Wednesday, September 09, 2020


 Today is 'officially' DAY ONE of my Quarantine.  My get out of here day/time will be September 22nd in the afternoon.

So one of the first things I will do today is find out when I can catch a flight to Coffs Harbour... it might have to be on the 23rd of September, depending on when flights go to Coffs Harbour from Sydney.  I will find out.

Now... here's a few photos I took yesterday:

ABOVE:  The VIRTUALLY EMPTY plane!  There were 30 passengers and about 10 flight crew on board.

ABOVE:  Leaving New Zealand... that is the mouth of the Manukau Harbour.

ABOVE:  First view of Sydney, Australia.

ABOVE:  Coming in to land... landing is the worst bit I've decided.

ABOVE:  This was cool.  I watched the progress of our plane all the way over the Tasman Sea.  That's my plane ... about to land.

ABOVE:  This is where I'm staying.  Sadly, I don't have a good view AT ALL.  But hey... at least my room has a window.  I'm sure there's plenty that don't.

Exercise?  Well, I'm not allowed to set foot outside my room AT ALL, so I'm going to set myself an exercise routine... one that involves various stretches, cardio 'on the spot' stuff and so on.  I haven't counted how many steps I can do from one end of my room to the other YET... but I will. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜  IT'S... NOT... MANY!

NOW:  I know ya all want to see me room, the view and whatever else I can show you... but you will have to wait.
I'm going to eeek it out over the next few days... cos shit, what else am I going to show you?

Today you might be lucky and see ... ONE thing in the room! 
Shit this is gunna be fun... (for me).  I have NOTHING else to do right?

That's all for now... I'll be back later.


After last night's horrible dinner, I'm hoping breakfast is 100% better!  A blogger friend here told me that the food and lack of quality has been mentioned on the news here!  Sheesh, I hope it isn't going to be that bad.

I can order food from 'outside' once a day, or from the hotel's Dining Menu if it really is awful I suppose.  But then I have to pay for it. *sigh*

Some confusion abounds re: time.
My phone switched over automatically to Aussy time, but my computer didn't.  So sometimes I'm saying it's like, 4 pm and in fact it's only 2 pm here in Sydney!  I just have to remember my computer is on NEW ZEALAND time!

From now on, if I mention a time, it will be in AUSSY TIME.

So, right now it's 7.44 am, and breakfast has not arrived yet.
I've been up since about 5 am.  My new 'normal' overnight is I wake up about every two hours.
Check the time.  Check emails.  Go back to sleep.  Repeat.
A bit frustrating.

Now, I said my view was a bit suckful eh?  Well it's not THAT BAD... it could be worse!

ABOVE:  View to the right...

ABOVE:  View straight ahead...

ABOVE:  View to the left.

I can see 'part' of Darling Harbour waterfront.  At night I can see the ferris wheel going around and some of the light attractions.  If I was one or two stories higher I'd see it all.  But I'm in a 
standard room (Superior Room), so yeah, less than perfect view.

BUT.... it's a busy view!  I can see lots going on.  I actually like it!

8.01 am:  And breakfast arrived.

ABOVE:  This is what greets you when you open your door.  A table (DON'T FRIGGIN' MOVE IT OR ELSE!)... and a paper bag with food in it.

ABOVE:  Today's breakfast.  Looks good?  There was ham under the baked beans. The hash browns looked nice.  The tomato was the size of a teaspoon, it made me laugh!
But... IT.  WAS.  COLD.
So, it get's a solid 5/10.

Now I'm wondering, what will lunch be like?
This might be the highlight of my days.... what's the food gunna be like ???  πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

A little alarmed this morning... I got a phone call from my niece, she's staying in Coffs Harbour right now, visiting THE OLD MOO.
Well, THE OLD MOO had to go back to hospital last night with 'break out pain'.
I'm assured she will MOST LIKELY be allowed home later on today.
It's a juggling act getting her pain medication sorted out... but Shelley will do that.
So, panic over.  Phew.

8.46 am:  Who would be surprised to learn I've just MOVED some furniture in me room?  LOL
I will show you what I moved... TOMORROW.

