bored enough yet! Quite enjoying just blogging, facebooking, video chatting and so on.

  4. Good on you for moving the furniture. If your going to be stuck in there for 2 weeks on your own you may as well make the room work for you! Enjoy your bath later there is nothing better than a nice uninterrupted bath with a bath bomb x

  5. Thats a great breakfast option with bits you can hold onto for a snack later like the bananas and yoghurt!

  6. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Hi you are looking good!! If you want to look around Sydney...or anywhere just go to google maps and you can drive yourself around the do it for various places I am interested in looking at in more could also get the Wordament app on your phone it is very addictive...whiles away the hours.


  7. I like my bananas the same way. Intersting you have Sultana Bran while we in North America have Raisin Bran.

  8. Anonymous11:19 AM

    haha oml I almost weeeee'ed myself reading how your not going to go feral lol 😂 🤣 💋
    #Lacy 💙

  9. Hi Chris just had a lovely talk to you on the phone! Here whenever you need to talk.xx

    1. It was lovely talking to you Chick. Thanks.

  10. No idea how to do this.

  11. I did it!
    And I promise I won't keep spamming your comments.

  12. Kiwionholidays1:28 PM

    Talk about ducks in a row lol
    You are so well organised n only 12 days to go

    Awesome planning and making the best of a bad situation quarantine that is

    Cheers 🥂

  13. Hi Chris,
    I'm enjoying the quarantine posts as much as your regular blog posts. One of these days, I would love to know how you keep that attitude of yours! You are always so strong! You do things that make you happy, you enjoy your life, you don't get all over upset with your kids. I think you are a real inspiration. Oh, and
    did I mention that you are fucking hilarious? Oops, sorry about the language. You're going to do just fine in quarantine. But if you get bored, go back to your Sept. 5th blog post and see if you can find the naked fairy that I saw in the blue painting. As I said in the comments that day, it can't be just me! Somebody else must surely see it! LOL
    Anyway, you're great!

    1. I have looked for that bloody fairy for far too long already. You will have to point it out to me... location? Top/bottom/middle/left/right/ bla bla bla.

  14. Hi Chris, seems you’re making the best of a bad situation, so far so good. Shame about your inedible food. Not sure if you are paying for you’re forced quarantine? Surely if you are you’d have access to food menu choices. Catering for the 1,000s in quarantine would be a nightmare I’d expect. It’s sad that so much food could end up not eaten and thrown away when not only are there starving people in developing nations throughout our world but the many homeless people in our cities who would see that food as gourmet. Keep your chin up, and be kind to yourself

    1. Yes Rhonda, I and everyone else in Quarantine is paying for the accommodation and food. It's the price we pay for being allowed to come here for whatever reason. At least when I get home to New Zealand I won't have to pay as I have traveled for compassionate reasons. I don't like throwing food out of course, but seriously, its horrible... and I am used to healthy, tasty meals at home. I never thought for one minute the meals would be so... disappointing.

    2. Oh and NO, there is no menu! You get what you are given. Bit of a bugger if you can't eat it at all due to cultural or personal/medical reasons.

    3. Oh Chris that is disgraceful and you have every right to voice how unhappy you are. I’m beyond angry for you 🤬🤬🤬🤬 I know it’s probably not important to you now at the moment with all you are going through, but perhaps when it’s all over a formal letter of complaint would be in order! And a bloody refund for the payment of inedible food!

    4. As you are paying for quarantine, you are entitled to 1) decent food and 2) any restrictions/requirements catered to i.e diabetes friendly or low carb. Keep complaining until they get it right.

  15. Hi Chris, I have never commented on your blog but I read it many, many times a day! Loving your quarantine posts!! I read Laura's message about the fairy in the painting and went to have a look - the minute I looked, there she was. She's a great addition, she's beautiful!

    1. Hi there Paula! Thanks for the comment ... and where the hell is that fairy???

    2. I don't want to spoil the fun too much, but take a look on the right hand side in the middle of the painting. I just hope that I am seeing the same fairy as Laura - it would be hilarious if there was more than one.

    3. Ok, I think I did this right this time. I had just sent you directions to the fairy, and I hit delete instead of publish!!! So...close your open, and look directly in the center, now move directly to the right. She's not real big, but she is standing sideways with her back kind of arched so her boobies stick out. Her hair is flowing, and you can see the curve of her backside. Her head is tilted up so her nose sticks out a bit, but hey, not every fairy can be perfect. You can see one of her wings. I think she's kind of mysterious, as far as fairies go. Be sure to shout out if you find her!! Who knows, maybe this little naked fairy you un-knowingly created is a good luck kinda thing!!

    4. I absolutely can see the fairy - I also saw the face in the other painting!

  16. Anonymous4:36 PM

    They will be legally required to give the water. Why not just drink it?! Or order some cordial stuff or lemons to mix it with from the supermarket

    1. YOU really don't know me do you? I'll leave it at that.

  17. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Your eyes are such a bright pretty blue. Certainly look amazing when you wear blue. My mum has moved into a rest home and has to be on isolation for 2 weeks cause shes been in hospital. Thankful she can still have nurses popping in. Thinking of you. Karen j

  18. So i am sure we are all dying to know.................How was dinner?!

  19. OMG... so excited to see dinner... :)

    1. Ha ha i was too! It looked much better to me!

  20. That dinner looked like something I'd enjoy! Glad it was edible and not full of carbs. I'm enjoying your updates, thanks. Day three tomorrow, the time will pass before you know it. Oh, good choice staying near the airport before your flight - I've done that too and it takes away a lot of stress.

  21. Good evening chuck glad your dinner was better and you got Diet Coke! Your so hilarious moving furniture at home and on holiday lol

  22. My college daughter said she wishes they would test both nostrils, Odd as that sounds. She said she feels very uneven with just one side. The kids call that test the brain scrape.

    Someone in the kitchen might be saying - we can’t give this poor woman salad for every meal. So it might help (even though I know you can’t order) to tell them to give you salad (on the side) lunch and dinner. You could eat the evening protein on your salad, with many things. Or eat it on side.

    Can you leave the water bottle on your outside table? Staff might take it.

  23. Looks like you are all settled in comfy cosy. You might as well move things about if it gives you more room to move. By the time they get the food sorted out proper you might just be on your way. Take care. Good luck with your test results.

  24. Well you at least got some veggies for the last one!


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