Friday, September 04, 2020


 Friday. Stew is extremely happy about that.

He is hanging out for the weekend.  It's been a long, busy week.

Like me, he kept thinking it was further on in the week, when it wasn't.  Don't ya hate that?

Bex is coming around today... she's going to do my vacuming.  

Then we shall muck around in the studio... she will be running my market while I'm away, so I want to show her what I want her and Stew to take, how to display it ... bla bla bla.

The boys will be here too as it's a 'Teacher Only Day' at their school, so that will be lovely.

I have one painting ready for cleaning and varnishing, and two due to have their hanging string put on, then they will be totally finished.

So... I will get them done this morning.

I will take a photo of the other two painting I did yesterday to show you... later.


So... one of the painting I did yesterday is a dud.  I am going to scrap all the paint off and let it dry, the canvas can be reused another day.

I kinda knew it was a dud the minute I had 'finished' it.  

OMG it's cold this morning!  We were supposed to have a -2 degree frost, but I can't see any sign of it.  Just COLD.

ABOVE: Yet another pink shrub!  This one is probably the worst yet... as it's so pale and insipid.  One day I will rip it out and put something bright and vibrant there. IN FRIGGIN BLUE.

ABOVE:  Lounge cushions being used to create a 'fort'.  😏  Smiling for Great Grandma.

ABOVE: I bought this rock online a couple of weeks ago.  It's a Labradorite.  In the sun it shines an amazing blue!  I'm taking it to Aussy with me, cos it's so pretty.  It isn't big, it fits in the palm of my hand easily.

I forgot to mention!  Steve and Bex called in this afternoon.  They had been at a park with the boys and stopped in with a piece of Caramel Slice for my afternoon tea! Wasn't that lovely.

4.20 pm:  And I just did my final painting in this round.  Time to pack it all up, and put it away until I come home from Australia.  It's been fun.
This last painting came out EXACTLY as I wanted it to!
Once it's settled I'll take a photo to show you. Probably tomorrow.

For now... it's time to sort out dinner, and get the washing in off the line.  
Ha ha, I just yelled at Brylee and asked her to get in the washing.  
She needs to start pulling her weight, particularly while I'm away from home.

End of the day, a good day today.  Got quite a bit done and sorted out for when I'm away.
Nice evening, another visit from Bex and the Boys.  Steve was at a friend's place playing cards.

Time to say...


  1. So cold up here. It was about 3 when i left or work at 6.45. I had frostiness on the windscreen this morning!! Sitting under the aircon vent too... freezing. ❄❄

  2. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I love pink azaleas.

  3. There sure was a frost here in Matarangi! Freezing. Gorgeous day now of course. I love that pale pink shrub, don't pull it out... just plant some blue (or bright) nearby to compliment it. Not long now, my goodness you will miss your Stew - there will be tears but at least you can keep in contact easily.

  4. That looks like an azalea. Like Lynda suggested why not plant some blue lobelia near it?
    I have a beautiful labradorite ring. It is such a pretty stone.

  5. Kiwionholidays3:40 PM

    Fab pic of the wee guys they look so comfy n cute,,

    , lil one like Bex n older one like Steve

    That rock is stunning never seen one like that before

    Beautiful weather today so lotsa catchup stuff outside,,
    Purple n mauves n blues my faves as well but that pretty pink one,,,, Lynda had a great idea

    Those pinks n blues will live together happily ,,

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    It's gona be algds Ma, got Me and Bex & Steve just down the road, as crazy as I can be...well you no 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  7. Looks like your weekend is off to a lovely start. Hope the weather warms for you.

  8. This adventure of yours is going to be fascinating. What will Stew and Brylee do without you? It's going to be so different for the three of you. Especially them. Because their lives will remain the same for the most part, so it will seem strange that you are away. But EVERYTHING in your world will be different. Especially your solitary confinement.


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