Yesterday when I arrived into this room I really had a low moment (or two).  Bawled me eyes out in fact.
So near yet so far still to being with my Mum.
But today I'm feeling a lot better.

I'm so thankful I bit the bullet and bought a laptop to bring with me.
I am listening to all my music and I can blog, catch up with everyone, video chat and so on.
Thank god I got it!  I'm sitting here bopping to me music, contemplating checking out a walking programme.

Here is a really lovely bonus to today's post:

ABOVE:  There is my Mum, meeting her first GREAT GREAT GRANDCHILD, little Ardie.  Ardie is 6 weeks old.   

And yes, he is named after our All Black rugby player, Ardie Savea!  The Daddy is a rugby fan obviously.  

Such a perfect day they had yesterday, Mum got to hold and dote on little Ardie for a good long time.  Having the girls there (Granddaughter's etc) was just an added bonus to the baby really.

Mum just loves babies, like me.

10.30 am:  And I've just caved in and put a sweatshirt on!  I have the air con on 26 C, and it's bloody cold in my room!
I'm wondering if it's a faulty air conditioning unit?  Here I was worried I'd be too hot.  Pfffft.
It's raining outside.  A very overcast day.  

And just like that, I have solved the air con problem.  I turned it off!  Now it's much warmer in the room.  No draft.  I friggin hate a draft.

Lunch today:

ABOVE:  And OH wow... what a difference!  It was just lovely!  I had the Pesto Wrap for lunch and an hour later I had the salad.  Both were so nice.  
It's good they are not adding sweet things to the packs!  I am missing something sweet, but I sure don't need it.
So, today's lunch gets a solid 10/10.

I'm now going to do a few exercises, even though I really don't feel like it.  Has to be done.

4.39 pm:  And I just had my first video chat with Stew and Brylee.  Stew was cooking dinner, bearing in mind they are two hours ahead of Aussy time. It was so nice to see and talk to them.  Thank God for modern technology, enabling video chats!
I see Lacy just popped on... so I might go yak with her now.

5.59 pm:  And after yakking to Lacy, I yakked with Steve 'n' Bex.  
Then dinner arrived.

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner.  Beef stew, slightly better than last nights, over pasta!  Who the fuck puts beef and gravy over pasta?  SO... MUCH... PASTA!

I ate the meat, left the pasta. The bun was STALE, didn't eat it. 

The salad was exactly the same as last night, only bigger pieces of tomato... all two pieces of it,  4 thin slices of cucumber, lots of carrot and leaves.

ABOVE:  And what the hell was this?  It was soft, TOTALLY dry and tasteless.  I have no idea what it was supposed to be!  Didn't eat that either.

ABOVE:  Anyone want some pasta?  NO?  Right.  In the bin it goes.

Tonight's dinner gets a resounding 3/10.
The catering company should be damn well fired.

Very disappointed, and if tomorrow's dinner is this bad I will be ordering in.

So... I was so incensed by the dinner, I rang and talked to the catering company.  I told them exactly what I thought of their food, and said tonight's and last night's dinners went in the bin.  So... I've asked for NO CARBS, cos I don't want my meals to be 80% friggin carbs!  AND I told her the 'dessert' was disgusting too.  Might as well be honest right?  The poor girl was very diplomatic, I'll give her that.

I wonder if many people have complained?  Surely I'm not the only one.  Can't be.  Cos that food is disgusting.
Two weeks of that?  NO FREAKIN' WAY.

Oh and she told me last night's meal was LAMB!  Lamb my arse.  It was beef, dried up, over cooked beef. Grrrrr.

And ya know what?  There ends DAY ONE of Quarantine.
I'm gunna lie in bed and watch something on Netflix.


  1. Good morning!! Don't worry about the food, look on it as two weeks of eating less. I'm glad you are there safe and sound, it must feel pretty weird to be there but not able to go for a walk etc. Don't forget your Coronation Street. I presume you have good internet so that at least will keep you occupied.

