Thursday, September 24, 2020


 Today I'm hoping to get out to the supermarket.

While there is plenty of food here, I want to make lots of dinners that are tasty and filling for all of us.

Mum seems to have a very good appetite, and certainly perks up when she gets her dinner.

This is great.

ABOVE:  Yesterday, flying out of Sydney and can you believe it?  We flew right over where I'd been staying in Quarantine!   I could see the hotel and the big building being constructed, and the ferris wheel.  Made me smile.

Can you see them?

ABOVE:  Mum and Ron's home is built on the side of a big ridge, which Rob has terraced, it has  many levels.  This is the front lawn!  It's like a golf course green... immaculate.

ABOVE: The night view ... sadly not the best photo.  It's very pretty too.  The lights twinkle.   I really love it.

I don't have much else to report right now... so I'll catch ya later.


9 am:  And Mum has slept all night long, which is wonderful.

She's still snoozing in fact... but slowly rousing.

Once she's more awake and 'with it' I shall leave her and Ron for  a little while, and go do some grocery shopping.

12.16 pm: And Mum has decided to spend today sleeping.  She's comfortable, and that is all the matters.

Grocery shopping can wait... staying with Mum is more important right now.

12.50 pm: And just like that, she's awake and being herself again.

ABOVE:  Can you see the Kookaburra in the tree?  There's so many different birds here.  They are lovely to watch.

3.22 pm:  And I have driven for the first time ever in Australia!  And I didn't get lost.
I got some groceries in and now Mum is enjoying some lovely fresh fruit, caramel mousse and a muffin!

Dinner tonight was some macaroni cheese with onions and bacon.  I don't really have much of an appetite.  Mum has managed a few mouthfuls.
I made far too much, as per usual. But bonus!  I can freeze three extra meals of Mac cheese now. 😉😋

I am exhausted ... it's been a long, trying day.  I will call it a night here and see ya tomorrow.

Oh and just a word of warning.
There may be some days where I hardly blog at all.  Please know I would love to do more, but circumstances dictate where I spend my time.
MUM first and foremost.


  1. Their lawn is beautiful! I bet you could all do with some good home cooked meals! Enjoy!

  2. Sydney is the best city in the world!!!!.... and the prettiest xxxxxxx

  3. What a beautiful part of the world.

  4. Morning Mum, cold and raining here.. Keera did her cross country yesterday, and Rena had her Frazer interview, went well...

  5. I do see the bird! It took a minute!

  6. What a beautiful garden ... you can definitely tell how much love and care has been put into it. Such a gorgeous tranquil setting. I hope your Mum is having a good day.

  7. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Gosh what a beautiful place 😍 just mowed the lawns now it's bucketing down typical spring weather 🙄 steak and our first feed of asparagus tonight yummo!! Hi to Ron and THE OLD MOO George's Mum.

  8. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Hi I love kookaburras...looks so beautiful where your mother and Ron live..

    Take care


  9. Kiwionholidays4:35 PM

    What a fab update from Mum n Ron’s

    The peaceful look of their property is amazing and would’ve been many days n months of work and now you get to enjoy it as well with them

    Love the views and neat to slow down now and enjoy the time with them too,

    Sounds like all the families back home are going great as well 💐💐💐

    Love the kookaburra.they are such happy birds 🦅 along with others

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Good to hear mum had a good nights sleep- and part of the day as well. Love watching the birds when I am in Australia.

  11. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Night Ma 💙
    we all love You and Granny and Ron very much
    #Lacy 💙

  12. yes, first and foremost is mum.
    Enjoy and take care

  13. Loves to everyone 💙

  14. Mom is of course the most important part of your day. Take care.


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