Thursday, September 03, 2020


 I'm off to get a few groceries in today.

Smaller packs of meat for just Brylee and Stew, cos I won't be here soon.

Just another thing to get sorted... getting the ducks in a row.

Here's what I did to painting # 2 from yesterday:

ABOVE:  It looks absolutely NOTHING like how it started life!  I love it. Not sure what to call it ... I've already got 'Happy Accident' taken!


After the grocery shopping, I'm going to make another 1 or 2 paintings.  They are such fun to do.

Today I'm gunna try a 'Dutch Pour'... yet another technique I've not tried yet.  Gosh there's so many ways to do this 'Acrylic Pour' painting.



ABOVE: How is THAT for getting as close as possible to the dog's pen!!!

I couldn't even fit my hand down between the car and the wood.  Whoops!  Just a bit too close I think.  I need to adjust the hanging tennis ball so I'm not that close again.

10.40 am:  And that's it, my last grocery shop here for a while.

It's all unpacked and put away now... so I'm going to take a break for a little while before preparing paint for the next painting.

Doing that is what takes the most time believe it or not.  Mixing, stirring, getting the balances right. Choosing what colours to use also takes time.  It's not all just hit and miss.

Though in saying that, as a learner, sometimes it is!

12.50 pm:  And I had a nice visit from Bex after I got home with the groceries.  Shame she arrived too late to help put them away.  😕

After she left I got on with doing another painting.

ABOVE:  Step 1.  Prep the canvas and paints to use.

ABOVE:  Step 2.  Apply paint to canvas.

ABOVE: Step 3.  Do ya thing to it!  And wait.  Cos more shit can happen, and depending on what sorta shit happens, you might have to dick around with it a bit.  😂😄😅😏

And THAT is the beauty of abstract paintings.  All sorts of things can happen, and they will either be amazing, or a total balls up and ya have to start again.

I just finished my 2nd and 3rd paintings of the day!  I kinda got on a roll.  And it kills time, while being highly enjoyable.

Probably time I cleaned up and thought about dinner prep now. 

7 pm:  Dinner was very nice tonight. Pork Riblets, Hash Browns and baked beans.  Gunna fart all day tomorrow!  lol

I'm winding down for the day, looking forward to Coronation Street later.  


  1. I thought you got that close on purpose. Maybe to keep your car out of the way while you are gone. If that was an accident - it was a happy one! As far as naming the paintings, no clue. They are all very cool, and they all seem like happy accidents. Now, i need to go back and look at yesterdays version of it.

    1. Nope they are not all 'accidents '. Some planning goes into them I assure you. 🤣😊

  2. "Whaddafookisit" name for the painting? Loving them :-) Saw a camper that had the name "Wederfukawe" you can guess where the painting name come from.

  3. Your painting reminds me of the water in a lagoon I saw a while how about Blue Lagoon.

    yep, might pay to adjust that tennis ball again !!

  4. I saw an old face in your painting the very first thing! I looked again, and there it is! The entire forehead, nose, lips, chin whiskers...even hair blowing off to the upper right hand corner. Take a look, I'm sure you will see it. It is a profile view, upper right hand side of the painting facing to the left, where there is an alien looking out of the painting, with holes for eyes.
    I like the face. It has wise wrinkles, maybe a little Oriental looking.

    1. I looked and looked and could not see it! All day I kept looking. And now? After dinner... THERE IT IS! Our brains are programmed to 'find' faces in anything... so I'm not surprised you saw it.

  5. Kiwionholidays12:42 PM

    Love the way the last pic came out,,
    They are all pretty special cos never will two come out the same

    Mauve n purples among my faves 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I would call the top painting just "splash"! It must be so interesting watching them come to life.

  7. that last one looks like a seahorse!

  8. definitely my favourite painting (the last one).... blues and pinks always look nice I think and I love the shape xxxx

  9. Nice paintings, the second one is especially nice. Take care.


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