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Look up Leslie Sansone walking workouts on YouTube

  3. I hope the bed is comfortable! I think I'd feel a bit mad not being able to go out of the room for 2 weeks but if I had my sewing machine it might not be too bad lol

  4. Good morning Chris, I also recommend the Leslie Sansone workouts on YouTube. Sorry the food is not so good so far but at least you now have the option as your proved yesterday of getting some snacks in via your Woolworths account if it comes to it. If your feeling bored and want to occupy yourself with some coronation street i recommend getting a VPN and logging in to the ITV HUb app in the UK as coronation street goes back to 6 days a week there next week and there only 1 episode ahead of us :)

    1. Hi Tania, no need for a VPN, episodes are screened on, it's where I've watched it now for a couple of years - episodes are posted right after they are shown in UK! I can't wait until they are back to six episodes a week though.

    2. Hey Lynda, Thanks for that I am going to cancel the VPN now and watch them on Daily Motion! I cant wait for it to be back to 6 either!!

    3. Tania, go to this link

      They are all in order there. If some don't play then type in the search box "Coronation Street 7th September 2020" or whatever date the episode aired in UK. That will bring up loads of links for that episode. I also use Adblock so don't get any adverts through it!

      CHRIS: I was just going to say - have you moved the furniture yet and YOU HAVE!! LOL.

  5. Maria9:40 AM

    Above is a youtube video of a walking/dance exercise to do inside. It might be helpful.
    Also order some food from coles online to be delivered, don't pay for hotel food.

  6. Morning Chris! I like the view too, will be interesting to see if you still like it in two weeks.

    Hope the food works out somehow. Like Christy my current reaction is 2 weeks would be lovely but I know it would be hard too. And I know I would need my computer, books, DVDs and TV, craft, decent coffee, food I could cope with.

    Best of luck, I'll be watching with interest. Are you allowed to receive parcels sent from the outside? I mean from friends in Australia ;-)

    1. Yes we are allowed 'Care Packages'. If you are inclined... my room is Number 319. BUT please don't feel obligated. I'm fine here... safe and sound.

  7. If looking for flights in Australia you might want to try Sorry if you already know that, just trying to help!

    1. Thanks Penny! I will certainly look at that site.

  8. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Hi I have walked to Leslie Sansome the 15 minute mile..its really could do it a couple of times a day..maybe.view looks ok....lots of life...


  9. Hey Chris, If you have Music and are bopping away to that anyway why not just have a good boogie in your room and get your exercise that way!

  10. Find an online Zumba class or something to help with the boredom. If nothing else, it'll give you a giggle! Do you have a microwave in the room to reheat the food?

    1. No microwave, it's deemed a 'fire hazard', so everyone in quarantine has to rely on what delivered the door, or order in. I do have a jug so could put boiling water in the bathroom sink and sit containers in it to warm them up! Didn't think of that before.

    2. Might have to do a Woolies online shop and get some 2 minute noodles or other soups you can warm up with boiling water in the sink!

  11. Kiwionholidays11:40 AM

    What a neat catchup on here today on your overnight stay and the lovely pics
    So happy Mum is looking so good and wee Ardie will brighten everyone
    S lives and days despite lockdown in lots of places
    Fab she has company till you get there,

    Love the update on the goings on down in Darling Harbour , such a busy place but where you are peace n quiet for wee while

    Awesome weather today so better go n get some more work done,
    Glad you got the laptop too a walking communication system right at your fingertips πŸŒ…

    Cheers πŸ₯‚

  12. Sadly the quality of the food seems to be a big issue in quarantine. Do you have a fridge? Could you order some cheese and biscuits from Woolies?
    Your view is certainly busy which will give you something to look at. I'd love to send a care package but I'm not allowed out of my house!! Hubby does the shopping and I can go for a walk once a day wearing a mask.
    If you get bored and would like to talk to someone new I'm happy to give you a call.

  13. Hopefully at least some of the food is okay. If it gets to be too consistently bad then let the staff know. I think you will get into a better sleeping routine after the first couple of days, at the moment is is all new & very overwhelming and I am not surprised you have had a wee meltdown - I would have had several by now.

  14. Also, re the air con - do you think it was set to "cool" and not "heat"? Hopefully you stay comfy now x

    1. I double checked, pretty sure a flame symbol means heat! lol I'm much happier now it's off.

  15. I love your view. We sometimes get hotels thru HOTWIRE, and you enter a low price and cross fingers to see if you got it. We often do - but it always has the same view. Into the parking ramp. You have an entire city scape complete with Ferris Wheel? And this is all free? That's actually pretty impressive. That Laptop will be used plenty and always. The best purchase you made in prep for this ordeal!

  16. Your lunch looked much better than the breakfast. Hopefully your dinner will be yummy as well. Great pics of your mom and the baby. They both looked very happy. Hoping your days pass quickly,so you can get to your Mom.

  17. Oooh you're going to emerge as a butterfly πŸ¦‹. Great pics of your mum... she looks so cute in that yellow... just makes you want to give her a hug πŸ’›

  18. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Glad lunch was a win, fingers crossed for dinner, Jo

  19. Day 1 almost done and dusted Chris😊.
    Your mum looking good bet it was so lovely to get the photos. Thinking of you all x

  20. Great photos of your mum and that happy little great-great.
    Hope your food improves. It should be something to look forward to during the day.
    Won't be long now. I'm sure the days will fly by

  21. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Very interesting to read about your hotel quarantine experience.
    Checked out how to heat food in a hotel room without an oven on youtube, heaps of ideas.
    Seems all you need is a roll of alfoil, and iron or hairdryer.
    Could be interesting on where your creativity takes you.

  22. Good evening lots of things to keep us informed still how about write little notes for the tray people? Kind words a little kiwi saying maybe? Photo of the old Moo and Ardie just delightful
    Blondie x

  23. Nawwwww just love Love love the pic of your mum and Ardie πŸ’•

  24. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Could dinner have been beef ragu, that is usually served over pasta. You should shed a few kg with the way those meals are lol

    1. I just looked at Beef Ragu recipes. NOPE, this was chunks of beef and a gravy that came out of a packet chucked on top, and there MIGHT have been 3 parsley leaves thrown in for good luck.

  25. Loving all the updates and good on you for saying something about the food.....

  26. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Good on you for giving the catering company what for! The food looks awful! Gorgeous pictures of the Old Moo and her great great grandson πŸ’•
    AllyS Melbourne

  27. You could order tuna and salad veggies and dressing from Coles, yogurt, desserts, fruit and oats for breakfast, boil the water in a kettle and add some to the milk, it’s nice with maple syrup

  28. How much is this quarantine costing? I noticed that Dogstar said before about it being free but I'm sure you are paying right? I'm glad you complained!!

    1. I will be charged $3,000 for staying here for 14 days. It's the price you have to pay for being allowed to come into the country and I do appreciate being allowed into the country. What I don't appreciate is being fed shitty food, with NO OPTIONS unless I want to order food in and pay on top of what I'm already paying.

    2. YIKES!!!!!! Wow. Ok so it's NOT FREE. Don't listen to me folks! Ya, with a price that high they should be feeding you Filet Mignon cooked in the hallway in front of you. I wonder if the US is doing that to incoming visitors. I doubt it.

    3. Do you have to do the same thing on the way back into New Zealand? Or can you quarantine at home? New Zealand is smart - my guess is another lock-in at a hotel....

    4. Yep I will be put into Quarantine on my way home too. I've heard our Quarantine facilities offer you a Menu and you actually get to choose your meals. Can't wait for that!

  29. I can't lie: the updates on the meals are fascinating!!!! .... hope tomorrow is better xxxxx

  30. Well you are that much closer to where you need to be. Time will pass quickly once you get a couple of days under your belt. Good for you registering a complaint with the catering company, their meals are shameful. All the best.

  31. LMAO day one calling up to complain about the food. I love you haha

    1. I've not earned the nickname CRABBY TART for nothing!

  32. Ahaha, loving the “Gordon Ramsey” of the meals, ship I hope they improve!
    Nice to to Ardie with grandma :)


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